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3 meses atrás



4 meses atrás

  1. author

    Samriddhi SahaDia atrás

    To get 12 years of good luck Like this comment and reply which is your favorite shoe👟👞👢👠👡

  2. author

    Alyssa BrookeDia atrás

    Did Tal call Anthony his cock?

  3. author

    Steelers fan 19Dia atrás

    I’m 5ft 4in and my score was 230

  4. author

    Rohaan QureshiDia atrás

    bro cmon it's a papaya 😑😑😑😑😑

  5. author

    Allanah's vlogDia atrás

    She's so white omg she's so ⬜⬜⬛⬜⬜ this teeth ahahhaha she assuming

  6. author

    Wafa MusidDia atrás

    Omg I love how they hyped everyone up so cutee

  7. author

    Raj KamalDia atrás

    The second story reminded me of train to busan😨

  8. author

    Mike willDia atrás

    If ANY! male sports caster/ coach did this, his career would be OVER! and the "ME TOO" would be screaming for his execution

  9. author

    Scrublord367Dia atrás

    Its not that we cant go that deep its just nobody wants to. Too damn scary.

  10. author

    Alohagirl 54Dia atrás

    Why text or call when you could just not reply or socialize

  11. author

    MonaLisa SweetheartDia atrás

    Ridiculous!!! Lady, your sister is NOT healthy!! I couldn't eat that in 2 weeks even!!! It would probably take me a whole month to even get close to what she eats in one day, like how??? What!?! Is this for real??? I am so confused, ugh!!!! Just, WOW, completely speechless right now, seriously,!!! 🙄😜😔

  12. author

    Robert YTDia atrás

    1:18 The song is in Romanian. I would know. Because i'am Romanian :3

  13. author

    Divine d LonerDia atrás

    My childhood😂😂

  14. author

    DIFRINDia atrás

    Bts are always the best 🌍👑👑🔥👑😍👑😍👑💖👑

  15. author

    EnzoRBLXDia atrás

    You call a baby a object? I’m disappointed. ._.

  16. author

    Suju MangerDia atrás

    Bro wht bout our Nepali, Indian, Filipino, Burmes, Mong, Indonesian, and other asian brother and sisters cause Thai/viet, Korean,Chinese and Japanese aren’t the only Asians

  17. author

    BrainGamingDia atrás

    I am a freaking fisherman... like if u r 2

  18. author

    Wileria FlowlerDia atrás

    The name of the "Dopleganger" of Ariana is Paige... She is a friend of Brent Rivera... duhh

  19. author

    potato armyDia atrás

    So if nothing is free Love isnt free

  20. author

    some kid named joshDia atrás

    i have a bit of brown in my eye

  21. author

    Dorita TheQueeenDia atrás

    I Want TAL So Bad I Hope His Girlfriend Cheats On Him So He Can Be Mine

  22. author

    LizzyNjack GamingDia atrás

    Who loves alfredo

  23. author

    Sujana SubbaDia atrás

    TAL! It's BTS! BANGTAN BOYS NOT BACKSTREET BOYS. Every army is triggered 😂😂

  24. author

    Huey MatchettDia atrás

    I'm sorry Adi but I completely you were in tge video ☹

  25. author

    Khaliunaa BayaraaDia atrás

    I saw a head at my room window I live at 9th floor

  26. author

    Eba DinoDia atrás


  27. author

    Joseph Random stuffDia atrás

    What douse tiny hole mean

  28. author

    CrystixDia atrás

    Lol im a girl and i always eat takis and get it all on my fingers on purpose so i can lick it later, im also the one that whenever someone mentions food im like “FOOD?”

  29. author

    Poly M.Dia atrás

    At 7:34 his eye. Damn!

  30. author

    AJ 21KDia atrás

    I never been a fan of inappropriate piercings.

  31. author

    C. KinchmanDia atrás

    Walking down the street is a job?

  32. author

    Alohagirl 54Dia atrás

    Ok ok ok the earth is not round but it's also not flat. The earth is a pyramid which is also the illuminati floating in a black hole in a worm hole.

  33. author

    Xavier AyresDia atrás

    Dump ur girl friend

  34. author

    Khaliunaa BayaraaDia atrás

    I just got an unknown call😖😰😨😱after watching this

  35. author

    Eurt EkowDia atrás

    I’m asian and fail the quiz lol

  36. author

    Milan NovakovicDia atrás

    I saw her on faze rugs video

  37. author

    xxDADMONKEYxx -RAYDia atrás

    And she's wearing braces at 30 years old

  38. author

    xxDADMONKEYxx -RAYDia atrás

    That chick at 3:18 the difference is you're not 30 years old she is

  39. author

    Bruce WayneDia atrás

    This is why I don't approach girls with fully makeup... You never know

  40. author

    RBつ JordanDia atrás

    I love your reaction

  41. author

    シYamariシDia atrás

    Whoever comments on this u will earn a subscriber from me!

  42. author

    Pinkcess MokDia atrás

    3:55 ASS

  43. author

    Unicorn LoverDia atrás

    The eyes!

  44. author

    Bruze bruzeDia atrás

    I think you wouldn't know unless you know them

  45. author

    Linda 82Dia atrás

    🤢 please I don't wanna know how does her breath stinks 😷

  46. author

    XxRami PlaysxXDia atrás

    it's funny because I call my self Tal/ T-A-L because it's an abbreviation of my last name xD

  47. author

    john arvic aciboDia atrás

    You filmed this on my birthday

  48. author

    Aquarius PixieDia atrás

    Why am I watching this at 3:58am 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  49. author

    Lucas ilagan hacker pro ProDia atrás

    right handed better

  50. author

    gkbDia atrás

    See 1:00 best picture of tal

  51. author

    Waylon SmithDia atrás

    Oh yeah I'm 1st

  52. author

    Igusti AyuDia atrás

    Wheres the alligatorr

  53. author

    Waylon SmithDia atrás

    I like Skittles

  54. author

    Kieara Salu-ThompsonDia atrás

    I just noticed that was a egg plant😔😔😔😭😭😭😭

  55. author

    RobloxWithGiaDia atrás


  56. author

    Unicorn ChannelDia atrás

    Inside and.... Yea

  57. author

    Guinevere BaroqueDia atrás

    What is wrong with that cameraman jesus christ xd

  58. author

    Mxnlight GamezDia atrás

    I cant meet my idol he died a week before I was supposed to meet him he got shot RIP xxxtentacion

  59. author

    A2weDia atrás

    That's NOT kermit the frog

  60. author

    Mob Slayer V2.0Dia atrás

    I know this bec I am from egypt

  61. author

    ni nyoman RatnawatiDia atrás

    apa ini

  62. author

    justin palaciosDia atrás

    9:01 NOT ice stairs. They're just stairs and at the very top some dudes continuously dump slime unto the stairs.

  63. author

    Deadknight12 can we get 100 subs on commentsDia atrás

    Bruh there skin changes lol No offense but how do you have a white skin tone then go black skin tone

  64. author

    FNAvorite FanDia atrás

    Whenever I see text slangs, I instantly look it up and say it.

  65. author

    MahaxDia atrás

    I also like Ketchup

  66. author

    xxnoobgamerxxDia atrás

    This face: 7:42

  67. author

    Svante Carlsson VinbergDia atrás

    its salt

  68. author

    Luz GalanDia atrás

    If the earth is flat, how tf can you see a solar eclipse?

  69. author

    Svante Carlsson VinbergDia atrás

    i am from sweden

  70. author

    Svante Carlsson VinbergDia atrás

    its liqurish

  71. author

    Jayla The GamerDia atrás

    My crush would never say anything mean to me my crush is always nice and he complimented my shirt so

  72. author

    20K SUBS WITH 1 VID? TIMEDia atrás

    Your Protected With my Comment🙅

  73. author

    Roy RoyDia atrás

    What about if you're short ? I struggle being short

  74. author

    Deadknight12 can we get 100 subs on commentsDia atrás

    7:17 Tail: When you say you were exercising but you gained weight Hm idk why I was doing sit ups while eating a donut

  75. author

    MarkOKwinlin 011Dia atrás

    Heres a game. Every 10 likes you will be oofed. Good luck surviving! :D

  76. author

    MakoHaruRin Free!Dia atrás

    Nice video. I like that you really like what you're doing. You look so happy and it's contagious.

  77. author

    Ayesha TiwaryDia atrás


  78. author

    elina lohrung raiDia atrás

    In which city are you or country

  79. author

    Acacia DelisDia atrás

    Fact: your reading the comments right now

  80. author

    Fathimath MaihaDia atrás

    Thats not real

  81. author

    Athena BeatrizDia atrás teeth are....yeah...*cough* messed up *cough*

  82. author

    Luz GalanDia atrás

    *I just got out the shower and jumped back in after watching this video.*

  83. author

    Cherelle GordonDia atrás

    Sorry talk but you said what is that

  84. author

    s8nDia atrás

    Bruh Im scrolling through tiktok at like 1AM And I see him and I have heart attacks

  85. author

    Yogeethaa vsDia atrás

    @9:19 tal was holding the kinder joy spoon upside down😂

  86. author

    Sara DanielDia atrás


  87. author

    Deadknight12 can we get 100 subs on commentsDia atrás

    When I was young I had a sponge bob popsicle It fell on the floor when I opened the bag

  88. author

    Shajal BasnetDia atrás

    😆😆😆Small pepe lol

  89. author

    Cyber DazerDia atrás

    I got the scariest message from mom.. Disconnect from the Bluetooth speakers and come downstairs.. We need to talk

  90. author

    Guinea pig GirlDia atrás

    I have a big turtle 🐢 🐢

  91. author

    Yvonne LeighDia atrás

    # sgigl lif

  92. author

    _xoxo CringyDia atrás


  93. author

    Senpai -WaffleDia atrás


  94. author

    abdulmomin munibDia atrás

    If u can’t throw a gum just eat it I done before

  95. author

    umar ehsanDia atrás

    i almost cried 😢

  96. author

    Boris GlevrkDia atrás

    Actually I think that dog is a her....

  97. author

    DD GamingDia atrás

    Heres in the philippines theres shool require to go to school at 6:00 am in the morning

  98. author

    prince zoukohhDia atrás

    The real thing why vegan dosnt eat meat because of life... And if i were her im gonna walk out from that studio. So disrespectful.

  99. author

    MarkOKwinlin 011Dia atrás

    Reaction Time: kids shouldnt watch this. Kids: Mhmmm intresting.

  100. author

    heesung biasedDia atrás

    well, apparently siwon is thai.