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    Sean Medlock17 segundos atrás


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    mjgerleman29 segundos atrás

    Didn't RuPaul do this first

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    The Dark AvengerMinuto atrás

    A world where the NBA and WNBA don't exist

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    Professah AwesomeMinuto atrás

    So Netflix just squished Eternal Sunshine and Multiplicity together and thought I wouldn't notice?

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    T StantonMinuto atrás

    Love it!!! Truly

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    Okeeanos Romanoff2 minutos atrás

    The “How are you doing ?” Part break my freaking poor heart

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    Daniel Padilla2 minutos atrás

    Well I for one love my Netflix of variety of programs for the Young for the old for the informed keep up the good work

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    Julie Carey3 minutos atrás

    My boyfriend is Columbian and has been here since he was 5. He has a green card, but with this administration, he's afraid to take a flight, even within the US. He works 7 days a week & has a bachelor's degree, so for him to worry about what could possibly happen if he goes through airport security is sad and ridiculous. So, instead of flying to FL from NY, we will be driving, just so I can see my family.

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    Lexus Smith-Moore3 minutos atrás

    Flawless is TOO cold 🥶 i want him to go all the way 💯

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    you and i are like my buttcheeks after all the shit that goes between us we always get back together4 minutos atrás

    I forgot Antonio even existed xD

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    raomi Robbe4 minutos atrás

    Am I the only one who is watching for Sadie? 😩😍

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    Classic Car Garage5 minutos atrás

    Am I the only one who thought the movie alittle was disappointing??

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    Mertcan Olcer5 minutos atrás

    Just finished it. Really good! Quite philosophical, inspirational and thought provoking. Really good acting too! But I must say, the trailer is a little misleading.

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    devendra Kumar5 minutos atrás

    Where is netflix in this video. Netflix need to make a full big video upon theirselves, explaining their cults actually.

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    Daniel Harrington5 minutos atrás

    So they are gonna make over at the NEETs in Japan? 😋

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    Selena Anne5 minutos atrás

    So sad that they can’t do normal things like go to school. These poor people. Selena is doing an amazing thing.

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    m m6 minutos atrás

    Todd = ramsy Jessy = rick 👌

  18. author

    luix feef6 minutos atrás

    Quem veio pela Rebecca trans

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    Flórián Soós7 minutos atrás

    Lmao I swear this guy will still have such a babyface by when he is 60 years old

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    m m7 minutos atrás

    Why it reminds me of *rick* from GOT

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    Gui Porto8 minutos atrás

    The "we have the weekend to ourselves" scene made me think that Todd was about to rape Jesse... And even worse, that it was probably a recurring thing that we, as viewers, didn't know about.

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    Morgulvale8 minutos atrás

    Jurassic Park did it first!

  23. author

    Rainy Day Wolf10 minutos atrás

    They were all pretty shitty in different ways

  24. author

    Funny Bunny10 minutos atrás

    FINALLLYYYY!!!! 😃👏👏

  25. author

    JorJor Ro'se10 minutos atrás

    I lovedddddd it. 🧡🖤 season 3 please.

  26. author

    Gui Porto11 minutos atrás

    My dad (huge BB fan) told me that the scene with Todd singing grossed him out so much that he always stopped watching. I felt like a bit of a weirdo because that scene didn't bother me at all.

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    Sa Mom11 minutos atrás

    Thank you again netflix for pick up lucifer i cry every time i think of it i am so thankful love from germany

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    ja jq11 minutos atrás

    Dean ❤️

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    Josh Perry12 minutos atrás

    Please no

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    Porras 3612 minutos atrás

    Whos here after noticing this scene aint even in the movie

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    Jake Tapper12 minutos atrás

    Wow, this literally describes American corporate media. You have a docile stupefied audience, that's looking for answers to explain their situations. Choosing from 6 major media outlets to get their opinions from, that is ultimately caged into a Overton window. So for instance, if you say United States is committing genocide in Yemen, along with Saudi Arabia, and Al-Qaeda. American media across the board, from Fox, ABC, CNN, MSNBC , CBS, and PBS, will say but Iran , and Russia is some how worse. I get it now, America is one big ass cult . You can have an opinion, but those opinions have to be given to you by pre-approved propaganda, read by millionaires whose Company make money from commercials during the breaks. Krusty the Clown is right, God is a capitalist committing genocide in Yemen.

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    Coaster Cupcake14 minutos atrás

    This Aaron Paul guy really looks like Jesse Pinkman, yo.

  33. author

    plasticfrank14 minutos atrás

    Keep it up Netflix. This is great!

  34. author

    Colleen Herrel15 minutos atrás

    Got chills watching this trailer. I had a completely different experience going north on Skyway thru Stirling City, but stressful just the same. never forget that day!

  35. author

    Kombiice15 minutos atrás

    this all was so wonderful, in many unreal ways

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    Vlad G17 minutos atrás


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    SpoopySquid18 minutos atrás

    I'm not saying we should guillotine the 1%... but we should guillotine the 1%

  38. author

    TheScarlet Speedster20 minutos atrás

    I interrupted this scene as Jesse not shooting him was because he didn’t want anything to happen to Brock

  39. author

    Champion Flames30120 minutos atrás

    Lmaaao I like how everyone in the comments got triggerd by cassies reverse 😂😂😂😂😂 yall thought

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    kj20 minutos atrás

    This was a great play y’all !

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    Alana20 minutos atrás

    Shot by shot bitch

  42. author

    Sayject21 minuto atrás

    Can you heart this :)

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    Jesse Plester21 minuto atrás

    "Bitch-pause suite" lmao!!

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    Kitten Boss21 minuto atrás

    This movie looks so good

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    What if21 minuto atrás

    Is that James Norrington from Potc?

  46. author

    Abby Marie22 minutos atrás

    Millie: my favorite mart was Mikey Finn: 😬

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    Kick Blow22 minutos atrás

    Stop producing movies Netflix you sucks. This movie is pure ShIT!

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    spidy one22 minutos atrás

    just sick blonde nerd

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    Agus Chiribao23 minutos atrás


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    LadyGarza24 minutos atrás

    D smoke and flawless are my favorite 🙌🏼

  51. author

    Beth C24 minutos atrás


  52. author

    Trusty McCoolguy25 minutos atrás

    2:04 Was her dialogue recorded in a gas station bathroom?

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    محمد التميمي25 minutos atrás

    ماكو ولا عربي ليش يعني وينكم

  54. author

    Lion25 minutos atrás

    Jesse Plemons aka Todd, doesn't get the praise he deserves. He did an amazing job of making us really feel like Todd was an actual psychopath.

  55. author

    jpala82126 minutos atrás

    The Mouse: Here's a live version of <add movie here> you never wanted with some "progressive changes." Netflix: Have a 2D movie. Everyone: Yay. Netflix: And a 4th season of She-Ra Everyone: Booo

  56. author

    Trippy Troy27 minutos atrás

    Ya FLAT LINES show me only thing you missing is HEART. Yooo this guy had time today. Damn rip beanz

  57. author

    Beryl Walubengo27 minutos atrás

    Movie has underperformed it's trailer. Had high expectations. 🤷🙄

  58. author

    Yancy Brown27 minutos atrás

    THey should have had some folks go home after the battles that sucked. Should have kept Oldman Saxon, Beans, and got rid of the other scrubs...

  59. author

    Toan Nguyen27 minutos atrás

    So Edgy.

  60. author

    ANTONY GACHOKA28 minutos atrás

    The movie is so scarely......

  61. author

    Soani Velez28 minutos atrás

    This looks i n s a n e

  62. author

    Ankit Roy28 minutos atrás

    Super bhai

  63. author

    safi burns28 minutos atrás

    Him beans and Rae were hard to let go

  64. author

    Mnd0vrMnky28 minutos atrás

    Make sure you see outside of your algorithm.

  65. author

    Dennis Wei29 minutos atrás

    Matt Damon's fat brother did a great job playing Todd

  66. author

    Roby Alex29 minutos atrás

    "how can you be sure you are you " :)) so Karl Pilkington was right

  67. author

    Denisa Anghel30 minutos atrás

    Sirius is alive!!!

  68. author

    Alyssa Mercer30 minutos atrás

    Bring back old man Saxon

  69. author

    Carlo Vargas31 minuto atrás

    Where is bad news tho??

  70. author

    Bat Man31 minuto atrás

    Do they already know the winner? Has this already finished filming? Coz they seemed like they was being careful to seem like they didn't know for example it seems Ali is the one that goes out, it goes down to D-Smoke, Flawless and London and then to just D-Smoke and London with London taking the W.

  71. author

    Guitarrick dsfsd32 minutos atrás

    Hey yo, Gatorade me bitch!

  72. author

    Barbara Conway33 minutos atrás

    This had me in stitches. The goat, the wasabi peanuts, Winston, so funny. I want them to travel the whole world.

  73. author

    Proverbialfunk33 minutos atrás

    795 of you are idiots.

  74. author

    Im Pulseh33 minutos atrás


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    Reina Arana33 minutos atrás

    I’m watching this movie now So far it’s some thing else

  76. author

    Alexander h33 minutos atrás

    One of the worst films Ive ever seen in my life

  77. author

    Alex Naples34 minutos atrás

    I'm going absolutely bonkers I'm so excited

  78. author

    Carlo Vargas34 minutos atrás

    Where’s bad news??

  79. author

    Cecilia Del Corona35 minutos atrás

    Jess, absolutely Jess even if he didn't was the perfect and classic boyfriend. His love for Rory has been genuinely revealed in the Revival, his last touching looks before he leaves again after talking to Rory... Yeah I'm pretty sure about him to be the best

  80. author

    Cloudy Water35 minutos atrás

    Oh wow a full episode huh? A great one too!

  81. author

    Qion Marhall35 minutos atrás

    Who is green line these movies that Netflix Waste of money.

  82. author

    Nadz Gamer36 minutos atrás

    This is crazy. Love it

  83. author

    Lillian Codillo36 minutos atrás

    Does anyone the song playing?

  84. author

    Mike Afonso38 minutos atrás

    Two legends!

  85. author

    skater girl38 minutos atrás

    “how do you say kiss me” my heart exploded.

  86. author

    Mill39 minutos atrás

    No true free-thinker could ever be caught up in a cult. I hate to say it, but there’s a level of weak mindedness that is required to be a cult member

  87. author

    DW Nation39 minutos atrás

    Who's been a fan of Netflix before 2019? 😁🌟 👇 👇 I'm gifting my next 72 sußs and sußßing to whoever sußs to meee!

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    Sayject40 minutos atrás

    Love Netflix

  89. author

    Sayject40 minutos atrás

    Can you guys like this please :)

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    Zafiel Ortega40 minutos atrás


  91. author

    Rapture40 minutos atrás

    They gonna have threesome.

  92. author

    Subhranil Barua40 minutos atrás

    Heck yeah , so excited!

  93. author

    ZaiN Amini41 minuto atrás

    Isn’t he the one in the need for speed movie?

  94. author

    JOKER41 minuto atrás

    James Gordon

  95. author

    Travis In Canada41 minuto atrás

    Its in our DNA we roamed as packs, than evolved into tribes. You either tribe up or be hunted by one, fast forward thousands of years and people live in cities for no apparent reason and do whatever they are told. All the while thinking they do it because they have to, not realizing they are slaves to the thousands of years of programming in your DNA.

  96. author

    Venom V41 minuto atrás

    Looking at who she was up against...c'mon now, they sent her in to be executed!!!....Flawless Victory!!! XD

  97. author

    NotSahar41 minuto atrás

    When you realize the actor Robert Forster passed away in the same day this movie was released on Netflix... *chills*

  98. author

    Mello Rine41 minuto atrás

    Didn't regret watching it

  99. author

    Christopher daniel41 minuto atrás


  100. author

    Mkone66742 minutos atrás