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  1. author

    Tkeiston HarmonHora atrás

    Jenifer Hudson apart of this to?

  2. author

    shortmanflyHora atrás

    Envy stay dickriding

  3. author

    Kwan SmithHora atrás

    Fat Joe 1 Anthem Per Year Maker

  4. author

    Polo WinkHora atrás

    I wanna see a Ja Rule interview just cuz lol

  5. author

    Geo HurtadoHora atrás

    Don't let this distract us from the fact T.I does crime stopper commercials asking kids to snitch. Look it up.

  6. author

    Freddie BHora atrás

    They need to make a Pun and Joe comedy movie asap!! The way Joe was telling his old stories I think it would make a great buddy comedy.

  7. author

    Jimmie MaletaHora atrás

    CtG givin props to Caspanyovest that's dope!

  8. author

    juan colonHora atrás


  9. author

    0Hora atrás

    Cthagod needs to relax all the way with that Hollywood laugh stop brother you look like a chicken

  10. author

    e gonHora atrás

    Yeahiiieee Story Time with Joey. I live for his stories lol

  11. author

    D.E. KennedyHora atrás

    Always will be my favorite American Idol.

  12. author

    duckyzzzHora atrás

    Hm... If I was his lawyer I'd just tell him to create a BRreporter account and upload a video called "Social Experiment Gone Wrong"... Cleared of all charges.

  13. author

    Jai SLOWED DOWN #JaiSLOWEDDOWNSoundCloudHora atrás

    Instagram @jaisloweddown_sodmg @famousforhiphop

  14. author

    Chuna GHora atrás

    He is a black Latino ? Huhhhh stfu

  15. author

    Young EntrepreneurHora atrás

    Joe is that dude you need around to crack jokes

  16. author

    Sus CheddaHora atrás

    I throughly enjoyed this conversation #Respect

  17. author

    JamiroquaiHora atrás


  18. author

    Thee Light of ZionHora atrás

    2 Esdras 14:16 For yet greater evils than those which thou hast seen happen shall be done hereafter. 17 For look how much the world shall be weaker through age, so much the more shall evils increase upon them that dwell therein. 18 For the time is fled far away, and leasing is hard at hand: for now hasteth the vision to come, which thou hast seen. 19 Then answered I before thee, and said, 20 Behold, Lord, I will go, as thou hast commanded me, and reprove the people which are present: but they that shall be born afterward, who shall admonish them? thus the world is set in darkness, and they that dwell therein are without light.

  19. author

    Charlene GaskinsHora atrás

    Jesus I love me some Fat Joe!!! Best storyteller. RIP Big Pun the GOAT

  20. author

    All DayHora atrás

    Man Joey can tell some good stories

  21. author

    Tre ThomasHora atrás


  22. author

    doogie Five-FourHora atrás

    I remember when Fat Joe was in *EMPIRE* (the movie..not the gay ass tv show)

  23. author

    NEW YORKHora atrás

    What ever Joe do I Rock with him 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  24. author

    Terry-Ann MHora atrás

    CTG wearing that Jesus Was An African hoodie on Fox News was everything

  25. author

    Cyril JewelsHora atrás

    Joey Crack tha Don

  26. author

    HWY 1 RCHora atrás

    Come on god! How you gon b in NY and not know who Hector Lavoe is!

  27. author

    Lydia LestageHora atrás

    Somebody give Mr. Crack his own show!

  28. author

    Boss LevelsHora atrás

    That’s what the industry needs joe boosting everyone ! 👊🏻

  29. author

    Christopher MichaelHora atrás

    my whole familys from the bronx and if you know anyone from the bronx youd know that they are the absolute best at telling stories lol the most animated and exaggerated stories and i love it

  30. author

    CusWeAreHora atrás

    3x dislike to like ratio. The people have spoken!

  31. author

    Minelly FelizHora atrás

    I can't watch charlamange without him saying some dumb shit

  32. author

    Jaycen HillHora atrás

    I make it rain on them hoeeeees!!!!

  33. author

    Jayy From FLHora atrás

    Aye this sound crazy af after hearing him snitch

  34. author

    Jay PeeHora atrás

    Much respect for Joe he actually came out and said Pun was better than him 💪💯

  35. author

    Varus BellHora atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Bruh!!!! This my guy man

  36. author

    David PattersonHora atrás

    As a former 911 dispatcher (I’m a school resource officer now) Sometimes you know that the person you’re speaking to won’t make it. Sometimes you know you’re talking to somebody who is about to die. It weighs on you heavy, and I believe that after years and years of dealing with that, she got burnt out and handled this in such a disgustingly wrong way that I wonder how she was even allowed to work there. You see it all the time. We called it “getting full” dispatchers hear all the desperation they can handle. Those people are almost always transferred to a different area of the station or let go. At the very LEAST, they’re given a vacation. It’s a stressful job but it’s no excuse to treat a woman in the last seconds of her life like this. Feel free to AMA about being a dispatcher

  37. author

    MartezHora atrás

    Funny af 😂😂😂

  38. author

    Will8976Hora atrás

    The Trans movement is so messed up, but I just want to unpack the issues with black trans individuals because a lot of it has to do with knowing your history. African Americans were a fracture community with their arrival to the US. On top of that, they were treated as sub-human and forced to do labor. African Americans were then given some rights after fighting back but were not given equal rights, “Jim Crow Laws”. The community was able to come together under the civil rights movement, but then was fractured again with the drug epidemic, mass incarceration, and destruction of the family unit. Now with black trans individuals, you have yet another crack formed on the foundation of a community with these individuals wanting to be a part of yet another group. It’s like a slap in the face of those that gave their lives just to be equal as blacks. So you have a lot of African Americans shaking their heads cause this does not befit the community in anyway and its yet another fight that really only effects a small population anyway.

  39. author

    Julius CaesarHora atrás

    Much respect to Fat Joe...💪

  40. author

    jacob anthony pereyraHora atrás

    Latino rappers like anuel aa and bad bunny have more views and a bigger following worldwide than 80% of u.s rappers lol

  41. author

    Latoya BaynardHora atrás

    Remy and cardi music is trash and Joe really boasting them sit down big boy lol

  42. author

    India RenfroHora atrás

    She made me mad with a concert in Tennessee but I’ve regained my like for her. She has a beautiful spirit and I will support her album

  43. author

    Tyrone Norwood JrHora atrás

    WTF YO😭😭😭😭

  44. author

    Sky HillHora atrás

    Angela Yee have to come better before getting upset. Bring the facts and tell it like it is!!!!! Thanks CTG for breaking things down 👌🏾

  45. author

    AmbroseHora atrás

    I just cannot help noticing that his shirt really needs ironing.

  46. author

    Truth B. ToldHora atrás

    Joe the coolest Blacktino ....Period

  47. author

    Jay FlackHora atrás

    Yee totally ignored context.

  48. author

    JB MHora atrás

    No portrait of Big Pun in your house?

  49. author

    Roy WilliamsHora atrás

    audio is trash.... push the mic closer.....!

  50. author

    Lord BeerusHora atrás

    I need a time stamp for all the interview if a person don't want to watch thw whole video, just what they really wanna hear

  51. author


    Fat joe not even in shape to withstand long stamina But yet at 58yrsold he still spreading this tuff guy image...smh

  52. author

    Aidantha KingHora atrás

    Fat joe is a legend and is 100% underrated

  53. author

    stephanie mooreHora atrás

    Charlamagne is a true Cancer lol. He rocks with 50 cent more

  54. author

    MrNYClaxHora atrás

    Jealous ones still envy was a classic

  55. author

    MUSA XHora atrás

    BREAKFAST CLUB get fat Joe a towel he's sweating like he took a shower. 🤔😄😄

  56. author

    T HenryHora atrás

    Dis nigga fat joe tells the best story lmaooo

  57. author

    Mario PeakHora atrás

    Envy: Well it’s faaa Charlemagne: Wanna do anything more

  58. author

    F M SladeHora atrás

    *Update! They finally arrested that sexual predator Ed Buck who is part of the "alphabet" community. I wonder when malik and his homies are gonna hold a vigil and be especially outraged at the deaths of two gay black men in the home of this foul individual? I wont hold my breath.......(gay on gay crime)?

  59. author

    Deuce LegendHora atrás

    99 MORE NIGGAS!!!! YOU NEED 99 MORE NIGGAS!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  60. author

    Juan EHora atrás

    He look like he was tellin before this interview

  61. author

    Scale23 NicholsHora atrás

    I remember when p use to be skinny back in the day but he ain't changed always kept it real but you pick up weight when you get older guess he goes to the gym whenever he has time

  62. author

    Estefani BowenHora atrás

    Love what joe says about anuel :))))) he really is the biggest right now

  63. author

    Mike RowlettHora atrás

    That Yes single fuckin sucks

  64. author

    MrNYClaxHora atrás

    Fat joe went from Fat joe, to skinny joe to fat joe again.

  65. author

    Bryan EvansHora atrás

    They need to give Reggie Bush his Heisman Back! Remember he was on the front cover of Ncaa Football 07

  66. author

    Estefani BowenHora atrás


  67. author

    Corvus GlaiveHora atrás

    Ain’t no beef unless somebody get they “ears stomped together “ on Twitter? That ain’t beef that’s “lunch meat”

  68. author

    Nita PopHora atrás

    💕 stay true tasia that’s why I love you

  69. author

    Serious BloggerHora atrás

    "Let your darkest moments bring you your most clarity. " - Fat Joe #facts #realone

  70. author

    Michael WoodsHora atrás

    That wrist work ✨

  71. author

    haitian scooterHora atrás

    Nigga need to talk to the mic more.. Shit is annoying talkin from far away

  72. author

    Jeff ThomasHora atrás

    23:50 50 cent and Jay

  73. author

    ace 1kjkHora atrás

    Start corporations it's just a group of people investors

  74. author

    Gregory ProsperHora atrás

    Your personal home is not an investment. It's a useful tool to stabilize your housing expenses, but your personal home will not produce a rate of return that compares to the S&P. Rental property is an investment. Know the difference.

  75. author

    Cup of CHIHora atrás

    Congrats to you guys! Keep going! The culture needs you!

  76. author

    Draft416Hora atrás

    Cool to see Joe made it through the rap game n came out doing well

  77. author

    Human_Guinea_ Pig_Hora atrás

    I swear to God Fat Joe brings up that "Cock Diesel" metaphor in every single interview 😂 he said that in the VladTV interview too when he was talking about his beef/encounter with Roy Jones Jr. 😆

  78. author

    Mali CooperHora atrás

    Always been a Fat Joe fan

  79. author

    RicsricoHora atrás

    "He was a good sport about it" - Yee "Yeah..he was a sucker..I was gone get Whoo Kid boy"- Fat Joe. lol

  80. author

    YungNesquiikHora atrás

    Man Ik this nigga a snitch but this nigga was also HOT. I miss his trollin ass and a lot of the good hes done N you cant deny it

  81. author

    ace 1kjkHora atrás

    Groupipism that's real

  82. author

    LUNA TAYLORHora atrás

    This is clearly extortion. Sabbag clearly wants the bag what a lowlife.

  83. author

    902 bikingHora atrás

    Sue , shoot , free money ho's lol usa 2019

  84. author

    DobbaHora atrás

    Joe Funny as hell 😭

  85. author

    Edwar JohnsonHora atrás

    They took 20% of the alphabet....

  86. author

    SIDNEY AVERYHora atrás

    Jeezy REAL you sucka... out of all these beautiful Black women you sellout and settled down with ah weak ass Asian gtfoh... Smh unbelievable 🤦🏿‍♂️

  87. author

    Noah HighlightsHora atrás

    He wanted insurance money.....

  88. author

    Michael HartHora atrás

    Joe definitely a legend tho

  89. author

    Ted CollinsHora atrás

    😂 this dude funny

  90. author

    Lionking HeruHora atrás

    South Bronx in the 🏠. Bx hip-hop 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  91. author

    Kheomii bakerHora atrás

    Definitely the most dangerous morning radio show ever. Legendary when it comes to radio. Period.

  92. author

    DAZLGHora atrás

    Sprinkle sum crack on him

  93. author

    Etienne SambouHora atrás

    Dre has always been THE guys since Chevy riding high he became my all time favorite Producer. Am glad Crack convinced him to come out Solo. big up cool n Dre. 🐐!!!!

  94. author

    La-la-la-la_la!Hora atrás

    Set it off remake... FOH

  95. author

    Randy MilesHora atrás

    Not saying he lying. But remember when he hyped up the remy ma comp album same way. It was good but. Ot classic. Hope he right this time. He is legend in game though

  96. author

    ______Hora atrás

    So black people still rock with fat Joe? So I guess yall don't remember that it interview from him?

  97. author

    TrollinYouNIGGAss TvHora atrás

    5:17-5:21 is goin to be a meme 😂😂💀 wait another on 12:27 😂

  98. author

    La-la-la-la_la!Hora atrás

    And when you get on you leave her as for a ..........

  99. author

    J Juice TVHora atrás

    Always the best stories with Joe! BX all day!!! 💕

  100. author

    PaulWallHora atrás

    Black Latino! Salute