Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

Instagram vs. RealityInstagram vs. Reality

Instagram vs. Reality

9 meses atrás

KFC Blocks Our VideoKFC Blocks Our Video

KFC Blocks Our Video

10 meses atrás

we're pregnantwe're pregnant

we're pregnant

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Anos atrás



Anos atrás

Where have we been?Where have we been?

Where have we been?

2 anos atrás



2 anos atrás



2 anos atrás

Glad We TriedGlad We Tried

Glad We Tried

2 anos atrás

Happy Video #1Happy Video #1

Happy Video #1

2 anos atrás

We Meet Tai LopezWe Meet Tai Lopez

We Meet Tai Lopez

2 anos atrás

Is YouTube Over?Is YouTube Over?

Is YouTube Over?

2 anos atrás

Thank YouThank You

Thank You

3 anos atrás

  1. author

    argentDia atrás

    Shouldn't have been eating chesse while watching this

  2. author

    john wytkoDia atrás

    Man be like do do do I’m going to make dinner drone be like (7:48)

  3. author

    annaDia atrás

    the funniest part to this video is how he aggressively threw the minute made rice into the microwave and slammed it shut before staring into his reflection like he was experiencing an existential crisis

  4. author

    JaWatDenn JongeDia atrás

    6:57 Imagine her saying "Hugh Mungus"

  5. author

    JaWatDenn JongeDia atrás

    4:42 Womansplaining incoming!

  6. author

    Collin.CDia atrás

    They lost custody of their children

  7. author

    Mango ManDia atrás

    It's actually kinda sad how joey is not pouring in as much views as he used to tbh

  8. author

    Geoff MillerDia atrás

    This was like watching a slow motion train wreck with a bunch of baby animals strapped to the tracks.

  9. author

    Daylon PetersonDia atrás

    Im calling the cops

  10. author

    Quinn S.Dia atrás

    we need new vids ethan plzzzzzzz ive watched nearly all your vids and im starting to have to go back watch them 2 three times oveer

  11. author

    RC/SkaterDia atrás

    2:52 This where it gets good and I'm laughing uncontrollably at Ethan's reactions.

  12. author

    Monica JenkinsDia atrás

    ur house sucks its so depressing lmfaoooo dexters house im dying

  13. author

    Geoff MillerDia atrás

    As a conservative white male, I will just say it, white people problems.

  14. author

    Brian The Rat KingDia atrás

    Making my parents look good...

  15. author


    Why dosnt peta do somthing about this!!!!

  16. author

    Just Da JoeyDia atrás

    Top 10 moment of the decade

  17. author

    Ben ParkerDia atrás

    2:48 Everquest holy shit am i the only person who remembers SOE free realms was my SHIT back in the day

  18. author

    Ross GanachDia atrás

    Bro that's cheating lol

  19. author

    Dylan James ChangDia atrás

    I have this earwig... in my.. ear.

  20. author


    When did this shit become fancy as using fucking kosher salt or seas salt lol when did black magic become vegan

  21. author

    Geoff MillerDia atrás

    I'll smash that like button, if you smash this dick.

  22. author

    Tim CantwellDia atrás

    Anyone coming back to relive this after seeing Papa John finally on the podcast 👀

  23. author

    tricksDia atrás

    Everybody gangsta till I took off my dressing.

  24. author

    hot potDia atrás

    13:42 is sounds like moaning

  25. author

    inner baconnDia atrás

    Looks like gold ceelo green

  26. author


    I seriously hope someone found them arrested them and all animals and children was saved!

  27. author

    gigi_singsDia atrás

    *Yoshikage Kira wants to know your location*

  28. author

    Queen of DiamondsDia atrás

    He wants a trophy wife. She wants a millionaire. But he's not rich, and she's not pretty... KARMA!!!

  29. author

    Thriller113Dia atrás

    1 million likes!!!

  30. author

    KidChurchDia atrás

    I can't stop hearing Berry Bee Benson

  31. author

    Ewelina PacultDia atrás

    His rice smells

  32. author

    Hayden PettyDia atrás

    Thier is one game crazy that is still open where I live

  33. author

    Ben ParkerDia atrás

    (warning fucked up comment) 0:10 I really hope this ages well...

  34. author

    Ben ParkerDia atrás

    8:05 I just imagine some little munk answering the door and being like "the fuck do you want"

  35. author

    Rebecca SpratlingDia atrás

    Ethan's mom looks like she could he his sister. Why doesn't she age but her son does? 😂

  36. author

    Stephen BriggsDia atrás

    I could watch you call out this idiot all day

  37. author

    Lachlan McCarthyDia atrás

    As a Adam Sandler lover. frick you, you flipping chair

  38. author

    Play22Gam 622Dia atrás

    Shane: Im going to kiss my sister Alabama: This is interesting...

  39. author

    yeet 22Dia atrás

    he really do be vibing😳

  40. author

    Queen of DiamondsDia atrás

    Great. Logan found glasses to help him see colors. Now all he needs is acting classes!

  41. author

    Billy SartoriDia atrás

    How about if you get your goal Steve O gets park in new Jackass movie

  42. author

    Natalia S.Dia atrás

    I love the desperate voice tone on Ethan in almost the entire video

  43. author

    Not FurryDia atrás


  44. author

    Austematic Tha TragicDia atrás

    I like to think that this isn't even a skit video ethan just likes this song

  45. author

    swaserDia atrás

    I seriously think this is it. This is the stupidist shit ive ever seen.

  46. author

    SaltyCookie66 N.Dia atrás

    7:57 did Hila just predict Baby Yoda?

  47. author

    Lloyd HigginsDia atrás

    It's not about being a good person, it's being able to *show* people that you're a good person.

  48. author

    Jay MonayDia atrás

    Everybody knows you get 20 packs of Hanes socks

  49. author

    100 subscribers without a video of me cryingDia atrás

    and buzzfeed doesn’t care about the creeps that are filming the men’s legs and crotch. What if one is underage?

  50. author

    Kentaro From Wii SportsDia atrás

    8 months is a long time

  51. author

    E.S. XoxoDia atrás

    1980: we‘re gonna have flying cars 2019: 80000 calorie Mukbang!! 2030: Obesity has risen by 90%

  52. author

    FattyMcButterPantsDia atrás

    now a days ethan literally supports the hugh mungus lady, he is just as crazy as she is

  53. author

    the gold AppleDia atrás

    This video is 100% from the Hood

  54. author

    Connor CoCoDia atrás

    White supremacy? I looked online and it said Rudy Pantoja (Hugh Mungus) is of German, Mexican, and Native American descent. He is also a POC

  55. author

    UniqueNhameDia atrás


  56. author

    Gareth MDia atrás

    This guy looks like that alien from the star wars prequels that kept Darth Vader as a slave.

  57. author

    Jon JamesDia atrás

    “It’s me, Hispanic opera” LMAO

  58. author

    Phosphorus 15Dia atrás

    I don't love Beyonce. Or however you spell her name.

  59. author

    acbell 12Dia atrás

    Is trover saves the universe in Xbox?

  60. author

    Hande SengulerDia atrás

    14:02 my fav moment

  61. author

    Lawrence DollensDia atrás


  62. author

    nii okweiDia atrás

    Great video

  63. author

    Jacob FaglieDia atrás

    I miss 2016 comedy

  64. author

    Taha MajidDia atrás

    He runs like some aunty 😂

  65. author

    memes_like_tendiesDia atrás


  66. author

    Leah IsaacDia atrás


  67. author

    Darth OmniDia atrás

    So many brainwashed fuckers out there. Criminal Trump is destroying America!!!

  68. author

    Gareth MDia atrás

    Nearly 60 year old Ice T being the 'hip cool' guy who understands the youth in this episode should tell you how out of touch these fools are.

  69. author

    William LeysDia atrás

    The fat in the hat

  70. author

    Imanol PulidoDia atrás

    9:55 "You did such a great job missing the point, exactly what we were looking for," is the funniest thing Hila has ever said in my opinion

  71. author

    Google UserDia atrás

    I saw this. Thought it was mindblowingly stupid. Glad I wasn't alone. Also, no one seemed to noticed but that girl broke character so many times. She started to laugh. They're so stupid, wow. 🤦‍♂️

  72. author

    ZLATENDABDia atrás

    Why did i bother watching this when you just put them all in the shit tier

  73. author

    I Hate my Own ChannelDia atrás

    I love Ian at 6:36 , his reaction for the planting child porn is funny

  74. author

    gizmotchyDia atrás

    After seeing your belly it makes me feel really insecure about my belly. Pass the deep fried Twinkies please.

  75. author

    Angel RaygozaDia atrás

    Here's a hypothetical question, what's he gonna do if chase gets brutally destroyed?

  76. author

    redmetodDia atrás

    This shit is my favourite.

  77. author

    Grungebob 01Dia atrás

    h3h3 is the dad of youtube

  78. author

    cats and also dogsDia atrás

    5:24 two more years!!!!!

  79. author

    jordan evansDia atrás

    Yall are too much. Dont stop the videos

  80. author

    make Murica Up to Par AgainDia atrás

    I never notice your tourettes

  81. author

    Shiva Gautama Christ-ChanDia atrás

    The people at the end were forced to change gender or be euthanized by the women of the family

  82. author

    Ben ParkerDia atrás

    I feel like the pain would be more of a deal than the tampon/pad Im a guy so idk but I do know second hand how bad the cramps and stuff can be so I think the actual pain from it would be more of a problem or hinderance than what is basically a dirty tissue. but yea its still gross (sorry ladies I hope this won't affect my chances of getting laid)

  83. author

    Levi UlyssesDia atrás

    Honestly the neighbors are all millionaires, and probably deserve to deal w Jake Paul to bring some freakin reality to their perfect lives.

  84. author

    RGprime3Dia atrás

    The fact that he’s not a real gamer comes from the fact he cleaned off a Mac. For gaming, really

  85. author

    Paul LützeDia atrás

    This whole video is obviously not worth listening to since Ethan is a man and ofc he is going to side with the patriarchy

  86. author


    “Respeeeect.” Logan Paul

  87. author

    Jay MonayDia atrás

    Liza's lip move so explosively

  88. author

    Dylan SchmidtDia atrás

    Niko belec is that you?

  89. author

    Ashkan RabbaniDia atrás

    to be honest, im crying right now. this is just beautiful and bold. i hope your relationship gets more and more stronger over time. peace and love X

  90. author

    FezDia atrás

    In the year 2020 it's gotten worse.

  91. author

    ZetaDia atrás

    Guy worked a lot for his body. Why not to show off? People who spent time on other things like dancing, painting or musical instruments do the same thing too.

  92. author

    Archie MacintoshDia atrás

    2:53 who among us

  93. author

    Carreview eDia atrás

    16:38 I can hear Hila laughing in the background

  94. author

    MergerDia atrás

    I watched this before sleeping, wish me good luck i'll need it

  95. author

    Bubbas ErnieDia atrás

    Imagine being this much of a simp. A woman telling you exactly how they’re using you to your face and you just decide to let it happen.

  96. author

    Zach OrdwayDia atrás


  97. author

    Samuel HowardDia atrás

    what was in the syringe

  98. author

    Logan JohnsonDia atrás

    who is disgusting? SHE is disgusting

  99. author

    Maxgum 21Dia atrás


  100. author

    hugues pamphileDia atrás

    Sad smh sad