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  1. author

    Cindy Michelle Maldonado7 horas atrás

    I like re4 re5 re6 i like all games of re

  2. author

    Enrico G11 horas atrás

    My dreams! My fav Res!!! RES3 and now I wish me Dino Crisis Remake pls!

  3. author

    Vaughn Jones15 horas atrás

    More Claire pls! This series has gotten waaaay too dick-centric.

  4. author

    Nathan Skywalker16 horas atrás

    Hey Capcom where is the gameplay we want to see gameplay

  5. author

    Edhu Ll16 horas atrás

    Que saquen resident evil 4 remake

  6. author

    murat balamsa22 horas atrás

    I love this game, ı think it's an awesome and underrated game in the series. Not to mention this game got me introduced to the franchise in 2013, so that's one of the reasons why ı have a special spot for this game. Really wished it didnt get that bad rep from stupid game journalists and weird fans... This is an unpopular opinion of mine but ı think re4 / re5 / re6 are good re games. I know they focus on action more than horror and they are very campy / over the top, especially when compared to previous main re games but let me explain why they are good re games: Imo re was always campy and over the top and ı saw this as a good thing which gives the franchise charm. The games started to become more action oriented with re2 and this continued in re3 and recv as well so it didnt suddenly happen with re4 when the games became action horror. This also applies to re5 ( which is more action oriented than re4. ) and re6. ( which is more action than re5. ) Basically the transition from survival horror to action horror made sense, not only gameplaywise but storywise too. And ı liked this transition. Also ı dont like how people care only about the horror aspect of re games and nothing more. There are more things than that, which makes re games; well resident evil. This is one of the reasons why re7 is extremely overrated to me. It's the only main re game ı dont like. It's still a good re game but from all main re games, it's my least favourite.

  7. author

    Lambançeiro_NatoDia atrás


  8. author

    Bruce LeeDia atrás

    it's sorta cringy ngl

  9. author

    Alan GuzmanDia atrás

    Will the game have infinite magnum?

  10. author

    EdgeworthDia atrás

    So where is my RE4 remake capcom?

  11. author

    RO TXMDia atrás

    اي وحد سعودي يحط لايك

  12. author

    AlphaHuntressDia atrás

    It’s SO surreal seeing this video again (YEARS LATER) after playing the finished product cover to cover, 100%, Platinumed, etc. It gave me SO MUCH enjoyment in all the hours I played it so, in closing, YES Capcom, (by my estimation & opinion) You DID DO IT! Thank You for the Incredible Work / Journey! Can’t wait until RE(3)Make in April 2020!

  13. author

    Mayuri Sawant2 dias atrás

    When this game will lunch it will be very exting for everyone

  14. author

    GutsRage2 dias atrás

    This trailer is just like a movie one! it tells you the whole fucking movie LUL

  15. author

    Matheus Nicolas2 dias atrás

    I'm here because can't hold my anxiety for re3, fuck capcom, show us some gameplay of resident evil 3 remake

  16. author

    Thoraman2 dias atrás

    Steam badge is the only good thing about this game

  17. author

    firestorm the wolf2 dias atrás

    Is it me or does Jill sound more scared?

  18. author

    Jerri Wahyulisp3 dias atrás

    Please make Resident evil online for mobile I think thats good idea

  19. author

    8ACK _X3 dias atrás

    2020 🐺✌ RE6

  20. author

    Leonardo Nascimento Ribeiro3 dias atrás


  21. author

    Marques Assumpção3 dias atrás


  22. author

    Amazing4 dias atrás

    *Please CAPCOM, make a Jill Sandwiich skin!*

  23. author

    Axel Lapoint4 dias atrás

    I can get behind a game like this. It looks like fun. The French guy is pretty funny, though I hope they'll have more options. Obviously a few things need to be changed. I don't like the idea of the survivors being able to blast through the levels by using axes and crowbars, seems too easy.

  24. author

    Allissady Brooke4 dias atrás

    This game looks insane i am so excited! I never got to play the original Re3 so I get to experience this going in completely blind.

  25. author

    HT Youtube5 dias atrás

    Nemesis turns 1 month old in 3 days, I guess Capcom will give us another trailer/gameplay or maybe even a demo? please Capcom...

  26. author

    Phillip5 dias atrás

    It's a cool idea, but they removed the horror atmosphere, added all these shitty UI elements and numbers and shit like some kind of mmo and it just looks ugh..... If it had been more like normal resident evil but with the same idea, sure, sounds awesome...but this looks kinda lame.

  27. author

    Carys Beades5 dias atrás

    I fucking lovr him i love the unstable characters the best

  28. author

    EL MARTILLO chido6 dias atrás


  29. author

    EL MARTILLO chido6 dias atrás

    Soy el unico que habla español?

  30. author

    HT Youtube6 dias atrás

    *Let's SPAM this !* CAPCOM, WE WANT A GAME DEMO !!!! hehehe.

  31. author

    Pedro Porto6 dias atrás

    nemesis is the franchise's favorite enemy! And one of his characteristics is the fact that he run after Jill. If he no run in this new resident evil 3, people will hate him

  32. author

    TopOmoProductions6 dias atrás

    Zombies look... not hungry at all...

  33. author

    RRU RRU6 dias atrás

    Hi guys, please don't forget #Dinocrisis ❤

  34. author

    Cuh Shark7 dias atrás

    Nemesis' new voice strongly reminds me of the way El Giganté sounded when he roared in RE4.

  35. author

    Alphard Vier7 dias atrás

    I would prefer if they do a remake of Resident Evil Outbreak

  36. author

    Yuriel Live7 dias atrás

    okay the last zombie was definetely just a floating mask

  37. author

    Lendarius7 dias atrás

    04:51 Wayne lee (nest)

  38. author

    Anonymous Owl8 dias atrás

    Giant Freddy Krueger at 01:20

  39. author

    Shadow Keiner8 dias atrás

    well at least my favorite spawn of hell got an upgrade lol looks promising

  40. author

    saiker8 dias atrás

    Quiero remake del re4

  41. author

    hahhaahhaha 11309 dias atrás

    Buat Game resident 8 ok

  42. author

    Benny Boi9 dias atrás

    Lol a veteran of what?

  43. author

    BISHAL PRAMANIK9 dias atrás

    Yay instead of raccoon its whuhan

  44. author


  45. author

    Nick Korkodylas10 dias atrás

    Claire is no ordinary civilian. She was cucked to sterility by a Kennedy.

  46. author

    Nico Ruiz Diaz11 dias atrás

    2020 :')

  47. author

    Jai Norman11 dias atrás

    This is terrible 👎

  48. author

    janset2111 dias atrás

    Please Capcom, reworked Nemesis!

  49. author

    Milind Ghodkhe11 dias atrás

    Re8 lone

  50. author

    Douglas G12 dias atrás

    And RE3R is coming....

  51. author

    Gio12 dias atrás

    Perche su ps4 non ci sono patch aggiuntive e su PC si?

  52. author

    Fabi12 dias atrás

    Press all the buttons and wiggle the sticks!

  53. author

    El_pachuly_13 dias atrás

    New item plus in resident evil 2 remake ???

  54. author

    Adam Knoedler13 dias atrás

    One of the scariest survival horror game moments ever. Having to roam the R.P.D. Basement with Lickers roaming around.

  55. author

    braveheart031713 dias atrás

    Good shit

  56. author

    Ksenia Play13 dias atrás

    Разработчики, пожалуйста без сполеров))

  57. author

    mike thomas14 dias atrás

    Need a remake after re3 and then remake 4 and code Veronica then release 8 eventually hopefully having some of the older characters in it like leon, Chris, Ada ect

  58. author

    scp 45714 dias atrás

    re3 didnot get as much as attention as it should have. it was such a good game and i cant wait till re3 remake.

  59. author

    Lightning XIII-214 dias atrás


  60. author

    Ak 2614 dias atrás

    I love the might Tyrant

  61. author

    Masked14 dias atrás

    Great, now remake it.

  62. author

    Nicole Mendoza Contreras14 dias atrás

    This gives me a felling of Zoey and Bill, im CRYING JSJSJSJ

  63. author

    Will O15 dias atrás

    They need to remake resident evil directors cut, the one in the mansion. Berry, Chris, Jill and Rebecca

  64. author

    Don't Worry15 dias atrás

    Wtf is that shotgun spread?? 0:47

  65. author

    Isaak Feick16 dias atrás

    This is absolutely amazing and great ♥️

  66. author

    Peejay Bee16 dias atrás

    Wait! This doesn't look like a remaster. This looks like a new build. Am I right?

  67. author

    Chemicgen117 dias atrás

    Campers: What do you call those marshmallows on a stick thing again? Nemesis: S.M.O.R.E.S.

  68. author

    John Ames17 dias atrás

    2:36 please tell me this is in-game real time ray-traced? 😄

  69. author

    Joshua Rodriguez17 dias atrás

    New resident evil 4 in android-iphone plis

  70. author

    daniel vance17 dias atrás

    starrrrsssss in my eyes 🤩

  71. author

    mindshotjon17 dias atrás

    A question for Koji - What is the connection between racoon city with the umbrella logo, and Wuhan, China's lab with the same logo where corona(anagram of racoon) virus started. That's way too many coincidences for there to be no connection...

  72. author

    sabotando comentários17 dias atrás

    Resident evil 4 tbm merece remake

  73. author

    El_pachuly_18 dias atrás

    Vais a añadir nueva partida + en resident evil 2 remake ????

  74. author

    El_pachuly_18 dias atrás

    you are going to add new item plus in resident evil 2 remake please

  75. author

    Midnight club18 dias atrás

    Wait the Great Nemesis has a Flame thrower yes Not a £ocket ¥auncher So fighting it will not like Mr X it will be "All you have to do is just choot the Goddeam Gas Tank jill" Yes Thats his weak spot Other think how does he break throught a wall in official trailer with Flame thrower equipped?.Does Capcom play with us.true its a remake But it will not be epic like re3 original with this enhacement

  76. author

    Shyheim Kamal18 dias atrás

    One of the greatest games of all time full marks

  77. author

    Iliqn Monev18 dias atrás

    Im here to say that Nemesis teeth look retarded af

  78. author

    ZeusWeusFilm18 dias atrás

    Every so often I like to come back to this and watch it, love this game and this trailer

  79. author

    DHYNAM1XX18 dias atrás

    Please keep much of the old one in this and don't shorten it! It's already damn short. ;P

  80. author

    Mister Dei18 dias atrás

    Resident Evil Code: Veronica X Remake please!!!

  81. author

    Fulgurence18 dias atrás

    j'en fait un let's en mode PRO le mode le plus dure alors n'hésiter pas a passer m'aider et me donner des conseil merci ^^

  82. author

    At Post With Frank19 dias atrás

    Resident evil 2 remake is a dangerously scary bad ass remake but I personally still feel the original biohazard 2 is more dramatic and scarier but the remake made Mr. X Way more scarier if only they made music OST Longer save room theme. The original re2 actually show us the dead bodies of the U.S.S like they did on the original resident evil two would’ve been cool plus the EX battle mode that included Chris

  83. author

    Николай Заика19 dias atrás

    лучше бы этих актеров сразу сомби сожрали.

  84. author

    Lucid19 dias atrás

    Man I can not wait!!!!!! Super exited!!!!! RE Ambassadors unite!!!!

  85. author

    Jonathan CA19 dias atrás

    "Make Your One Life Count" Excellent Words With the Soundtrack "Mind Hacking" EPIC 👌🏻

  86. author

    Marcio Felipe19 dias atrás

    Gráfico ruim

  87. author

    VVVZ 87719 dias atrás

    New resident evil Whit coronavirus I dont talk english, i live in Argentina

  88. author

    snozzlehead9220 dias atrás

    Chris's design looks ridiculously plain and uninspired in RE7. It creates a total disappointing anti-climax when he's revealed at the end of the game because he doesn't look familiar. How in the hell is it hard to find someone who looks like Chris Redfield? The face they used doesn't even look remotely the same. They couldn't have chosen a worse face model. Scanning Gerard Butler's face or David Boreanaz's would look better than the random guy's face they used.

  89. author

    YoungTJay20 dias atrás

    This about to be amazing!