(주)빅히트 엔터테인먼트는 프로듀서 방시혁을 중심으로 음악제작, 연예인 매니지먼트,음악퍼블리싱 등 다양한 엔터테인먼트 사업을 펼치고 있습니다.

RM 'forever rain' MVRM 'forever rain' MV

RM 'forever rain' MV

2 meses atrás

j-hope 'Airplane' MVj-hope 'Airplane' MV

j-hope 'Airplane' MV

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    I love bts are the best people I've heard I know that I say I love or that they are the best I will not convince because I know that several people have said this to you I know that this time of your career is growing and will grow even more I think I do not consider myself an army because in my archery there are no pictures of you I have never been to a chow of you, you must be thinking that army and this one that never went to a show nor does it have photos of us in the room, I can not have anything that an army communicates but I have love for you my friends say that it's getting lunatic because I hear voices from the classroom in my room in the room in all of the house when I left when I have proof I do not stay a second without hearing you I think you They are too busy to read this anymore. This was my declaration of love for you. bts kim NamJoon, kim Seoki Jin, JiMi park, jung Hoseok, kim taehyung, jeon jungkook

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    Eu amo os melhores são as melhores pessoas que ouvi, sei que eu digo que eu amo ou que são as melhores, não vou convencer porque sei que várias pessoas disseram isso para você. Eu sei que esta vez de sua carreira está crescendo e crescerá ainda mais. Eu acho que não me considero um exército, porque na minha tiro ao arco não há fotos de você. Nunca estive com uma comida de vocês, você deve estar pensando que o exército e aquele que nunca foi a um show nem o fizeram tem fotos de nós na sala, não posso ter nada que um exército se comunique, mas tenho amor por você, meus amigos dizem que está ficando lunático porque ouço vozes da sala de aula no meu quarto no quarto em toda a casa quando Eu deixei quando eu tenho uma prova Eu não fico um segundo sem te ouvir Eu acho que você está muito ocupado para ler isso. Esta foi a minha declaração de amor por você.

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    Congratulations to BTS and Big Hit for all of the upcoming events in the U.S. I knew after watching the SBS dance practice, BTS would be the group to make massive gains in our market. I have seen so many artists perform in the U.S. that I forget who I've seen at times and I knew even with the different language, BTS had what it takes to find success in the U.S. Their success isn't without Big Hit's strategic planning and business sense. Even when it was stated BTS was not advancing in the U.S., I knew Big Hit most definitely wanted to be the Korean label to succeed in our market when others haven't. I truly wish a song other than DNA could be performed for the AMA's but understand it is the one that topped our charts. For those at the AMA who know nothing of KPOP, DNA is lacking in a hook that someone can easily latch onto. Still, with the other scheduled appearances on Ellen and Kimmel, I feel BTS will be able to show the masses why they are transcending language barriers. Please do Dope, Mic Drop or even I need You for the mini concert or Ellen. These songs not only have killer choreo that would shock viewers, they also have hooks that are more memorable. Having our citizens feel as if they can relate is one key for gaining a massive following.

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    방탄의 ama 무대 기대합니다 개인적으로 dna는 임팩트가 부족한거 같은데 미국인들 인상에 와우!!! 하게 만드는 임팩트 있는 곡을 했으면... 퀸의 미국 데뷔 방송무대에 under pressure 라는 미국인 취향 아닌곡을 골라서 폭망한 사실 기억하시길...

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    BTS (방탄소년단) - DNA cover by X.EAST brreporter.com/v/video-A_kHi3bWgnc.html&feature=push-u&attr_tag=FnDYvbAKHZRMcOYi-6

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    I think I heard the Pied Piper was banned because the work "V App" was mentioned. It's one of my favorites. Please have them sing it for their fans and let them know not to worry. Thank you.

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    I hope you read this. To Mr Bang PD. I have a lot of respect for you. My family has been into kpop for over 4 years and we've enjoyed great music, but have seen not such good entertainment model that you and artists work under. I know how difficult it's been. However, you have lifted up and injected new energy into Kpop. In US, many did not consider kpop artists or music seriously except for perhaps Big bang until BTS. Your boys are extremely unique and talented and well rounded. They are not cookie cutter like the other groups. But, there's been a huge purge of ARMY votes on Mnet and only small part of the other group's votes. I really don't think that this is coincidence that this happened when SM artist was losing or the fact the Wanna One (riding on BTSs coat tail) comes out looking good during this process. The fans are upset and having to be attacked online as cheaters. You tell me where on mwave website, the criteria of how many sns or what is allowed per family or Ip address. I really think this system of voting is hard on fans, lots of time and effort. Please consider more concerts around the world and don't participate in the mwave voting next year. Let them know you want your fans to enjoy their music and not spend so much of their valuable time voting. The ARMY will work on other projects for you and support the boys. This system is really not fan-friendly. Please be the leader in this industry and steer the ship in a different direction. I know you will find a way. You are a visionary, the other big companies think they are, but really aren't. My family will continue to vote for them, but please reach out to the fandome and make them feel better. A special song for the fans would be great!. Thank you! Also, please tell the boys not to be too upset over this. It's the system that's the problem, not the fandom. BTS is loved very much. Their music bring much joy to our family. Bless you!

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    Thank you for coloring my life with your music. Praying is not the only thing I can do on my knees. For temptations like you there are sinners like me. If they knew how much I think about them, they would denounce me for mental harassment. I love them, they are everything to me. He will love you today and always Karyolis ...writing from another account

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    안녕하세요, 나는 BTS의 열렬한 팬입니다. 저는 영어입니다. 그래서 영국에있는 메신저 때문에 콘서트에 올 수있을 것 같지 않습니다. BTS를 모두 사랑할 수 있다면, 나는 그들을 사랑해야합니다. 놀라운 일이 될 것입니다.이 메모를 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다. 네가 행복하게, MangleGamer YT

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    사랑해 Bangtang Boys . i'm your biggest fan and I am from India . when I was 13 years old I saw your song Blood sweet and tears and fell in lovs with you all . Well i hope u guys might come in India also like other countries .. well I'm in a big hope that you guys might come in India , basically there are many Indians who doesn't know about kpop but in my school and in my surrounding Imade u very popular by your song , lyric , your style , your ARMY , and your fantastic members ..... well I fell in love with jeon jongkook .. and all the other members also  . Just for you guys I want to come to Seoul .. I love your culture . I love your food . I love your style . I love you all .. well one kpop band named EXO also came to India ( Mumbai ) also , then why not you ? saranghae from one of your Indian ARMY Aashana Sharma

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    Dear Staff of BigHit I am just wondering. Are you still making the mv's of BTS? Cause I've been waiting like hell for Go Go and Mic Drop. :)

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    안녕하세요 bts 난 그냥 정말 군대가되고 자랑 스럽다고 말하고 싶어요 당신이 아랍 에미리트 연합에 온 순간 나는 팬이 아니 었어 .... 다시 오실 수 있지만 이번에는 달마 몰에서 공연, 나는 당신에게 약속드립니다. 너희들을 지켜 보는 많은 팬들이있을 것이고, 나는 확실히 거기에있을 것이다. 아 ... 그리고 스가! 당신은 나의 편견입니다. 생일은 3 월 9 일에 당신의 생일이 내 것이고, 3 월 6 일은 당신을 사랑합니다. <33 메신저 팬

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    La primera vez que supe del grupo musical masculino surcoreano BTS creo que fue hace 1 año, no recuerdo bien, a través de alguna lista de reproducción o en algún buscador la verdad no lo recuerdo bien cómo fue la primera vez que los encontré.

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    For Jungkook, I would like to hear jungkook singing the song "Too good at goodbyes" Sam Smith, i really would like to hear it with jungkook voice. A lot of love to Jungkook, Jimin and J-hope From Morocco, please come to Morocco one day.

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    @ibighit Can we talk, I need your help I am Ronaldo or Rony, I am 14 years old and I love a girl, her name is Carla, Carla and I love your music and I thought it was possible that the complete band (BTS) come to Monterrey, this are us dreams, if you say yes, you can tell me, if is not possible, don't worry. This is my e-mail: ronaldopolina@gmail.com

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    Sofía PérezAnos atrás

    Vengan a Uruguay aquí también tienen fans ;-;

  85. author

    LayzaAnos atrás

    OIII Gente não queria incomodar mas será que tem como vocês usarem suas influencias no mundo digital para falar com as ARMYs sobre a votação do MAMA, eu sei que eu sou só uma ARMY mais eu to fazendo tudo ao meu alcance para fazer eles ganharem o premio, então por favor, obg!!

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    SOPΣ CON LΣCHΣAnos atrás

    I love love love love love you!!!

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    Janeth OrozcoAnos atrás

    Hey, where is my GO GO dance practice video? :V Wey, necesito reírme un rato, dónde está mi vídeo XD?

  88. author

    jyunus07Anos atrás

    jungkook needs to make a full cover of justin beibers if i was your boyfriend, that 28 second preview isn't enough for me.

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    GreyGirl455Anos atrás


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    GreyGirl455Anos atrás

    こんにちはbts私はあなたのビデオで奨励されている私はファンであり、Prountoはあなたを愛しているため、あなたがファンクラブを作るだろうし、ジミンもハンサムで誰もがメンバー私はそれらを愛し、また喜びをbiminに :)

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    lotteAnos atrás

    빅힛 보거라 방탄은 underdog, 뱁새, 흙수저들에게 용기와 꿈을 잃지 말고 암울한 현실에 포기하지 말라는, 어느 기성세대도 하지 못할 메시지를 전하고 있는데 명품을 휘둘러 감고 나타나는게 뭔 짓이냐? 도데체가 생각이 있는거냐? 걔들은 싸구려 티셔츠 걸치고도 빛날 애들이다 save me 를 봐! 데미안이니 오멜라스니 다 잘난척으로 평가 절하된다 제발 명품으로 치장하지 마라, 애들 싸구려로 보인다

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    Kushal RanaAnos atrás

    Dear BRreporter staff of Big Hit I am from Nepal, I am a huge fan of BTS along with our Nepalese youngsters. And i am going to make a reaction videos on the music video's of BTS. On the other hand it will pormote your videos on Nepal too. So, i need your promisson to make a reaction video on BTS mugic videos. Looking for your positive reply. Name :- Kushal Rana

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    Sweet BeeAnos atrás

    Dear BTS if you are reading this in 10\10\2040 please search for me and ask me if I'm still an ARMY or not , then I'll cry and say : "you don't know how many years I've been waiting for this moment to come" <3

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    Why there is less videos about other boy group cos i see full of BTS Videos only. I know they are very popular but should'nt they upload more about other group too or is it because bighit has only BTS ..Sorry i don't have much idea about the company or kpop so just was curious about bighit.

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    Clare VanderlaanAnos atrás

    Big Hit, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE release a full version of the wings tour trailer remix! That song was amazing, so I, along with MANY others, dearly ask if it could be released. It will be anticipated.

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    I love BTS and die in them

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    오빠들 괜찮아요?지금 전번이랑 다 털렸다던데...힘내세요!!그리고 빅히트에서 이 글을 보게 된다면 제발 범인 좀 찾아서 신고 좀 해주세요!!제발...연예인도 사람인데 이러면 안 되잖아요...ㅠㅠ제발 범인 찾아서 신고 좀 해주세요!!

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    BTS ! Thank you so much .Because it's me DNA. I need V and U . DNA => Dương Ngọc Ánh =>Vũ Ngọc Ánh Dương