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Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Killers and survivors, welcome!
This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

Dead By DaylightDead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

Anos atrás

Dead By DaylightDead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

Anos atrás

  1. author

    karl kivisilla7 horas atrás

    Add jason voorhees whit machete and teleport,+stalk and a surviver

  2. author

    nicolas zacou8 horas atrás

    Au lieu de sortir des truc payant , corriger tout les bug de votre jeu . L'équilibrage est vraiment a chier

  3. author

    Boy!10 horas atrás

    Fix the damn servers and matchmaking on PS4. Can't find a damn match

  4. author

    BenGamerSpartan7_YT12 horas atrás

    Next killer should be Predator AKA the Creature (U guys can come up with an other name) the Weapon should be the Weapon similar to the pig a top of his arm and the power should be like dashing while being ready to do the M1 attack 3 times and if the killer hits a survivor it gets a 4 second M1 hit cool down Well btw it's my opinion

  5. author

    jordan simms13 horas atrás

    1.Ash from evil dead- 2.Leather face from Texas chainsaw massacre- 3.Ghost face from scream- 4.Freddy Kruger and qutien Smith from nightmare on elm Street 2010- 5.The pig and detective tapp from saw- 6.Steve Harrington,Nancy Wheeler and demogorgon from stranger things- 7. Bill from left 4 dead- 8.michael Myers and Laurie strode from Halloween- Michael Myers is by far the best crossover character in my opinion.

  6. author

    AnonyMusse [RBLX]13 horas atrás

    Bill's BACK!

  7. author

    Christian Jesus Rebotica14 horas atrás

    Ive been waiting for too long Now ive seen it THANK YOU😍😍😍

  8. author

    Gacha_Song Boy15 horas atrás

    in dead by daylight there should be a scheme if you are dying on the floor and you have a medical kit you can heal on the floor because it would be weird you have a medical kit on hand and need help being able to heal '-'

  9. author

    David Shooks15 horas atrás

    Why he say demogorgan like that??

  10. author

    Zenix Kiryu16 horas atrás

    Really good job with this one, balanced killer and characters along with a awesome trailer and soundtrack

  11. author

    Lance Vizuete16 horas atrás

    You guys should do "Scary Story's to tell in the Dark" monsters

  12. author

    CATDude16 horas atrás

    0:56 The Demo-Gore-Gon

  13. author

    Shamz17 horas atrás

    Next should be Pennywise

  14. author

    Barca 1017 horas atrás

    They should have made the lockers a silver or grey color instead of red ones and also instead placing them in hooks they should be placed on the wall but the weird sticky tentacle things keep them stuck until someone helps them get out

  15. author

    Rachel Rodriguez19 horas atrás

    Well Dwight got rekt and why did he not move is he AFK because o would scream bloody murder and run (yeah I’m a boy

  16. author

    Amarion Burks19 horas atrás

    I just watched this but was that the spirit before she became a spirit and just got killed?

  17. author

    JackTheDiamond19 horas atrás

    I wonder who Is after demogorgon

  18. author

    Arcien20 horas atrás

    6:00 Something I really appreciate they did for this mori is to muffle the sound when Dwight's face is being eaten. I dig the approach and attention to detail here.

  19. author

    Raven20 horas atrás

    I think Steve And Robin would’ve been perfect.Nancy is a great character but would be better with Jonathan.Also,I know their kids,but have a pack for Dustin and Erica.Or Maybe Dustin and Robin

  20. author

    Hobbs21 hora atrás

    And from that moment forward, dbd would never be the same

  21. author

    eat me bitch22 horas atrás

    *The only thing that I would ask for is a chapter called "One Hell of a Night"* it will include: •A Mansion Map (Masquerade Ball Party) •A Formal Killer (Blank Face Mask With A Suit On) •A survivor (Female, with a damaged gown)

  22. author

    Mr. Doge22 horas atrás

    *Sees killer vault pallet* Me: *disconnected*

  23. author

    Saffron62323 horas atrás

    Yeesh get me out of here. This guy's sick

  24. author

    Jakub Dura23 horas atrás

    I thought Steve would have a perk called bad haircut

  25. author

    William DoanDia atrás

    Ok now put amnesia the dark descent monsters in!

  26. author

    RyanatorDia atrás

    You just got banboozled

  27. author

    Callum ByrneDia atrás

    Is it true that Dead by Daylight 🎮 is not for PlayStation 4 pro 😢

  28. author

    EL TERMYDia atrás

    Haver si arreglais el mierda de juego que solo saven reparar no se puede jugar y ustedes sentados y ganando dinero que asco que dais

  29. author

    HansaOsi 1965Dia atrás

    Wie scheiße seit ihr fixt doch erstmal die ganzen bugs und bringt doch nicht so eine scheiße fickt euch

  30. author

    Lezbunny69Dia atrás

    Where is Pennywise?? We been asking for him since day one!! Make it happen. I'll pay whatever... seriously😏

  31. author

    Epic Gamers UniteDia atrás

    the band was amazing!

  32. author

    - kYstDia atrás

    Вот так появилась наша любимая помоечка

  33. author

    Epic Gamers UniteDia atrás

    0:43 that ok sign that's pretty epic

  34. author

    Shagerith VidsDia atrás

    Dead by dead light you need to add IT(penny wise) and have the newest penny wise as the regular and the old Tim curry version as a dlc version and when he goes to slash them make his hand turn into a ware wolf hand

  35. author

    Benj 2006Dia atrás

    IT next please

  36. author

    Harry HoldenDia atrás

    Great now we need a xenomorph

  37. author

    碧藍神楽(アイヅキ)Dia atrás


  38. author

    Diorange 『Journey of the Sorcerer』Dia atrás

    Harry Warden should be next to be added he needs some attention

  39. author

    T.M.S. StoneaxeDia atrás

    i love how the legions trailer made it seem like they were doing the disguiser killer that they said they weren't gonna make and no one seems to remember/care

  40. author

    shane saisoDia atrás

    THE LEGION Wow this is useless

  41. author

    Bryan GDia atrás

    Can please put it back please BC THEY LOOK BETTER WITH THE HAIR MOVING

  42. author

    YandelGamingDia atrás


  43. author

    WlposDia atrás

    Of the abyss Pig crying in the corner

  44. author

    Evan and EarlDia atrás

    Love this mans voice

  45. author

    Mike AlinanDia atrás

    Strong language no one talks only scream

  46. author

    Cris DubbzDia atrás

    Hey I’m not going to play Steve if he doesn’t have his scoops ahoy outfit

  47. author

    sylorknagDia atrás

    Guys. Wasn't here that they showed an awesome animation video? I can't find it anywhere

  48. author

    Mouzekiller83Dia atrás

    can we get "candyman" next? i would tripping balls!

  49. author

    Odette RodriguezDia atrás

    Come on I can’t pay 😭

  50. author

    spoodergamer805Dia atrás

    I live in Alberta, am I the legion 🤔

  51. author

    Dylanator 106Dia atrás

    Pennywise next and the power should be shapeshifting into a survivor and an additional power

  52. author

    Angela HowardDia atrás

    0:47 me when I trying to see if my parents or up lol

  53. author

    Booker RaymoneDia atrás

    When I bought arucic cells i payed and gave me twenty if I don’t get my money i will sue you

  54. author

    Gamer David WarriorDia atrás

    Dead by daylight can you please add at custom match bots

  55. author

    Jotaro KujoDia atrás

    Meanwhile I’m still waiting for my Dead by daylight to get fixed. Thanks DbD for letting me deal with error 302! It’s been 2 months now..

  56. author

    N_ape_ ZDia atrás

    They need to do pennywise in dead by daylight

  57. author

    Danny ROSAS and friends gamingDia atrás

    Please don't delete ghostface

  58. author

    Anthony WilkinsDia atrás

    So where's IT? Where's Chucky? DBD you said there was nothing off the table don't you lie to me

  59. author

    Goofy_GooberDia atrás

    Steve should have gotten a perk called mother goose

  60. author

    S.ZDia atrás

    I still don’t understand why they didn’t add Jonathan :(

  61. author

    Abcdif2 dias atrás

    one of the best killers yet

  62. author

    Anthony Santangelo2 dias atrás

    Will it be available for the Switch version?

  63. author

    Violence2 dias atrás

    there needs to be a cosmetic called doug-demogorgon. and its just a looong as hat

  64. author

    langko88 brothers2 dias atrás

    i need more new killer :predator

  65. author

    Viewed Bull2 dias atrás

    Remove endgame please

  66. author

    jecab advertising2 dias atrás

    the saw is my favorite charcater

  67. author

    Verran Fehlberg2 dias atrás

    Steve is so OP pls nerf

  68. author

    What are you looking at2 dias atrás

    Bruh when he do Mori, can he just eat the whole head instead of sucking it

  69. author

    Yuri ‘2 dias atrás

    Her lullabies are so relaxing

  70. author

    Gavin Nulle2 dias atrás

    next chapter pls pls put pennywise and beverly in dead by daylight in the sewers

  71. author

    сосал максу паверу2 dias atrás

    spoonlight ..moon..

  72. author

    P5yC1ops _2 dias atrás

    I think the developer team. Is team steve

  73. author

    Harland PEEL2 dias atrás

    Yo Dwight had the most weirdest scream lmao 😂

  74. author

    モエニャーmoe moe2 dias atrás

    michael myers : shit.. we had pig.. now we have plants...

  75. author

    Mystery Man2 dias atrás

    Id be cool if Legion had a Dissociated identity disorder, and the perks and other actions are each personality fronting.

  76. author

    Jack9181 Tv2 dias atrás

    They need a older female, Will's mother Joyce Byers would have been better than Nancy Wheleer.

  77. author

    Pinecone Animations2 dias atrás

    I’ve gone from liking to hating Steve and then back to liking and then hating him again But now I like him

  78. author

    Explosion Nightmare2 dias atrás

    Change steve's voice.. His so loud and whiny bring Joe Keery

  79. author

    Kenneth Mcalpine2 dias atrás

    The same bright red broken down lockers don't show up as well in a science lab environment. It looks ridiculous.

  80. author

    Blaise Viola2 dias atrás

    you know there are other chapter spotlight you never told us

  81. author

    Stephanie Mccoy2 dias atrás

    Love this

  82. author

    louc l2 dias atrás


  83. author

    Downed Biker Dad2 dias atrás

    Next chapter Child's Play welcoming Charles Lee Ray as CHUCKY!

  84. author

    Dallas Lindsey2 dias atrás

    New content aside, this actually raises a lot of interesting questions regarding DBD lore. How does time in the realm of The Entity equate to time in other realities? If DBD takes place at the same time as Stranger Things, Nancy and Steve would disappear from the show, which obviously hasn't happened. So does that mean The Entity doesn't actually steal people from their respective dimensions, but instead creates some sort of copies of them? And while not fully represented in-game, it's clearly stated that the Demogorgon uses the Upside Down to travel between its portals. So does that mean that The Entity has also created a version of the Upside Down in its realm? And if so, could we possibly see a new map or map variant taking place in the Upside Down itself? I actually think the lore of DBD is woefully under discussed for how interesting and potentially Lovecraftian it is. In the meantime, I'm just happy to be able to play as this sweet, pale, blooming flower faced boi!

  85. author

    CyanZide2 dias atrás


  86. author

    marge j ocampo2 dias atrás

    The DEM-A-GOR-GAAAAAAN Ahh yes enslaved souls

  87. author

    Jayme Brown2 dias atrás

    Please have The Creeper! Jeepers, Jeepers and a new map with the school bus! Please! And also the big baby from the movie Thirteen Ghosts. The mother that fed her child to much

  88. author

    NEVARBEGGG KEK2 dias atrás

    give me legion idiots

  89. author

    Toxic llama2 dias atrás

    Wouldn't it be so cool if they put a real killer in the game like the imfamous jack the ripper

  90. author

    Keven Ravendale2 dias atrás

    Nice, but when will they come up with a Silent Hill chapter? Have you forgot about horror classics ? Pyramid Head would be one of a badass killer

  91. author

    Chomper 7312 dias atrás

    I have a fan DLC but it's gonna look crappy because I'm that that good at crown g I have the perks and ability and Mori too

  92. author

    Shaun the real tomb raider god2 dias atrás

    Stranger things is now rated R

  93. author

    Naithyn Sanchez2 dias atrás

    Your mom so lazy

  94. author

    Alejandro Navarrete Larive2 dias atrás

    Developers of dead by Daylight. I have an idea for a new killer. You can make like a native american killer which can turn into a werewolf for a short time, It gains this hability when he attacks several survivors , when its a werewolf he can track the survivors in a short radium and attacks them this hability has a cooldown. I would love to see this in a future DLC. Thanks for your attention.

  95. author

    Xules2 dias atrás

    not wasting my time with this game anymore.

  96. author

    YouAreTheLink2MyZelda XXX2 dias atrás

    There should be a dead by daylight special where the killer can have all perks and so can the survivors. I really wanna see how that goes down.

  97. author

    Error Error2 dias atrás

    “There’s nothing to big for us” Ok good for you but this big thing for players are the HIT BOXES

  98. author

    Celina2 dias atrás

    Am I the only one who somehow really wants Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 Remake in dead by daylight? With Leon and Claire as survivors, THAT'D BE AWESOME!😍

  99. author

    BasicallyIamAwesome 72 dias atrás

    *killer gets looped and and all five gens are finished* Entity: Fine then i'll do it myself

  100. author

    peter perez2 dias atrás

    Damn looking back at this dbd was better