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  1. author

    SKOT FREE46 minutos atrás

    50,000 new follows? Only reason anyone following him is so when he catches those skippitypaps to the face again for continually talking we get another camera perspective an ass whoppin. Cam stfu make your music and keep people’s name out your mouth and stop the trolling.

  2. author

    Arvie Justiniano46 minutos atrás

    Thanks for the trump promo.

  3. author

    David Humphrey46 minutos atrás


  4. author

    Salina Lawson46 minutos atrás

    I have read the Alchemist book 6 years ago. I highly suggest reading it. Really powerful

  5. author

    T Kelly47 minutos atrás

    Wonderful interview. Major insight Dr. Umar pulled no punches. I side eyed that Byron Allen interview myself. It was about him,him,him

  6. author

    BlessinB3547 minutos atrás

    Dr. Umar is definitely my favorite interview. Always learning from this brotha. Always speaking knowledge. Can't wait to see him again.

  7. author

    matthew taylor47 minutos atrás

    Breakfast ya'll "GRAVY" right!

  8. author

    jamaal cross48 minutos atrás

    The Rumor report with out Angela Lee?

  9. author

    Walter White49 minutos atrás

    Guess that means less single mothers in 2020.😂

  10. author

    Caleb Roman49 minutos atrás

    so if no blacks vote what would we get? the same as we had before, therefore the cycle continues; sounds like a real good plan Dr. Umar

  11. author

    matthew taylor50 minutos atrás

  12. author

    Geefunk Alejandro50 minutos atrás

    Anyone can see through Charlemagne’s hating-ass and his co-hosts sitting there co-signing that shit he saying like he’s right. They know no boundaries on street politics. It wasn’t only Ja-Rule that he went at. It was camp vs camp on some gang shit. Motherfuckers got killed over that beef and these corny, wack, lame bitches get to sit there and talk shit with no repercussions. That’s why y’all got all them comments going at ya. Em don’t even need to reply to ya’ll.

  13. author

    John52 minutos atrás

    I like want to hang out at her house like everyday lol

  14. author

    D Knight54 minutos atrás

    Envy was ready to get him out of there

  15. author

    D Knows Best55 minutos atrás

    He ain’t got to worry bc they not gone want him no way when he broke and down back! And I pray no black woman don’t come around to be the cleanup woman bc that’s when these black ass men always do! It’s all white when they rich but then go broke and they all black everything. Boy bye! You unattractive AND crazy as all hell

  16. author

    HL Watts55 minutos atrás

    There’s something about Bobby that makes me feel sick to my stomach 🥴🥴🥴

  17. author

    Mahamat Ismail55 minutos atrás

    Had to learn what Gentrifications means now I have a word in my vocabulary 😉 black excellence 😊

  18. author

    Miya Johnson57 minutos atrás

    I like him, he’s straight up and honest

  19. author

    Maurice Johnson57 minutos atrás

    Oh yea I’m good on the woke nonsense wake me up when y’all got zendaya On here 😍🥰love you zendaya

  20. author

    TheReal RobbDee58 minutos atrás

    What's wit Nick Cannon and his head dresses

  21. author

    JaySavageTV58 minutos atrás


  22. author

    tommy59 minutos atrás

    fck Umar

  23. author

    Bella Rose59 minutos atrás

    Does becoming a school school psychologist not require board certification?

  24. author

    E WaltHora atrás

    I love white women 😍😍

  25. author

    Emanual0607Hora atrás

    Fantastic Edification!!!!!

  26. author

    Baia forevHora atrás

    Trump is NOT a Christian in any capacity. She was definitely deceived.

  27. author

    Victor ValentineHora atrás

    Who gives af

  28. author

    Queen KhalifaHora atrás

    This man is NOT related to Frederick Douglass His family has already confirmed that> I don't know why he's trying to keep the lie going> Umar has the nerve to talk about Byron Allen and Kamila Harris when he's scamming the Black community out of our money> That school will NEVER open. He owes taxes and owes for the lights lol. He aint even paying his child support how is he gonna take care of other Black children> Beware DO NOT send him a dime!!

  29. author

    Z. JananHora atrás

    he's a truth speaker to heal our people. & for that he has my respect.

  30. author

    SoggyBiscuitHora atrás

    Wtf kinda format is this? You posted a video about nothing. I would watched a15 min video but I'm not searching for the rest of this. Bum ass tactics

  31. author

    Brittni GHora atrás

    love hearing him speak

  32. author

    TheMaybach1984Hora atrás

    Oooweee, Umar got them nigga's terrified about what their white boss gonna think. Those uncomfortable laughs Charlamagne gives says that frfr

  33. author

    Anthony PhillipsHora atrás

    Eminem killed all them new rappers in kamikaze did he not?

  34. author

    pproh608Hora atrás

    Andrew Yang wins:

  35. author

    William SandersHora atrás

    Almost 10,000 comments since everybody is so hung up on his beliefs and black empowerment drop off $500 to get a school started shouldn't need millionaires to come through and save the day lol

  36. author

    M HicksHora atrás

    I have always felt the same way... You can't talk black but live white.... My future son better not bring home no white woman.... I said what I said.

  37. author

    iTuber012Hora atrás

    Great interview minus the Bill Cosby parts lol

  38. author

    BMWTRIP81Hora atrás

    CAN'T TOUCH THIS. ..Bro always brings it @ the rt x! SUPPORT UR LOCAL BLACK BUSINESSES 1st b4 u send $ out to a hood you'll probably never step a foot in!

  39. author

    Phillip CottonHora atrás

    If you're too young to remember the old "E.F.HUTTON" Commercials look it up right here on BRreporter. Reason being....cause Umar's got that same effect.

  40. author

    RIDGERAW7Hora atrás

    Great to see the brother return! Stop hating!!!

  41. author

    I ZHora atrás

    Dr. OMAR Johnson is scholar, proud black man. I like his ideas. No other black scholar or a black celebrity dare to expose the unfair system. This man is brutally confident.

  42. author

    Jeremy BrownHora atrás

    this guy a race bate

  43. author

    Donald HarrisonHora atrás

    Slavery is what the Bible calls HELL.

  44. author

    DjangoHora atrás

    That was a whack by spellman.

  45. author

    Raythell JordanHora atrás

    How can you listen to an idiot like Umar? No wonder blacks are on the bottom!

  46. author

    Jeff CHora atrás

    "They had to free Mill, to kill Bill." BWAHAHAHAHA! No they didn't. They can do as they please to EITHER of those 2 black criminals!

  47. author

    Rahmeek SRHora atrás

    Speaking good + black people = more donations for his party life

  48. author

    PlayBoyHustlazTVHora atrás

    Drugs and skirts been in this game smh it’s a shame

  49. author

    Jeff CHora atrás

    Hey black ppl, keep donating your $ to this con artist.

  50. author

    Christopher HernandezHora atrás

    Young MA is the Nas I wanted to be. Hope she gets to where she’s going 💯

  51. author

    reepa90Hora atrás

    One of the best interviews hands down

  52. author

    Edward SummersHora atrás

    These kind of interviews is POWERFUL and EMPOWERING

  53. author

    Jack WelchHora atrás

    There's nothing like hearing about great music and artist from people who were there. Shout out to D-Dot and the Hitmakers. The whole interview I thought he was going to suck down that toothpick.

  54. author

    Sterling FobbsHora atrás

    This is the best dr.umar interview ever

  55. author

    Brittany BlessedHora atrás

    Blacks aren’t enrolling into HBCUs like before it has nothing to do with the government if they do go to college they are deciding to go to white colleges instead

  56. author

    Me myself and IHora atrás

    BET needs to do a tribute to her! ❤️

  57. author

    HlddenTalentHora atrás

    Y’all noticed how majority of his haters are the LGBT , ADOS, and Swirler movement. I’ll say it again the LGBT and swirlers are the biggest threat to the black community outside of whlte supremacy.

  58. author

    Marcus JohnsonHora atrás

    I see with everything that happened to him a couple of yrs ago, Dr. Johnson hasent learned to be a little more humble.... lol

  59. author

    Donald HarrisonHora atrás

    They're keeping it public so they don't get branded and shot

  60. author

    Bonatle LoveHora atrás

    "Rub you the right way " is my jam ...

  61. author

    Nesiri NdiyobHora atrás

    It’s chess, not checkers. Much love to Dr. Umar🙏🏽

  62. author

    Obinna PatrickHora atrás


  63. author

    Richard THora atrás

    Charlama pushing the gov agenda.

  64. author

    Real SoulHora atrás

    Great interview! This is, Reinventing Energy And Love...

  65. author

    Truth & SpiritHora atrás

    Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the life. Acts 2:38. Don’t be fooled by no man under the sun.

  66. author

    Calvin RoachHora atrás

    “We want plans and not promises...” wOW!

  67. author

    Ja NissHora atrás

    Breakfast Club stay out of politics..smh

  68. author

    Living Life With LaurenHora atrás

    I just love Mo’Nique💕

  69. author

    Richard THora atrás

    More and more is waking up.

  70. author

    diamonds longHora atrás

    His interview is always powerful! I love it ✊🏾

  71. author

    SugaMouth56Hora atrás

    I’m done. He didn’t vote? Well not voting is a vote for the opposition. You have to vote for the candidate positioned closest to your political leanings. Regarding Kamalah so she should marry some one she doesn’t love. You are assuming she doesn’t love her husband who happens to be white. Umar is very misinformed about black people benefiting from Obama administration. Choosing who to vote for based on who they are married to is a very weak premise.

  72. author

    Mia LondonHora atrás

    This is really foolish never what I have set foot again there man uneducated men

  73. author

    J LHora atrás

    tbh Charlemagne is so racist its stupid af

  74. author

    J LHora atrás

    Charlemagne is salty af

  75. author

    Oshon The ExperienceHora atrás

    King. Kong. Conscious.

  76. author

    Jonny31BravoHora atrás

    Dr. Umar is no different than a KKK members.....they are all racist hateful people.

  77. author

    Mac YahHora atrás

    He is intelligent but also knows how to speak... I want to see the school open... He has been talking about this school for a long time. I need to see more doing from him... Glad to see only CTG and Envy. There are plenty of people of color that get a bunch of scholarships to go to colleges all over the US. To crap on someone for marrying another "color" is trash.... They renovated the school he bought but he needs money to renovate it? I do agree with him on Bill Cosby.

  78. author

    Rob TheSinnerHora atrás

    what is lampline music? 24:54

  79. author

    Jacob EsauHora atrás

    Speaking of genocide; black americans make up around 13% of the U.S. population, yet account for around 30% of the abortions. If children are the future of any society, what does that say about the future of black americans as a whole? It amazes me that people like Dr. Umar J fail to see this massive problem. Police are a problem, no doubt. But given that there are around 1M surgical abortions in this nation on an annual basis, that means that around 300,000 black american babies are being destroyed. Without children, there is no future. Don't forget that planned parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, a eugenics supporter and one who was not very fond of blacks. She openly spoke about abortion being a "solution".

  80. author

    Jonny31BravoHora atrás

    This guy is so misguided....

  81. author

    h.d hamiltonHora atrás

    You can still be talk black if u with a white man or a woman

  82. author

    jerry metcalfHora atrás

    Just another ghetto rat thinks he don't have to play by the rules

  83. author

    Vegan DilemmaHora atrás

    “I don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”. This is after he claims “Kamala can’t get my vote because she married a white man”...

  84. author

    NabilHora atrás

    Eminem had such a big mouth, he battled nobody because nobody went at him. And everybody who went at him, eminem went so hard that nobody even stood a chance. Now its different, Eminem’s career isnt as stable anymore so now you see nick and mgk throwin shots because lyrics doesnt matter as much as it used to

  85. author

    Warren ThomasHora atrás

    Dude full of shit

  86. author

    Edward SummersHora atrás

    He fucking nailed it ipy

  87. author

    The ChallengerHora atrás

    Lemmie see what YP gotta say about this.

  88. author

    Marcus RichardsonHora atrás

    Yo i love mike way more after this interview hes been funny 😂

  89. author

    Terence MckinleyHora atrás

    No disrespect but in my neighborhood black women is responsible of 60% of the homicides that a fact everybody I know die because of a girl

  90. author

    RichHora atrás

    Yal tryna act like charla wasnt going in on bennie lol

  91. author

    Vegan DilemmaHora atrás

    Where’s Umar’s black wife? He’s in his mid 40s. Where she at?????

  92. author

    Vegan DilemmaHora atrás

    Umar asking for plans about access to wealth of Cory Booker, but he doesn’t know about Booker’s work to bring Opportunity Zones to needed communities. Umar is all talk, no substance...

  93. author

    younges 514Hora atrás

    Who else seen dem Durkio’s 🤟🏾😌

  94. author

    bill stephensHora atrás

    Reparations is more than a paycheck

  95. author

    Brittany BlessedHora atrás

    How did he not include fatherless homes in the worst issues in black America?

  96. author

    Kelli GHora atrás

    Yass Umar

  97. author

    DinnekaHora atrás

    I swear I love hearing this man talk

  98. author

    bill stephensHora atrás

    ADOS where never given an economic floor.

  99. author

    Vegan DilemmaHora atrás

    Charlamagne is such a dick rider for Umar...

  100. author

    Quentin StewartHora atrás