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I'm DoneI'm Done

I'm Done

Anos atrás

The TruthThe Truth

The Truth

Anos atrás



Anos atrás



2 anos atrás



2 anos atrás



2 anos atrás



2 anos atrás

  1. author

    -Little Duck Bill-4 minutos atrás

    i keep getting surrogate ads now

  2. author

    Little roof over our heads5 minutos atrás

    That picture with the sheep going through the gate has been disproven, there is actually a fence, if you look closely you can see it.

  3. author

    brennan5 minutos atrás

    Kid was molested.

  4. author

    Ass& Tiddies6 minutos atrás

    Yea 30 miles ina cab at 14 seems legit foh

  5. author

    Tax1man8 minutos atrás

    i love this!!

  6. author

    SUPER MAN10 minutos atrás

    the serial killer one fucking scared the whole crap of me wtf

  7. author

    Emotional Killer2612 minutos atrás

    Drew: Number 6, Number 6. Lucky number 6~ Me: is he gonna say another six? Cause if he doesn't- *Shane's face shows* Me: welp. 666 it is.

  8. author

    Hickory Lemur18 minutos atrás

    Shane literally looks like me every day at home and has a personality like me too 😂

  9. author

    Monkey TheGamerYT18 minutos atrás

    Why are you gay and not straight

  10. author

    teatime spose20 minutos atrás

    also did she say "stare into the light in the night mare or they r telling lies in the nightmares we'll see you breathing *something something breath sound effect* then if i were you i would turn"......... then the clip is done

  11. author

    teresacondon20 minutos atrás

    I'm sure you'll never read this but you have been a light for me in a very dark time. This will always be a topic that is near and dear to my heart. As many of my family and friends know, i am diabetic and insulin dependent. Here recently, even WITH my insurance, i have not been able to afford my medication. . Ever since my mom passed, i have been using a stockpile of her old insulin (which expired in 2017). This insulin of hers is called Lantus. And for almost 6 months now i have been battling the general symptoms that go along with diabetes. High blood sugar, lethargy, sleepiness, dry mouth, coma...and then on the other hand, low blood sugar. Heart racing. Unable to form coherent thoughts or words. Sweating. Shaking. Sometimes though I can literally feel my brain wanting to slip into a coma when im sleeping..and ill be honest. This terrifies me. But i took her Lantus devotedly regardless. . 2 weeks ago i ran out of Lantus. Ive been wondering why i havent felt well...even with me taking a different type of insulin...even though i was taking my medication like i should. I soon discovered that the reason for me still feeling like crap, is because Lantus did not work with my body like my old insulin, called Levemir. . A personal situation landed me in the ER last week. And my doctor checked my blood sugar and was wondering how i was still standing. She gave me a 3 day supply of my Levemir and Novolog. I got home. Went to the pharmacy. And it cost me over $100 for a THREE DAY SUPPLY. I called numerous pharmacies. And soon discovered that Wal-Mart purchased a massive order or Levemir. Wal-mart's prices are the cheapest on the market. They made this major purchase because they knew that the drug manufacturers were about to increase the price. My regular pharmacy, RX Express, doesnt even carry Levemir. The owner refers all of his customers to walmart. And when walmart, a company known for their greed and generally dismissive attitude, has the cheapest price on the market...Then im sorry to say that something is very wrong. . My 3 day supply, that my ER doctor prescribed, is now gone. And this photo shows ALL of my old Levemir flexpens that still have 2-5 units that i cant get out. I saved these pens for a reason. And its because of an emergency like this. . I am officially out of insulin. Out of money. Out of time. My options are this: drop my insurance and MAYBE fit into a certain income bracket and MAYBE get my insulin cheap/free of charge, based on patient assistance. ORRR i can keep my insurance. And continue to pay almost 1k a month for the insulin that works best with my body. . I feel like i am out of time. I am scared to eat food. I am scared to go to sleep. I dont feel comfortable sleeping alone, in case one day i dont wake up. And honestly. I am so angry with myself. I feel like i got myself into this situation and i cant figure out how to get myself out of it. Along with my genetic history (my mom, grandmother, and other women on my moms side all have diabetes or are prediabetic), and my own lifestyle choices, i feel like all of this is my own fault. If i had just known what i was putting into my body and how important my diet was when i was in my early 20's, in combination with my genetic disposition, this all could have been avoided. But now my time has run out. I have no extra income to spare to pay for my medication. I honestly have a hard time paying my $50/mon insurance premium. How am i supposed to afford $1000/mon? . I feel responsible for this. I know that alot of other people have it way worse than i do. And i am perplexed as to how they survive. Because right now, i feel like ive received my death sentence. I feel like at any time im going to fall asleep, and slip away and die. I would feel better to make certain lifestyle changes (exercise and changing my diet) if i could only take my insulin correctly. I took my insulin correctly for THREE DAYS and i felt well enough to go walk the boardwalk in biloxi. Imagine how much better i would feel if i could do that CONSISTENTLY. I would lose weight. Eat better. Sleep better. Have a better reputation with my employers, and have stronger relationships with my friends and family. . I dont know the point of this except to attention to your medical history. Pay attention to what you put in your body. Take care of yourself. I just lost my mom in June. She wasnt even 60 years old. And she is gone because of her lifestyle choices. And while i am in far better shape and make far better choices than she did...i still feel like i will follow in her footsteps. . I feel like i am out of time. And the only way i will be able to go on, is through sheer force of will. Because lets be honest...i cant even come close to affording my insulin. . Check on your friends and family who are diabetic. I know so many people in mobile who trade/exchange insulin because they receive free samples...or a relative passes away and people donate their medicine...and alot of times the insulin they receive isnt compatible with their bodies. . This isnt a cry for people to help me. This is a cry for my friends and family to get pissed off at pharmaceutical companies for increasing the price of a medicine THAT IS INCREDIBLY CHEAP TO MAKE. . I may not post for a while. It takes about all i have to get up and go to work. But im still fighting. Im still scheming and trying to figure out what i can do. Because i am out of insulin and money. Ive thought about ordering online. Going to canada or mexico. I wont let what killed my mom kill me. I love you guys. And every single person on my friends list has been here so much for me since my mom died and i cant thank you enough. But pray for me please, for a little bit longer ❤

  12. author

    Hickory Lemur21 minuto atrás

    Shane please upload more videos often. I miss seeing them 😭

  13. author

    Hickory Lemur21 minuto atrás

    I miss when Shane uploaded more often 😭

  14. author

    Namrata Pandey26 minutos atrás

    I would save my ass an entire year to buy Jeffrey star lipstick.... Butttttttt they are not available in India :(

  15. author

    Anna MacQueen28 minutos atrás

    This is my absolute wordt fear to feel like someones always watching me

  16. author

    Bad Bitch32 minutos atrás

    okay but ya know what woulda been better? if u were stonedd

  17. author

    dolan lover34 minutos atrás

    Who’s here in the last couple weeks of 2019? Just re-watching all shanes’ goodies

  18. author

    KeiAnne D.M.37 minutos atrás

    Haha 2019here.. Just eating food from jollibee 😁😁...

  19. author

    zye-ger Barker38 minutos atrás

    In Australia we have a subject called outdoor education, and that literally teaches us how to make fire and tie knots etc

  20. author

    Millie vee39 minutos atrás

    omg hahhah garrett as herself lol

  21. author

    Sopitas Hrndez39 minutos atrás

    Shane showed his sincerity about the moment he was experiencing so authentic it made everyone watching this episode cry,cheer and feel so proud of him💕 Jeffrey you are a star shining bright for the world🥰

  22. author

    World.wide.handsome41 minuto atrás

    Iv never lucid dreamed and I’m terrified of it like literally😂💀

  23. author

    World.wide.handsome42 minutos atrás

    Iv never lucid dreamed and I’m terrified of it like literally😂💀

  24. author

    _Roxy _43 minutos atrás

    Ramirez is pretty hot tho, you seen the picture of him with a pentagram carved in his hand?

  25. author

    Sarah Saccucci45 minutos atrás

    When Jeffree says that he keeps his pain in side I relate so much because I do the exact same thing...

  26. author

    TheMadMaxVideos50 minutos atrás

    Shane My Brother & Sister Like You

  27. author

    SienaGauci Gacha52 minutos atrás

    No one: Absolutely no one: Not a sole: Shane: BoNeApItE BaY BeH

  28. author

    ConorDark55 minutos atrás

    I don't have the 64 crayon pack, I have the 152 crayon pack. Get on my level.

  29. author

    Tina Torres57 minutos atrás

    Jeffree got so sad when Shane was talking about Morgan like his face just dropped

  30. author

    Lia Colard57 minutos atrás

    I love how all Shane's videos come out funny 😹😹❤️

  31. author

    Kristina BHora atrás

    JefFREE Star ❤️

  32. author

    That one guy who killed KennyHora atrás

    11:27 I’m fucking dead

  33. author

    ernestinino jacovo favianoHora atrás

    Title: alien hoaxes Shane: *shows a band that crumbled*

  34. author

    The Crystal WyvernHora atrás

    I'm scared of real rakes.... Chores are terrifying

  35. author

    bts trasheuHora atrás

    I’ll come back to this comment when Shane actually gets a baby for himself -winona10/16/19

  36. author

    ScottSwift666Hora atrás

    ew how old was he here

  37. author

    Sarah SaccucciHora atrás

    The moment Shane was talking about the shape of the pig to be his pallette... 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 omg I would buy it... Omfg

  38. author

    Mishy MooHora atrás

    I thought that bear was cute! But the way how it talks is kinda creepy

  39. author

    Prathyush P.RHora atrás

    This might be one of the best youtube videos that i have ever watched.If you also felt that way then like the comment and Shane make another plz.

  40. author

    Cali510Hora atrás

    am i the only one that misses these videos 😭

  41. author

    Hannah StinsonHora atrás

    i love your onision costume 🤣🤣💀

  42. author

    {Atlas Cloud}Hora atrás

    I really watched this on my birthday at 3 am 😂 How depressing

  43. author

    diamond ziemanHora atrás

    Best part about dramas is it teaches us the lessons people wish they already thought about before making their actions. If you have something bad to say about someone tell it to that person only... and not to the whole world to ruin someones career. We are all bad people in one way no matter who we hid it from others. We aren't perfect but the people who repent are those who deserve a second thought.

  44. author

    Kien MagnusHora atrás

    I thought Shane has a cancer, that gave me a heart attack

  45. author

    Hey ThayerHora atrás


  46. author

    Jessee QuirogaHora atrás

    Nek minnit. Wins creator of the year. Say waaah.

  47. author

    teatime sposeHora atrás

    34:05 was just gibberish!!!did you hear that??just like lit papi

  48. author

    Art VanDelayHora atrás

    When I was pregnant I crave dog food and dog treats. And also I wanted so badly to drink the foamy soap water from my sponge when I washed the dishes lol but mainly my diet was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and about 4 glasses of strawberry milk lol some doritos with pickles and also a shit load of in n out spread lol

  49. author

    Malissa JonesHora atrás

    This explains why vegans are so angry all the time! Haha

  50. author

    Me :PHora atrás

    Me watching this in the same room as my mum trying to skip the bad words...I’m leaving her room now

  51. author

    Amilia RoseHora atrás

    IM GOING TO DO VOODOO MAGIC NOW TO NOT DIE HAY SIRI CALL A VOODOO QUEEN VooDoo:hello what do u want Me: I want you to make me never die and never go over the age 30 years old and never look old and ugly VooDoo: okay what’s ur name Me: Amilia Rose Thornley VooDoo:okay ur wish is here u will never die that will be 100K Me: OKAY HERE UNGO IM RICH AND FAMOUS

  52. author

    joana PerezHora atrás

    Isn't the devil horns also a hand sign for rock and roll 🤔

  53. author

    KreeZafiHora atrás

    That green shade is one of the most amazing eyeshadow colors I've seen and I NEED IT!!! Please please PLEASE make it a single, we've been wanting eyeshadow singles for YEARS and it'd be an awesome first of its kind!!

  54. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-KerrHora atrás

    I thought Logan and Jake were the same white guy

  55. author

    TannyHora atrás

    "Shane DIYson" LMAOOOO

  56. author

    Nancy SandateHora atrás


  57. author

    Taylor EppsHora atrás

    I’m smoking right now😂

  58. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-KerrHora atrás

    Didnt know who Jake Paul was before today but I love Shane's stuff and the shade tanacon led me this far.

  59. author

    Larry Lovings2 horas atrás

    Yea the technology we recovered from Roswell and they used it up. ET didnt bring extra.

  60. author

    Sarah Saccucci2 horas atrás

    Jeffree Star 💕💕 is one of the hardest working people who I love so much💕💕💕💕💕

  61. author

    Raeanne Bedard2 horas atrás

    I wouldn’t try to escape, I would get parole for good behaviour

  62. author

    Puppymcpupsters2 horas atrás


  63. author

    thug life2 horas atrás

    There is still hella mini controversy pallets in jefree stars Cosmetics’s

  64. author

    NoMas Chalupas2 horas atrás

    Sad, but i bet a whole lot of people took advantage and burnt their house down for the insurance money if they had it.

  65. author

    Raeanne Bedard2 horas atrás

    I have been harassed by my friends ex who is obsessed with me, I blocked him everywhere and was honest about what he did. I’ll hit him with my cane if he comes near me

  66. author

    AM ARTS2 horas atrás

    My school literally has skinny mirrors!!!!

  67. author

    Amilia Rose2 horas atrás

    /__\ {xx}

  68. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr2 horas atrás

    He just seems too young and inexperienced

  69. author

    mickey ickey2 horas atrás

    This will be drowned in the other comments but shane is the reason I’m alive. There was one day I was extremely suicidal and had something sharp and was just so ready to end it and then one of his notifications popped up and it just snapped me back and I threw away the sharp object and watched his video while crying and I could never thank him enough and I’m so proud to see both me and him growing into something awesome. Thank you, Shane.

  70. author

    HAROON MUSHTAQ2 horas atrás

    Matt Lush is so BeauTiFuL

  71. author

    Carrissa Campbell2 horas atrás

    Me deciding to watch this knowing people are looking for me and I have a huge window behind me rn. Im good i promise haha hopefully

  72. author

    Antisocial Socialclub2 horas atrás

    Shane is a trash can

  73. author

    Eins. Wanderer2 horas atrás

    my parents got divorced too. because of that my childhood was a mess :/

  74. author

    s0lastsummer72 horas atrás

    That you were the first person she felt safe telling, finally, that she is unwell, says so much about you. You're both such beautiful people and she is SO LUCKY to have a friend who cares so much about her that you consulted a professional before your visit. I hadn't checked on her in a year or two, I had no idea she'd gotten as sick as she had.... watching this broke my heart and started to peice it together again all in one sitting. Thank you so much for being there for this beautiful soul, she needs you. 😘

  75. author

    Michaela Leblanc2 horas atrás

    Fucking shit, this is still dope as hell in 2019.

  76. author

    Ariel Morán2 horas atrás

    You fuckin kill it!

  77. author

    palethia minerva2 horas atrás

    that security guard was so wholesome

  78. author

    Gacha Fam2 horas atrás

    Fuck the music tho 😂

  79. author

    Joeychief lama2 horas atrás

    *would you get mad if I killed you?* Me: if it was a anime girl suffocating me with her breasts then no

  80. author

    Lunar Cookie x2 horas atrás

    At my local store the bread is at the back

  81. author

    GME CLAN YT2 horas atrás

    The dude who killed himself died at the age 27 ANYONE HERE OF THE 27 CLUB

  82. author

    Kevin Osmond2 horas atrás

    21 planes???

  83. author

    Alexis Kathleen2 horas atrás

    This should be on Netflix and the beautiful life of Shane 😍😍😍😍

  84. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr2 horas atrás

    It looks like there are moments of her caring about the event outside of her own agenda to get revenge but they do not make up for the moments of arrogance.

  85. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr2 horas atrás

    Also this makes me feel better about my bad hairdo...

  86. author

    Hannah Mann2 horas atrás

    omfg i had a heart attack when they started eatting all that food... like why???? so much!

  87. author

    Danielle Adams2 horas atrás

    Should name the green shade "Fan Favorite" !! Holy shit, watching this series made me feel apart of the collaboration. All of these fans, the people who've been with Shane day one, they know how much he deserves this. This shit he's gone through, the adventures he's been on. I remember watching Onion first and then stumbling onto Shane's page and wow what a blessing. Shane, you did an amazing job, I, and all your fans, are INSANELY proud of you. We cried too, we were angry too, we were just as excited as you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, so excited to see more in March!

  88. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr2 horas atrás

    To Shane, if you ever see this. I feel like your brand is honesty and vulnerability. We love your content because those things are both rare and hard to craft into quality entertainment. Thank you for caring about the truth behind things/people that are so hyped. And thank you for your discernment despite working in a very superficial industry. I see you get anxious a lot because you care and I hope that that anxiety serves you if it's from your intuition about things. Anyway, wishing you the best :)

  89. author

    Lily Flower46842 horas atrás

    I saw Shane’s Aroura and I saw it was green

  90. author

    Hailey Ramey3 horas atrás

    who’s watching in 2019-2020..? no body .. ah.

  91. author

    Gina Briggs3 horas atrás

    Is there an update on this please xx

  92. author

    Tallulah Phillips3 horas atrás

    I was eating popcorn while watching this and legit screamed and dropped my phone, why does this scare me so much?

  93. author

    Leah Vernon3 horas atrás

    Shane: omg this is a bad idea the alcohol is right behind us Also Shane: ok so you’ll need three matches

  94. author

    Bryce Parish3 horas atrás

    The one where the kids die must be a psa commercial

  95. author

    Sabina's Channel3 horas atrás

    I miss this kind of videos so much Shane 😔

  96. author

    Bridget Franck3 horas atrás

    All of the makeup and everything else that you guys sell is absolutely amazing!!

  97. author

    Amelia Douglass3 horas atrás

    Watching in December 2019 😍😍

  98. author

    Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr3 horas atrás

    It seems like the major fault is building a project on arrogance and bitterness. I hope she has learned a lot. I know I have just watching from Morocco.

  99. author

    Jessica Wells3 horas atrás

    Im rollin

  100. author

    Chris Giovanni3 horas atrás

    What's the song playing at 27:00?