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3 meses atrás

Man vs FloodMan vs Flood

Man vs Flood

9 meses atrás

Best Videos of 2018Best Videos of 2018

Best Videos of 2018

10 meses atrás

Corridor Job OpeningCorridor Job Opening

Corridor Job Opening

11 meses atrás

  1. author

    Luis Medina3 minutos atrás

    Hey, react to What We Do in the Shadows! Both the movie and the series have great VFX (and some practical effects, I suspect) that are incredibly done for how silly it all is.

  2. author

    Zenny is 13374 minutos atrás

    React to the Blackhawk crashes from Blackhawk Down. Both crashes were mostly CGI but look so good most people think they did those scenes entirely practical. Infact majority of the scenes that have helicopters in them are CGI.

  3. author

    Preston Nguyen5 minutos atrás

    Can you guys do Dragonball light of hope

  4. author

    tool pot5 minutos atrás

    This guest so funny ) thanks guys

  5. author

    The Meta Is My Friend7 minutos atrás

    Please React to Shaolin Soccer!!!

  6. author

    Ben Snow8 minutos atrás

    Lucifer by abc for the first seasons and then nextflix took it over

  7. author

    Alexandra Papaioannou9 minutos atrás

    Please do LOTR! (not the Hobbit)

  8. author

    Rufat Hatam-Zadeh9 minutos atrás

    King Theoden and Bilbo transformation faces from LotR trilogy

  9. author

    Beta Cummins10 minutos atrás

    Oh cops are here, bye boys have a fun time in prison. “Goes to tree house”

  10. author

    TheGoldenSwitch 2111 minutos atrás

    Ay Panini.

  11. author

    GunBunny JUNK13 minutos atrás

    Far From Home was a decent movie. Kinda wish I didn't watch it after my epic experience with Endgame. But the CGI... thought the hallucination sequences, everything looked totally fake. Just took me out. And I still see we're getting a CGI Spider-Man. Why make the actual suit if you're not gonna use it?

  12. author

    SevenTHthunDEr9015 minutos atrás

    React to The Never Ending Story

  13. author

    123 45617 minutos atrás

    i dont like the creepy campfire lighting that are on the boys

  14. author

    LeVar Anthony19 minutos atrás

    I love the Burly Brawl for how goofy it is. Like, no one ever mentions that early in the fight when A Smith gets knocked back he bounces off air. Its a practical wire effect and they just left it in.

  15. author

    The Gentleman Raptor22 minutos atrás

    Can you do a stuntmen react to the movie Upgrade? Please and thank you.

  16. author

    obbi01022 minutos atrás

    You should take a look at Love Death and Robot, episode 7 for example the CGI is amazing! :)

  17. author

    JimsReviewRoom22 minutos atrás

    I'm more curious how they're able to do 75 - 100 takes outdoors and the lighting is identical. Crazy impressive. Insane

  18. author

    Aubrey Rogers23 minutos atrás

    The HBO Watchmen series scene transitions!!

  19. author

    xzavaire131 minuto atrás

    Sizzle wizzle needs his own video

  20. author

    DJLEOBOOM32 minutos atrás

    CANADIAN HOUSE HIPPO!!! 1st commercial vs 2nd commercial

  21. author

    Atraira41 minuto atrás

    more "vfx artists react" less "special guests talk about their own work" pls

  22. author

    Mucteba Gunes44 minutos atrás

    Magnus is a god gun. When i was little my brother was wearing a shirt with an anchor on it and so i told him to stand around 150 ft away and i shot at the hole in the anchor and i hit it.

  23. author

    Christoffer Sjögren45 minutos atrás

    React to Diablo 4 cinematic :O

  24. author

    bast51 minuto atrás

    removing green screen from reflective plate is very hard for me also adding reflective cg object into live action footage with trees too.

  25. author

    Colten Cassidy51 minuto atrás

    i always forget to like your videos. im sorry.

  26. author

    Nathonus Prime51 minuto atrás


  27. author

    OG Nova52 minutos atrás

    100% chance of rain in LA Press X to Doubt.

  28. author

    MrPouya52 minutos atrás

    peter jackson's king kong, the bug scene still gives me the creeps

  29. author

    AlexBizzar53 minutos atrás

    Kung Fu Hustle - CGI Artists React

  30. author

    Canadien Bacon55 minutos atrás

    You guys should do the box

  31. author

    dasbiggles56 minutos atrás

    Good sh*t invite MowtenDoo plz

  32. author

    Jopet AriasHora atrás

    it's weird not to see your mustache ahahahah

  33. author

    Angel Navarro TorresHora atrás

    React to all of the modern seasons of Doctor Who

  34. author

    reagan602Hora atrás

    you guys should react to the car crash scene from in time. it isn't really that good. would like a comment about it

  35. author

    Ky WilcocksonHora atrás

    Can you guys review Lucy and DiC from We Made a Thing studios in Australia... super funny and done on a super low budget. Those guys are great

  36. author

    Max HarrisonHora atrás

    Can you please react to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon??

  37. author

    chrispy fried chickenHora atrás

    You should have mentioned a trillion which is 3200 yrs

  38. author

    Tomahawk AdamsHora atrás

    You should get the Noveritsch SSG24 (Sniper) Ssp1 (blowback pistol) And the Ssx-23 (non blowback pistol) Super good quality

  39. author

    Jacob TaylorHora atrás

    Moral of the story is: trust a bro to do you a solid

  40. author

    JB-N107LabHora atrás

    In the future, man slaves in his own invention😊.

  41. author

    The_ArtSmith23Hora atrás

    Can we please get a “The pores don’t stretch” T-shirt??

  42. author

    matt wadsworthHora atrás

    VFX artists react to Alien Warfare on Netflix. Bad CGI and bad movie all around. Quite comical.

  43. author

    N LameHora atrás

    Anybody also notice that D was in there

  44. author

    Jadon CarewHora atrás


  45. author

    spencer bHora atrás

    Kung Fu hustle

  46. author

    Lojan Of The ShireHora atrás

    At 3:00 D is on the right

  47. author

    FoxdenHora atrás

    Mike is awesome

  48. author

    Ramen BoxHora atrás

    Please react to 2000 Charlie’s angels

  49. author

    oXdeeivHora atrás

    I thought it was vfx react to bad and great cgi

  50. author

    Hayden ThomasHora atrás

    I live in a town not a city

  51. author

    EwanHora atrás

    React to the effects in The Thing (2011) and compare with John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)

  52. author

    TylerHora atrás

    Honestly this looks like something a car person would use for their intro lmao it's cool

  53. author

    boatsHora atrás

    they gotta hire this dude for the next live action anime disaster, maybe the action will look good at least

  54. author

    4 chainzHora atrás

    The Day after tomorrow tornando scene in LA tsunami scene in Manhattem

  55. author

    NeoCherrnHora atrás

    You guys should do a reaction video to both the CGi and the stunts in Mad Max: Fury Road

  56. author

    NeoCherrnHora atrás

    You guys should do a reaction video to both the CGi and the stunts in Mad Max: Fury Road

  57. author

    SneakerTifosiHora atrás

    please do terminator genisys young Arnold

  58. author

    Gabe CuarezHora atrás

    One wheel is way better

  59. author

    Nick GaudioHora atrás

    Diablo 4 trailer.

  60. author

    GrindstoneHora atrás

    Wow, I haven't seen Mike Diva since like 2012! Glad to see he's been so successful. React to Lord of the Rings next!

  61. author

    Daniel HerreraHora atrás

    That scene was way too much in my opinion....

  62. author

    Amanda MonteroHora atrás

    React to night at the museum

  63. author

    Legato DeadWintersHora atrás

    Pleas react to Steven Spielberg's War of the worlds. The alien machines there blow all modern alien machines out of the water with how great they look.

  64. author

    6 of 10Hora atrás

    fuckin scary mate

  65. author

    chris. sHora atrás

    Are they actual cgi producers in moves let me know pls i love thier work

  66. author

    WildLadHora atrás

    You should watch the final fight in the Cowboy Bebop movie

  67. author

    Kyle BoockholdtHora atrás

    React to Overlord 2018.

  68. author



  69. author

    Lei EcleoHora atrás

    Please react to Gravity with George Clonney and Sandra Bullock please

  70. author

    Samuel WatkinsHora atrás

    Could you react to the new midway movie?Another question,I was wondering if you could possibly make a cod zombies video?Just a thought.I think some people(including me)would like it.

  71. author

    Nico AhlqvistHora atrás


  72. author

    Jeffery EpsteinHora atrás


  73. author

    meepymoof2 horas atrás

    Mysterio and Roger Rabbit in the same video??? Is it my birthday or something???

  74. author

    Jacob Hill2 horas atrás

    How about a video reacting to pre-cgi effects?

  75. author

    Stephen 19822 horas atrás

    Space Jam was my first "date movie;" I was 14. I didn't see any of the movie (giggity).

  76. author

    Sam Cooper2 horas atrás

    I _really_ thought that the de-aging from Tron: Legacy was *flawless* at the time. Yikes.

  77. author

    mcfriters2 horas atrás

    Ummm so d you know from node was in the video but ok

  78. author

    Beary Kindly2 horas atrás


  79. author

    sjoerd kalischnig2 horas atrás

    spidermans 3 birth of the sandman is one of the nices scenes in the franchise

  80. author

    Oliver Kiernan2 horas atrás

    Suggestion: his dark materials tv series. Dunno if youve heard about it over in america but its on tv at tge moment in britain. U might wanna wait til it finishes but the idea is that everyone has a daemon, which is a part of your soul which takes the form of an animal. This means theres a ton of cgi shots so there will prob be some interesting stuff by the time it ends.

  81. author

    Daniel DuVall2 horas atrás

    Now do the original Tron

  82. author

    CE012 horas atrás

    Suggestion: Spartacus (Starz series)

  83. author

    boats2 horas atrás

    wow the oldboy remake looks like shit

  84. author

    Martin Kungys2 horas atrás

    Danny=not smart