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    Freedom WatchDogDia atrás

    100% beef chuck?

  2. author

    MJ Partyof7Dia atrás

    Omgosh!!! Y’all have been holding out on me!!! 🍦 👀

  3. author

    Jaime SmithDia atrás

    Its no sound greater than the sound of a baby laughing😁

  4. author

    Zak PetersonDia atrás

    I’ve heard of people getting this from snorting ants and biting heads off doves.

  5. author

    Treea WatersDia atrás

    Karma for eating animals heads off! Karma is real.

  6. author

    ChetDia atrás

    He should have died years ago considering all the drugs and drinking he did for decades.

  7. author

    Indra 1981Dia atrás

    Salam tuk Jacky Chan dari penggemarmu dari Indonesia,mana likenya orang indonesia

  8. author

    Sean MDia atrás

    Isn’t this story from 10 years back?

  9. author

    MerlijntjeDia atrás

    Bro im so fucking hungry because of this video

  10. author

    geoff armstrongDia atrás

    Cared for my Father for 9yrs, he Had Parkinsons & Alzheimer’s... it Was a Struggle that you have NO Control over, and Was Horrible... Nearly Took me with him, to the Otherside...😢😢😢

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    Vale VDia atrás

    Se nota mucho la diferencia entre el playback de Nicky y el vivo de Yankee

  12. author

    Liesy SchwarzDia atrás

    Holding onto our London tickets! We love you Ozzy! ❤️🍺🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  13. author

    acpurdy89Dia atrás

    This made me tear up...

  14. author

    susan millicanDia atrás

    Why in the world does this program have a staged background audience who were all told to shake their heard "yes" when someone said something be agreed with? GMA unsults the intelligence of many people with this childish trick!

  15. author

    Maria victoria vargasDia atrás

    Super felíz x mís bebes

  16. author

    Lord HarryDia atrás

    I wonder if Sharon now thinks of herself as Jewish or English.

  17. author

    blackened 1Dia atrás

    That answers alot.

  18. author

    john deeseDia atrás

    Poor guy, it made him look like Dr. Melfi! Just kidding nobody lose their shit!

  19. author

    1justparaDia atrás

    It would appear to me that he also has COPD judging by his inability to exhale much when he speaks.

  20. author

    Maribel GonzalezDia atrás

    Sooo happy 😜.

  21. author

    Wulv RunninghappiDia atrás

    The music he created with his other band members (Black Sabbath) is genuine and real, forged from the polluted, industrious areas of Birmingham, England this genre of music they created reflects and represents all industry and how disgusting it is. He wants to die doing what he loves and he will, no different than any other person who has a passion for something. Ozzy has Sharon who is largely responsible for his success, he would’ve been gone a long time ago if it wasn’t for her. Great Music, Great Performer who is genuine and has endured for his fans, a living legend 🖖

  22. author

    reaper manDia atrás

    Happy to see ozzy up and about love you and I'm praying for you and your family and you got a fan for life.

  23. author

    Grace GarciaDia atrás


  24. author

    Giorgio PascaleDia atrás

    I was 12 years old and stole a cassette from the clearance bins back in '84. The album was Black Sabbath their first one and it changed my life. Thanks for the music Ozzy.

  25. author

    James GermaineDia atrás

    You could always see Ozzy had Neurological problems; shame to those who couldn’t see thru his problems and see the intelligence in Ozzy. Sharon is a rock! All men need a good woman like Sharon.

  26. author

    silverDia atrás

    Ozzy is like : enough with the drama , get me outta here

  27. author

    Katherin Dela CruzDia atrás

    Ilike her so much👌👌👌

  28. author

    Sandeep SreehariDia atrás

    Most of the times Ozzy sounds so energetic and enthusiastic. However in this interview, he sounds so feeble and weak. It's really sad to see him this way. I wish him a speedy recovery. But one thing though.... Sharon is one amazing wife !!!

  29. author

    88Nantes88 GustavoDia atrás

    Must be the best HQ/Movie art of all time

  30. author

    ALL Created By One GOOD God.Dia atrás


  31. author

    crazy lifeDia atrás

    Lots of love bts😘😍💋💕

  32. author

    FleaDia atrás

    OZZY all your fans are here for you

  33. author

    Roxanne HDia atrás

    A friend is a second self... Author unknown. Miss Nigeria is a second self.

  34. author

    Luke FlashDia atrás

    Awww RM so cuteee

  35. author

    ddw1977Dia atrás

    I like how he stops so he can enjoy watching her laugh! Cute stuff!

  36. author

    Que dian ?!Dia atrás


  37. author

    Lucky GooseDia atrás

    Karma for going woke.

  38. author

    HaroldDia atrás

    We destroy the forests where they used to live, kill their predators, this is the result. Now people outraged because “they’re everywhere” and attacking people and destroying properties! Sorry, but this is our fault.

  39. author

    Postosuchus 700Dia atrás

    That is so messed up

  40. author

    Irrelevant 2UDia atrás

    Gaslighting Ozzy with strychnine are we?

  41. author

    Dr WolfensteinDia atrás

    I'm actually shocked he has lived as long as he has. That tells you nobody knows how your body will deal with substances. Sometimes you go the way of Layne Staley and sometimes you go the way of Ozzy. Who would have said Ozzy would outlive Bowie and George Harrison? Enjoy your time on this earth, folks, we don't know for how long it's gonna go.

  42. author

    Benny BooysenDia atrás

    the first hug was personal hahaha.....

  43. author

    Maya BellaDia atrás

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 From 🇹🇱

  44. author

    Richard TiptonDia atrás

    I cry everytime I watch this.

  45. author

    Grace McleanDia atrás

    BTS, BTS, BTS! You're the best!

  46. author

    Judilyn FitzDia atrás

    Super cute baby, with a happy laughed.👍

  47. author

    FredericoDia atrás

    We are all with you, Ozzy. You will get better

  48. author

    Grace McleanDia atrás

    BTS! Suga said they would be back. I only wish they would be able to perform their own songs in the future, still very happy for them.😊🤗

  49. author

    Wulv RunninghappiDia atrás

    He’s fortunate Sharon’s his wife otherwise he would’ve been gone a long time ago, in the business and living on earth. She’s the biggest reason he’s still a legend. If and when he does leave us, his legacy is unprecedented, he helped create a genre of music that is still thriving today 🖖

  50. author

    Price Check On VagiCleanDia atrás


  51. author

    TimothyDia atrás

    Covered in grease, disgusting.

  52. author

    Taylor MorrisDia atrás

    I Love BTS and GMA!!!❤️❤️

  53. author

    Varsha RawatDia atrás

    BTS era 🔥💜

  54. author


    Eternal legacy...

  55. author

    Muhammad Firdaus Mohd RizalDia atrás

    BTS must collaborate with Malaysian artistes.

  56. author

    Buddy AcesDia atrás

    They keep trying to push ozzy to make money let him retire

  57. author

    ThaiQuickFood StockholmDia atrás

    Try Stamcells, maby helpt you Ozzy

  58. author

    Al WaDia atrás

    That’s me after my diet days .

  59. author

    Alliya Carlos PugaDia atrás

    Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS!!!!!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜

  60. author

    firoh. hhhDia atrás

    Hi Arms!

  61. author

    YirenDia atrás

    jennie and jisoo trying not to fall

  62. author

    Min YoongiDia atrás

    Omggg our boyz are on

  63. author

    Ketlen CristinaDia atrás

    Eu nunca cliquei em uma barra de notificação tão rápido 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  64. author

    Cinthia Abigail Estrada MartinezDia atrás


  65. author

    mksrookiesDia atrás

    This guy should have been dead 40 yrs ago. He was lucky

  66. author

    lamiae bouDia atrás


  67. author

    lamiae bouDia atrás


  68. author

    D'natashya ArsitaDia atrás

    omg, iam so happy

  69. author

    Ashton S.Dia atrás

    Comment count: 5 Me: Can I see them? BRreporter: How about no?

  70. author

    sneha JamesDia atrás

    I am so God damn happy for them. Oh my my ...they are rising and shining baby 💜💜💜💜💜

  71. author

    underworld royaltyDia atrás

    Baby sounds are the most beautiful sounds in the world...makes life awesome to hear innocent laughter!!! What a great way ti start my day...hearing laughter like that.

  72. author

    DeeV PlusDia atrás

    Sunog na di masarap yan. Digusting

  73. author

    Sammi. SamDia atrás

    Kim Namjoon Kim Seokjin Min Yoongi Jung Hoseok Park Jimin Kim Taehyung Jeon Jungkook BTS!!!💜💜💜💜💜

  74. author

    -min.geunis- -hope-Dia atrás

    Bts has made FREAKIN HISTORY! and the haters cant say other wise

  75. author

    Mitch GabianaDia atrás

    Bts paved the way!🤙

  76. author

    Mia McKenzieDia atrás

    Fans have come together to fund a second #AWAEBILLBOARD in NYC in protest of @Netflix & @CBC’s cancellation of the series! With 15M+ tweets & 150k+ signatures collected, this campaign shows no signs of slowing down!‬

  77. author

    Mystical_Potato_ GirlDia atrás

    Anyone else clicked fast?

  78. author

    Emotion Dance coverDia atrás


  79. author

    Just A Dio Who's A Hero For FunDia atrás

    Kpop? More like Kpoop

  80. author

    Terde!Dia atrás

    The best sound in the world! So precious!

  81. author

    ArsinyxDia atrás

    Ozzy Osborne will outlive the nuclear apocalypse

  82. author

    Lisa Martinez 2.0Dia atrás

    I looooove it beautiful with his daughter

  83. author

    PaladinDankDia atrás

    Bottom o teeth!

  84. author

    TheBradgeDia atrás

    Oh my :( His voice is sooooooo fragile, makes me sad :(

  85. author

    AshleyDia atrás

    His voice has got so weak 😩

  86. author

    Michael NavarreDia atrás

    I've been a fan of Ozzy since Black Sabbath days and 50 years on the road is a great run! Maybe it's time to consider your health Ozzy. Us fans will NEVER disrespect that decision. You've given enough! GOD BLESS!

  87. author

    1967SPAWNDia atrás

    Ozzy you are a legend and a national treasure. Your fans will never walk away from you. X

  88. author

    Regine ArmentaDia atrás

    She's makes 50 look so good!

  89. author

    Dave 80Dia atrás

    Keep rockin Ozz we love you. Prayers for a speedy recovery and where you can be happy and play music again . I understand being injured and not being able to play for a musician is worse than anything.God put it in us that if we are not doing it the world just never seems in balance.🤘😎🤘❤️we musicians and fans support you brother.

  90. author

    Magnum 75Dia atrás

    Love Ozzy, but he doesn't have it near as bad as Michael J. Fox.

  91. author

    EpiCmuRkSDia atrás

    Kinda a pet peeve when she said ozzy was “heavy metal” but yea that sucks for him

  92. author

    Monique JonesDia atrás

    This is hilarious. 😂😂😂😂😂

  93. author

    Mionir ErenjorDia atrás

    He forgot to season the fire

  94. author

    Greg RainesDia atrás

    Even a baby can tell when someone doesn't know how to throw a punch.

  95. author

    Paul UnderwoodDia atrás

    One amazing strong family.... I love you brought so much clarity to my life.....and life in general...I will be a broken man when your gone...

  96. author

    Painis VerginaDia atrás

    The prince of darkness is in darkness, lens him our power of evil rock on ozzy 🤘 medical treatment and science will help

  97. author

    Geiner ElizondoDia atrás

    People die; if he does, at least he's got a legacy, a very big one.

  98. author

    Noel FiggsDia atrás

    Prayers,my god do I love that DUDE.OZZY

  99. author

    MiohunterDia atrás

    Ozzys a good guy, he's had his ups and downs but don't we all, I hope he can feel better and go on the road again!!!

  100. author

    Alexander BancaleDia atrás

    I understand the words he's uttering now than 30 years ago.. ozzy is a legend .. he's done it all and still kicking it.. the original iron man