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Melanie Martinez's creative drive and talents as a visual artist have long distinguished her from other musicians. With her debut album Cry Baby, Melanie introduced the world to her distinctly original vision with hits like “Pity Party”, “Pacify Her”, “Alphabet Boy”, “Carousel” and “Sippy Cup”. Creating unique music videos for each album track, including “Soap/Training Wheels” and “Tag, You're It/Milk and Cookies”, Melanie portrays the traumas and insecurities of the album's titular character over a bed of electro pop, alternative and hip-hop. Her latest triumph K-12, an inspired new album and feature film directed by and starring Melanie, brings together a melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop and indie-leaning electro with whimsical, surreal visuals and magical realism to stunning results.
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  1. author

    AntoniaDia atrás

    She is so amazing

  2. author

    joker quazllDia atrás

    Wow your mind is a wonderland i which i could go there

  3. author

    Peach PerfectDia atrás

    Designers : What Hair Style Do You Want For The Movie Melanie : Yes

  4. author

    Alexis MaguireDia atrás

    I'm so confused can someone give me some guidance? What was the whole thing with Lilith and the eyes? I just jumped back onto the fan train when she made all the amazing songs and now I feel like I missed things someone please h e l p

  5. author

    chan yzaDia atrás

    awit tayo dyan babe at prof azazel HAHAHA

  6. author

    Geovany AfrilisaDia atrás

    i'm sorry before, but i prefer billie's copy cat, even though their titles are the same.

  7. author

    Vanessa McCoyDia atrás

    When you love both Melanie and Billie but have no clue why people think the songs are anyway connected.... I mean, I dont even think Billie knows who Melanie is- not because of anything other than her age and shes never mentioned her in the list of artist she enjoys And Melanie has so much going on I highly doubt a song like Bad Guy or Bury a Friend are anywhere on her radar.. But a colab would be fire

  8. author

    Ava ConnerDia atrás

    Newest Comment: *A Copy Of An Old Comment that has so much likes* Me: REEEEEEEEEEE I THINK LIKE BEGGAR ALERT!!! Oof. People, This Is For To Not Like Beg, I'm Sorry "Ash Peoples" If You Thought This Yourself. I'm Just Saying, I'm Very Sorry If You Thought That Yourself. <3 Y'all.

  9. author

    •Yuki Chanel•Dia atrás

    БЛИИИН мальчик тупой

  10. author

    Ivanka DorkDia atrás

    The smile at the end is so cute lmao

  11. author

    Ivanka DorkDia atrás

    I'm paranoid about my teachers now. Thank you

  12. author

    Lunar EclipseDia atrás

    I'm a kid but did if I swear

  13. author

    Ana Gomez GarciaDia atrás


  14. author

    Christie HuckleberryDia atrás

    lmao at the toilet paper scene

  15. author

    Lunar EclipseDia atrás

    Being yourself don't do to much of what people expect from you😃

  16. author

    Alan BoncayDia atrás

    Billie eilish: *I'M THE BAD GUY* Melanie Martinez: *I'M NOT THE BAD GUY*

  17. author

    Smitty KakesDia atrás

    Some fucked up stuff musta happened to her

  18. author

    cry babyDia atrás

    No one: Absolutely no one: This joke: *over goddam used*

  19. author

    CöłłāR ChæŇDia atrás

    Billies copycat is better...MY OPINION ONLY

  20. author

    Lunar EclipseDia atrás

    I really like Melanie she is so talented :3

  21. author

    n0isy ratDia atrás

    Melanie is so pretty- But so normal but not normal? You know? *YOU KNOW?*

  22. author

    Uygar Furkan EDEBALİDia atrás

    bunlar Türk değil ama üstlerinde Türkçe kız yazıyor

  23. author

    Sky omg GAMINGDia atrás


  24. author

    suspish fishyDia atrás

    I'm the janitor whistling while cleaning up body parts

  25. author

    sarah isabelDia atrás

    Where are her tattoos?

  26. author

    Glacha GalDia atrás

    They aren't copying, want proof? Billie: COPYCAT Mel: Copy Cat

  27. author

    Кристина ГорбачеваDia atrás


  28. author

    Laqueshia PhelpsDia atrás

    Melanie is like bille's kid

  29. author

    Rein GamingDia atrás

    Bruh I was choking someone's throat when I was being bullied in the past

  30. author

    Lunar Cøokie xDia atrás

    34:10 *relatable*

  31. author

    cecilia catalanDia atrás

    They have to at least make a second like at least 45 min video to tell the end omg god bless her she did so hard to make this amazing film

  32. author

    『W』『a』『f』『f』『l』『e』사랑해Dia atrás

    Imagine the whole school year being Like this

  33. author

    UnicfruitDia atrás

    Me to a blender : You turn oranges to orange juice! (no hate)

  34. author

    Aaradhana PrabakaranDia atrás

    I didnt know this was a movie Oh well! It was great!!

  35. author

    CyberDeltaDia atrás

    she has epic butterfly knife skills ;]

  36. author

    loyal cHiCkEn NuGgEtDia atrás

    At first i thought melanie copied billie but then i played the song and i was mind blowned because billies and melanies melody is so different,dont judge a book by its cover

  37. author

    depressed idiotDia atrás

    *ngl i would have loved being spun around in a bed.*

  38. author

    [] Anica []Dia atrás

    Whilst actually watching the music videos of K-12, I've missed the movie so much and decided to rewatch again. I love K-12 and I am happy it existed <3

  39. author

    Andre AsianDia atrás

    0:06 omg she looks gorgeous

  40. author

    มดหมิว 41Dia atrás


  41. author

    flipwarriorDia atrás

    Best song ever

  42. author

    MoonsteriousDia atrás

    Movie: Free Length: Long Ads: None Hotel: No trivago

  43. author

    Violette the lil potato UwUDia atrás

    Alright this is my new favourite song and it includes cats >.<

  44. author

    Galactic LunaticDia atrás

    *_m e o w_*

  45. author

    christinaDia atrás

    i like the cat noises

  46. author

    Itz_ Lulu007Dia atrás

    Everyone playing a sport: *nothing* Melanie playing a sport: HeY lEtS tAlK aBoUt VaGiNaS

  47. author

    Serenity TDia atrás


  48. author

    Gacha-xoxDia atrás

    Does she actually feel this way, or is it just for the song?

  49. author

    Lauren BerkeyDia atrás

    Me: *sees the cat on the thumbnail* My mind's first instinct: Oh, is that for the cat movie?

  50. author

    angel depatilloDia atrás

    This is so cool and you look so pretty i cant stop wacthing

  51. author

    alicia PentinoDia atrás

    I was eating strawberries gummys

  52. author

    Araya ;—;Dia atrás


  53. author

    I do gacha hereDia atrás

    Did melanie cut herself? I see a red cut on her hand 🖐️ I'm not making any rummor but I see a cut, you can stop the vid to check but I see something strange

  54. author

    MR CRUELDia atrás

    This Is about Hysteria, an ancient cruel way to "cure" women who caused problems

  55. author

    「 I t z R i Q u 」Dia atrás

    Why did you steal the name from Bille ellshe?

  56. author

    BeroheroDia atrás

    Imagine looking like Harley quinn

  57. author

    Ricky IsidroDia atrás

    I didn’t know that was your real voice

  58. author

    uvu _Dia atrás

    Ok but- Tierra lucky she's with Melanie in this song- or---

  59. author

    Cøry - Shan ÙwÚDia atrás

    I'm addicted to Melanie Martínez's Music

  60. author

    AkiDia atrás

    Can we just talk about how bad the school smelled of it's last minutes in that spit bubble?

  61. author

    SOPHIA FLAIGDia atrás


  62. author

    Your Local Garbage DisposalDia atrás

    Can someone please tell me the name of this song in this part if it does not exist its fine (33:22)

  63. author

    T RihariDia atrás

    I love your music 🎵🎶

  64. author

    Donut SpinelDia atrás

    cat : meows my cat : who's that honey?

  65. author

    22Tom TomDia atrás


  66. author

    Cutespacedragon 2120Dia atrás

    Make a second movie!!!

  67. author

    Shelter TwoDia atrás

    Ah yes, the ol’ ear grab. I got one of those by the school librarian back in the early 90s. I’m glad y’all kids don’t have to deal with that anymore, at least I hope you don’t. That shits barbaric.

  68. author

    Meet The Mika!Dia atrás

    Me and my boyfriend are highschool sweethearts.. This has always been hella relatable

  69. author

    JASMINE BERRYDia atrás

    She spent 11 million dollars and this is free. She is da best. don't believe go to da link

  70. author

    Alita TarverDia atrás

    This feels like the same thing I be going threw at lunch.

  71. author

    Toxicalmint UvUDia atrás

    Okay im watching this for the zillionth time already im in love. Definetly Felipe. :)

  72. author

    vvSpiltTeaDia atrás

    I watched this film 5 times I’m not ok-

  73. author

    Birb FloofDia atrás

    *lolita happy screaming noises*

  74. author

    CriffeezDia atrás


  75. author

    다 마삔The MuffinDia atrás

    Ewww! Mel copied Billie! SHE NEEDS TO BE REPORTED! Now the "MEL DIDN'T COPY BILLIE" comments makes sense now! :D

  76. author

    Lauren MDia atrás


  77. author

    Beññiē Dā Błãčk PäñthēřDia atrás

    I think all you song good and this one too but idk i feel like something is missing Maybe some excited part ? i liked the meow sounds and the cat picture And the word are werid but yea I think you can make better like your old songs !

  78. author

    Carmella AJDia atrás

    Melanie Martinez: (Makes music) Gacha Life people: yes.

  79. author

    ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ amigaxxDia atrás

    Very perfect, I loved it, I'm Brazilian, I saw it with a caption, but it's still perfect, congratulations on the good work Melanie, and also to all the other actors in the film! Simply amazing! K-12, best film!

  80. author

    Madi BjornstadDia atrás

    If you cheat you’ll die

  81. author

    Juanse AlzateDia atrás

    Algún Colombiano aquí?

  82. author

    「 MusicMøønlight公式 」Dia atrás

    42:40 Shut up with your Dragon Ball Z looking ass. Looking like you 'bout to Kamehameha some shit- Sorry I had to-

  83. author

    Leyah AdamsDia atrás

    you inspire me to dance sing and be who i am

  84. author

    CesarMDia atrás

    Me trying to eat strawberry shortcake and I am boy

  85. author

    Hannah SarmentaDia atrás

    I like her powers and shes soooo cute

  86. author

    RëxxîDia atrás

    me after getting a b+ on my math test: 1:09:44

  87. author

    weirdøDia atrás

    Melanie: I dont know why people are scared of death.. 30 minutes later Melanie: *We dont wanna die*

  88. author

    d dDia atrás


  89. author


    Por qué nadie habla en español :"V

  90. author

    Alex NDia atrás

    2:51 xD

  91. author

    Mochi_MiiDia atrás

    Oh so now I get the songs

  92. author

    Cooki3_deli 13Dia atrás

    Teacher: *looks at camera* Also teacher: WHAT THE FUCK That killed me XD

  93. author

    pansito rosa uwuDia atrás

    Shut up, billie eillish copied the copycat of Gumi megpoid UnU

  94. author

    lmao whatDia atrás

    feminista killed me

  95. author

    Cooki3_deli 13Dia atrás

    Someone: have you ever see a barbie school Me:

  96. author

    monkey magicDia atrás

    Since when are drugs in detention?????

  97. author

    Sydney TerrellDia atrás

    Oki but when tierra came in tho ♡

  98. author

    Maria Del Pilar PaniaguaDia atrás

    I love malanie

  99. author

    Edgy MaeDia atrás

    Melanie made a horror pastel gore movie and I love it

  100. author

    Jadalee CameronDia atrás

    Crybaby:If you cheat you will die . Me:Damn gurl no guy is messing with you!