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Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

The Way: Today ShowThe Way: Today Show

The Way: Today Show

6 anos atrás

You sayYou say

You say

6 anos atrás

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    Sawina Boo8 horas atrás

    I want it, I actually got it

  2. author

    Astrid Velasquez8 horas atrás

    Ariana was caucassian?

  3. author

    Hihelpme Gt8 horas atrás

    I was 1 year old when this was released

  4. author

    Suci Wahyudi8 horas atrás


  5. author

    Lil potato Child8 horas atrás

    ‘This ones not champagne’ Ahaha this is why I love Ari 😂❤️

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    Gianella Cabrera8 horas atrás


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    Rita Botte8 horas atrás

    Videos tend to get popular like 12 years after the person forgot about it

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    Kerry Crozier8 horas atrás

    I love you so much Ariana and you just inspired me every day when I listen to your songs in the morning I love you and Gabby also very much love laneigha crozier

  9. author

    Kerry Crozier9 horas atrás

    I love you so much Ariana Grande you're so pretty and you inspired me so much

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    Jorge Duarte Ascencio9 horas atrás


  11. author

    Nox9 horas atrás

    Who is that other girl beside ariana?

  12. author

    *Purple Nugget*9 horas atrás

    Awww so cute😭😄

  13. author

    Kali C. R.9 horas atrás

    October 2019

  14. author

    pardon kookie9 horas atrás

    she's so cool i adore her so much

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    Sarah Doherty10 horas atrás

    Omg lol😂😂😂

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    GetBoxedShortie YT10 horas atrás

    This quality off the charts↩⬇️↙️🔄⏮〽️

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    Ivan Martinez Music " Official "10 horas atrás


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    Michelle Cabañas10 horas atrás

    I love you arana grande

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    Summer Barnes10 horas atrás

    2007:nobody watches 2019:in your recommendations

  20. author

    asma addar10 horas atrás

    Why this girl is my everything

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    nicole kent10 horas atrás


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    Avery Tabriz10 horas atrás

    Arianna: I think we should make our in bathroom Music video Social house: see them making out 0-0 Boyfriend has entered Arianna feelings 5 years later Thank u next bitch

  23. author

    Silver Eagle10 horas atrás

    2011: nope 2012: still 2013: meh 2014: maybe next year 2015: hmm not bothered 2016: yawn 2017: getting close 2018: woop 2019: YES THE PERFECT MOMENT

  24. author

    It’s the tea sis11 horas atrás

    This video is as old as i am.

  25. author

    T- O11 horas atrás

    Usa, the « country of liberty » but we can’t say « fucking » on TV,,,

  26. author

    sᴜɢᴀʀᴘᴏᴘ ᴜᴡᴜ11 horas atrás

    I legit asked for this perfume for Christmas. 😂

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    Camille Ross11 horas atrás


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    Leah Persaud11 horas atrás

    This was published on my birthday

  29. author

    anny goncalves12 horas atrás

    2019 kkkkkkk

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    deMarq12 horas atrás

    This title sucks ass deeply

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    Pedro juan Alcacer cebrian12 horas atrás


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    Football Draft12 horas atrás

    I sing just like you in every song

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    Succ Totals12 horas atrás

    2:20 can you eat my genie

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    Cristal Marie Garcia Jimenez12 horas atrás

    🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌔🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌘🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌒🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌗🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌖🌓🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌑🌔🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌘🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌒🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌑🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌓🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌑🌑🌒🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌖🌑🌔🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌘🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌑🌔🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌘🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌓🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌒🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌗🌑🌒🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌔🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌖🌑🌔🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌒🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌗🌑🌔🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌘🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌗🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌕🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌒🌕🌕🌖🌑🌑🌑🌑 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑🌑

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    carlene13 horas atrás

    omg haha

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    Fábio André13 horas atrás

    And now is a big big star!!

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    Fábio André13 horas atrás

    Eheheh the little Ariana 😊...

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    Ivy Njoki13 horas atrás

    Back here in 2019 to watch this amazingness!

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    skye shafer13 horas atrás

    hi my name is skye

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    JOHN JAMES HARPER14 horas atrás

    Cant stand grande so arrogant and up her own arse

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    TJ ,thatsme.14 horas atrás

    Arianna: *cuts piece of weave* (Yes I know it’s weave) Me:*grabs hair bits* Me again 😒✌️: mine! All mine, hahahah!

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    RelativelyRelated64 •15 horas atrás

    Thank u, breads

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    Mackenzie Rasmussen15 horas atrás

    On of them is from fuller house

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    miayuridia reyes15 horas atrás

    your voice is incredible and you see that you enjoy it

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    Dada Sunshine15 horas atrás

    Jemand aus 2023 hier?(jetzt noch nicht, aber bald, bald wird dieser kommentar Fame sein...)

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    Verenise Teruel15 horas atrás

    I though she is allergic to cats the heck

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    Mikey is so sexy 🔥😍

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    Your mom16 horas atrás

    Do y’all think they’re still friends? 👭

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    pink cat pink16 horas atrás

    I love the use of swear words

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    Anoosha Mir16 horas atrás

    Awww Why aren't u like this now?? All u do is swear

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    Roblox lisa Skill16 horas atrás

    This is the first add that I didn’t skip

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    •georgia rose•16 horas atrás

    Where’s that other girls now? 🤔

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    Luna Lepever17 horas atrás

    she should react to this now

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    This maybe low budget but the outfits can pay my house bills😔😅😅

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    almost 1 year. omg.. this vibe. i will always love this song with while of my heart 🖤🌫

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    Nahed Saghir17 horas atrás

    From 12 years later oof i wonder how much she had subs and how she became famous btw ur so cute

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    Tomek Hak17 horas atrás

    Ariana ❤️

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    Aila DiCaprio17 horas atrás

    What am i watching

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    Joanna Sakouli17 horas atrás

    OMG she is so young in this video!!! She didn't even now how many good things were coming in the future

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    Tyra17 horas atrás

    why is this just now being recommended to me

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    Sarah Lomeli17 horas atrás

    Ariana I got your perfume and it smells so good 😊

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    Aww she was so young but now she’s grown up

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    Asia Doris18 horas atrás

    i can't believe this is the same person of the woman i love and stan since 5 years. she changed so much and i'm so proud of her for this 💕

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    SmileyMiley18 horas atrás

    The most powerful and exciting, but at the same time pleasing and filled with love and happiness experience I've ever had <3

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    SmileyMiley18 horas atrás

    This was such an amazing tour and i think it was better than sweetener tour. This is probably hard to understand for someone who hasn't been to the dangerous woman tour, and I loved sweetener tour too, but dw tour is just so special, like way more powerful and just filled with so much love and happiness and it was so beautiful and pleasing even though it didn't have like "crazy" things happening everywhere :)

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    Louna ღ18 horas atrás

    I WAS 3.

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    Asterrixx18 horas atrás

    so many ppl sleeping on this bop

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    is that whipped cream on the bed

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    why this is in my youtube recommandation ?

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    Классная девушка.Я бы с ней бухнул!

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    love this song

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    2019: Ok i think is the correct moment

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    Bişey dicem ben bu video çekildikten iki gün sonra doğmuşum😅

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    ugh she snapped

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    Cute pig

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    october 2019 squad, where u at?

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    This is actually really cute-

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    Hi to the creepy person scrolling through the comments

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    Thank u, next

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    Oct 2019😍

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    2019 any one

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    Na meni sve skupo na tebi sve glupo dali vidis moje stvari debra grmim jako do neba KLIBJEKT DRAMA

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    We all know Ari isn’t a big Ariana Grande fan... Like if she was she’d be a fan of touch it 😂

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    2019 ....😱

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    Curtis Jack Jr.20 horas atrás

    Didn't Whitney do whistle tones? I don't see why people are getting all bent out of shape a great singer is a great singer point blank If you are not spreading Love and Positivity stay off the net

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    Sara Gallego Meneses21 hora atrás

    "Imagineee a World like that"

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