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  1. author

    Aviraj072 minutos atrás

    theres a typo in the title . its actually mall

  2. author

    KINGCASH3 minutos atrás

    Aquarius nation

  3. author

    Indiaa Woodfork3 minutos atrás


  4. author

    crazyrebl5 minutos atrás

    Wonder how much he could get for that 2 bills. I'd give em 50 bucks.

  5. author

    kali & uncle5 minutos atrás

    Gates no more bling blaaw

  6. author

    I Got The Munchies6 minutos atrás

    I wish mumble rap died out so we could have lyrical people back in hip-hop y’all disrespect Eminem and Kanye so much on this show

  7. author

    D1V3RS36 minutos atrás

    NO HOMO Kevin looks good and happy I'm jealous

  8. author

    615 Bred8 minutos atrás

    nadeska has no preparation and cant carry a convo at all

  9. author

    cdinero228 minutos atrás


  10. author

    The One Minds8 minutos atrás

    Voodoo is black magic. White magic is the opposite

  11. author

    NFJ IZZY8 minutos atrás

    They Really A Power Couple 💯💪🏾 Gates Really One Of The Realist In The Game Him And Dreka Very Beautiful Together

  12. author

    Danno59612 minutos atrás

    Just cringed when Kevin said “I do work with writers” lol what does that mean bro?

  13. author

    TiNic Sanderlin13 minutos atrás

    That was Amazing!

  14. author

    prod by turtle13 minutos atrás


  15. author

    pooh love13 minutos atrás

    Free Gates

  16. author

    Daniel Pando17 minutos atrás

    wayno bro you know you dont HAVE to play every song on the album right?

  17. author

    mmobbmotivatedd19 minutos atrás

    Great interview but I got headphones in and the mic is super sensitive and low key agitating hearing someone swallowing borderline gargling

  18. author

    Seymour Kitty19 minutos atrás

    *damn gates got a ghost writer. Smh*

  19. author

    Jesus Garcia23 minutos atrás

    Lmfao! busted him straight embarrassed him. Not so Busta now

  20. author

    Kennie How24 minutos atrás

    in 2017 Diddy copped 7 kicks and the total was only $5,000.

  21. author

    Ty Mason27 minutos atrás

    I’m changing my life.

  22. author

    John Smith28 minutos atrás


  23. author

    Cynthia Stevens31 minuto atrás

    No offense but when black ppl started designing sneakers they started looking better n more unique

  24. author

    Shaun Gotti33 minutos atrás

    Gates 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  25. author

    Loyalty126936 minutos atrás

    Cam always make me shit my pants with his ability

  26. author

    TYRESE ANTHONY40 minutos atrás

    5:50 if the phone rings it doesn't matter.. Its called (+ goofy/stroke face) WE'RE IN HIGH DEMAND!!!!

  27. author

    Isai Sanchez40 minutos atrás

    Gates high asf lol

  28. author

    Phantom Gaming42 minutos atrás

    Macklemore:Things are just things,They don't make you who you are Also Macklemore:

  29. author

    I Got The Munchies42 minutos atrás

    It’s a trend to hate on Em but praise Drake makes no sense

  30. author

    Duh Mandalorian42 minutos atrás

    this guy is cool and money wise

  31. author

    Pashvape42 minutos atrás

    360 - days a year Rick Ross

  32. author

    Daddy Warbucks43 minutos atrás

    ole girl got max wingspan💀

  33. author

    Naay & Chelle43 minutos atrás


  34. author

    Scar Face44 minutos atrás

    Curious why he faded out his Soulja sign...he gave back life came back from the dead so I wonder why he cleaned it up??

  35. author

    Sobek RaHeru45 minutos atrás

    I get Kevin Gates and his evolution and its beautiful however he isn't accurate with some of his information. Ex: saying Hati is the voodoo capital isn't not correct. Benin is the Vodun capital of the world. Look it up every year they have a big festival for Vodun. Not to long ago they were muslims now they evolved to indigenous spirituality.

  36. author

    FlakitoSwag46 minutos atrás

    That last conversation one of the realest shitt out here

  37. author

    Taj Joseph47 minutos atrás

    AK rocking that Richard Mille lmao

  38. author

    babytina47 minutos atrás

    Nadeska reminds me of Dreka, looks and personality.

  39. author

    Khristia Piacente48 minutos atrás

    This was the high energy frequency needed on this new moon day. Thank you universe for this sign that we are evolving in the right path.

  40. author

    RASHAAD50 minutos atrás

    If y'all don't know what a real life Goddess looks like..... just look at Dreka !

  41. author

    Eugene Blyther52 minutos atrás

    All 3 of them looking like crips with all that blue on lol.

  42. author

    JMJ AUDIO53 minutos atrás

    Two grand for some sneakers when they only cost a few bucks in China to make unbelievable

  43. author

    Brandon Ayers56 minutos atrás


  44. author

    Karen Jenkins57 minutos atrás

    This is the TRUTH and for real. I love this couple and their way of life. BWA4life... Love this couple.

  45. author

    Duncan DHora atrás

    Its cool to see how Kevin adores his wife💯

  46. author


    So he sayin rap music is evil pretty much cuz all rap is low frequencies.. Make sense.

  47. author

    Khalil OliverHora atrás

    Get travis Scott

  48. author

    akonswils yoHora atrás

    “Hey, I enjoyed the journey... But, we go no further...” 😆🤣😁

  49. author

    MrPhustle1Hora atrás

    I was possessed by this weeds she wants to take over my brain so I let her 🤣🤣

  50. author

    DenzsoLocoHora atrás

    Gerald houston probally hugged him

  51. author

    Stah GoonieHora atrás


  52. author

    jill robinsonHora atrás

    There was a woman into witchcraft that ran a second hand store, she was overweight & she said that there were multiple demons in her that she HAD to feed so that’s why she was heavy...Kevin was very heavy so maybe that was literally all the bad vibes stealing his energy...what’s everyone’s opinions??

  53. author

    ty smallsHora atrás

    This show trash now odeee

  54. author

    Night WalkerHora atrás

    Just Shut the fuck Up Joe!!!!!!

  55. author

    Averon DestineeHora atrás

    Kevin: *"I can take this woman right here, and bash her fckin' skull in"* Dreka: *"That's right...ummm hmmm"*

  56. author

    K.cHora atrás

    Sneaker shopping at Rick Ross' house

  57. author

    Big LeaderHora atrás


  58. author

    Biz BenoitHora atrás

    Dreka is gorgeous

  59. author

    OGARYTVHora atrás

    He works with writers dam... smh

  60. author

    HypeTv100Hora atrás

    This is the first interview i watch the entire show

  61. author

    Jovan TravisHora atrás

    Rick Ross walking through the mall Random Somebody: Ayo Ross!? Rick Ross: Huh?

  62. author

    HypeTv100Hora atrás

    Cass its 100 mad respect hommie

  63. author

    IG : waterseeksitsownlevel Follow meHora atrás

    Saw that Voodoo shit in the title.. reminds me why you can’t take these mfs seriously.

  64. author

    JSchlo401Hora atrás

    Bro wtf. Kevin Gates and His family def need their own reality TV show. Something super uplifting to share with the world in these times of greed. Wow! 🤯

  65. author

    Memoirs Of A LegendHora atrás

    All of you agreeing are blind. The man is worshipping a false God and he is doing Voodo and Black Magic. Wake up black people and stop grabbing on to everything that sound good. Do your research as well. Black men are not and can not really be muslim.

  66. author

    Shabazz ProphetHora atrás

    Dark energy can also glow...

  67. author

    WeGood FilmsHora atrás

    Talk that talk Kevin Gates

  68. author

    Ghdjdbs NcjxkHora atrás

    And messi???

  69. author

    Devin YuHora atrás

    im better than kemba

  70. author

    Devin YuHora atrás

    im b ettter at basketball. fight me

  71. author

    Devin YuHora atrás

    i want those shoes

  72. author

    CHEF Rva804Hora atrás

    🔥🔥🔥💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 interview 💯

  73. author

    Carlos BigardHora atrás

    Listen this is the most Priceless interview yall have ever had!!! Fa Real

  74. author

    Ray MingsuHora atrás


  75. author

    Kharon EngramHora atrás

    Joe Budden was the best thing that ever happened to everyday struggle!

  76. author

    callum jamesHora atrás

    "I like tacky clothing"

  77. author

    Selinna BryantHora atrás

    ac·a·dem·ic /ˌakəˈdemik/ adjective adjective: academic 1. relating to education and scholarship. "academic achievement" Similar: educational scholastic instructional pedagogical school college collegiate university scholarly studious literary well read intellectual clever erudite learned educated cultured bookish highbrow pedantic donnish cerebral serious brainy lettered relating to an educational or scholarly institution or environment. "students resplendent in academic dress" (of an institution or a course of study) placing a greater emphasis on reading and study than on technical or practical work. "an academic high school that prepares students for the best colleges and universities" (of a person) interested in or excelling at scholarly pursuits and activities. "Ben is not an academic child but he tries hard" (of an art form) conventional, especially in an idealized or excessively formal way. "academic painting" 2. not of practical relevance; of only theoretical interest. "the debate has been largely academic" Similar: theoretical conceptual notional philosophical unpragmatic hypothetical speculative conjectural conjectured suppositional putative indefinite abstract vague general impract EVERYTHING' ACADEMICS IS NOT. THAT FAT FUCKIN TALK A LOT ASS BITCH. THRIVES ON SOCIAL MEDIA FUCKERY HE SAID "PEOPLE WILL SAY" HE LOOKS LIKE HE GOT AN UGLY ASS DICK THAT NEVER CAME OUT THE JEANS AND IT JUST SITS IN HIS PANTS SIZE EQUIVALENT TO HIS ZIPPER. NO PLAY.. CAN SOMEONE FUCK CUh UP ALREADY DAMN..

  78. author

    good vibesHora atrás

    You can't even count how many times she said "fuck, fucking" !!!!

  79. author

    Pierre SantanaHora atrás


  80. author

    U tube KilluminatiHora atrás

    Akademiks looks like the yellow Teletubby

  81. author

    Memoirs Of A LegendHora atrás

    Kevin if you were talking to your dead grandmother you were entertaining a demonic spirit. You should know this.

  82. author

    U tube KilluminatiHora atrás

    Akademic support snitching and Kevin Gates supports him there industry plants trying to make homosexuality okay

  83. author

    justjames3000jjHora atrás

    These entertainers(fake gangsters)that came about after pac and biggie's murdersare snitches/drug dealers for the government

  84. author

    MR Tech and StuffHora atrás

    Wish i had 9 k to spend on shoes, i aint mad at em.

  85. author

    KhazmozHora atrás

    Money is MOST DEFINITELY an ILLUSION ....Its crazy as fuck just niggaz so broke they dont even know what they missing aint even shit

  86. author

    Tonya BabyHora atrás

    I understand but where he lose me at is that hand juster he’s holding at the beginning WAKE UP cause I’m UPPP outchea

  87. author

    Joey N.Hora atrás

    Em just has to go back to his old flow.

  88. author

    Sam StudentHora atrás


  89. author

    Alicia WellsHora atrás


  90. author

    airmax1107Hora atrás

    Fake Gucci 😂😂😂

  91. author

    DJ Million Cool84Hora atrás

    Gates speak the truth 💯

  92. author

    GucciflipflopHora atrás


  93. author

    clemcroweHora atrás

    They sound full of ISH....He prolly whooping her ass... all seems forced!!!

  94. author

    Drica B - Forever Karleigh’s Mama2 horas atrás

    Respect 🔮✨ Those who don’t get it, say what are you on?

  95. author

    Duke blackmon2 horas atrás

    Man drek got him under a spell

  96. author

    661 AV2 horas atrás

    Wtf wayno got leggings on???

  97. author

    Daishawn Chestnut2 horas atrás

    The hugging guy he talking bout is Gerald Huston on BRreporter he always does stuff like that

  98. author

    Leonardo Franklin2 horas atrás

    Ak ji like brazy bein negative 👎🏼

  99. author

    itsjustkashii2 horas atrás