Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez
Danny Gonzalez

I have a young face

Help Let Me GoHelp Let Me Go

Help Let Me Go

2 meses atrás

Bad Boys On TikTokBad Boys On TikTok

Bad Boys On TikTok

6 meses atrás

SLIME (Music Video)SLIME (Music Video)

SLIME (Music Video)

9 meses atrás

I Am Hot = Comedy?I Am Hot = Comedy?

I Am Hot = Comedy?

11 meses atrás

Mr. WorldwideMr. Worldwide

Mr. Worldwide

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  1. author

    ava mae2 horas atrás

    also he’s a pedophile, an abuser, and a kidnapper :)

  2. author

    Icee Nem2 horas atrás

    A girl who goes to the same school as me looks exactly like you 🤔

  3. author

    Francisco Carbajal2 horas atrás

    Turn on captions for 4:51

  4. author

    CloudSnout2 horas atrás


  5. author

    Alan Baeza2 horas atrás

    You dumb that a old ass phone 5:22

  6. author

    Pidgethepidgion2032 horas atrás

    If you subscribe your legally toothpick

  7. author

    Kate_tv2 horas atrás

    I am Greg

  8. author

    Luciano Rubio2 horas atrás

    Make a video on preston plays plz do it for me your fan

  9. author

    Alan Baeza2 horas atrás

    No boooooy if you don't know what a laptop looks like you're dumb it's a suitcase 3:45

  10. author

    Somo Somo2 horas atrás

    It must of hurt to have slime in the throat

  11. author

    Mikayla Trill2 horas atrás

    This high key good tho wth

  12. author

    Michi_ Boop2 horas atrás

    The bitch that stole the sand is building a shit load of Minecraft TnT

  13. author

    Anime Weebling2 horas atrás

    Did I save this to my song playlist? Yes. Yes I did.

  14. author

    Ali Epstein2 horas atrás


  15. author

    Jfr Films2 horas atrás

    i hear gunshots in school all the time, why would that be a bad thing?

  16. author

    Madison Denny2 horas atrás

    “I knew we’d get along cuz she love franken weenie” is my new mantra

  17. author

    melanie fucking martinez2 horas atrás

    Wow they made a whole movie about me and my other personalities

  18. author

    Ali Epstein2 horas atrás

    Why this lowkey slap

  19. author

    Køkïçhì Ømã2 horas atrás

    Nah fuck all those bad horror movies........... This is an actual horror movie and a goddamn masterpiece

  20. author

    Madison Denny2 horas atrás

    This was posted on my birthday, if only I had seen it then

  21. author

    R and N Do stuff2 horas atrás

    Almost 3mil

  22. author

    ThesweetLife♡☆2 horas atrás

    ☆I'm one of the Gregs. I subscribed and put post notifications♡

  23. author

    Bgitwme S3 horas atrás

    This be good

  24. author

    annalise whitaker3 horas atrás

    why this fire

  25. author

    Ranjeev Dutt3 horas atrás

    They don't know, this is what we're up against. They don't fucking know.

  26. author

    Sophii Sherman3 horas atrás

    Oh yeah, just two straight boys who like butts, GIRL butts. *Cue awkward high five*

  27. author

    Rose Galaxy3 horas atrás

    Who wears sunglasses at night?

  28. author

    Greyson Battisti3 horas atrás

    I’m scared how much this bops

  29. author

    Sahana Sankaradoss3 horas atrás

    We were watching a video in class and then the wizard add came on and Jesus Danny your the biggest meme at school

  30. author

    Naikê Perdomo3 horas atrás

    Danny in a crop top is one thing I never thought I'd see

  31. author

    Gacha_Gurl073 horas atrás

    Ok this is actually like super catchy. I don’t know if I should be worried or not.

  32. author

    Queenie3 horas atrás

    i'm still waiting for the author of this to comment

  33. author

    Mae I.3 horas atrás

    now i can't wait for next year's 😫

  34. author

    Melanie Martinez Fan3 horas atrás

    011 “Hello?! My friend just gave birth to a horse!”

  35. author

    madiii ‘3 horas atrás

    so he legally became a pumpkin finally huh

  36. author

    Bumble D.R3 horas atrás

    Why can't these ppl from England (I am British)be chill?

  37. author

    Layla Mae3 horas atrás

    Poor Ronnie Radke. He does not deserve to have his song used by such cringe.

  38. author

    Mariana Tarnovsky3 horas atrás

    Nice of you to include drew in the video **ahem** he is permanently scarred

  39. author

    blueberry milkshake ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ3 horas atrás

    To be honest, this movie is kinda bad but bruh the sequels are fire

  40. author

    Gatcha weirdo Roxy3 horas atrás

    Fu$@ that alligator 🐊

  41. author

    dazza dude3 horas atrás

    Danny made slime sound sick.

  42. author

    Makenna Frazier3 horas atrás

    Listened to this like 100 times too good

  43. author

    Em Evans3 horas atrás

    awe i love drew & amanda :)

  44. author

    Raphael Chen3 horas atrás

    Can you do a video about coco melon? They’re a bit more tame than bst but they suddenly exploded in subs.

  45. author

    Johnny Johnny3 horas atrás


  46. author

    madiii ‘3 horas atrás

    rewatching this video because same

  47. author

    SilentCtide3 horas atrás

    Oh or disappointed you will be with 2018 rewind XD

  48. author

    Its Wednesday3 horas atrás

    is there anything you'd like to say to my *Greg's* i love this army 😂

  49. author

    RingzTV3 horas atrás

    Me next!

  50. author

    Dylan Stafford3 horas atrás

    Just subscribed. Does this mean i'm Greg now?

  51. author

    Smart TJ3 horas atrás

    The whole "Electric Chair created by a dentist" thing isn't even true. It was invented by Thomas Edison to try and prove how harmful AC power is. Thomas Edison wasn't a dentist.

  52. author

    Hydra Gun3 horas atrás

    Realized I wasn’t subbed somehow, welp time to push you to 3 mil :)

  53. author

    Jann Campbell3 horas atrás

    They used way two much effort for a non usable tracker. They could have just used one of those child tracking wristbands

  54. author

    Jann Campbell3 horas atrás

    Nobody: Danny’s subtitles: Troom Troom Jingle of Doom

  55. author

    Kia D.3 horas atrás

    Okay is this not enough proof TMG and Youngface need to collab? 👀

  56. author

    Dolfino YT3 horas atrás

    10:10 tho

  57. author

    Autumn Q3 horas atrás

    Shut up just shut up LMAO my favorite part 😂

  58. author

    Grace Umoru3 horas atrás

    everytime I look at you I see lili reinhart 😭

  59. author

    Krish Shah3 horas atrás


  60. author

    JWR Plays3 horas atrás

    I am finally a GREG

  61. author

    Gracelyn Marie3 horas atrás

    That button thing actually works my grandfather has one

  62. author

    Caitlyn Castello3 horas atrás

    Why is this fire 😂

  63. author

    mad impossible molly3 horas atrás

    9/10 - not enough Sexy Freddy Kruger™️

  64. author

    Lily Hayes3 horas atrás

    I thought I was pregnant with jakes baby! Are you also pregnant with Logan’s baby?! Lmao I’m dead af

  65. author

    Cupcake Dude3 horas atrás

    I just searched up “Alexander Hamilton rap” and this showed up as related. What are you trying to say YouTUBE.

  66. author

    Kaiya Mancinelli3 horas atrás


  67. author

    mechi3 horas atrás

    You're my favorite BRreporterr. Ever since I found you, I thought you were drew gooden's brother. I eventually found out you weren't. Now im your nub 1. Fan _!_ However I do have question, in the "we are not the same person" music video, why did you say _I am danny,_ *stevie?*

  68. author

    Normal Person3 horas atrás

    *_Yeah I think I will be GREG?_* _G- copy_ _R- other_ _E- comments_ _G- haha_

  69. author

    Lilwoofs Art3 horas atrás

    Start of greg!!! I’m greg

  70. author

    Brigid Fraser3 horas atrás

    Fame has changed Spooky Boy

  71. author

    Kadyn Reisen3 horas atrás


  72. author

    Its Wednesday3 horas atrás

    almost all the ads I get from dannys videos are king of sultan's or whatever it's called ... 😳

  73. author

    Moon Eclipse3 horas atrás

    Ball ice cream is Mochi, a Japanese ice cream wrapped in rice cake

  74. author

    Carlos Tafoya3 horas atrás

    U posted this vid on my birthday

  75. author

    Sahana Sankaradoss3 horas atrás

    Dolphin man is my soulmate

  76. author

    Neptune3 horas atrás

    It’s not even a dating app it’s a mating app

  77. author

    Bubble Tea3 horas atrás

    Dislikes: 799 Me: *why have you done this* Dislikes: *evil laughter* Me: *I wont fall for your tricks*

  78. author

    Chancho Mo3 horas atrás

    You act a lot like John Mulaney sometimes

  79. author

    Livia McIntyre4 horas atrás


  80. author

    Dude Bros4 horas atrás

    They set up cameras in her room like that’s not stalking and they just killed the paranormal investigators and just said “ Yup we are paranormal investigators not stalkers.” Edit: they are awful

  81. author

    Bryson Dameron4 horas atrás

    Actually, the electric chair was built by thomas edison to show alternating current was dangerous.

  82. author

    Alina Margolles Clark4 horas atrás

    When grandpa gets up in the morning 16:58

  83. author

    Freshie !4 horas atrás

    There's a k-8 school in my district and they hate my school for whatever reason. Whenever we interact or do a concert or whatever they'll mock us and insult us lmao

  84. author

    Hira Zab4 horas atrás

    fucking bars

  85. author

    Robert Kamminga4 horas atrás

    Raycon has also 120 buds, and they are already worse than 120galaxybuds so plz dont buy raycon

  86. author

    Dude Bros4 horas atrás

    The thing that grabbed her ankle: AHHH HAHA Me: AHHHHH FRICKING POTATO OF CRIKEY

  87. author

    AwesomeAngel angela094 horas atrás

    Those 2 boys: Trespassing Teacher: meh That 14 yr old boy: playing fortnite Teacher :TO JAIL

  88. author

    shady grove4 horas atrás

    Wait...did u hear that....i think its ....... BBBAAARRRSSS

  89. author

    Griffin Stewart4 horas atrás

    Nobody: Laura: confused screaming

  90. author

    Autumn Q4 horas atrás

    Danny youre the only youtuber who actually makes me laugh 😂 your ads are funny

  91. author

    Bubble Tea4 horas atrás

    O o p

  92. author

    Griffin Stewart4 horas atrás

    Everyone already knows you're insane.

  93. author

    Idk what to write here besides I like tøp4 horas atrás

    The saddest part is the comments because they all believe it and try to help her. I cringe reading them 😩

  94. author

    Jamin Caskey4 horas atrás

    Guys buy his murch or he will go to prison

  95. author

    Great Lake Films4 horas atrás

    Well at least we found out who Kira was , L is so flabbergasted

  96. author

    Lilly Blanks4 horas atrás

    Ahh spooky boi is back

  97. author

    Nick Neuburg4 horas atrás

    drew kkind of looks like austin evans in this

  98. author

    MrOrangehorseman4 horas atrás

    The fact that the sponsor was plugged by Cardi B is not exactly a compliment.

  99. author

    Dude Bros4 horas atrás

    This is what would happen if dolphin man was in a video game: Grabs A Tommy gun out of my pocket: A tOmMy GuN!!!!

  100. author

    Wavvy KickGaming8974 horas atrás

    Congrats on 3mil