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5G: Explained!

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The iPhone 11 Models!The iPhone 11 Models!

The iPhone 11 Models!

3 meses atrás

Retro Tech: Game BoyRetro Tech: Game Boy

Retro Tech: Game Boy

6 meses atrás

RIP Apollo (for now)RIP Apollo (for now)

RIP Apollo (for now)

11 meses atrás

  1. author

    BrenzyHora atrás

    Google Likes to be one camera behind.😂🤣

  2. author

    Aryan MakkarHora atrás

    If it would have benn iPhone MKBHD would have gone crazy!

  3. author

    TonzaTheOneHora atrás

    How are the speakers? Thinking about upgrading from Asus ROG Phone to this, and I use my phone a lot for multimedia purposes. 🤔

  4. author

    YouKnowWhoHora atrás

    Wallpaper please!

  5. author

    Matt HaileyHora atrás

    Was super hyped about the P4 and was wanting to upgrade from my P3. Nah, I'll stay.

  6. author

    TechTravelistHora atrás

    Review Redmi Note 8 Pro.. Please

  7. author

    crazyc213Hora atrás

    My Galaxy S4 had the gesture crap...never used it.

  8. author

    Symen JagerHora atrás

    Uhhh... Gestures... Uhhhh... Samsung S4 Air, anyone?! Also known as: old-tech-features-that-never-seem-to-work-well-and-nobody-uses-but-we-say-it-is-new-and-it-is-awesome-otherwise-this-current-phone-does-not-have-enough-new-features-to-stand-out-from-the-crowd. And no wide angle... And it is freakin' expensive for what it is: Google Pixel 4 AKA Disappointing!

  9. author

    Steve ManoHora atrás

    In 2014 maybe.

  10. author

    myopinionHora atrás

    not the phone to buy

  11. author

    Max LoermansHora atrás

    Hi Marques Brownlee, could u please point out in your next Pixel 4 video that the phone (and the buds soon) will not be available worldwide, except some big countries. I personally live in The Netherlands, and it's still not available here. Which is strange because we already have some of the Google hardware available here like the google home and next stuff. Maybe giving it some attention with your video would help spreading the word over to Google. I mean it's been 4 years and they aren't really releasing the Pixel anywhere else than the standard big countries. I mean why.. it doesn't make sense to me. I would really appreciate, if you could give this some attention. Thanks it advance.

  12. author

    Aaron GilesHora atrás

    that a booger dude?

  13. author

    Ram's Snippets & Micro FilmsHora atrás

    whats in your nose mkbhd?

  14. author

    Ratnadeep GaikwadHora atrás

    Mereko hamesha hasi aati hai mkbhd sun kr🤣

  15. author

    DanielHora atrás

    the display is 100.000 : 1 contrast, iphone 11 pro is literally 20 times higher wtf google

  16. author

    Madhan KHora atrás

    Alright. Waiting for pixel 5. (Nexus 6p user 😭)

  17. author

    Amith D KashyapHora atrás


  18. author

    BallShapedManHora atrás

    How does it stack up to the OnePlus 7 pro?

  19. author

    Siim KuusikHora atrás

    Nobody: Google: Imagine buying a 2017 phone in 2019.

  20. author

    Kunal AnandHora atrás

    Sony Ericsson Walkman phones had the same gesture thing back in 2009 btw

  21. author

    SpectoralHora atrás

    Review it pairing with airpods

  22. author

    Benjamin Irwin-GordonHora atrás

    The fact you can only do portrait mode in the telephoto is a downgrade. My pixel 3 portrait mode is amazing already The gestures thing I had on my galaxy s4, pointless then, pointless now Is the radar face unlock secure? Has apps on Android 10 fixed the swipe right for back and menu problem? Big problem with the pixel 3 was the battery and the screen brightness. Poor battery already but the screen has to be turned way up because it was too dim, which also made the battery worse. Think I'll wait for the pixel 5

  23. author

    OfnadwyHora atrás

    A lot of similarities to iPhone here, guess apple isn’t the one copying after all

  24. author

    TheMosquito48Hora atrás

    📲*00212645752301* *Whatapps*📲 شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ لاحـظـت كـثـيـر كـومـنـتـات عــن تــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وضــعــف الانـتـصـاب وســرعــة الـقـذف ولا يـهـمـك😉 تــواصــلــو مــع الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي نـصـحـنـي بـوصـفـة اســتــعــمــلــتــهــا كــم أســبــوع وحــصــلــت عـلـى نــتــايــج مــذهــلــة🤩🥳 الــلــي عـايـز الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ يـتـواصـل مـعـه الـواتـس اب *00212645752301*📲

  25. author

    call me sobhanHora atrás

    is it me or this techtober isn't techy enough question mark

  26. author

    Ron SwansonHora atrás

    Am i only one noticing something on his nose?

  27. author

    Professor JohnstonHora atrás

    no 4k 60fps video , no ultra-wide, and portrait mode only works with telephoto. Lel . Nope

  28. author

    yashvanthan ragavanHora atrás

    It's just minor upgrade definitely it should have physical fingerprint scanner @ sides and no ultra wide camera

  29. author

    Michael Salazar IIHora atrás


  30. author

    Gelo Bello-anHora atrás

    Same setup of iPhone's camera?

  31. author

    wikichiHora atrás

    The problem of recording with a 4K or 8K camera is that we can see even the things that are hanging out your nose

  32. author

    Abinash PalHora atrás

    Final choice: iPhone

  33. author

    Agent SmithHora atrás

    Wallpaper at 3:42 ?! Link to download pls...

  34. author

    Gladwin IsraelHora atrás

    It's not coming to India.😭😭😭

  35. author

    Noor AlamHora atrás

    Clean your nose bro :|

  36. author

    桜木明Hora atrás

    Apple: create multi sensor array as small as possible Pixel: create the whole top of the phone sensor

  37. author

    MacXpert74Hora atrás

    Wait, he didn't say "I've been using the Pixel 4 for a while now..." :0

  38. author

    Lukáš KotrusHora atrás

    everyone was making jokes about the iPhone11. for example, the phone is not worth the price, many things are missing ... now look at Google Pixel 4. no ultra-wide camera, low battery capacity because the display eats a lot of battery, no Snapdargon 855+, gestures are not working well and several others things. and they're asking 799 bucks for it. I think this phone is a lot worse than the iPhone 11.

  39. author

    Ben HasselbringHora atrás

    The display is 1440 x 3040, not 1800 x 3200.

  40. author

    Micheal eisenhowerHora atrás

    I love the Billie eilish cameo... marques brownlee is a baaad guy

  41. author

    4.6M viewsHora atrás

    Wtf is going on with the display 🤣🤣 Cringe design award goes to pixel 4 😂🤣

  42. author

    WestHora atrás

    Could have been lit in 2016 😂

  43. author

    Jeffrey VALENTINHora atrás

    Why Google, why ?

  44. author

    4.6M viewsHora atrás

    Wtf is going on with the display 🤣🤣 Cringe design award goes to pixel 4 😂🤣

  45. author

    Harsh NavaleHora atrás

    Pixel 4 looks like Marques

  46. author

    RipCityBassWorksHora atrás

    Lol what? Who still uses Quicktime? That brings me way back, I honestly didn't even know that program was still around...

  47. author

    George FikriHora atrás

    stop bitching

  48. author

    Brummy boxing fanHora atrás

    I will take a bezel over a notch, but i want fingerprint reader and headphone jack, so note 9 is about where I stop with flagships and I'll probably be going huawei or 1+ or something when I refresh, or maybe just a newer Note me some stylus...but this phone and the new Iphone are a big nah from me,

  49. author

    comedyman112Hora atrás

    marques doesn't check uv....he's black

  50. author

    IainHora atrás

    God awful phone. Why on earth would you buy this over an iPhone. The iPhone is miles ahead and CHEAPER.

  51. author

    thechocoguy xHora atrás

    Pixel 4 front screen with that thick forehead does look like Marques... just saying

  52. author

    Shubham DHora atrás

    How is it different than Android watch Always on

  53. author

    Logan KHora atrás

    Speaker quality. Please review Speaker quality.

  54. author

    Eldred DsouzaHora atrás

    *Apple launches 11 Pro Max* Everyone: Wait for the Pixel to come out ☺️ *Pixel 4 launches* Same people: Can’t find them.

  55. author

    Rehmatullah NadeemHora atrás

    Please do not review this phone. It's not worth it.

  56. author

    ARYTHESNAKE 7Hora atrás

    I was expecting him to say i had the phone for a week now

  57. author

    Firebelias12Hora atrás

    It turned you into Marques Purplelee.

  58. author

    SmileOverlordHora atrás

    Google and Samsung must be competing to see who could disappoint more. first the Note 10 and now the Pixel 4. Two of the most disappointing phones from two of the largest Android companies. Yikes.

  59. author

    S WHora atrás

    How can the main player be so *lousy* No thank you *Pixel* I'll stick with my *OnePlus 7* 😂😂😂

  60. author

    Benjamin SchulzeHora atrás

    You have a booger

  61. author

    Jack MarshoHora atrás

    "Should we move these three cameras downstairs for the next scene?" "Nah just put another 3 down there, here's $60,000"

  62. author

    Jie Feng ChanHora atrás

    ive probs watch everyone's google pixel4 videos

  63. author

    KAIHora atrás

    am I the only one who likes the bezel design?

  64. author

    Mun Chee HongHora atrás

    Just another meh phone from Google..... Trying so hard to copy Apple camera bump. And I guess it will not be cheap still although lots of the improvements are on the s/w side.... Adding more sensors? Means killing the battery even faster and yet Pixel 4 is running with a smaller battery. I really skeptical about the endurance of Pixel 4 battery even for a day with the 90hz display. Going to wait for the ban to be over for Huawei Mate 30 Pro instead....

  65. author

    Hus 9Hora atrás

    Does the pixel 4 take Astrophotography?

  66. author

    keerthi rajHora atrás

    I think both apple and google are copying each other

  67. author

    Shut up IdiotHora atrás

    Im happy with my oneplus 7 .that looks like the most crappiest phone ever lol, can't say what made google come up with something like that

  68. author

    Joshua ChongHora atrás

    Yup, mypurchase for Xiaomi A3 is a best decision I ever made for this year, welp, see you again next year Xiaomi (if Google tends to walk this route)

  69. author

    Mateusz KozlowskiHora atrás

    Feel soo disappointed with this phone..Not sure if I want it anymore.

  70. author

    Specter GRHora atrás

    This phone can be summed up with one word.... DISAPPOINTING

  71. author

    Priyanshu VaishHora atrás

    The whole body colour scheme and design looks like a case is applied on the phone! Isn't it??

  72. author

    Adam VagadayHora atrás

    Apple won it in 2019, difficult to argue with that

  73. author

    Amit PaulHora atrás

    Trending #32 in India.

  74. author

    D7oomySAHora atrás

    Tell us why it’s not symmetrical

  75. author

    Eldred DsouzaHora atrás

    The pixel 4 is the single greatest advertisement for OnePlus.

  76. author

    Teknoloji ManyağıHora atrás

    Yep one more year for my Nexus 6p :D

  77. author

    Haider AliHora atrás

    This is not a phone this is like a empty box

  78. author

    Farras Amali .M.Hora atrás

    OTW 10 M GUYS

  79. author

    vivek chauhanHora atrás


  80. author

    ManiaCop100Hora atrás

    Ngl I'm into Google but iPhone deffo did better this time round looking at the surface of things. Not tested both phones yet tho

  81. author

    MicaHora atrás

    Ugly ass phone, super outdated, now the cameras aren’t as impressive as other phones (even if they take good pictures, you get one camera less than most AND iPhone always has better video anyway) so they don’t even have that. Price isn’t competitive in comparison of what’s out there, even for android. Im sorry, but I cant think of why anybody would buy this phone, and nobody really should, to let google know that consumers demand better quality products.

  82. author

    Venom久 Eddie GamingHora atrás

    It's look like Google has already put case on pixel 4

  83. author

    SuperiorBeenHora atrás

    Telephoto IS more important. I want zoom in not zoom out.

  84. author

    kristanHora atrás

    They should've just made the top and bottom bezels the same thickness and put the speaker at the chin. They didn't care about bezels anyway, so why make the chin smaller?

  85. author

    RAZKENHora atrás

    And I thought we were done with gestures 6 years ago... like on the Galaxy S4....

  86. author

    WE ARE VENOMHora atrás

    Apple & google are saving their ass for their 2020 version of phones.. sure next year’s gonna be a feast for tech lovers

  87. author

    João TavaresHora atrás

    "Wide angle could be fun"... What a retard... 2017 big bezels, small batteries, overpriced. Sucks!

  88. author

    Antoine CollignonHora atrás

    I've never been so disappointed by a phone event. Google pricing makes Apple look generous, it's crazy

  89. author

    moayed tarigHora atrás

    8:00 "charlie puth" will love this

  90. author

    Nakul K MohanHora atrás

    So the guy who suggested the black phone to be glossy , probably fired?

  91. author

    Abinash PalHora atrás

    It looks like it has a cover on it.

  92. author

    Rohit MehtaHora atrás

    No Pixel 4 in India...😢😢. Definitely shed some more light on that in the review. 🙏🏻

  93. author

    Daniel GarciaHora atrás

    Motion Sense, the main function works... HORRIBLE, wwwwwwwhat? Google do you have mental problems? Do you need help?

  94. author

    Ravi RajyaguruHora atrás

    I really want to pat all the pixel team members who designed this phone on their backs, with a baseball bat, over and over, and over.

  95. author

    Jhon DumaopHora atrás

    I really don't like the camera design of these new phones.

  96. author

    icantwaitHora atrás

    Same bunch of HTC engineers. Same bunch of incompetence.

  97. author

    Patrick KhwelaHora atrás

    You can always count on google to build crappy hardware for more money.

  98. author

    jumbeaux1Hora atrás

    The retro colour combination will get boring pretty soon. Most facial photos I've seen looked over processed. The skin looks like watercolour.

  99. author

    steven soppHora atrás

    Sorry to say but the 4 is shit anyone on the fence either going for the iPhone 11 or pixel is now going to Apple store

  100. author

    VISION0STUDIOHora atrás

    Feel that this one is more of a lazy build and rush to be out there with the big guys