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Pixel Buds 2 hands-onPixel Buds 2 hands-on

Pixel Buds 2 hands-on

4 meses atrás

  1. author

    Seungchul Lee10 horas atrás

    what is the apple watch leather strap that he wears? it looks good.

  2. author

    S叉V叉И xxvxx10 horas atrás

    On the outside of the iPhone fold apple should do the old school touch wheel that the iPods had, since their tech isn't there for outside/other side of the phone

  3. author

    Bram11 horas atrás

    Please get your facts straight.

  4. author

    johnmonk6611 horas atrás

    Idiots believe anything they hear. IT IS NOT GLASS, it scratches just as easy as plastic

  5. author

    Julilolmo 1911 horas atrás

    Waiting for this to be real

  6. author

    MR. CLICKBAIT13 horas atrás

    What controller did you use

  7. author

    Mukda Tarnawiecki13 horas atrás

    What happens when the robot breaks down?

  8. author

    Brendan Javadian13 horas atrás

    It has alot more merit than what The Verge is making it out to be. Obviously next year's model will have smoothed out all the rough edges🙏🔥🤘

  9. author

    Oxi Clean14 horas atrás

    Why does he talk so damn fast? 5:56 What does he mean by milli meter wave? What is all this nerd language? Not everybody is gonna know what youre talking about bro. And why is the background music always so loud in verge videos???

  10. author

    Connie Bauer14 horas atrás

    get a cheap treadmill + BRreporter videos.

  11. author

    The Brotherhood14 horas atrás

    Yo!!!! That ledger is a great idea! Nice.

  12. author

    Timo Genzen14 horas atrás

    Music = too loud

  13. author

    Wildman Fam15 horas atrás

    do i need an external power supply to use it with my macbook? Can I just plug it into my macbook and then be able to use other ports in the hub?-without powering the hub from a different source?

  14. author

    Dave Liao16 horas atrás

    Love that you whipped out the OG RAZR.

  15. author

    M4-A117 horas atrás

    Мне нравится этот дом

  16. author

    scott margerison17 horas atrás


  17. author

    MGR 9917 horas atrás

    16GB of RAM 512GB SSD $1600 Is that my laptop? Oh, no, it's a phone, like holy hell.

  18. author

    Clay W18 horas atrás

    OMG ONE step closer to Wall-E

  19. author

    Mykola Antoschuk18 horas atrás

    Everything I saw on Apple plus I have to pay an additional fee, couldn’t find anything to watch that was included. Sadly it’s free for a year I want to cancel that free subscription now.

  20. author

    Thomas18 horas atrás

    I hope apple will follow

  21. author

    Mina18 horas atrás

    The design of the truck to the design of the cars now is like the design of I-phone to the design of 50s telephones, only it didn't take so long. Genius work.

  22. author

    J C19 horas atrás

    1:43 No it's not LG Stylo has been out for years

  23. author

    Mike Trammell19 horas atrás

    Game emulators are badass

  24. author

    Manqoba Mkhwanazi20 horas atrás

    " 8 gigs of RAM which is ffine." and my laptop has 4 gigs of RAM

  25. author

    Thomas Fromentin20 horas atrás

    Escobar fold 2 is THE FOLDABLE PHONE of 2020

  26. author

    Ifelia Achorling20 horas atrás

    2019 : Samsung Galaxy Fold 2020 : Samsung Galaxy Flip 2021 : Samsung Galaxy Roll 2022 : Samsung Galaxy Origami

  27. author

    Patrick Tiao21 hora atrás

    harsh but true

  28. author

    Maulana22 horas atrás

    I miss dj koh

  29. author

    artem lumagbas22 horas atrás

    Yes ovvvvverrr priccccvvveee

  30. author

    Gluluman22 horas atrás

    Millions spent designing a burger robot yet in San Francisco just a few feet, human feces and stench of urine you can’t miss. Please Design a robot to clean your filthy streets, and house your million of homeless throughout the decrepit of state of California.

  31. author

    Julian Rollinson22 horas atrás

    I got the s10+ instead of another high spec phone soley because it has a 3.5mm aux audio jack- I shall wait until until samsung finally comes around and they release another one.. in like.. 4 years

  32. author

    Doru Suciu22 horas atrás

    The Macbook Pro 14", or Macbook Air 14" is the one I am waiting for

  33. author

    forty inches23 horas atrás

    can't wait

  34. author

    noreworksDia atrás

    Totally biased.

  35. author

    Physics CourseDia atrás

    Elon: This truck is a truck Crowd: woooooooowooaooooo

  36. author

    Random videosDia atrás

    I think moto needs to hire software developers for making the UI experience awesome.

  37. author

    Chris313Dia atrás

    And this week the S20 generation came out Damn, time flies..

  38. author

    DenisDia atrás

    Dude never hike up your sleeves on your "CEO-jacket"

  39. author

    miineDia atrás

    Don't know anyone who is willing to pay that much is looking at the price... I don't like Samsungs Gap. Moto with glass screen would be the best...

  40. author

    Timur TimakDia atrás

    Is there a function to steadify the records from Spectacles in the app itself?

  41. author

    Shubham TripathiDia atrás

    If the next iPhone had specs like these, tech reviewers would be salivating. But since its an S20, all you can say is, "it's a lot of specs"..

  42. author

    neohimselfDia atrás

    on the s20 lineup the e was dropped. I don't get why phones always get bigger. give me a OnePlus 8 Mini

  43. author

    Joaquin JimenezDia atrás

    sounds like progresive or math rock

  44. author

    Tito AloDia atrás

    What a lame title already...

  45. author

    DaemousDia atrás

    "I along with the rest of the internet, was super sceptical." And that's exactly how you should react. Question something untill you're given enough evidence to to think or to be proven otherwise.

  46. author

    Paul HoDia atrás

    What is that jacket?

  47. author

    Atorb TechDia atrás

    I think you have slowly avoided all the other verge reviewers and just doing all the reviews by yourself. Not good.

  48. author

    Raul MDia atrás

    I don’t think these phones or any phones for the matter should cost more than $1000..

  49. author

    SteveSpieldberg360Dia atrás

    *This review is sponsored by Samsung*

  50. author

    Ibrahim EssamDia atrás

    All comments about logo Is there anyone talking about real specs 😡 Not the leaked 😏

  51. author

    SavageGaming sDia atrás

    The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered, light commercial vehicle in development by Tesla, Inc. Three models have been announced, with range estimates of 250-500 miles (400-800 km) and an estimated 0-60 mph time of 2.9-6.5 seconds, depending on the model. Layout: Rear motor, rear-wheel drive; Dual- or tri-motor, all-wheel drive Also called: : Cybrtrk; Tesla Truck; Tesla Pickup; Related: Tesla Model 3 Platform: Tesla in-house

  52. author

    I'm a boring girlDia atrás

    checking in my pocket....nope just remembering that I don't work 😂😂😭

  53. author

    Callum OorandomDia atrás

    Much as I love these phones the prices are just disgustingly high. Would never pay anymore than £700 myself. Even though I love a great camera set up.

  54. author

    Joseph LemonDia atrás


  55. author

    Liz GilbesDia atrás

    Everyone: Elon musk Me, an intellectual: Elongated muskrat

  56. author

    Al JrDia atrás

    Inboard is now bankrupt and you can’t even find parts for the skateboard.

  57. author

    Poonam GuptaDia atrás

    Does s20 ultra have edge yes or not

  58. author

    kaleb PerezDia atrás

    Does this mean portable rpcs3

  59. author

    Mooca FratelloDia atrás

    O R I G A M I P H O N E S

  60. author

    HarrisonDia atrás

    maybe the reason that he doesn't seem very impressed is because of the leakes and stuff. imagine how much more impressive the galaxy s20 would be if not for the leakes and rumors.

  61. author

    Ken BreauxDia atrás

    I gotta ask what the hell difference it makes.

  62. author

    Timmy LiDia atrás

    Beautiful 4K

  63. author

    Dean SlegosDia atrás

    F L A T S C R E E N

  64. author

    Tooth andNailDia atrás


  65. author

    Jennifer CaskieDia atrás

    He needs to be poor!

  66. author

    Kylie AkeirasDia atrás

    I’m a September No patience, Likes everything to be perfect. Something with zodiac, anyway I HATE doing that. I just like doing the final versi9n first and for all. Not all these layers, I can’t. And I don’t have patience to take all that time, What, just WHAT am I going to do.

  67. author

    Saunsiaray BroussardDia atrás

    Very interesting. It would be nice to know the truth.

  68. author

    Reanetse MolelekiDia atrás

    Dieter is bored out of his mind.

  69. author

    ZakariyaPianoCoversDia atrás

    This phone with a better processor, camera and the same foldable glass screen technology that is used on the Z Flip would be reasonable for that price.

  70. author

    BQueenDia atrás

    Why is Microsoft releasing tech you'd expect to see in an 80's sci-fi movie?

  71. author

    pure uploadsDia atrás

    Verge is against Google

  72. author

    Russian BotDia atrás

    But there is an explanation why.... Why not?

  73. author

    redda2Dia atrás

    This guy got paid by Samsung?

  74. author

    david altmanDia atrás

    the shot that killed booth was not fired at the barn and by chance go through an opening. the guy who killed booth or whoever it was stuck his gun in one of the openings first and then fired. he saw who he was firing at, that`s how he hit him.

  75. author

    rjdraper205Dia atrás

    7.0 inch phone

  76. author

    PS3alive101Dia atrás

    What was the music used for iOS 7

  77. author

    B DDia atrás

    Razr is an icon and I am soo happy too see that they made it the real Razr again 🥰

  78. author

    SevenDia atrás

    They will kill us all.

  79. author

    Alfarez akbarDia atrás

    In my way, Microsoft just focus about designing hardware more ergonomic, simple but useful.