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VR Headset Test!VR Headset Test!

VR Headset Test!

Mês atrás

OnePlus 6T Unboxing!OnePlus 6T Unboxing!

OnePlus 6T Unboxing!

2 meses atrás

iPhone Xr Vlog!iPhone Xr Vlog!

iPhone Xr Vlog!

2 meses atrás



3 meses atrás

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    YaBoi M.O.EAnos atrás

    really enjoyed the content you ya page ill sub if you sub...

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    harveybruhAnos atrás

    Hey can you check out my vids and give feed back?

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    TheMaan2008Anos atrás

    I love you!! And your videos. (I've known you for a real long time, anyways!!!)

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    Donnie BunchAnos atrás

    Justine im a fellow BRreporterr can you plzz follow me on insta and can u plzz subscribe to me

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    Humberto Rodriguez2 anos atrás

    I Have Nothing but love for you Keep up the good work

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    pokemon567612 anos atrás

    just saw you on chopped junior a couple days ago as a judge

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    Chelsey Sandoval2 anos atrás

    One of the best youtubers that is have watched

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    Gordon Read2 anos atrás

    I'm sure your videos are great quality but the clickbait titles put me off and sadly I'll have to unsubscribe. Good luck with the whole youtuber thing

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    Andrew Hay2 anos atrás

    hi Justine i think your channel is very good

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    Noah2 anos atrás

    iJustine is AWESOME !!!

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    0 wigs left in Stock2 anos atrás

    can you do a giveaway pleaseeeeeee

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    mayo20012 anos atrás

    Why is iJustine still alone, or is she not? I wish I can be so confident.

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    Vasilis G.2 anos atrás

    Hey iJ, you should make an updated office/setup tour!

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    Phoebe !2 anos atrás

    please can you make another video about cooking christmas cokies or some sort of christms treats xxx i love your videos xx

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    James.2 anos atrás


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    Bohdis Mum2 anos atrás

    Hi Justine, long time watcher first time messager.... I was wondering what sort of router/modem do you use? I'm considering buying the airport extreme... Wanted to know your thoughts... :)

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    cause4152 anos atrás

    Simply because I can.

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    Sami2 anos atrás

    so you made that cringy airplane video ? nice.

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    Tsao Degarton2 anos atrás

    Hey, Justine. I m wondering if you got any advise on Stylish cases of my new Iphone 7 plus Jet Black for male. This is my first Iphone and it's jet black. Hopefully you have some suggestion about cases for it. Looking for some cases that ppl can see "oh, your phone is jet black". protective cases. or red which I like.

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    Jenna Mae2 anos atrás

    I live my life on youtube

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    Al__la_mode2 anos atrás

    hi justine im allison and you probs wont read it but you are my fav youtuber

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    Akkshaj2 anos atrás

    what happen why is it saying to change my password

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    Jeroen smit2 anos atrás

    is it really hacked?

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    Souleimen mahzoul2 anos atrás

    I love what you are doing with your drones, please continue like so :) and you are beautiful too ;)

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    Mike Lundy2 anos atrás

    you are being hacked, right at this moment....title by title is being changed, urls removed...

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    Anej2 anos atrás

    Justine was HACKED 😭

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    هاي انا من اليمن وهاد رقمي واتس اب737300885. ممكن

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    Quinn McCain2 anos atrás

    Hi Ijustine I have been a long time subscribers and an aspiring videographer, I love the new iPhone 7 plus and it's camera. But I am a little bit short on funds I know that it might seem like a plea but if you could send me an iPhone 7 plus in whatever condition I would be very grateful. -Quinn

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    jewel2 anos atrás

    hey Jus❤️ I love you a lot and thanks for being such a good person and making me happy all the time, I wouldn't know what to do without you.. I love you a lot , My Queen 💖

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    MackTheKnife1482 anos atrás

    please do the condom challenge with Jenna please it will be a lot of fun for u guys

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    BENJAMIN2 anos atrás

    IJustine Is An Amazing BRreporterr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You have 3 million subs and barley scrape 100 000 views per video in one week. your channel is dead. RIP

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    菊地トレイシー2 anos atrás

    i love your youtube^^

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    Nathan Everitt2 anos atrás

    Sorry about your camera! :(

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    Otasan2 anos atrás

    Hi,someone is might using your Photo for a fake FB Account. I think you should know.m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013501187954 Regards

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    Lillian Kidwell2 anos atrás

    i vote justine i love poo emoji cookie

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    Jimmy Carnall2 anos atrás

    Why no Os sierra tips please

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    Ava Sullivan2 anos atrás

    I love you

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    Art Z2 anos atrás


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    Hashtag Animesh2 anos atrás

    Do you play clash of clan..

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    Mr. SC2 anos atrás

    Justine, where did you buy the picture you have above your fireplace? Oh, and I just bought your book on Amazon.Thanks!

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    OkayJoanna2 anos atrás

    Justine you're hair is always on point!

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    Sarah Cain2 anos atrás

    I make excellent videos on different topics and would love everyone to come by to check them out.

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    Anna Xiong2 anos atrás

    Justine can you make a video about how to make panda cake pops plz! Love your vids! <3❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Ian Stagaman2 anos atrás

    @iJustine For class I need to send a written letter to you but I have no idea where to send it to, please help!

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    Kenny Yarmolchuk2 anos atrás

    ur so rich, you should buy my love :)

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    Immo Drones2 anos atrás

    My chanel for drones : brreporter.com/block-UC8mDOp1iB_Ln5HPhKhCbcTQ

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    Cronopoly2 anos atrás

    My brother and me are having an argument whether that was you in the Katy Perry - Vote Naked video. I swear it's you. Awesome!

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    Michael Coffey2 anos atrás

    After watching Boogie's video on how you treated him I wanted to sub even if i do not watch this content as much as this "main" channel.

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    Average Reviewer2 anos atrás

    i was told about this ijustine, i can't beleive there is a channel this popular dedicated to apple... REALLY?! you people actually like apple? LOL the thought of that makes me crack up, oh btw, i am not a troll, if you wish to debate me, i'm game.

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    masbarca12 anos atrás

    I wish 4 good live and long life.....just keep on .....

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    Miguel Contreras2 anos atrás

    just here 'cuz boogie vid

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    The House of Jokes2 anos atrás

    In one single word….Awesome youtube channel! (4) I liked your channel a whole lot. Thanks for revealing your information.

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    annoying orange subscribed to you iJustine!!!

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    Your A Beliber

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    I want to meet

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    em80702 anos atrás

    Terrible, terrible channel. Just terrible.

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    Saidani Khaled2 anos atrás

    hey jastine I m algeriane I love you

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    Yesenia Y2 anos atrás

    What camera models do you use to film? You can name all of them I will Google from there! Thank you Yerba Queen!

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    jenna ezarik2 anos atrás


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    jenna ezarik2 anos atrás


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    Richard Featherstone2 anos atrás

    keep up the good work!

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    Faye King2 anos atrás

    justine i was watching the vampire diaries and you are in a scene has a bar tender OMG

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    James Salthouse2 anos atrás

    Don't deserve all the success

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    Nikolina L2 anos atrás

    are u getting the new iphone 7 if u do unbox itplzz

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    tina2 anos atrás

    hey girl!#fromRo

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    Jamie Jones2 anos atrás

    are you going to camp out for the nwe iphone 7

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    *The * Twister * Sisters *2 anos atrás

    Please feature my channel me and my sister work so hard and only have 2 subscribers

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    jjust. jamie2 anos atrás

    I recently found your channel Justine and it's helped me grow mine with more clever content so Thankyou :) hopfully one day I will be half as good as you x

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    xxxYoung Dagger2 anos atrás

    I find it crazy how she has more subs than Nadeshot

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    BTS A.R.M.Y2 anos atrás

    In Baking You SUCK.Rosanna Pansino Is Much Better Than YOU.BETTER THAN YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.And I Also Know That You Also Suck In Cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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    I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Shrek2 anos atrás

    justine you should do the oreo challenge

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    CopyCat2 anos atrás

    i still cant elive she dosent have 10,000,000 subscribers!

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    Rowan Watkins2 anos atrás

    OMG You reached 3 million!!

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    Congratulations on 3 million c;

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    Richkitty2 anos atrás

    i thought she quit youtube?

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    Benjamin H.2 anos atrás

    YA 3,000,000!!!!! great job justine!

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    Gamer john2 anos atrás

    shes awesome

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    Amanda2 anos atrás

    How was sharknado 4 (the 4th awakens)?

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    Viper Jaysen2 anos atrás

    Please follow my Instagram, Justine.@jaysenjulian13

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    Ghostwolf99992 anos atrás

    Congrats on Sharknado 4 :P

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    Chris Lovvorn2 anos atrás

    hey justine sorry its just a dollar but its all i had on my card at the time. I've read your book it was obviously amazing to read i read it when took a trip to virgina. anyways I'm a big fan. and wanted to also know if you would follow me on instagram @chris.lovvorn i try to post good photos lol. your such a awesome person i hope to actually meet you one day. I've watched your videos since 2010 finding your apple store dance videos and finding out your into a lot of the same things I'm in to and i followed you ever since. love ya ij.

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    Jason Timely2 anos atrás

    lmao you died

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    yasmine moughraby2 anos atrás

    where are all of the beautiful cakes you have don in the past this is getting like a vlohchanel fix your self pleas

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    Stroch2 anos atrás

    Hey,could you use all that youtube revenue of yours to buy some talent?

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    Russell Milligan2 anos atrás

    so Justine how did you like getting buried alive in the new escape the night episode?

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    DIgitalAce2 anos atrás

    who else came right here after Escape the Night

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    Fashion Flow2 anos atrás

    Can u PRETTY plz (try) to make some cake pops?PLZ

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    SJ 1982 anos atrás

    this is a throwback but " what else happened back stage bella?!?!"

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    Benjamin H.2 anos atrás

    i just watched escape the night, u were soooooo good😺

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    Pie Mouse2 anos atrás

    contact her