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  1. author

    Teagan McMillan23 horas atrás

    We need 2020🥰

  2. author

    24lamistica23 horas atrás

    why do I feel like this video game out like 6 months ago 💀

  3. author

    Dank23 horas atrás

    What a perfect girl

  4. author

    YourNeighborCarl23 horas atrás

    Anyone else disturbed by the fact he goes to bed at 9:30, wakes up at 4:45 and says he gets 8 hours of sleep? No? Just me? Okie.

  5. author

    AlexisDia atrás

    *Llanfairpwllgyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch* that was almost hot lmao🤣

  6. author

    Vanessa McCoyDia atrás

    After watching Billies speach at the brits saying shes stopped reading comments because of all the hate, I got kind of sad. Then I ran across an interview where she said a few years back a fan had collected all the fan art they could find and put it all in a book for her and she loved it. I've been going around and taking screenshots of all the love and amazing things people are saying, I want to put them all together in a video with different clips of reactions. Finneas is very active on twitter and I think if we can get it together and enough people tag him in it he will show Billie. I know it's a long shot and it could turn into nothing, but it's a project I want to do. If anyone sees a comment that you think she would love please take a screenshot and email it to me at if you leave your name/handle with them I will make sure to leave it in the video and tag you when it goes up. Thanks!

  7. author

    andrea cDia atrás

    Are all the comments just bros bein butthurt? I'd put money on it hahahahahahaaha

  8. author

    RC ClarkDia atrás

    1:20 C'com @aaronpaul you dont watch rick and morty?

  9. author

    FaZe KWILLDia atrás

    The funny thing is that my birthday is on October 18 2009 check out my BRreporter channel to find out on one of my videos

  10. author

    Rob FucileDia atrás

    You should do one of these with Leonardo DiCaprio

  11. author

    SunsetWingmanDia atrás

    They have them ask the weakest freakin questions ever. I don't even know why I clicked on another one of these. Never again

  12. author

    Carbon 12Dia atrás

    Awwh why did you do so many petrol bomb ones, I hate the big fireball explosives. The thud of regular explosives is way more intimidating than these. Unless it is napalm.

  13. author

    AthenaGoddessDia atrás

    He will always be Pindar to me.

  14. author

    Artem Zhukov StudiosDia atrás

    I, a Canadian, have only heard of 3 of the terms in this video.

  15. author

    MarzDia atrás

    It’s a shame this video is so underrated :(

  16. author

    Toriii JaneDia atrás

    Anytime Barry backs up one of Wills answers he sounds like his best friend who was there when it all happened and he's constantly hyping him up lmao

  17. author

    Hayley MartinDia atrás

    Why did Noah shave his head. I’m upset. I wanna cry now

  18. author

    cortez1098Dia atrás

    Why are his lips so pink tho

  19. author

    Jared JadlowskiDia atrás

    Did anybody else notice that Clerks and Mallrats take place on the same day, yet J and Silent Bob are in both places throughout the day in different clothes?

  20. author

    Alexwhitman ReadDia atrás

    You found a bed story Billy eillsh

  21. author

    daniel danielDia atrás

    I’m Latino got seventeen yea livin hee and I neve notice this was already in me afte time

  22. author

    Ja deDia atrás

    I love that he was throwing shade at whoever made this list.

  23. author

    Guillermo FloresDia atrás

    Thought "God willing and the creek don't rise" actually meant the Creek Indians.

  24. author

    Alexwhitman ReadDia atrás


  25. author

    Susan GuzmanDia atrás

    Do 2020 ?! 🙈❤️

  26. author

    Mason MangumDia atrás

    Me at 3 am 1:25

  27. author

    Acton DonDia atrás

    Bing? lololol

  28. author

    Karin AllenDia atrás

    9:36 - The exact moment when DiCaprio gets fed up with being interrupted. XD

  29. author

    PurefoldnzDia atrás

    Really sad what happened to Antonio Banderas.

  30. author

    Edgar Albertano Castillo PimentelDia atrás

    La amo.

  31. author

    Ghetto GluestickDia atrás

    Why does this guy sound like he’s trying to seduce big bird lmao

  32. author

    TV By the DocksDia atrás

    3:22 That is not a frog that is a *ℙ𝕙𝕠𝕛𝕣𝕠𝕘*

  33. author

    sun riseDia atrás

    he is a good actor.

  34. author

    perckymerckyyDia atrás

    Awww her accent is so cute

  35. author

    Tooie BrownDia atrás

    This is adorable ❤️rest in peace KB❤️

  36. author

    Please Enter NameDia atrás

    I developed Donald Duck voice 😶😐

  37. author

    GoryTarrafaDia atrás

    1:28 is Justin Bieber a famous person ?

  38. author

    Anthony Tah MayDia atrás

    Elmo’s Ernie impression lmao

  39. author

    Kevin SpideysensesDia atrás

    Shes getting old, rest in biscuits Seinfeld

  40. author

    BRENDA HAY-BEERDia atrás

    Omg I'm on shrooms and she Is freaking me out

  41. author

    Justin LDia atrás

    I watched this with kfc :3

  42. author

    SpudDia atrás

    Why is this so wholesome

  43. author

    Hannia NanjianiDia atrás

    So happy and proud of him❤️

  44. author

    Annette's Love SpaceDia atrás

    I love this person!! Also have been listening to The Bee Gees a lot lately!😍🤣

  45. author

    Isabella CruzDia atrás

    Bro I feel the prayer one if I mess up I have to start over so many times

  46. author

    Maria A. EcheverriDia atrás

    Wow nick looks just like nick

  47. author

    mariafancypantsDia atrás

    If he wasn’t already married, I’d purpose to him.

  48. author

    Josh GodoyDia atrás

    Peña did an outstanding job on Narcos Mexico. 👏

  49. author

    ace VargasDia atrás

    I bet she is allowed on the us side of the wall. Legal or not

  50. author

    Granta MantaDia atrás

    Big bird how many children have you sexually assaulted Big bird: uuuh none. Lie detector: *lie*

  51. author

    Gomi JohnnyDia atrás

    ¿¿¿Me estáis diciendo en serio que soy el único español aquí???

  52. author

    w3vadas sin graciaDia atrás

    Mi amor platonico es billie pero eso esta en otra galaxia $4D

  53. author

    Pranks Are CoolDia atrás

    i had no idea his name was john. i just had to google it! learn something new and useful every day

  54. author

    xXxZhinxedxXxDia atrás

    You should had asked him did you duckduckgo yourself,instead of google

  55. author

    BucksCoHareDia atrás

    Real musicians across the world: .... anyways...

  56. author

    Aamir UddinDia atrás

    i came here for kumail but ended up getting pakistani denzel

  57. author

    The OnsDia atrás

    10 18 that's my bday

  58. author

    Van LovecraftDia atrás

    I love how he tries to sound like a pro and just sounds like the weird guy who lives in the basement and has a strange movie collection that he uses to sound interesting XD

  59. author

    Van LovecraftDia atrás

    I love how he tries to sound like a pro and just sounds like the weird guy who lives in the basement and has a strange movie collection that he uses to sound interesting XD

  60. author

    rylee burnandDia atrás

    It’s funny that he sounds like spongebob and the ice king talking at the same time

  61. author

    JellikaqueDia atrás

    Peng ting sounds just like 娉婷 (in Cantonese Chinese) which is used to describe beautiful women.

  62. author

    Peely_ Was_HereDia atrás

    9:11 it’s a hamster 😂

  63. author

    kimjoan212Dia atrás

    I like being alone a lot..... so Scorpion!!!!!!

  64. author

    Larry GoodwillDia atrás

    What are the current young people strange. You hate the past, despise the present, and the future does not matter to you. This is unlikely to lead to a good end. - Erich Maria Remarque.

  65. author

    Khanh NguyenDia atrás

    They couldn't afford John the Lie Detector Guy?

  66. author

    C.S.RDia atrás

    I love that she doesn’t know what a bra is!

  67. author

    Stanley MaximumDia atrás

    Oh she could do this one but not hot ones? -_-

  68. author

    UltraDrarry Shiper523Dia atrás

    The bearded dragon was a male btw XD It had big spikes in its chin

  69. author

    TkennyDia atrás

    My names Tom Kenny

  70. author

    Kee ButlerDia atrás

    I seriously got so aroused when he got closer to the camera at 4:23 🥰❤️

  71. author

    SethDia atrás

    1:35 Don't want my toothpaste to expiry and the fluoride concentration to go down...Canned food I'll do though!

  72. author

    ryncraft 1234Dia atrás

    This video : exists Me : wondering why coppa hasn't smacked off the comment section and smacks a link to BRreporter kids Also me : wondering why i clicked on the video

  73. author

    William ManziDia atrás

    "Have you ever knocked down someone's door? And killed them? Big bird: NO.😐 Machine: inaccurate. Lie detected

  74. author

    Namida KohDia atrás

    You don’t need to belt to sing well = this is why I love Billie’s music cuz it won’t hurt my ears and I can listen to it hours on end

  75. author

    nahshon whiteDia atrás

    Horse man

  76. author

    Mepuchi :0Dia atrás

    He looks like G-Man

  77. author

    William ManziDia atrás


  78. author

    おひなどん.Dia atrás

    I'm studying in BC for 3 years but didn't even know half of them lol

  79. author

    nahshon whiteDia atrás

    He turned into a worse man

  80. author

    Lone WOLFDia atrás

    Hmmm ahh im here to annoy you

  81. author

    alex FloresDia atrás

    Me encanta la karol! Brrr el anuel esta bien lucky

  82. author

    JRodzTvDia atrás

    Where my nicas 🇳🇮 at? Ya saben que los pinoleros utilizan guaro 🥃 y fritanga 🍴solo mate sos jaja

  83. author

    Aubrey KrausDia atrás

    I like one thing about Amber. She embraces being smart and pretty and doesnt tone herself down for other people. Thats a hard dance to do. If youre pretty and talented, and well read.. People will scrutinize the sh out of you.

  84. author

    SethukrishnanDia atrás

    It's like the lasso of truth.

  85. author

    fafa suluapeDia atrás

    Jimmies is sprinkles on ice cream

  86. author

    Beniamin PalganDia atrás

    The first one is kinda dangerous because like what if a hungry predator comes by sees a horse and just tares u appart but I mean it really depends on where you are and why u need to shelter in a dead animal

  87. author

    My BoyZDia atrás

    Rachel Maddow Lol

  88. author

    Jason WoodwardDia atrás

    Oh classic Jhonny!!!like a good kick in the balls..

  89. author

    JakzTheManDia atrás

    Is it just me but I really wanted to see the brickleberry/paradise pd

  90. author

    TritonDia atrás

    Alot of these are also British slang to

  91. author

    Max UprightDia atrás

    This whole video I was like, wow he sounds just like spngebob...

  92. author

    Legendary PizzaboxDia atrás


  93. author

    JESSE HENSONDia atrás

    I didn't know the golden gate bridge was in york... weird

  94. author

    Teologia en CasaDia atrás

    I'm a Spanish speaker and I live in Dom. Rep. And this was really interesting. I learned new slangs of Spanish people. Very nice. We have other ways here to say those idioms.

  95. author

    Christina VillarDia atrás

    I love her! I didnt even know she was columbian

  96. author

    Yeet P4ndaDia atrás

    the thumbnail is her turning depressed to happy

  97. author

    Adriel AlvaradoDia atrás

    He's probably nice because he wants to feel you up too

  98. author

    Hello SonDia atrás

    good guy Kumail

  99. author

    thelouisfanclubDia atrás

    "i'm a royalist so i'm very fond of them all"

  100. author

    Brody ScarboroughDia atrás

    Even Taika's signature is cool, this man is unstoppable