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  1. author

    HT4 minutos atrás

    Don’t wanna be a grammar Nazi. But “blowed up”....??

  2. author

    Shura Valentine8 minutos atrás

    it's really a bad movie considering the actors are from some great movies. they just need to add 'horny people' into the movie right?.

  3. author

    Judson Gaiden9 minutos atrás

    14:27 Add five sins for no one unfolding the stock on that not-AKMSU.

  4. author

    JDrops10 minutos atrás

    3:59 You missed that CinemaSins.. LOL

  5. author

    Andrew Frazier11 minutos atrás

    The end makes no sense, silver surfer is full aware that he can not destroy galactus, galactus can take his power from him in an instant. Also when silver surfer is without his board it renders him powerless, he would never be taken hostage by humans ,he is still powerful without his board

  6. author

    Terry Drake20 minutos atrás

    To point out a few things. 1 it is a known fact that elves weigh nothing or next to nothing hence legolas walking on snow in LOtR while the rest sink stone hopping while they fall is completly do able . second the Frodo mentions in The Hobbit he is good with a hobbit weapon which is basically just rock throwing... So yeaaaa

  7. author

    Gilbert Ressel21 minuto atrás


  8. author

    Fraser Hay22 minutos atrás

    Kids these days why would we go outside we have fortnite pennywise starvs to death

  9. author

    Scott Loessel24 minutos atrás

    Liar Liar is not the better movie, proof? No sequels

  10. author

    Elan Reaves24 minutos atrás

    I wanted to like this movie and her sequel so bad...but the movie is just so bad! Can't wait until you sin the sequel and sin how The Rock's team finds a warehouse full of computers that just happen to work with their future technology.

  11. author

    Duce Okoroafor25 minutos atrás

    Who noticed Wayans touching the red heads boobs? 3:59

  12. author

    DeaDShoT RoRy28 minutos atrás

    This movie should of had the same amount of sins for those that viewed it at box office

  13. author

    Gamer's_Den28 minutos atrás

    4:40 not only is the a Burger King inspired place on the right, there's also a Starbucks inspired placed on the left!

  14. author

    Logical Juan29 minutos atrás

    Ripcord being a Master Sergeant may be the most bullshit thing in this movie.

  15. author

    Tyler Campbell30 minutos atrás

    When this movie came out I was 9 and thought it was the coolest thing in entire god damn world but now as a film student and even before I started college I realized this movie I total shit but I would 100% watch it completely fucking stoned

  16. author

    lee v30 minutos atrás

    I can name all the wrong things w this video n reviewer in less than 1min 8 sec

  17. author

    Yuno Gasai32 minutos atrás

    Caber-tossing is a scottish sport where you toss a Caber - basically a tree - as far as you can. Throwing it out of the yard, means you've done very well.

  18. author

    Michal kralčák35 minutos atrás

    helium don't burn dude

  19. author

    Master_G37 minutos atrás

    By the way I blame CinemaSins for ruining each and every movie to me I can't even watch movies before saying everything that's wrong in their trailers and why I shouldn't watch them because they're so stupid and predictable

  20. author

    Jaytheteen41 minuto atrás

    The first sin got me😂😂 “LogoVerse”

  21. author

    Pdubbed41 minuto atrás

    Snake Eyes was definitely the “shining light” of this movie...

  22. author

    BCOR BCOR42 minutos atrás


  23. author

    BCOR BCOR42 minutos atrás


  24. author

    Lodogg 332343 minutos atrás

    Can’t wait to see what Th3 Birdman does... probably be his shortest video since this movie suckkkkkkked.

  25. author

    Law Wong44 minutos atrás

    I loved this movie when I was a kid...

  26. author

    Pewterschmidt23 Lord45 minutos atrás

    Steppenwolf loves getting up in there sniffin dem boxes

  27. author

    Josh Yoder46 minutos atrás

    OMG, I forgot Joseph Gordon-Levitt was Cobra Commander! :D

  28. author

    Ajay47 minutos atrás

    12:03 Speaking of Scarlett, this whole sequence is super reminiscent of the Winter Soldier

  29. author

    PYR49 minutos atrás

    Area 51 is finally now free to enter

  30. author

    Josh Nichols50 minutos atrás

    How you gonna sin fidget spinners when the movie came out years before fidget spinners did. Honestly it’s a historical discovery

  31. author

    Unknownbear0951 minuto atrás

    This movie is overrated. One of the dumbest endings ever ! Lol

  32. author

    Richard Lahan58 minutos atrás

    Pretty much the entire Kelvin timeline was a mistake.

  33. author

    The Gamer Scot58 minutos atrás

    No, Eccleston's accent is just plain bad and the things he says are as dumb to me as they are to you.

  34. author

    Jamie LeonardHora atrás

    Umm, The book was excellent and either way, this is a movie for family and children were make believe is a wonderful thing, so why are you trying to make sense of it? Can this movie be any more lame than people who spend all day criticizing movies. At least these people tried. So easy to sit on our butts and blabber about what someone else did.. Key word, DID!! I'd rather try, flop and fail at something then sit around doing nothing!!! And if they fact checked better while sitting around with the boob tube they would have known this story came before Harry Potter and have birth to Harry Potter and every other fantasy story that has come along. Philip Pullman lead the way and you bet your ass that Harry Potter story was an idea that came from this story!!!!!!

  35. author

    Earnest Lee SaddenedHora atrás

    It's a damn shame that socialists had to muck up the chance of finishing the trilogy. But something frightens them about this FANTASY!!!!

  36. author

    Vault boy 21Hora atrás

    DO NOT!!! Sin James cordan

  37. author

    Rich MoralesHora atrás

    When you watch only to hear vin disel would be great at cinema sins.

  38. author

    Paul CarsonHora atrás

    Remember time of is the essence

  39. author

    — N O O N C H A W AHora atrás

    For those that are taking him seriously, He's Joking, He does this to get a laugh out of people, I'm Sure Cinemasins knows what Detroit is.

  40. author

    Cinnamon GreenHora atrás

    The accent is soooo off putting

  41. author

    Elor YosnakHora atrás

    This movie was genuinely better than I expected

  42. author

    Pewterschmidt23 LordHora atrás

    Did anyone notice in this movie they mad Sienna Millers tits alot bigger than what they actually are?

  43. author

    Mike LodigianiHora atrás

    Wait this isnt endgame

  44. author

    PotatoBoy123Hora atrás

    Who’s Joe?

  45. author

    TheRedGameboyHora atrás

    Sin 74: *sexist

  46. author

    danicakes921Hora atrás

    Tax that ass

  47. author

    Williams IngebrigtsenHora atrás

    Im from norway and i going to answear your questions. we have gloves, and good homeschooling. i have never seen an inside window like that one at 5:25 so they are not common. atleast where i live and oslo. also we dont use evasync whatever the fuck that even is. also we dont stear at each other like that 6:20. 6:33 it isnt called Pregnancy doctor. its just regural doctor i believe correct me if im wrong tho. 12:03 thats an iphone 5? that would never power on that fast. That should be worth a sin. 16:51 he's under averagely stupid. we aren't really that stupid.

  48. author

    Mr LoginHora atrás

    When i was a kid i was dumb, i though he had powers and styrofoam was his criptonite, until mithens said he was a tv show dog.

  49. author

    Mogul DaMongrelHora atrás

    They should've casted the chick that played deja thoris from John Carter. Shes way hotter an plays a better warrior princess

  50. author

    Sleeved4LifeHora atrás


  51. author

    Andy RevellHora atrás

    Vulcans DO actually breed logically. Once every seven years, they go through the Pon'far, mate, have children then get back to business as usual

  52. author

    DrBrainzzzHora atrás

    Hitting on a girl = mansplaining now? Not only are you an SJW, you're a stupid one that can't even understand what your own terms mean.

  53. author

    Moshe OsgoodHora atrás

    Is this Avengers Endgame? I don’t think so.

  54. author

    Alvin CoganHora atrás

    3:15 Mowgli sure sticks his tongue 👅 out at Kaa the snake twice. After all, snakes stick out their forked tongues.🐍👅

  55. author

    MrChickster12Hora atrás

    Nothing wrong with the movie.......NOTHING! Leave it alone should have got more kudos at the time wells done Tom, Emily and co!

  56. author

    Tan DinhHora atrás


  57. author

    Mówiła że ma 18Hora atrás

    4:36 You saying that Pruszkow is in Germany, and before that you laughing about subtitles which saying Pruszkow, Poland? Are you dumb? Or just American?

  58. author

    alex jonesHora atrás

    8 mile is a great film The guy who uploaded this sucks fart from alligator gravy pipes

  59. author

    ALHora atrás

    We all knew that Rotten Tomatoes is shit

  60. author

    Von MusklausHora atrás

    much like my college girlfriends - ............... hehehehe , you are Fucking hilarious man. For those of you that don't know what he're too sheltered

  61. author

    SkyLeCookieかわいいHora atrás

    Norway is great😁😅

  62. author

    Alex B'StardHora atrás

    Muffliato- anti eavesdropping spell

  63. author

    tw06le1Hora atrás

    For the first time I was expecting more sins like a 190 lol.

  64. author

    Ragnar-USAHora atrás

    How are those transportation glass balls no covered in dinosaurs shit ?

  65. author

    Jack b. CafeHora atrás

    I thought this narrator was practical but after many videos I foolishly upvoted I found 2 videos that were full of trash. This one and everything wrong with the original tarzan movie. At least I got to 2:35 on this video. In the tarzan original everything wrong with I hardly got to 1 minute. All the other videos in which I said I upvoted most of them I got to the end of those videos. But I also realized that they sinned and sentence good movies more than the actual worse ones. I mean one video has 146 sins and the other had 99 sins (Wide range of movies I watched all linked to cimeasins for some odd reason). So in short, this guy has is not actual practical and even if he is slightly practical or has been anyway he has been feeding you all alot of trash. I wish cinemawins continued to correct the atrocities of these videos. Don't get me wrong this is just OPINION so keep watching if you like his channel and I am not bashing cinemasins I am just pointing out what I should've pointed out a long time ago.

  66. author

    SFChRoNiCFS meh2 horas atrás


  67. author

    Marc Chan2 horas atrás

    The guy saying ‘ATM machine’ should have been a sin! 😂

  68. author

    Magda Vazquez2 horas atrás

    I think your videos are good and funny , but that all of us have the right to our own fucking opinions like when I love Twilight and wouldn't change a bit on the movie and the sequels even that I think half of is is bs. Also love Wall -E even that I can see that has preposterous bullshit in it. All in all I think you can get a 9 and half for humor and accuracy in your reviews,

  69. author

    Repulse theMonkey2 horas atrás

    Great effects, but like everything else to do with the climate change agenda, absolute bollocks.

  70. author

    Averdeve βαn2 horas atrás

    18:11 song name please?

  71. author

    Andrew A2 horas atrás

    381 years between 4 people means their average age is 95 years and 3 months. None of them look or act nearly that old, least of all that dancing piece of shit Grandpa Joe. It also means they had their kids, who look no older than 35, when they were 60+. Nothing in this movie makes any sense.

  72. author

    Paul Calin2 horas atrás

    4:40 hhhhahaaaaa😂😂

  73. author

    Darth Vader2 horas atrás

    Wow this is 2013, so much change

  74. author

    1993 mazda rx72 horas atrás

    *N O T H I N G*

  75. author

    TheMountain John2 horas atrás

    as much as I loved the first one, I cringed in the theaters watching the second one.

  76. author

    Blaze O'Glory2 horas atrás

    I had forgotten that like 10% of the cast for this movie were also in Mummy movies. Even largely doing the same thing.

  77. author

    The Adopted Russian2 horas atrás

    I was a fan of this channel, until you gave Trumps appearance tons of SIN Points. This shows how much of a libtard CinemaSins is and we can tell from the comments that this channel is meant for Liberals since nobody is giving democrats tons of SIN points in these reviews.

  78. author

    Original Songwriter2 horas atrás

    The new Twilight Zone episodes might have assured people Jordan Peele maybe just got horror lucky.. It did for me, the episodes were so so horrible Ill never get excited for a Peele horror again

  79. author

    Tasnuva Khan2 horas atrás

    I'm late but some of the sins aren't even sins, you clearly didn't pay attention to the movie.

  80. author

    Connor Weir2 horas atrás

    Dwayne doesn't play Duke in the second movie

  81. author

    Clayton Bearden2 horas atrás

    He got that axe pick out in time, because he's Jack motherfuking Drake Croft!!

  82. author

    Martin Gardner2 horas atrás

    Like Alien in 1979, I see scientists are still examining alien shit they've never seen before in an open room with absolutely no protection. I'd want 10-foot concrete walls with only cameras to see in the inside until I knew what was in there was safe.

  83. author

    Nunya Bizness2 horas atrás

    Shadow Mode is essentially a mirror-esque mode for robots. So move your left arm the robot moves it's right arm, so.... In your face

  84. author

    Dav Bj2 horas atrás

    The only thing wrong with volcano is volcano this movie is terrible

  85. author

    Artem Bentsionov2 horas atrás

    No sin for two ties?

  86. author

    Gerald Laing2 horas atrás

    Cinemasins should do the Ted movies. I love those movies, but watching him decimate them might be even funnier than the movies

  87. author

    Alex Fernandes2 horas atrás

    it was ever explained why cinema sins hate logos?

  88. author

    justi leaf2 horas atrás

    another sin is that when Brian enters the street race his car does not have a rear view mirror but when he is racing, the rear view mirror is in his car

  89. author

    Darth Vader2 horas atrás

    I like the movie, the sequel is better

  90. author

    hugehappygrin2 horas atrás

    @18:15 The women would not have butt length hair.

  91. author

    Corey I2 horas atrás

    Isn't that just from the history of wesorose things

  92. author

    Ben Langham2 horas atrás

    anyone else waiting for endgame edition

  93. author

    PixelNymph2 horas atrás

    "to swap scot spit with William Wallace here" that's racist ;)

  94. author

    ThatDarnKitteh2 horas atrás

    Jeeziss. I suppose I'm just too dumb to find this movie clever. I get the premise but it's just shoved in your face for way too fucking long. You find yourself saying "jeeziss another daydream? We get it already! It's symbolic and it's a coping mechanism. ARE WE DONE HERE!?"

  95. author

    Ariel Biber Tripathy2 horas atrás

    I found a sin. When Miles first met Peter B in the graveyard, he got his spidey sense, making him aware of Peter's powers. Peter didn't get his sense just because he was unconcious, probably? After he woke up, he got his sense but Miles did not because he had already got it. But, how did the trio get their spidey sense 2 f***ing times after meeting noir, spider ham and peni?

  96. author

    Desolate Hound3 horas atrás

    Captain planet, rise of the silver Ninja Surfer.

  97. author

    Ivan Bartimeus3 horas atrás

    I even though at first this was amateur movie made for school project

  98. author

    Connor Weir3 horas atrás

    F*ck this movie, f*ck this movie inparticular

  99. author

    Anett Christensen3 horas atrás

    He is pretty much My fucking father 🤬 and he pretty much still is 🤬 haven't seen him in 10 years 🤬