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Android Q hands-onAndroid Q hands-on

Android Q hands-on

6 meses atrás

  1. author

    Thorsteinn LavoqueHora atrás

    I would buy the new Pixel XL myself

  2. author

    Sean McNicholsHora atrás

    Watch OS 6 is compatible with the series 1.

  3. author

    i ate a mattressHora atrás

    2021: adds like 4 cameras

  4. author

    Gang GangHora atrás

    I have an iPhone 8, and I really want the iPhone 11 or XR

  5. author

    LifeOfPiiiHora atrás

    I really don't comment on often but my my, you guys did an amazing job here with this video.

  6. author

    Rafael RaudesHora atrás

    Keeping my Series 4, no significant changes on this one for me

  7. author

    quartetMusicHora atrás

    Where’s the apple haters at?

  8. author

    Tom CaswellHora atrás

    “Your watch doesn’t need to be refreshing that often when you’re not looking at it.” Correct. You could say it actually doesn’t need to be on at all. I never understood why people needed an always-on screen. When you’re not looking at it, it’s schrodinger’s watch. It’s both and off at the same time.

  9. author

    Tyler BarronHora atrás

    Sleep tracking is pretty lame if you have the charge the watch every day which is why I stopped buying smart watches and just bought a fitness band, and Android smartwatches ain't it for me

  10. author

    Sam YoderHora atrás

    I've been on Android for a while now and the one thing that consistently drives me to switch back to Apple is the watch

  11. author

    Dj One IllHora atrás

    Hey can you tell me if the sensors on the bottom of the Apple watch still can’t read though tattoos or can it now ? I hope so cuz I have a full sleeve tattoo and would like to get the Apple Watch

  12. author

    Gwilym JamesHora atrás

    Mastodon 🤟

  13. author

    vnqHora atrás

    Keep the phone you have. Don't upgrade. Not worth it.

  14. author

    Gabriel JimenezHora atrás

    Great review and great smartwatch, I think is more for series 3 users and earlier versions.

  15. author

    DomskyifyHora atrás


  16. author

    Anh PhamHora atrás

    Mint or purple 🤔

  17. author

    Aditya NarasimhanHora atrás

    These B rolls are on par with the Apple ads! OMG!

  18. author

    Edwin SanchezHora atrás

    The only reason I would switch to iOS. The apple watch is really amazing. Hoping for a pixel watch tho lol

  19. author

    Sir Ton M.D.Hora atrás

    Sir, pls. Review the Hermes Edition. ..

  20. author

    harsha1306Hora atrás

    Hi I'm an android user, I currently have a Gear S3. I hate it with every fiber of my being. I will get a Fitbit next since Google won't make a watch.

  21. author

    Valeria TellurHora atrás

    I really don’t know should I upgrade from Iphone 8 or not... I’m interesting in portrait camera and what’s better: Xr or 11? It’s tooooo hard!

  22. author

    Cedrick SalmasanHora atrás

    Hiiii !! I want to have one😭😭 i've been using my iphone 5s 8 years from now. I really want to have one but it's very expensive i can't afford it. I hope you help me to give a gift like this.😭🤞🏻

  23. author

    Krispy KleenHora atrás

    Sorry to say but I'm ok with the camera on my current phone. No upgrade needed.

  24. author

    Renovatio2142Hora atrás

    verge apple commerical series....

  25. author

    Mr.LocoLemonHora atrás

    Title: best camera on a phone. Me: say sike right now

  26. author

    Zeus FloresHora atrás

    I don’t have an Apple Watch and never experienced wearing/using one, but I love these kind of videos. I simply love technology

  27. author

    VR KONSTRUKTHora atrás

    My Samsung LTE had "always on" since last year, I can also send text messages.

  28. author

    Eric RollinsHora atrás

    I like the Note 10 far more. A lot of this is preference.

  29. author

    Paul ParadisoHora atrás

    I'm thinking that maaaaaybe I will get the iPhone 11 (6.1 inch) because I want the improved camera, specifically because of that Night Mode (which I suppose that has the same performance as the Pro models except for the telephoto camera). Currently I have an iPhone XS (5.8 inch) and I don't want to spend more than a thousand dollars in a phone again to get the Pro.

  30. author

    Ahmed RahimHora atrás

    Great review as usual Dieter.

  31. author

    Mukaila KazeemHora atrás

    I don't understand how you can just say that the Apple watch is clearly the best when you can't even go more than one day, it doesn't track sleep, Galaxy watch can reply text messages, go for at least 2 days, etc. It may be there best for iPhone. But not overall.

  32. author

    Chijioke Mac-EzeHora atrás

    0:35 whoever is doing these intros should keep up keeping up 🔥

  33. author

    Joshua FloHora atrás

    I will buy the Apple watch when it looks as good as a normal watch

  34. author

    joitsHora atrás

    Been holding off on getting an Apple Watch for awhile now... but I think it finally may be time to get one.

  35. author

    Victor MuthokaHora atrás

    At this point Dieter can bleat like a goat & I'll still like it 😂😂😂.

  36. author

    marcel151Hora atrás

    Thank you for saving my money this year, Apple! Even with a Series 3, I won't upgrade this year. As a shiftworker I am waiting for Apple's Sleep Tracking function which hopefully will work well (that's why it's still not there I think). Yes, I am using Sleep Tracking right now with AutoSleep, but I think Apple will do a great job. Waiting for the Series 6 with Sleep Tracking!

  37. author

    Kalpak ShahHora atrás

    I love the Verge videos are getting so much better and so honest.!:)

  38. author

    Victor FurdeanHora atrás

    haha, Dieter blasting some Mastodon at 5:43

  39. author

    The Original ONIONHora atrás

    I’m getting an Apple Watch 5

  40. author

    Paul DHora atrás

    Fossil do make pretty good smart watches that are compatible with both iOS and Android - the difference is the price tag (although watch series 3 is now closer to Fossils price)... But the integration between Apple Watch and iOS is what makes it work. At the end of the day it depends on what you need a smart watch for and how much you are willing to pay - $400 is a lot for some people when a $150 watch is good enough (it might not be fast and great, but it gets the job done). I think Apple really need to make a companion app for android users OR make an Apple Watch that is completely independent ... they are missing out on anyone that doesnt have an iphone

  41. author

    Akshay AjithHora atrás

    Water resistance and dust resistance ?

  42. author

    Baby NamesHora atrás

    Nice Phone🎉

  43. author

    markreif1Hora atrás

    Series 4: steel, sapphire, ceramic - I'll stick with it. Always on? I have Galaxy Watch that I never use that option with so Apples inclusion doesn't do anything for me.

  44. author

    Mr.SalplingHora atrás

    I still own an iPhone 6 and wanted to upgrade, ut since there is STILL no USB-C or 120hz display, I have to wait another year /(._.)\

  45. author

    Kort KramerHora atrás

    Great review. Though I love the added camera and better display and battery life of the Pro, I think the value of the 11 wins out.

  46. author

    Ricky HoHora atrás

    Ambient noise meter only on series 5??

  47. author

    Mike AtkinsonHora atrás

    are they still using Sony sensors..... 8-)

  48. author

    Le khuong thanhHora atrás

    ⛔⛔😉😉6️⃣6️⃣ vantudongrk com Great AW5 . Like 👍👍👍

  49. author

    christianHora atrás

    how does dieter look 10 years older in this video???

  50. author

    Kyle WyszynskiHora atrás

    I’m finally upgrading from the 1st generation apple watch and I’m stoked!!

  51. author

    Marc NeuHora atrás

    The size of the iPhone 11 Pro is for me the biggest argument for the Pro. 5.8 inches or the case size is good.

  52. author

    Christopher ArochaHora atrás

    Finally! Upgrading from my iPhone XS Max!

  53. author

    Just DriveHora atrás

    What’s the music in this video? It’s glorious

  54. author

    Shalin MehtaHora atrás


  55. author

    Don OchettiHora atrás

    The next iPhone will be a phone that can only take pictures. They will call it a camera and it'll be _revolutionary_

  56. author


    I love the fact that you give your honest opinion already right in the beginning instead of talking around it until the very end 😊😃💪 (still watching it till the end tho)

  57. author

    逃げ専兵士Hora atrás


  58. author

    beetrootHora atrás

    Feels like I'm watching an ad

  59. author

    Lim He LiumHora atrás

    is weird apple is the best it is inclusive with its own apps and devices... how can being inclusive is the thing that make apple waatch the best... lol...

  60. author

    Wally WallyHora atrás

    I'm very bored over phones 💤💤💤💤💤

  61. author

    G00GLE SucksAtPrivacyHora atrás

    I’ve ordered a Series 5 Titanium to replace my Series 2 Stainless Steel. Something I’ve not seen anyone mention is that the Aluminum Watches get the standard 1 year warranty but the Apple Watch Edition & the Hermès come with a 2 year warranty.

  62. author

    Abdulsalam Bande2 horas atrás

    This guy is a very good reviewer

  63. author

    Don Ochetti2 horas atrás

    The next iPhone will be a phone that can only take pictures. They will call it a camera and it'll be revolutionary.

  64. author

    Gingi Dani2 horas atrás

    I have the 4. My main reason for owning this is because I have narcolepsy and have falls sometimes. It sends emergency messages to my emergency contacts when it detects a fall. This has saved my life. I’m glad not much has changed with the 5 so I don’t need to upgrade right now. Thanks for this awesome review

  65. author

    Raveen Bikha2 horas atrás

    So not a just normal always on display that dynamic change refresh rate

  66. author

    Ryan Thomas2 horas atrás

    I just don't understand why Apple hasn't released some kind of watch face designer. I'd much rather be able to personalize the watch face to exactly what I want.

  67. author

    Calvin Hicks2 horas atrás

    Great review, but not enough upgrades for me to move from Apple Watch 4. I hope the AW6 will have a camera because that will be a reason for me to seriously consider an upgrade. Thanks for the review!

  68. author

    Andrew Tran2 horas atrás

    Lack of sleep tracking is unacceptable at this time.

  69. author

    SheARatchetBro2 horas atrás

    And I’m stuck with iPhone 4s

  70. author

    CrazzzzzzzzyLarry2 horas atrás

    Incredibly thorough and detailed review with examples and commentary. Thanks for this overview!

  71. author

    Francesco Varrato2 horas atrás

    A watch that can't keep the charge for 24h is wasted money, no matter if it can even make coffee or fill your tax return.

  72. author

    AtomicShadow642 horas atrás

    Galaxy watches had all these features for years..... Welcome to 2019 Apple 🤣

  73. author

    Atakan2 horas atrás

    I will switch to Apple products if they figure out the battery life issues.

  74. author

    Carol St Andrew2 horas atrás

    I have a red iPhone 7 a thinking of upgrading 11 or 11 pro. I generally upgrade every 2 years. Is the size dramatic?

  75. author

    Mohsen M. Amrei2 horas atrás

    Still useless. Sad to see you waste your money and time on worthless things. Do something useful.

  76. author

    Allan Ojeda2 horas atrás

    Of course your doing the job of Apple. The best iPhone and the best smart watch. Stop it please.

  77. author

    Keegan Goerz2 horas atrás

    Nilay really said it on The Vergecast when he brought up the extra finishes. Buying the fancier finishes and then wanting to upgrade only a year later is brutal

  78. author

    XJD2 horas atrás

    Sponsored buy Apple! 😂☝🏻

  79. author

    Andrew Tran2 horas atrás

    These guys should implement always on display on their iPhones

  80. author

    RizzyWow2 horas atrás

    I love my Apple Watch 4 - I don't see much of a reason to upgrade myself, but if anyone does pick up a series 5, you're in for a treat!

  81. author

    Marvin Mosby2 horas atrás

    I like the always on display, but my series 4 is still great.

  82. author

    Caleb Muhl2 horas atrás

    Got my Pixel 3 for $300 so I'm not convinced that it's $400 better...

  83. author

    BraidedRanter 500-200kbps2 horas atrás

    Basically its the display thats making this thing fricked

  84. author

    Costakies2 horas atrás

    The Best camera ??! LoL

  85. author

    Clarence Domingo2 horas atrás

    best video review for the camera especially. great comparisons

  86. author

    The Big Shebang2 horas atrás

    Came for the watch. Stayed for Deiter. But on the real, I’ll be keeping my Series 4. It does almost everything the Series 5 can do. I’ll be holding on for a while.

  87. author

    Datrox2 horas atrás

    iPhone XS or iPhone 11?

  88. author

    Manjnerd Productions2 horas atrás

    Why does everyone think that there is no good options for Android smartwatchs? The Samsung Galaxy Watch is really good.

  89. author

    Rob Richard2 horas atrás

    Im a Fitbit fan

  90. author

    Marquise Ivra2 horas atrás

    Small correction, Samsung's smartwatches do show color with their always on displays. It just depends on the watchface. It's been on several generations.

  91. author

    Phillip Perez2 horas atrás


  92. author

    Isa Alsowaileh2 horas atrás

    Note 10 seems to be the best

  93. author

    Isa Alsowaileh2 horas atrás

    Note 10 seems to be the best

  94. author

    PlayStation_ Gamer32142 horas atrás

    Yeh I'll stick to my Samsung s5 you know very good o can open the back and I can get and sd card can iPhone do that hmmm

  95. author

    LEXPIX2 horas atrás

    Nice, the camera array is what sold me as a photo geek myself.

  96. author

    カールピルキントン2 horas atrás

    Reverse charging from iPhone New design +50% faster CPU than last year These will make me buy one. Maybe Series 7, I guess.

  97. author

    ThatGuyGlenn2 horas atrás

    Nah have you seen the Samsung galaxy

  98. author

    M83 Collective2 horas atrás

    I demand to know the name of the complication @1:19 on the bottom, the three lines with the circle around it

  99. author

    Dhruv Chincholikar2 horas atrás

    Its ridiculous how you guys comparing the pixel 3 from last year to the iphone 11 from this year