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My New Car!My New Car!

My New Car!

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Pigeon SimulatorPigeon Simulator

Pigeon Simulator

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I hate twitterI hate twitter

I hate twitter

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YouTube is StinkyYouTube is Stinky

YouTube is Stinky

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I Am FishI Am Fish

I Am Fish

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2 meses atrás

  1. author

    HelloAzuHora atrás

    Pewdiepie : *Bye, I'll be back soon! Not quitting, just taking a break* 99% : Guys let him take a break, he just got married. *1month not uploading* 99% : COME BACK

  2. author

    Samarah CarneyHora atrás

    this is the billionth time i've came back for nostalgia lol

  3. author

    Vera DeliannaHora atrás

    Pewdepie: come here Llama:reeeeeeeeee Look like kids going to the dentist

  4. author

    RoninHora atrás

    When a feminist is about to loose her shit just say to her "Man-up"

  5. author

    Mir SvHora atrás

    I live in Sweden and yes we play King, so fun hahahah,

  6. author

    Adam JanonHora atrás

    Pewds: take a break for 1 month Me: sisbsusbaksuwbsuwbduebsisbsjsbsjsbduwbsusbsusbshshsbshdhsjsbjsbweneedlwaiy

  7. author

    sky santiagoHora atrás

    Wrong Finland flag its norway PeePee

  8. author

    Jayden FravelHora atrás

    It’s been sad without you

  9. author

    Koreno 8Hora atrás

    Did anyone else see CallMeKevin at 10:17? Da best of da best.

  10. author

    THE JOKERHora atrás

    Ebi me v gas ne mozam da te slusam!!!!

  11. author

    SAITAMAHora atrás


  12. author

    HelloAzuHora atrás

    9 year-olds turning 10 this year. : It's the end.. 8 year olds Turning 9 this year. : my time to shine

  13. author

    sujan sthaHora atrás

    0.20 when you try to impress your crush but ended up being a joke

  14. author

    MauroghenHora atrás

    He isnt back till he has a 20 inch long beard.

  15. author

    A sad Yet lonely potatoHora atrás

    *s k s s k s*

  16. author

    gatrix 075Hora atrás

    He was like father to me I loved him like my son

  17. author

    Broke ForeverHora atrás

    Can I get a million subs?

  18. author

    MaketofulHora atrás

    i miss you bro :(

  19. author

    KurtKyleKer AlipioHora atrás

    I had a chalenges try not to say wow ar you in pewbiepie huh

  20. author

    Yuhanna KapaliHora atrás

    its been a month man where are you ?

  21. author

    크림빵Hora atrás

    자막 뭔데 퀄리티.. 이상함ㅠㅠ

  22. author

    Ezio Auditore Da FirenzeHora atrás

    Has anyone seen the Hookblade Obviousness meme? (I'm saying this cuz I play Assassin's Creed, lol)

  23. author

    Sloth BreakHora atrás

    You used a Christian song “I will trust in you” did not know you liked religious music. :D

  24. author

    ZakkFNHora atrás

    He pulled a ceeday on us

  25. author

    ChiZ MozoHora atrás

    someone made an oopsie pewds; ekkkkkkkkkkkkk

  26. author

    lack of subscribersHora atrás

    This video is *legendary*

  27. author

    • MissingNo •Hora atrás

    Noseingles que diseai ._.XD?

  28. author

    kokunot XDHora atrás

    3:02 arhhh strong flavour 😂

  29. author

    Leo RawcliffeHora atrás

    Get pewdiepie to 200m

  30. author

    Ali YehiaHora atrás

    He doesn't know that he was playing with bots and he said that they were bad

  31. author

    Asking AnimeHora atrás

    dumbass should have refused the deal in the scenario with marcus. I swear this video was made just to make everyone mad

  32. author

    irfanHora atrás

    Wof isn't hard

  33. author

    lack of subscribersHora atrás

    Pewdiepie: "I am taking a break" After a month Me: *Waiting, waiting and waiting for his comeback*

  34. author

    onyx musicHora atrás

    Who misses him

  35. author

    Jayden MoneyHora atrás

    the story that Jacksepticeye told is kind of like Naruto

  36. author

    TrathaalHora atrás

    Commenting every day until Pewdiepie returns: Day 32

  37. author

    BluuuHora atrás

    very nice

  38. author

    Lil EscoHora atrás

    Does she floss with a mattress?

  39. author

    Mav The GamerHora atrás

    We should all follow his advice hahaha😂🤣😂🤣

  40. author

    Дауд КостоевHora atrás

    Peepee attack !

  41. author

    B2H ExoHora atrás

    Hello, I am a French people bro

  42. author

    13 years agoHora atrás

    Pewdiepie:"take a breath" "Last time online 400 years ago"

  43. author

    vivi bisiHora atrás

    If you guys want to see more funny videos from this guy his name is Stromedy

  44. author

    CLWNIEHora atrás


  45. author

    Janos TokesHora atrás

    2:45 he tried. Lmao

  46. author

    RVBIVNHora atrás

    1:54 " *H A H* "

  47. author

    memo _mamoHora atrás

    شايف خير ومستاهلها

  48. author

    yanis khouiraHora atrás

    T series as 129m sub!?

  49. author

    Seraph AecorHora atrás

    "Don't worry about it" I crack up every time for the past 5 years. Still my favorite.

  50. author

    Raymart Gaming 2.0Hora atrás

    Ok the dog was very disgusting 2:37 F**********CKING DISGUSTING

  51. author

    Karter RobinsonHora atrás

    This is my first time I have watched your video

  52. author

    Bertus MaraisHora atrás


  53. author

    Diamondbrogaming649 PlayzHora atrás

    Pewds needs to be back who agree like the coment

  54. author

    Mathugh's Youtube WorldHora atrás

    Hatchimals are just rip-off furbies that suck

  55. author

    Nikki WilsonHora atrás

    4:36 that's what she said not to me doh

  56. author

    memo _mamoHora atrás

    شايف خير ومستاهلها

  57. author

    patrick sintHora atrás


  58. author

    Maca RoniHora atrás

    What happened to pewdi 😔 I hope he wont lose even 1 subscriber

  59. author

    ઝ α ૨ ʍ αHora atrás


  60. author

    ak47 kill youHora atrás

    look the description? hahahahahaha caption author (japanese) kim jong un

  61. author

    MojoRisinHora atrás

    marzia's voice is so irritating.

  62. author

    Chris BradleyHora atrás

    my idea for outlast 3 is they use a similar set up to manhunt... the whole snuff ring thing seems like a good idea... somehow work the camera into tht....

  63. author

    Chris BradleyHora atrás

    my idea for outlast 3 is they use a similar set up to manhunt... the whole snuff ring thing seems like a good idea... somehow work the camera into tht....

  64. author

    Callan ConroyHora atrás

    8:59 ay that shits booty talk man. That ain't flying around Australia, although nothing is now the whole countries toasted and crispy

  65. author

    Mathugh's Youtube WorldHora atrás

    When you realize not joining the third team is good for the sake of this child his parents are just using him for money.

  66. author

    Prudence PlayzHora atrás

    This is from Scare PewDiePie

  67. author

    RNG_IceJuiceHora atrás

    when notch made the pig he made the creeper

  68. author

    AriHora atrás

    i pray to council of water sheep every day efore sjleep sjleep

  69. author

    pro gamer heriHora atrás

    Aa be sale bolne to de

  70. author

    Sceptile AbisHora atrás


  71. author

    Invalidcookie•comHora atrás

    (Remembers I haven't watched pewds in awhile then remembered he's on holiday) 😭

  72. author

    AlbertoHora atrás

    Everyone: it's been took 1 month Also Everyone: **Surprised Pikachu Face**

  73. author

    Darren CHANHora atrás

    killed a squirel :O

  74. author

    TRUMP2020 INFOWARSHora atrás

    Pls come back 😭

  75. author

    Zumorito RinkashimokutaHora atrás

    I was here DAY 36

  76. author

    Perrr JacksonHora atrás

    Ah yes, Penguins, the bunnies of the north

  77. author

    Astound GamerHora atrás


  78. author

    Jonzel BalberonaHora atrás

    PewDiePie when you come back can you do horror games again? That's the content I really missed

  79. author

    WEASEL SNEAZELHora atrás


  80. author

    kiezer pinguinHora atrás

    PewDiePie: breaths Me:jeez man take a break for ones! PewDiePie: *takes a break* Me: I was joking c'mon back!! Month later PewDiePie: I am back Me: TAKE A BREAK!!

  81. author

    Mathugh's Youtube WorldHora atrás

    Yay China is gay

  82. author

    Dillon ReillyHora atrás

    the trio of holy youtubers

  83. author

    James HellqvistHora atrás

    Was up

  84. author

    Smoke-MusicVevoHora atrás

    4:04 the best time start from....

  85. author

    Yoktan Ha EbriHora atrás

    Present 🙋

  86. author

    Darwiis KhamaHora atrás

    If you ever decided to come back, I will be right there

  87. author

    Kamui ShurikenHora atrás


  88. author

    Ragnar FerrerHora atrás


  89. author

    Casey ReevesHora atrás

    After turning on the captions I will now watch every pewds video with captions. I recommend you do the same

  90. author

    Samuel MendozaHora atrás

    I need you brother

  91. author

    Zack king 101Hora atrás


  92. author

    anxHora atrás


  93. author

    Francis BustamanteHora atrás

    the cake is a lie

  94. author

    harmusHora atrás

    What is the music at 4:02?

  95. author

    Killer RamHora atrás

    Come back

  96. author

    Damian PughHora atrás

    Any one notice that the thumb nail is just someones knees

  97. author

    casey carsburgHora atrás

    6:55 “can’t wait to see what you do next year, good luck” dear lord the shade being thrown!😂😂😂

  98. author

    Mr Beast KeralaHora atrás

    guys if i like it will become 1.1m like

  99. author

    _AceyVii _Hora atrás

    His headphones said: 💨

  100. author

    zummonttHora atrás

    could we catch 7,777,777 views ? Like also 333K already!!