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Lilly Singh
Lilly Singh

Spent thousands of dollars on tuition, graduated and got a degree. I make BRreporter videos now. I am also a happy unicorn that believes in one love. Join me on my adventures!!
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Stages of FOMOStages of FOMO

Stages of FOMO

Anos atrás

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    B00G3Y M4NDia atrás

    Well we dealt with it long b4 you were alive... You know? We let them into our homes to get the same freedoms and benefits we do? The question you need to be asking is how do you be grateful to the white people who allowed you to come to our homes and be prosperous, a simple thank you might be a good start, you are welcome.

  2. author

    Sneha VinothDia atrás

    Man do I miss these

  3. author

    ARDia atrás

    Not funny. Try harder

  4. author

    Kim VanteDia atrás

    did he say 'jai ho' or 'jhope' lol

  5. author

    Ess NjoraDia atrás

    No wings?? Hoooooooowwww????

  6. author

    Sydney TayDia atrás

    she is BRreporter's Oprah Wrinfrey

  7. author

    green autumnDia atrás

    Honestly me when I'm older

  8. author

    kaushal sharmaDia atrás

    It is an indian thing.... Same situation in every indian home. It's just so relatable

  9. author

    Coc private ServerDia atrás

    Shut up meg

  10. author

    Sense On FleekDia atrás

    What re the original songs?

  11. author

    Abraham MichaelDia atrás

    My mom is like dis

  12. author

    leanna lin xDia atrás

    “Or being single AF” Me: *laughs while watching this at 3am crying*

  13. author

    Sankarankutty RajuDia atrás hahaha...

  14. author

    Bhagwati IyerDia atrás

    3:21, omg I am def gonna say that to someone one day

  15. author

    Shalini ReddyDia atrás

    Hit a like all the brown girls

  16. author

    Eunice MugishaDia atrás

    Who else freaked out when she threw the PC

  17. author

    Aurora NoahDia atrás

    Why is she talking like a Afro American man? Is this is her real accent? 🤣

  18. author

    B DDia atrás

    Fist tweet was right . Fuckoff.. angry at the depravity

  19. author

    padmini MDia atrás

    You have no idea, my mom washes dishes that i just washed before. It's like re washing for her satisfaction

  20. author

    krishan garhwalDia atrás

    This literally happens with me everyday

  21. author

    Shaun MorinDia atrás

    Still not as bad as her NBA roast!!!

  22. author

    Eunice MugishaDia atrás

    Gee anyone gon talk about how she made it better than Migos themselves 💆💆

  23. author

    Vishal Kr. PrasadDia atrás

    Everything Adam Devine saying it makes me laygh

  24. author

    slayton21Dia atrás

    Better than the one Anna Akana made 👍

  25. author

    bin ibrahimDia atrás


  26. author

    padmini MDia atrás

    Kunal ❤❤❤😍❤❤

  27. author

    NightmareDia atrás

    The rude cardi b teacher tho 😂😂

  28. author

    Amelia HoughtonDia atrás

    My parents act the same way. So awkward at the table

  29. author

    BlinkOfAnEyeDia atrás

    “That’s different” “Said one of your eyebrow to your other”

  30. author

    Boost boostDia atrás

    is this comedy???

  31. author

    Boost boostDia atrás

    so unfunny

  32. author

    Divya PDia atrás

    Can someone send a link to that alarm tone? Sick beat, man.

  33. author

    Naiumunnisa AjmalDia atrás

    Watching this second time... Really have no words to ...tell.... very much impressive

  34. author

    RudGrlDia atrás

    super helpful!

  35. author

    Pizza SuicideDia atrás

    To target people and spread hate Then proceeds to bully her about her appearance Why do I have the taste of hypocrisy in my mouth?

  36. author

    Nathan TruongDia atrás


  37. author

    meme minaDia atrás

    You have no idea how much I want to yeet myself out of America

  38. author

    Danny22000Dia atrás

    This upvote addled social media junkie is not, and never will be Canadian. Imagine me, an actual Canadian,born from the stock that built Canada, having parents that moved to India, saying to everyone that I am Indian. Rediculous.

  39. author

    sad beanbagDia atrás

    This video is AIDS

  40. author

    pingasplayzDia atrás

    2:39 *Afghanistan and Pakistan do not have oil, had they any oil, they would have stability and a centralized government, and they would be rich af. But, alas, they haven't any oil and they are shitholes, just like India!

  41. author

    Sneaky SheepDia atrás

    This is HILARIOUS xd

  42. author

    LBthebookwormDia atrás

    This video reeks of hypocrisy

  43. author

    Jynx AnimationsDia atrás

    I’m still waiting for my friend to watch it with me

  44. author

    widi atmikoDia atrás

    Lol (his face was soo... Scary)

  45. author

    technique187Dia atrás


  46. author

    Lydia ReimannDia atrás

    OH MY GOD. YAY. MY TWO LITERAL FAVORITE YOU TUBERS ARE IN THE SAME VIDEO👏😭♥also,Shane,Lilly, please reply. This is going to sound ridiculously cliché but I'm you're #1 fan.♥👑

  47. author

    Charlotte RoseDia atrás

    My mom would be like "you are not gonna talk to that girl anymore" this doesn't work😢

  48. author

    LBthebookwormDia atrás

    This is how I feel about this video:

  49. author

    -JustThatAwkwardRavenPuff-Dia atrás

    Last one is such a karen

  50. author

    Lulu LullabyDia atrás

    The blond chick sounds like my mother

  51. author

    Nova Alcyone4920Dia atrás

    2:40 Haha Mean girls

  52. author

    Diego PereaDia atrás


  53. author

    Tianne LukeDia atrás

    Ngl I once raised my hand while talking to my friends just outta instinct lol

  54. author

    Vollie EspérerDia atrás

    Arab parents: when you shave ur mustache, it becomes green!

  55. author

    BrkylerDia atrás

    I hate america

  56. author

    Vollie EspérerDia atrás

    Disclaimer: this only works for white parents who dont hit. DO NOT DO IT WITH ARAB PARENTS

  57. author

    Clara RodriguezDia atrás

    It's 2020 I'm 11 and we have a VHS watching Hercules with no cable or u-verse lol s yo never had to explain that to me lol 😂😂😂

  58. author

    Garima MehtaDia atrás

    I love it when Jay calls “security”😇

  59. author

    Brandon channel gamingDia atrás

    The brat faceb

  60. author

    Wazira usmanDia atrás

    CANADA And USA Are Both In North But I Like Canada Way Better Than USA!😝😝🤣🤣🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Oh CANADA Our Home And Native Land 🇨🇦

  61. author

    SveiksmobileDia atrás

    And Karen ruins the day...again

  62. author

    Little SisterDia atrás

    Still jamming out to this in 2020

  63. author

    Nova Alcyone4920Dia atrás

    4:06 that’s what driving school teaches you Duh

  64. author

    brianna riveraDia atrás

    Celebrity crush is Nico Hischier from the New Jersey devils

  65. author

    WILLIAM HOLLADia atrás

    You earned your 12 G's

  66. author

    Oreo DoggoDia atrás

    0:51 Why does she have two raw eggs in her breakfast?

  67. author

    Sh0rty_jayDia atrás

    omg this was in 2015- 😭 time goes by fast

  68. author

    Harold RobinsonDia atrás

    Love that long hair

  69. author

    Sophia Richelle TriaDia atrás

    *When your the smallest in your friend group*

  70. author

    Stephanie MendozaDia atrás

    I love Kobe 😊 But he died 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺

  71. author

    Cupcake & Cookie DessertsDia atrás

    My grade 3 teachers name was mrs.Kelly 😂

  72. author

    Addy PecouDia atrás

    I am the ocean killer I take 3 hours sorry

  73. author

    Cupcake & Cookie DessertsDia atrás

    A Rhombus is right in front of me my lamp is a rhombus ... 😂

  74. author

    The Double HelixDia atrás

    Now I want to rewatch bollywood movies

  75. author

    Cupcake & Cookie DessertsDia atrás

    Am I the only one who watches her before u sleep because u want to feel happy before u sleep

  76. author

    Andrew HaddenDia atrás

    we have a leader problem i don’t know what she’s on

  77. author

    Leona RoxDia atrás

    Amazing job girl!!! rock!keep going

  78. author

    luca beltDia atrás

    I feel like the comedy is really state. I know that I am too old for this kind of humor but it doesn't really seem very funny. You should change your comedy a bit or adapt new comedy.

  79. author

    Tata ForeverDia atrás

    So like I had a crush on on a boy for four years and he like me for the first year a little bit and we were like really close friend Wise I guess , then he got like a girlfriend I I would be his friend Who listen to him talk about all the things and then he broke up with that girlfriend I I was like oh this is my chance and he told me he likes another girl and now he’s likes A different girl again and I told him like twice I liked him and the response was either oh I can’t your brothers or he just give me no answer but still lightly flirted and then I was with my best best friend friend and I was like oh u know my crush he really likes this girl I just some other stuff and he my crush found out I told my best best friend and he’s like oh you’re spreading rumors and I’ve been friends with him for four years like the friend I told it to is like my brother So I was a little sad but now i don’t exactly care about him that way and I’m just trying to become friends again So yea what’s your story 🖤

  80. author

    Arya PatilDia atrás

    Shows Mom bts's mv. Literally Nobody : Indian mom's : Wish my daughter was as pretty as them.

  81. author

    Blue Water SheepDia atrás

    The older child always get in trouble. “Your older, you should know better!”

  82. author

    Melanie vallesDia atrás

    I thought she was gonna say superwoman 😔😔

  83. author

    O•L•Y•V•I•A .H.Dia atrás

    *BROWN* PEOPLE, omg you make me laugh

  84. author

    jorge velasquezDia atrás

    That’s awesome 👏 so dope

  85. author

    rayyan a.Dia atrás

    Holy c... You actually got Charlize and this was hilarious!

  86. author

    xXwhere are the avocado?XxDia atrás

    My sis is the type of sister that is older than the younger sibling 12 years and is the most loving sis in the world

  87. author

    Pewdiepie Moonwalker 4lifeDia atrás

    My brother that had me dying😂😂

  88. author

    polski towarzyszDia atrás

    lilly: no swearing mark: *s t r u g g l e*

  89. author

    polski towarzyszDia atrás

    this is amazing, because be apart of the lgbtq community, it just, gives me *power*

  90. author

    Shady ShadesDia atrás

    *Doesn't mean you're older you are smarter person* . I'm not Indian . I'm a Filipino but the culture isn't that Far and is almost the same.

  91. author

    polski towarzyszDia atrás

    this is why i wanna move to canada <:)

  92. author

    A HamDia atrás

    My math teacher played this in one of his classes 😂

  93. author

    Shady ShadesDia atrás

    *When Mia Khalifa cover "Humble"* .

  94. author

    MSJ ShyDia atrás

    My grandma said to me “wrestling is fake” and in my mind I said “so is your hair” oh did I say in my mind no out loud

  95. author

    Tiff The MythDia atrás

    7:05 could be a tik tok

  96. author

    Xxitzmymy_ HerexxDia atrás

    I don’t know what’s happening here OH

  97. author

    Gaelle ExantusDia atrás


  98. author

    Geeky Music and ArtDia atrás

    Roses are red 🌹 That much is true 😶 But violet means PURPLE 💜 Not freaking blue 💙

  99. author

    Richard AdairDia atrás

    Soooooooo cool

  100. author

    Amber AwesomenessDia atrás

    Why I wear scrunches: