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  1. author

    Neil MacInnes36 minutos atrás

    Oh no we left the peel on the IO shield. LOL mine is still on the IO shield 2 years later.

  2. author

    Tarukeys36 minutos atrás

    Give this young person a job, someone, I'm sure you won't regret it. She's a natural.

  3. author

    windows tutorials37 minutos atrás

    how did it worked for you, the funniest part lol

  4. author

    SavingPrincess37 minutos atrás

    07:31 "Oh, okay, then I can't eat that..."

  5. author

    UNFILTERED37 minutos atrás

    wow grimmies hair well grown from season 1 FN

  6. author

    Shubhankar Jayee37 minutos atrás

    Looks like Linus has finally met his match.

  7. author

    Maui089537 minutos atrás

    Fun times!

  8. author

    Camden Winsett37 minutos atrás

    Guys like this to Linus builds me a PC

  9. author

    Dovydas Mankus37 minutos atrás

    you got my sub & like just coz shroud.

  10. author

    Random Ness38 minutos atrás

    I still dont fucking know what the fuck benchmarking is or why it is. But ok, cool video...

  11. author

    Logan Hewit39 minutos atrás

    where did ivan go

  12. author

    ReyDroPe39 minutos atrás

    Ok so I have a acer predator oc at 100hz and i just got a 5700xt ima install soon. Even tho im capped at 100hz should I run my games with uncapped fps and call it a day or should i invest in a 144hz monitior? Great video btw very informative!

  13. author

    tonmoy mirza39 minutos atrás

    Hey...linus How are you? Hope you're fine... Today a thought came to my mind again Saying Again I mean this thought came to my mind few years ago....but i did not find any ans then My question is.... Is gaming with Amd and Nvidia gpus together is possible?? Or gaming with Gtx and Rtx cards ?? Please make a video on this topic please

  14. author

    QuantumBullet ✔️39 minutos atrás


  15. author

    RoC 7739 minutos atrás

    “Windows XP isn’t as good as we remembered it to be!” Load up Windows Me and then say that again...

  16. author

    Damian39 minutos atrás

    WHERE IS PART 2 !!!!!

  17. author

    Johnfuse40 minutos atrás

    14:58 Says it all

  18. author

    Paradox40 minutos atrás

    I just wonder how I missed the contest... When was it?

  19. author

    Andres Mata40 minutos atrás

    am I the only one wondering why he is wearing 2 sweaters at the same time?

  20. author

    TheLittleApocalypse41 minuto atrás


  21. author

    Hlspwns World41 minuto atrás

    Excellent video, and I think you have proved that higher refresh rate does help. But two things... 1) Thanks for writing off the over 30’s 😡 2) Younger gamers today have got it too easy. I imagine most of them think lag is a myth with there 200mb WAN and gigabit LAN connections . Forget 60hz how about gaming on a v90 modem where you had to aim quite far in front of your target. I think us older gamers have learnt to adapt to the conditions, that’s why I struggle to see input lag. I just adapt until I hit the target 🎯

  22. author

    Dimas nah42 minutos atrás


  23. author

    Major Dick42 minutos atrás

    I'd spend 7 min watching her **** ******** ****.

  24. author

    jarle hildrum42 minutos atrás

    thermal paste?

  25. author

    CHI AME42 minutos atrás

    Used human benchmark to check my reaction time, I've taken the the 5/5 test 6 times now and my reaction time on each has been between 195 - 202 on average Which i feel is pretty damn fast but holy crap i couldn't imagine having a reaction time as fast as shrouds. (Edit did the test on a my shitty 60hz screen)

  26. author

    DWo221042 minutos atrás

    Probably the most entertaining video on the whole channel! Watched it 3 times and still can not stop laughing.

  27. author

    ZONAVELHA42 minutos atrás

    great video

  28. author

    Nathan Berry43 minutos atrás

    She needs to be a regular!

  29. author

    Barabas Raffai43 minutos atrás

    WTF is happening to the panning after about 30 minutes? Someone put the compressor on the left channel only?

  30. author

    Modality43 minutos atrás

    Linus' face at 18:53 "You broke me".

  31. author

    Restless44 minutos atrás

    Watching this in 2019 remembering how back then 30fps at 1080p was acceptable. Through the years 60fps was the bare minimum acceptable. Here I am today happy to have 30fps at 4k striving for that 60fps. How times have change but then really kinda haven't. 🤔😂

  32. author

    Timothy Cummins44 minutos atrás

    “Oh okay then i can’t yeet that” Hire this lady

  33. author

    phyphor44 minutos atrás

    No SonicFox?

  34. author

    Петър Донов44 minutos atrás

    Over 17000 comments. None are hardware-related.

  35. author

    RyZaK44 minutos atrás


  36. author

    SmilesAreDaggers44 minutos atrás

    Some infinities are longer than others. that 12ms is LOOOOng to an aimbot like Shroud shoulda had him do a Caffeine run sponsored by Madrina's after all the non caffeine ones just to show caffeine effect on the player etc

  37. author

    Nitish Isad45 minutos atrás

    Fuck yeah... shroud....

  38. author

    G2_MiNT45 minutos atrás

    Whyyyyyyyyyyy. Now i feel bad about myself. Are you happy Linus?

  39. author

    X-shunin45 minutos atrás

    Even my supervisor at work as like "YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS! SHE'S SO FUNNY!" and YEA HE WAS RIGHT!

  40. author

    h norwood3846 minutos atrás

    I got a acer 144hz monitor for £130 ($160) and it’s pretty darn good

  41. author

    I taint Mistaken yo46 minutos atrás

    Literally paid 2 million to get shroud

  42. author

    The Inferno46 minutos atrás

    the cover photo is cringe 😹

  43. author

    Max46 minutos atrás


  44. author

    Mystical Wafflez46 minutos atrás

    This video is me building a machine but I actually paid attention to Linus's videos.

  45. author

    Nex #kek47 minutos atrás

    13:40 boneboi

  46. author

    Dimas nah47 minutos atrás

    2 compound glue best to glue stuff in pc )

  47. author

    Bruno Bellucci47 minutos atrás

    Totally up for a 1440p notebook, with no speakers, since they only take up space on a notebook. Most people plug their notebooks to a external source (headphones or a dac with an actual good speaker)

  48. author

    TheManLab748 minutos atrás

    I'm pretty sure the lapel sennheiser mics would be much cheaper and it's an industry standard as well. $8k is a lot of money just for a few mics. I really hope they threw in a few "oral" session with it to make up for the price.

  49. author

    Tuh Roy48 minutos atrás

    Get a native 60hz monitor

  50. author

    Crypto-4-Beginners48 minutos atrás

    I'm running the Ryzen TR 2950x and it's a monster - but this? Wow!

  51. author

    Victoria Andrews48 minutos atrás

    Wait, kids can just go buy any games in the US and Canada? Like 12yr olds can go and get GTAV? I used to work at a games store in my country and we had games at three different age ratings we had to ID for if a game was classified as such. No ID no game. Even Skyrim was an R13.

  52. author

    Jay48 minutos atrás

    Can't decide if she's hot or annoying, either way, hire her

  53. author

    KingsArcade49 minutos atrás

    Hire. This. Woman.

  54. author

    Drew Snyder49 minutos atrás

    Yo you are hiring this chick right? This is the funniest video LTT has posted in a year.

  55. author

    Matthew Bartlett49 minutos atrás

    By giving up a RAM slot for this relatively pointless adapter, it goes to full on insanely pointless.

  56. author

    Skyler Campa49 minutos atrás

    So lemme get this straight. In a study sponsored by a high end graphics card company, it was discovered that going out and buying said high end graphics card would make you a better gamer? No bias there. Nope. Not even at all.

  57. author

    AtherixRS49 minutos atrás

    ngl i just wanted to see linus in proximity to shroud

  58. author

    Jose Hernandez50 minutos atrás

    goes to slide door and opens regular door lmao.

  59. author

    Yash Singh51 minuto atrás

    All I appreciate is how much effort you guys have put in this video. It felt like a sport analyst channel rather than LTT video. Great video tbh

  60. author

    Wes51 minuto atrás

    They're fantastic machines....I started with a 390E from 1998!

  61. author

    Lukas.51 minuto atrás

    Is that a real voicechanger in the helmet or soundeffect?

  62. author

    Biggamer _24851 minuto atrás

    shrood coffe smel gud

  63. author

    David Henshaw52 minutos atrás

    My word, lmao when Paul showed up XD

  64. author

    Paradox52 minutos atrás

    And I thought the mean USA citizen vs. nice Canadian was just a stereotype.

  65. author

    alextheromanian52 minutos atrás

    "ok...i guess...i cant eat that." WTF can you hire this woman? i laughed my ass off.

  66. author

    ajblue9053 minutos atrás

    holy shit what case was that

  67. author

    Reidoon53 minutos atrás

    So we're just going to completely ignore Stadia?

  68. author

    RaceSimCentral54 minutos atrás

    This is really cool. It's inspirational for folks trying to get their start and build a channel. We all start somewhere.

  69. author

    Zaf54 minutos atrás

    4:49 and 6:38 Both Ritalin and Adderall cause pupils to dilate.

  70. author

    Yankee TM55 minutos atrás

    Should have found a global with 60hz. Right ?

  71. author

    Fyreblade200055 minutos atrás

    Good on ya Linus and Micro Centre!!!....put a smile on my! :)

  72. author

    Frigga Kennedy55 minutos atrás

    YOU yep we got another 1 Bois ME for Christmas yes I got 1

  73. author

    SuperDave Dev55 minutos atrás

    Imagine trying so hard to be entertaining to attract interest from Linus's community YIkes! desperate much?

  74. author

    Ben York56 minutos atrás

    you still write your name on your underwear... noob

  75. author

    SirLugash56 minutos atrás

    1:57 "And it's monitor has been completely uncapped to 240Hz"... So is it uncapped or 240Hz?

  76. author

    Sonu Badge56 minutos atrás

    240 fps exists Me: playing games in 20-30 fps

  77. author

    GreatMCGamer56 minutos atrás

    Tbh... I would like to get in this, so I can be roasted by Linus. Not to get the PC, I'd give the PC to one of my sisters. who have worse PCs then that girl.

  78. author

    Killian 0verride56 minutos atrás

    I play on 100+fps/60hz

  79. author

    Cappuccino -56 minutos atrás

    24:34 thats the sound of progress...

  80. author

    jb57 minutos atrás

    It might just be the engineer in me, but can you release a version of this without all the interviews? I seriously do not care at all what anybody has to say, just give me FACTS!!!! Facts

  81. author

    Randyx00757 minutos atrás

    I wish he would swap out the lenses for the Gear VR lens mod then review. I am only back watching this again because I have the OG Vive (wireless, delux strap, lens mod, and index controllers) and need better RES for Half Life Alyx..... shiiiiiit I can't wait!

  82. author

    gRiMrEaPeRsco57 minutos atrás

    Must be nice to have the money to buy all these headsets to "try them out for myself".

  83. author

    Nicholas Demarco57 minutos atrás

    Linus I don’t need a ridge wallet, my wallet will be thin enough if I buy this.

  84. author

    brandon godwin58 minutos atrás

    "One step closer to getting you back on a plane..." lmao :)

  85. author

    DaBlaSit58 minutos atrás

    For the test of 1v1 against the popping human head, they should've made them take their aim to the far right (or left, whatever) then wait for the head to pop somewhere in the wall, so as to avoid the head popping exactly where one of the two is aiming at, to discard luck and randomness.

  86. author

    Kevin L58 minutos atrás

    This is soo good :)

  87. author

    José Castro58 minutos atrás

    using same monitor hz would make much more sense

  88. author

    Ilena Starbreeze58 minutos atrás

    heh asking if he would like a red bull ... those put me to sleep, though i found out i have adhd from drinking those because apparently you arnt supposed to sleep better and hav a better night sleep after drinking an energy drink

  89. author

    Von Potatostein58 minutos atrás

    H I R E H E R!!!

  90. author

    BubbaSteve Garcia59 minutos atrás

    You need to do this with fighting games

  91. author

    SmoothOp59 minutos atrás

    Can we start a GoFundMe and get Linus a lazy susan?

  92. author

    Emiel Bart59 minutos atrás

    please hire Madison, she is actually funny unscripted :D

  93. author

    sidHora atrás

    Imagine having a 240Hz display but 600ms ping cause your ISP is trash.

  94. author

    Szabolcs GergelyHora atrás

    One of the most fun videos you've guys ever done. Good stuff. Madison is awesome.

  95. author

    Joe RichardsonHora atrás

    This is amazing. Hire her.