Baseball highlights from all aspects of today’s great game
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    Daikiry Timaure10 horas atrás

    me sor prendio la jugada de boston

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    Habanero Jones10 horas atrás

    HD...if your monitor is a potato maybe.

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    Patrick Lloyd20 horas atrás

    No please no

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    3t1ntrofDia atrás

    Mr beast 2.0

  5. author

    3t1ntrofDia atrás

    Lmfao u lookin like a whole snacc doe

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    Timothy PuvogelDia atrás

    ? Is are you going to give us a link to your new channel,on your last video dm? That would be good if you could do that,I love your channel!!

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    Derek FriedmanDia atrás

    LOve your vids

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    MrAnthonyramonDia atrás

    I'm kinda sad about it but it's ok I'll still watch

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    Gerrit Cole SZNDia atrás


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    Me HereDia atrás

    I suddenly feel very, very old

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    Henry FowlerDia atrás

    Did anyone else think that David looked like a small version of tom holland?

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    Superdog 1038Dia atrás

    R.I.P Kobe 24 Awesome vid

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    Noooo I love this channel whyyyy???

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    doofis 3,000Dia atrás

    I’m so sad because I love this channel

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    doofis 3,000Dia atrás

    80th to watch

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    Spot Ruf RufDia atrás


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    Big Sexy23Dia atrás

    Why aren’t you producing baseball

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    Rush SlickDia atrás


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    Preston07Dia atrás


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    Nagzz PlayzDia atrás

    Bro my last name is Baez

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    David amado GonzalezDia atrás

    Like si Te Gusta lo mlb

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    Masked Ninja GamesDia atrás

    1:31 A moment of silence for the little kid at his feet that he completely plowed into!

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    Craven Morhead2 dias atrás

    1:58 you can hear the banging on the trash can. It’s faint but you can hear it!!

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    Heckin Brandon2 dias atrás

    Nobody: Early bloomers:

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    my love songs2 dias atrás

    Wait til the 2020 season, and beyond. Red Sox and Astros are gonna get beaned!!!

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    Lil’ Asian2 dias atrás

    bro just imagine getting hit by a baseball that broke the sound barrier...

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    X Cuba Libre X2 dias atrás

    It's always the cubs tho. Why u bully them.

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    Marc Wareing2 dias atrás


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    GhostDrummer3 dias atrás

    I think that guy wants us all to drive home safely...

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    LZK Elite Penguin Gaming3 dias atrás

    I’m a Mets fan

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    Savage Ryan3 dias atrás

    These guys don't play like me

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    Kuruma Uzamaki3 dias atrás

    It seems like espn has the best crack of the bat noises

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    Angel Arrocha3 dias atrás


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    bob weeks3 dias atrás

    Baseball players should be made to watch cricket players be,fore they call these catchers unbelievable

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    Eros3 dias atrás

    2:41 Hahahahahaa so funny

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    llKGTHREEll4 dias atrás

    Who else keeps getting that dicks ad?

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    Jerome4 dias atrás

    So we just gonna ignore the Lindor grand slam not being on here?

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    Joegamer554 dias atrás

    Christ a lot of pitchers are not human .they put a 90 mile fast ball on the batters head knock him unconscious .....then just stand there with no concern at all .

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    Joe Mama5 dias atrás

    Conclusion: Manny Machado is a douchebag.

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    paul mclaughlin5 dias atrás

    i must admit basegirl are gorgous all babes stunning girl wow sexy two

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    Ben Conway5 dias atrás

    Sorry but i do not understand baseball? Why the hell when the ball is hit across the field why do these ball boys/girls catch the ball and give the ball to spectators and not give the ball back to the team's playing? Or when the Spectators catch it them selves they keep it? I just don't really understand how the hell can the game go on if all the balls are being given away????? Don't understand

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    ユミサシカズトシ6 dias atrás


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    Speedee C6 dias atrás

    By definition, Trout's swing is NOT smooth

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    Fukers i LOVE usa baseball and venezuelan baseball..the 2 BEST baseball in the world

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    Jacob Sanders7 dias atrás

    The thumbnail reminds me of the Dominican guy from benchwarmers

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    Joniel -_-06P8 dias atrás

    Hole broo

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    NerdSquad8 dias atrás


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    Cooking With Dave8 dias atrás


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    xAngelitohh8 dias atrás

    Was at the game when Stanton hit that home run off Mike Bolsinger, definitely the greatest home run I’ll ever see

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    Thomas Winter8 dias atrás


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    Soy Anniecrearte9 dias atrás

    1:06 everything ok at home sweety?

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    Clifton Smith9 dias atrás

    I don't watch MLB, help me out. What is so wrong with tossing a bat? Are you supposed to lay it down gingerly at the catchers feet or something?

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    Andreas Hansson9 dias atrás

    Baseball is the most boring sports ever.

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    The Vanilla Godzilla9 dias atrás

    BWAHAHA!! LOOK AT THAT DILDO AT @2:46... and not even a battery operated one & under 3 inches like his dick (Joe West told me.)

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    MrMyopinionsmatter10 dias atrás

    2:04 “chikin iz fare”

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    임용태10 dias atrás

    빠떤이 비매너가 아니고 도발 용도로 쓰이는 구만 그리고 정확하게 빈볼로 마무리 되는 패턴의 반복 ㅋ

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    Matt10 dias atrás

    My favorite team is the New York Mets.

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    Izabela Qafa10 dias atrás

    can’t wait for altuve to be hit into outer space

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    Fernando Salas10 dias atrás

    What happened to the ball boys c'mon boys were losing. Hope the boys aren't playing MLB video game at home.

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    Jody On Dry Land10 dias atrás

    1:50 “Haha haha haha, ball stuck!”

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    Surya Madduri10 dias atrás


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    pjo1211 dias atrás


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    ccLA0811 dias atrás

    Sweetest sound in the world!!!!!

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    OneGuyNoBrain12 dias atrás

    1:47 man low key threw an absolute dart

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    Manuel Romero tirafo12 dias atrás

    jugada muy salvaje k siga adelante

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    Brayant alexande Estevez colon12 dias atrás

    Like si eres español y no en tiende lo que dice😁😁😁😁😁😁

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    CGK13 dias atrás

    First one never gets old

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    DODGER GANG13 dias atrás

    So satisfying

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    Logan Hughes13 dias atrás

    If your a pitcher that want to throw at the batter u need to be more smart about it lol first you throw inside to a couple batters before u get to the guy u want to hit, then peg him. Or hit him with a less reliable pitch like a slider or and moving two seam!

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    JP Dyer13 dias atrás

    “Behind the bag! It gets through Buckner!!! Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!!!!!!!!!!!”

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    Nic Garcia13 dias atrás

    May I ask? Which team is the best over all ?

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    Eridania Luna13 dias atrás

    Jajajaja 😀me gustó mucho el vídeo 👍💋💕

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    Michael Walker The Vintage Vocalist13 dias atrás

    Excellent, Fun Post.!!!

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    sharpaycutie213 dias atrás

    I'll never understand bodily injuring someone?!?! If they aont hit you why the fck u feel you have the authority to hit them?!?😡😤

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    LITTLE HORN13 dias atrás

    Them girls can grab my balls any day

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    Kenneth Weis13 dias atrás

    How do these ball girls not realize what a fair ball is not..... serious

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    Steve Watson14 dias atrás

    Ball girl Emily is the best.

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    野村周平14 dias atrás


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    The Leesmack (senselesswrath)14 dias atrás

    Bunch babies

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    Norman Alvarez14 dias atrás

    Why not major league team girls...

  81. author

    Norman Alvarez14 dias atrás

    Our girls are awesome...

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    Gunz Addams14 dias atrás

    4:23 "Nice pick!"

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    مصطفى الحربي15 dias atrás

  84. author

    مصطفى الحربي15 dias atrás

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    redneck _life15 dias atrás

    Grandpa airforce uncle airforce other Grandpa marine and great uncle Navy and me to soon be airforce

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    Dead Dragon15 dias atrás

    2:50 he honestly could have just bunted late so it would go down the third base line

  87. author

    Dafterzz _15 dias atrás

    Big glove no cap 0:07

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    Jordan Mitchell15 dias atrás

    Glad to see I'm not the only one in the comments that thinks there is nothing wrong with the "bat flip"

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    Holden Palmer15 dias atrás


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    Pimpdaddy 41515 dias atrás

    More like I am 12 inches

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    catpainblackudder0115 dias atrás

    The girl at 1:13, what did she do wrong?, I'm English, so my knowledge of baseball is very limited......

  92. author

    Devin Hill15 dias atrás

    It's fair to hit a pitcher with a bat after the pitcher hit's the batter with a ball full of lead. Eye for an Eye? One would think? Violence is never the answer but sometime it is...

  93. author

    OliSR15 dias atrás

    Wow.. didn’t know baseball was full of assholes.

  94. author

    Luisa Gerardos15 dias atrás

    Waoooo, ese pelotero es bionico , Dios lo bendiga

  95. author

    MVP15 dias atrás


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    Rhetro Chips16 dias atrás

    Baseball players, stop trying to fight, you're embarrassingly bad at it

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    Don Dee16 dias atrás

    In a typical/average three hour MLB game the baseball is only in regulation play for 14 MINUTES for all the players. That includes the time it leaves the pitchers hand. No wondering why they chew tobacco and scratch themselves. It is out of boredom. I like these clips but I hate to see the poor ball girl get in trouble for catching a fair ball.

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    Dennis Smith17 dias atrás

    Ian Kinsler with ice in his veins.

  99. author

    Yrk_Reaper17 dias atrás

    3:02 is for patrick mahomes thank me later

  100. author

    Shadman Shakib17 dias atrás

    It's like cricket.