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G.C.F in HelsinkiG.C.F in Helsinki

G.C.F in Helsinki

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    Keyla LopezDia atrás


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    Kim QuinnDia atrás

    BANGTAN are not just great dancers in hip-hop and break dance but they can also NAILED IT this kind of genre. It's PERFORMER THING

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    gabriela rodriguezDia atrás

    ese orgullo tan grande que siento por ellos , es algo incoparable

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    baharDia atrás

    but srsly what da faq

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    Diva NuralifahDia atrás

    BTS you make me cry blood😭

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    Claudia alejandra Melis shumannDia atrás

    난 정말 음악을 좋아

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    TheSavanah2Dia atrás

    They did an amazing job explaining ARMY's love for BTS and I wish more people could watch this and understand.

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    Arafa MezianaDia atrás


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    lucila mendoza ramirezDia atrás

    hermosos como siempre dando lo con todo

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    yussra GassanDia atrás

    l❤lovE BTS😍😇😘😚😙😀

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    Ys KoDia atrás

    OK now I can't wait for the dance practice video

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    Łucja KozickaDia atrás

    Im so proud of them this gives me such a different view of their contect, really making me see their global impact. I couldn’t be more proud tysm bts 🤧💜

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    Delete YourselfDia atrás

    Did we made it??🥺🥺

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    LuMelDia atrás

    Imaginense tener que bailar un montage en grupo en un lugar gigantesco con diferentes posiciones, diferentes cambios de ritmos y hacerlo de la mejor manera prácticamente por 5 minutos... Gente, yo soy bailarina y aunque ya dejé de entrenar como lo hacía antes; para mí 2 minutos casi 3 ya es para morirse por más que entrenes es así, por lo que viendo a Bangtan literalmente mantenerse en toda la coreografía y dar todo el esfuerzo por más cansados que de repente se hayan sentido en parte de la coreo... YO REALMENTE LO VALORO Y APLAUDO ✋❤❤❤ porqué no se ponen un poquito a pensar en esas cosas cuando no están en sus zapatos?.. solo digo eh

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    Car calaDia atrás


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    Ana FláviaDia atrás

    I can't believe a little bat was responsible for that video. The technology is crazy this days, man...

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    Maria EmbashiDia atrás

    Where are the dancers that were in the MV. Did they edit them in or was this just a practice shot(it doesn’t seem to me that this whole video was a practice) someone please explain. Also why is no one questioning it???

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    Md. WahiduzzamanDia atrás

    Jin has improved so much. Now he is no less than the other members. He is no less singer or dancer. His singing and voice is now is in another level. He is shining with others. Now they all are equally brilliant. No weak link in BTS now. All powerful and mighty. A more powerful BTS with same children's heart. Love #BTS

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    Vasudha OjhaDia atrás

    Can anybody tell me the name of the song at 1:20

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    Riri MooniDia atrás


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    Khouloud JlDia atrás

    مين عربي لايك

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    1-800-LUV-UDia atrás

    I wanna be the drone so bad 😔

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    LinaLin ARMYDia atrás

    Божее🤣 Мелкий Чонгук😂😊 Милота🥰

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    jeun asmkDia atrás


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    carrotjengaDia atrás

    *do u ever look at someone and wonder... what is going on inside their head?*

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    Joffe ChalebDia atrás

    man i dont even knw how people survive through that perfomance fr

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    Maryem JungkookDia atrás

    بي تي اس بحبكم

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    LexaKook전정국Dia atrás

    2020? 😢

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    jyu. yaDia atrás

    I saw a bts funko pop somewhere in the background of this video lmao

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    RaaniDia atrás

    The title makes it seem like BTS isn’t just featured for less than a minute lmao

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    Kacie BautistaDia atrás

    Ok but when Jin reaches out his hand to slow down hobi, JK, and Jimin at 2:17... the details in this choreography are unmatched

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    Naiara AssunçãoDia atrás

    Essa música e esse MV é um vício 🤭

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    sarah BittencourtDia atrás

    perfect Jhope

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    Biiemut_ 01Dia atrás

    Jk perfect voice

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    hobi's spriteuDia atrás

    Oh how pure they were in the past...(◡ ω ◡)

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    GorkinzolaDia atrás

    So, I'm here after the release of MOTS:7, and after reading the translations of the notes, we find out that there was a price for Jin's hint of finding the "Map of the Soul". The price is Namjoon's shipping container catches fire and he dies. I'm 110% sure they teased this being how Joon dies in the BU using this MV.

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    Sugey CastilloDia atrás

    Suga cada vez está más hermoso!! 😍♥️

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    • Serendipity’s_Lie •Dia atrás


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    IncrediThe ClubDia atrás

    BTS sucks. Dance of stray dogs 😂😂😂😂

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    Leona SerieuxDia atrás

    Am I the only one who was thinking "language barrier"? What language barrier? lol

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    jimin foreverDia atrás

    ㅔㅐㅠㄱㄷ Suga 😂

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    park jiminDia atrás

    kim namjoon's dance... i dead

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    Mariam ctDia atrás

    Las tomas del dron fueron increíbles

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    jungli 214Dia atrás

    J-HOPE dancing skill is out of this world. My sunshine nailed it.

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    سام سنجDia atrás

    وين ارمي العرب 3:21 روعه 2:59 love

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    Selena otmanDia atrás

    I love you bts 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😗

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    Hana HanaDia atrás

    You are beautiful taehung

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    stacey duncanDia atrás

    At first I kept thinking, “they’re going to have to reshoot that whole thing. A bird keeps dive-bombing them!!!” I’m a nerd. 🤣🤪BTS 4EVA!!!💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

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    Mari PiresDia atrás

    "Where is the map of the soul to open the future?", now that map of the soul 7 is out, perhaps this game's gonna be out either

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    Elif DilaDia atrás

    This is still the funniest shit

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    Lucas TubeDia atrás

    Gue bos ta

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    Hien BuiDia atrás

    Jimin: *act all shy and embarrassed* *while Jungkook* Jungkook: *have no shame on himself and be like Hoe*

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    Fouad FouadDia atrás

    أنا نحب جونكوك وأنت ولا أنتي شكون يعجبك تحياBTS😊😙😘

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    e bDia atrás

    wow bts

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    vanesa magdaleno gutierrezDia atrás

    aparte de la belleza de esta coreografiar me preocupa el dolor de estar descalzos, lo e sentido y duele mucho ademas de que tienen que tener una gran disciplina para no caerse o resbalarse con el piso pero son los patrones BTS y ellos pueden * -*

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    OdobieDia atrás

    I’m sorry but the drone flying in frame every now and then had me dying 😂

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    Little AmyDia atrás

    Another episode of youtube algorithms.

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    Lil BoudjiDia atrás

    Fayton an byen bel . Men sa pa renmen an françois pase tro mizer ak blondedine Siw renmen fayton an banm yon like .epi kouri al gade video sa . Yo di haïtien pa ankourajan map gade poum wè

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    BTS LoveDia atrás

    Love eee eee eee eee eee eee er❤❤❤😊😊❤😊❤😊❤😊

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    Chrysanth AdelaideDia atrás

    Still awake! and its already past 2A.M.! For Taehyung!

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    BHdeSpazDia atrás


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    BTS LoveDia atrás


  63. author

    BTS LoveDia atrás


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    Some WeirdoDia atrás

    It looks like there’s some kind of fake tattoo on V’s neck? Has anyone else noticed that?

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    Christine BonillaDia atrás

    ... why am I crying while watching this?... like I'm balling right now... seriously wtf...

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    Miray GencayDia atrás


  67. author

    Jesús F. RosalesDia atrás

    Be careful with COVID-19

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    Arvind KumarDia atrás

    Jungkook kinda looks like valak from the conjuring movie🤣

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    メღƇяαzуღメDia atrás

    1:10 aaaaaaawww cute

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    Daniel CariasoDia atrás

  71. author

    Sopinha 95Dia atrás


  72. author

    Pranamita BasuDia atrás

    His face just before he starts crying is heartbreaking

  73. author

    Arvind KumarDia atrás

    Suga and RM scare me😂

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    Iridian mercedes Koyoc maglahDia atrás


  75. author

    Lala PupuDia atrás

    I almost cried watching this They have grown so much

  76. author

    9V_V9 RrDia atrás

    Hpoi flexin in the side 💕💕

  77. author

    you are my hope, I'm your hopeDia atrás

    I love you💜

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    Sanskriti SinghDia atrás

    In the last supper concept V is looking like absolutely prince charming from ancient British time period.. So handsome guys

  79. author

    Elias Souza RibeiroDia atrás

    Perfeitooooo I love you Eu te amooo Salanghaeo

  80. author

    A.R.M.Y x BTSDia atrás


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    NatskiDia atrás

    The end how Hobi dropped to the floor... fuck he always puts 100000% into everything... I love him, I love them all I am cryin

  82. author

    Arvind KumarDia atrás

    Jin’s outfit😂😂😂

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    bilishu alissDia atrás


  84. author

    Monica RomanDia atrás

    This is amazing😍😍😍

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    ChangLix UwUDia atrás

    33:57 Yoongi finally confessed his love for Jimin 😂

  86. author

    RomiDia atrás

    This is when Ariana was there watching them 😂🖤

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    kpopultsDia atrás

    ok but let’s just talk about jimin and his hair-

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    AazaadDia atrás

    I really had tears listening to all this. Firstly, Bighit this is so good that you did a video on who the people are behind this amazing album because the music is amazing really. And secondly, it's so beautiful how these people really understand the importance of music and find nusic just as important as BTS does because I feel that's what makes it worth it. And the fact that that girl said Epiphany stuck out to her and she could feel better and the producer said that there are big issues going on in the world that can only be solved if people are together and BTS is doing that, it made me so proud to be a fan of someone who understands the importance of the stage they are given and bo matter how dark things become for them and how lonely they feel, they still do their best to make us all listen to them and do good for the world.

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    Nanvy MianeDia atrás

    Jin looks Namjoon spirit Hoseok voice Taehyung confidence Jungkook talent Jimin versatility Yoongi attitude 💯☑️👏

  90. author

    KennomaiDia atrás

    Who came here again after ON?

  91. author

    jose AguilarDia atrás


  92. author

    Sun MoonDia atrás

    TaeTae Stans u r very powerful and huge....I'm sure that Our Winter Bear always imagine us saying hello to him and it makes him forget every pain and turn his bad days Good Days... let's be his healing him with all our might... always stand by His side Borahae fam... fighting

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    mutluluğumun her zerresi BTSDia atrás

    oooooowwew they sooo cuteee

  94. author

    Yurieldy UwUDia atrás

    3:58 Jin se confundió o fue parte de la coreo? Perdonen mi ignorancia :')

  95. author

    Mumi TalesDia atrás

    2:20 4:36 *WAIT WHAT*

  96. author

    Jung JungkookDia atrás

    Я просто смотрю и плачу😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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    Arvind KumarDia atrás

    RM looks more like a cute lil elf than a dwarf😂😂

  98. author

    stan loonaDia atrás

    bro but they're so cute omg 🥺

  99. author

    The AizokaaDia atrás


  100. author

    RosemaryDia atrás

    i never understood why suga just randomly run around and everyone started to chase him but i get it now the camera was only focusing on him so the other members would surround him to get into the camera view and he decided to be silly and run around knowing the camera would follow him and the members would be out the shot 😂 cute