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Players choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.
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  1. author

    John StamosMinuto atrás

    I'm tired of all this female empowerment thing.Most of the hypothetical heroes in this video are females and all the villains are portrayed as males.The only hero in this video is ezra that helps a female character.I don't know just personal opinion. P.S. I love female characters but I think there are many good and dynamic male league characters that riot forgets all the time.

  2. author

    Yamissekk2 minutos atrás

    So sick, this one is great.

  3. author

    Erin Oaks2 minutos atrás

    Imagine if these creative geniuses were allow to tell a story

  4. author

    jdjdhdhdhej2 minutos atrás

    2d mejor que las 3d, un salu2

  5. author

    Michael Angelos Tsompanidis5 minutos atrás

    Dont nerf akali more

  6. author

    Стоян Стойнов6 minutos atrás

    You though it was Sett but it was me Dio!

  7. author

    Huu dat Cao6 minutos atrás

    so good

  8. author

    Lợi Phan7 minutos atrás

    Đừng nert sylas nữa plssssss

  9. author

    Colin Shanahan8 minutos atrás

    This game will never catch on

  10. author

    Amagon LP10 minutos atrás

    EInfach nur Gänsehaut...

  11. author

    임지수16 minutos atrás

    키아나 이쁘다

  12. author

    Ricky Fried Chicken19 minutos atrás

    So happy to no longer be called a doo-doo brain

  13. author

    Ricky Fried Chicken19 minutos atrás

    Might be the best advertisement I've ever seen.. I actually searched for an advertisement instead of counting the seconds where I can hit "skip ad" -now that is quality advertising!

  14. author

    Tomas Macaya20 minutos atrás

    Volvi a ver esto y aparece akali y dice que son gigantes y akali con los nerfeos parece minion🤣🤣

  15. author

    LeroyCake21 minuto atrás

    This includes 200 years of collective expirience. Good.

  16. author

    Panaiot Topalov22 minutos atrás

    Yasuo for life +D i am rank 1 yasuo And u are all silvers who say that yasuo is broken champ Its the most hard champ in LoL

  17. author

    Jendeh John30 minutos atrás

    2020 movie?

  18. author

    NeXuZ31 minuto atrás

    who enjoys the song but doesnt play the game???😆😆

  19. author

    Michalo 1233 minutos atrás

    kto od kartomanii?

  20. author

    Nada35 minutos atrás

    I don't play lol, but if they did a series with an animation like that, I would watch.

  21. author

    Fortnite Clips37 minutos atrás

    Dedicated to ww1 and 2 legends 😞

  22. author

    voki43 minutos atrás

    Секс это конечно же круто, но вы когда нибудь смотрели этот ролик 39 раз подряд?

  23. author

    Geomaniac43 minutos atrás

    If legends never die, explain what happened to harambae

  24. author

    Stickman 0944 minutos atrás

    Cada vez que veo este video me dan ganas de jugar v:

  25. author

    amanda ռaռɖa49 minutos atrás

    Assim eu n sei vcs, mas eu acho q o de cabelo branco canta pra caralho

  26. author

    Mosthandsome elite50 minutos atrás

    ,,,,on another note. i think Nasus sounds like Lucian somehow LOL,. its prolly just me

  27. author

    kc50 minutos atrás

    마지막에 데마시아 흐에! 하는거 존네멋있네

  28. author

    Big Mtz51 minuto atrás

    Soyeon e Miyeon duas Deusas

  29. author

    Enkidu Kyrielight52 minutos atrás

    Time to ship ezreal kai sa

  30. author

    YAYN52 minutos atrás

    This song is good, now let me explain

  31. author

    Sinisa Lakic54 minutos atrás

    I feel like they are gonna bring Yone, Yasuo's brother that he killed during exile.

  32. author

    ghetty56 minutos atrás

    foda pra carai

  33. author

    Epic Face56 minutos atrás

    Arcade garen but no star guardian urgot? Ok

  34. author

    Ninjen56 minutos atrás

    Delete this video, its cursed

  35. author

    h3lix8659 minutos atrás

    could care less if every single person in this cinematic died, so long as Ahri survives <3

  36. author

    Mosthandsome elite59 minutos atrás

    okay so... since Azir was resurrected.. will that mean, The darkin.. will now find new purpose? their king is back, theyre lost no more. will Azir call them back?

  37. author

    killtem cHora atrás

    🤔 Looks to cartoonist/ little kidish ! IDK why they didn't you the animation styles of their short videos 😭

  38. author

    snx snxHora atrás


  39. author

    J҉u҉s҉t҉ M҉o҉n҉i҉k҉a҉Hora atrás

    Sailor Moon Animtion Right? :P

  40. author

    Den. CieloHora atrás

    When Naut was Broken.

  41. author

    Thư LêHora atrás

    this performance would be so boring without Soyeon slaying the stage lol

  42. author

    OrzEchKinGHora atrás

    Yasuo can solo destroy noxus Army XD

  43. author

    유튜브보는사람Hora atrás


  44. author

    Aravind V.VHora atrás

    *Inspired mode on*

  45. author

    Leo TanHora atrás

    Then Sett happend.

  46. author

    Ирина LoveHora atrás

    Русские, вы где?

  47. author

    Neor™Hora atrás

    0:10 noob champ as been slain

  48. author

    Kyoko Kosplay!Hora atrás

    Katarina: I’ma go under the tree Ahri: I’ma go over the tree Leona: I’mA gO tHrOuGh ThE tReE!

  49. author

    Hajin MoonHora atrás

    Listening to this after so long, I just realized the theme has a time signature of 11/4. 12 hours for a full loop of a clock A missing hour *"A boy who shattered time"*

  50. author

    SkullHeadBangerHora atrás

    I think I love the paint girl. The fox girl is cute. So yeah, it's clearly that I like those girl's.. :) Yes I love Kpop... It's so cool....

  51. author

    Laerson BragaHora atrás

    Super shock do rap kk

  52. author

    Ignacio BravoHora atrás

    4:03 in loop

  53. author

    Ionel MadalinaHora atrás


  54. author

    MarkRaven SamuldeHora atrás

    league can you do something about mobile legends copying all things from league of legeds

  55. author

    Ana CarlaHora atrás


  56. author

    MarkRaven SamuldeHora atrás

    league mobile legeds copying tft!

  57. author

    thebeatleswin1Hora atrás

    “Skills to win” Never has an ad lied more then now. How do people still enjoy this cancer game? It is so bad in every possible way a game could be bad.

  58. author

    Alonso de HojedaHora atrás

    When League used to be hardcore instead of some Disney garbage company (Taliyah, Zoe, Neeko etc. )

  59. author

    Helen AyendeHora atrás

    What if zilean use his ult to Annie's family?

  60. author

    Ítalo CoutinhoHora atrás

    AAH muito obg true Damage, 50% da toxidade da combustão espontânea desprovida de custos comerciais que minha audição e visão foram expostas foram erradicadas revendo KDA, os outros 50% agr revendo true Damage, muito obg💓💓

  61. author

    Kyle BroasHora atrás

    if you're horny for jinx you're a sub that's just how it goes. that being said: SHOOT ME YOU MIKU LOOKIN LUNATIC

  62. author

    M.HAZIQ 200Hora atrás

    I like this hero .. hehe 😌

  63. author

    Daniel MichaelHora atrás

    I will never get tired of seeing Teemo get kicked in the jaw.

  64. author

    Ítalo CoutinhoHora atrás

    Dps de ser exposto aquele alto nível de radiação da combustão espontânea desprovida de custos comerciais, eu precisava vim até aqui pra tirar 50% da toxidade que minha visão e audição receberam, os outros 50% serão retirados Assistindo true damage, obg por me ajudar KDA💓

  65. author

    Vandaana JugesshurHora atrás

    Why a place filled up with washing machine? Washing machine!!'!

  66. author

    MrFatbardHora atrás

    need a new jungler? maybe just rework ivern so he isn't the worst champ in the game

  67. author

    AzoraMixHora atrás

    Une music si bien gacher par un jeu a chier dommage :/

  68. author

    Huy HoangHora atrás

    Very very good

  69. author

    paula gabrielaHora atrás


  70. author

    Kurt PlayzHora atrás

    "filipino never die" 'enemy savege'

  71. author

    marilyn zeungHora atrás

    Maldita sea, clarito lei 2ne1 y no es, solo por eso entre :'c

  72. author

    Aldo VallierHora atrás

    "How many anime references do we need?" *YES*

  73. author

    Quang Đức TrươngHora atrás


  74. author

    Pra que nickHora atrás

    Urgot maxista

  75. author

    The Feeder manHora atrás

    Rp lux pls

  76. author

    Ngơ NgáoHora atrás

    Năm 2020: ai vẫn còn xem nè.

  77. author

    Lillian MbaiHora atrás

    The music freaks me out thots what have you done to her

  78. author

    Lucas Barbosa2 horas atrás


  79. author

    CrisSC2 horas atrás

    E o português esquecido como sempre🙄

  80. author

    Михаил Рыльский2 horas atrás

    Good guys beat bad guys, boring. Cgi is still cool,tho

  81. author

    sagato tinoco2 horas atrás

    Esta cinematica me hizo recordar que en el 2009 cuando tenia 9 años de edad, vi en la tv un anuncio de lol donde vi por primera ves a la campeona vi, solo recuerdo eso por que recuerdo que me emocione y me dije a mi mismo "algun dia jugare ese juego y la voy a jugar a ella", el anuncio acabo y no vi como se llama el juego, lo malo es que fue la unica ves que vi ese anuncio. Pasaron los años olvide ese anuncio, ya en el 2017 conoci a un chico que jugaba lol yo no conocia el juego y pense que me estaba insultando, gracias a el conoci el juego, ahora en 2020 sigo jugando y mi main es vi es maestria 7, hasta hace unos dias recorde el anuncio que vi, gracias a que siempre que hago cosas en la casa pongo esta cinematica pude recordar aquel momento en que vi el anuncio y lo que me dije. Gracias por existir creadores de lol y crear este maravilloso juego :")

  82. author

    berkcan fatih2 horas atrás

    I not scared because ı am warwick main :D