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    ron bowling jr13 segundos atrás

    Personal opinion flag coming. Every NFL team should visit Israel and every NFL team should have a Jewish owner.

  2. author

    Jim LigonMinuto atrás

    1:57:48 - Bill Cowher sighting!

  3. author

    Ronald Cammarata2 minutos atrás

    Holy mackerel, what a takedown.

  4. author

    aaron corpse3 minutos atrás

    The Choir lady’s were the best part , AaahhhhhOoooooo ahhHhhhh AHHHHHoooooOooooOooooo

  5. author

    North5 minutos atrás

    I’m a Seahawks fan but damn this game was brutal

  6. author

    #kane poe5 minutos atrás


  7. author

    shandonl4206 minutos atrás

    10:28 so we just gonna ignore the playclock?

  8. author

    King7 minutos atrás

    Just came to see all the comments about the refs

  9. author

    Manny Reyes8 minutos atrás

    What a FANTastic show

  10. author

    Michael Cowan11 minutos atrás

    4;35 Brady slides down, but did any defender touch him? Is this a live ball? Just wondering.

  11. author

    TheVideoGameManiac11 minutos atrás

    13:21 Who else comes back here just for that play?

  12. author

    11 minutos atrás

    Damn we play against the cowboys this Sunday coming up.

  13. author

    T2 Sway12 minutos atrás

    Chiefs 9-4 packers 10-3 lets put chiefs higher even though lost to them

  14. author

    Carson Elmer12 minutos atrás

    Go niners!!!!!!!!!!!1

  15. author

    Terri Sais14 minutos atrás

    Cnc. C g ch c

  16. author

    Ygg Ydd14 minutos atrás

    139K like vs 916K dislikes wow

  17. author

    Laura Demarco15 minutos atrás

    Best top 100 video ever made

  18. author

    Marcus S.15 minutos atrás

    What is the guy yelling in the background from 11:55 to 12 minutes??

  19. author

    sean pork15 minutos atrás

    Deonte Harris is so fast...

  20. author

    Teddy Roybal17 minutos atrás

    This Niners D was ridiculous

  21. author

    Dominant Persona17 minutos atrás

    Which one was better: Saints vs 49ers 2019 Rams vs Chief 2018 Patriots vs Steelers 2017

  22. author

    Gabe Meadows18 minutos atrás

    Lamar Jackson the line like that

  23. author

    Kenneth Koroma19 minutos atrás

    Come on giants we get to be better then this.

  24. author

    Madwrestler 14519 minutos atrás

    Romeo Cronell needs to go

  25. author

    Anuj Tripathi20 minutos atrás

    Game of the season

  26. author

    Rick Cave20 minutos atrás

    49ers vs Saints 2019??

  27. author

    Reg Taraare21 minuto atrás

    How appropriate. No chairman has ever been more loved by the fans than Paul Allen. RIP.

  28. author

    AlexandDevinVids21 minuto atrás

    This game seems fake. Like a madden game.😂

  29. author

    Tameka Simmons22 minutos atrás

    I prayed

  30. author

    Galeak Ka22 minutos atrás

    When your kicker is more important than your QB lol. What a duel of kicks!

  31. author

    aaron corpse24 minutos atrás

    Imagine if Beyoncé came out and started singing with Lady Gaga 😍😍😍

  32. author

    David Trupiano25 minutos atrás

    cowboys should be #32 wtf

  33. author

    Matthew Jordan26 minutos atrás

    Did eney body else see the beach ball at 7 43

  34. author

    werftgh asdfghj28 minutos atrás

    The only thing I know is: If Larry drops your passes. It's you, not him. This man is greater than you realize.

  35. author

    Aligums28 minutos atrás

    Thank you Santa for my present 🤣

  36. author

    Platform Nine and Three Quarters30 minutos atrás

    Appetizer : Kyle Shanahan vs Sean Payton Main Course : GOTY Dessert : Best Commentators

  37. author

    Anas yahaya33 minutos atrás

    Between this game and Kansas City Chiefs vs the Rams of last season I don't know which is better.

  38. author

    jordan522134 minutos atrás

    why does this announcer keep making words plural that have no business being plural. lol

  39. author

    Snake Plissskin34 minutos atrás


  40. author

    Nunya Bizness34 minutos atrás

    Female football commentator=Suck Ass

  41. author

    Daniel Navejas35 minutos atrás

    im pretty sure all the cardinals fans at this game just converted to steelers...worst qb of all time

  42. author

    Yumi Tokushige36 minutos atrás

    Rams FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE BOOOOMB Dante Fowler Aaaaaaron Donald

  43. author

    Conrad Kritzberger39 minutos atrás

    I don't know who that "Announcer" is... that says, "...HAS HIS MAN!!!", but THAT SHITWAD needs to find another word to use. HINT: "HAS HIS MAN!!!" ... is beyond STUPID. -- [ It is getting God-Damned Irritating!!!!]

  44. author

    Ninety Nine39 minutos atrás

    Kyle Murray look like a lil kid out there lol

  45. author

    emo40 minutos atrás

    7:23 great bank shot . kicker definitely did that on purpose

  46. author

    DRock690641 minuto atrás

    All jokes aside, I was really pulling for Eli last night. I know that game was not going to change New York's situation because their season is already done. But it would have been great to see the Giants win the first game with him returning. Personally, I don't like how the Giants did their 2X Super Bowl winning QB but that's the nature of the game.

  47. author

    Mark Macchia41 minuto atrás

    We were really good in that game. Good game seahawks.

  48. author

    howard myers42 minutos atrás

    This woman is ok give her a chance at talking up real game to see if she can bring in a little emotion . Sounding like a late Pat Summerall game .

  49. author

    Mark Macchia43 minutos atrás

    That stiff arm from gurley was mean. Tre Flowers needs to go back to the weight room.#RAMS4LIFE

  50. author

    Jason Lee43 minutos atrás

    listen close at 11:57

  51. author

    Joseph Smithmeyer43 minutos atrás

    Coming from a dolphins fan i loved tannehilll ik he was a great wb im glade hes. Proving it now

  52. author

    Animo et Prudentia47 minutos atrás

    @ 8:32 Nice dive. #futball

  53. author

    Saul Zepeda49 minutos atrás

    Raiders should be lower,and I'm a raiders

  54. author

    BruhBoi BruhBoi49 minutos atrás

    4:18 This remind you of something Arizona eh?? Anything!?!?! Hmmmmm?

  55. author

    maximus vonce50 minutos atrás

    If Rams win next 3 they will go to Super bowl. Vikes will lose 2 more to packers and bolts.

  56. author

    Yung Rick52 minutos atrás

    Why did the eagles move up 6 spots

  57. author

    ClavisRa53 minutos atrás

    Despite the picks, for the first time ever, Goff looks good. Comfortable with the offense, seeing the field, understanding the game. And the Rams are figuring out how to get Gurley into space again. Has McVey finally remade the offense after everyone had the first incarnation figured out?

  58. author

    Scott Wheeler54 minutos atrás

    GotDAMN this was liking watching the 80s Niners all over again... Unbelievable heart and crazy skill from two teams that don't know how to quit. Drew Brees was unstoppable, we just got lucky there was 30 seconds on the clock and Kittle on the field. Who Dat?? 49 SAINTS DAT!!!

  59. author

    Jorge Cazares54 minutos atrás

    That stiff arm from Todd Gurley was nasstyyyy!

  60. author

    Aidan Sturtz57 minutos atrás

    Anyone else get the "Mahomes and auto" ad?

  61. author

    Josh S59 minutos atrás

    Bucs are on a 3 game winning streak, are now 6-7 - as is the Colts- just beat the Colts for that third win and are ranked 1 below the Colts? Dafuq? Lol 🤦‍♂️ Colts are on a three game losing streak and just got beat by Winston who throw 3INT but manage 4 TD/1 running TD and 456 YD passing.What the hell? Lol

  62. author

    Lil Mustard Squirt SquirtHora atrás

    4-9 32 Jaguars 2-11 31 giants 1-12 30 Bengals Cmon now you really gotta do Jacksonville dirty like that

  63. author

    Aidan SHora atrás

    Ok, In all seriousness. This officiating crew has been absolute garbage all year long. And this was a painful 4 quarters on both sides of the ball. If this crew isn't fired by next season, then the League has been paid off. From the non-call when Mahomes got shoved out of bounds to the "not a touchdown" call. Which pisses me off beyond belief because if you're not sure, CALL IT A TOUCHDOWN AND LET NEW YORK REVIEW IT!!!! Touchdowns are automatically reviewed! If you thought he was out, just say it's a touchdown and overturn it if he was out!!!!

  64. author

    powdergangster83Hora atrás

    That's got to go down as a classic! What an awesome freaking game that was!!

  65. author

    Mikey LaFaveHora atrás

    So how was that not a flag on the punt fake. Hmmm

  66. author

    Joseph SanchezHora atrás

    Should be starting over witten

  67. author

    James AHora atrás

    best commentator @ 3:01

  68. author

    Matthew MooreHora atrás

    And people say that the NFL isn't entertaining

  69. author

    Tyrone ShanksHora atrás

    I went sideline

  70. author

    Daniel PanHora atrás

    Great highlights!

  71. author

    Mistyy gxbeHora atrás

    I was at this game, crowd went crazy. Now look where we are

  72. author

    emoHora atrás

    2:26 perfect lead pass . but when receiver pulled or tore his hamstring , at least back in the day , you knew you were done for the season . the worst thing is when your knee blew out . a career ender back in the day . its so overwhelmingly depressing you knew it when it happened before even knowing whether or not you could recover from the knee damage .

  73. author

    forreal patHora atrás

    CHARGERS looking very good. lol👍 Coaching is better.

  74. author

    Deon C.Hora atrás

    Yo!!!!! That angle then the hit that he made! I'm glad I scooped up Tannehill while he was under the radar. He looks like a different QB!

  75. author

    Michelle FoxHora atrás

    Giants lost on purpose. 2nd half made that clear. Going for the draft pick

  76. author

    nick capronHora atrás

    Cheifs above Pat's execuse me what.

  77. author

    The DocHora atrás

    8:30 spoon should of had a pick there it was going right to him and Thomas grabbed his head and face mask and pulled him back. That’s a bad No call

  78. author

    Zesty EvanHora atrás

    If the panthers let go of Cam after this year that will be crazy... dude could still play high level ball. Hope he succeeds after this injury

  79. author

    Tyrone ShanksHora atrás

    2 years out of high school

  80. author

    VenomHora atrás

    Looks terrible, would never make it as an NFL QB

  81. author

    gio lolHora atrás

    lol saint fans u mad lol! jk gg

  82. author

    Kevin FolgarHora atrás

    Oh how u were so wrong about the Ravens

  83. author

    StephenHora atrás

    Wonder where he’ll be ranked this year,

  84. author

    03 AIHora atrás

    What a trash game😂

  85. author

    Ostrich WayneHora atrás

    Dog pound stand up

  86. author

    Diego TalaveraHora atrás

    murray >>> 💩

  87. author

    Scoutk BartholomewHora atrás

    It doesn't rain down on Prince, Prince reigns down on you!

  88. author

    Nick JimHora atrás

    kyle shanahan is such a master on offense

  89. author

    Is This Rain?Hora atrás

    It's weird to think that if we win a Superbowl this season, they're gonna make videos like this Niners team 20 years later.

  90. author

    Archie FerrariniHora atrás

    49ers are hands down the best team in the NFL !!

  91. author

    Greyman RebHora atrás

    Hands down, college or NFL, the worse I ever felt after a game. I was in a funk for weeks. Took me until the '92 NFC title game to get over it mostly. I still to this day despise the 49ers more than any team. Even the Eagles don't rate as low.

  92. author

    Zesty EvanHora atrás

    Really hope this guy succeeds with a second chance off the injury. If the panthers do part ways with him that will be upsetting but also interesting

  93. author

    Nick FordHora atrás

    I grew up as a kid in Buffolo and Elmira NY Bills was my first nfl team and experience I was 4-5 during the 93-94 all those SB runs (losses) afc championships 4 in a row rooting again for the Bills Josh Allen is the spark to light the fire to melt the snow away. Let’s Go Bills 🙌🏈👏

  94. author

    Bingo CircusHora atrás

    Pats look washed up

  95. author

    qwertyuiop123453993Hora atrás

    these just might be the worst pre season predictions OF ALL TIME

  96. author

    Jonathan RochaHora atrás

    i cant believe murray threw at 8:40

  97. author

    Mr. McGooHora atrás

    "Goli, man" haha you gotta love Russell!

  98. author

    emoHora atrás

    they should have a super bowl for the two teams with the worst records . team which loses we release cages of hungry lions on them . but they get a swiss army knife one each to defend themselves . should get billions of viewers .

  99. author

    Qaze0 Qaze0Hora atrás

    Heavy ....

  100. author

    Stlrs W88Hora atrás

    His running styles like Santonio Holmes , Go Steelers!!!