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  1. author

    TREE FITTY15 segundos atrás

    Greg has had Broadcast/analysts job offers for the last 2 years. Its just up to Greg to retire

  2. author

    Akita Tv35 segundos atrás

    The fact that they are sidelining him just because of sore knee says that he is very important for the nba

  3. author

    Chest Rockwell40 segundos atrás

    Bahahaha, the kingdom is just a peasant village at best

  4. author

    André Lima42 segundos atrás

    Not even a patriots fan but I know it does It's the raw naked truth.

  5. author

    Jay Smoove43 segundos atrás

    I’m surprised when top picks don’t get injured.

  6. author

    jowie2848 segundos atrás

    Greg Oden anyone?

  7. author

    Luke ConnorsMinuto atrás

    Russell Wilson is way more important and he’s going to wreck the ravens this Sunday

  8. author

    damon saloMinuto atrás

    Julian Edelman his last 2 games has 17 catches for 223 yards. I can’t wait to see him at 100%

  9. author

    Concert Matrix ReloadedMinuto atrás

    I saw this coming a longgg time ago..He's overweight.

  10. author

    Courtney GreenMinuto atrás

    So Shannon Sharpe was right about Zion huh...

  11. author

    living_great 2019IGMinuto atrás

    One thing is for sure is that the Suns don't know how to build a playoff caliber team now.. Hire Danny Ainge again lol..

  12. author

    Court LoveMinuto atrás

    No they wont if mf play defense

  13. author

    Dominic DavidMinuto atrás

    Why is this a debate

  14. author

    William SwannMinuto atrás

    Buffalo! That's it that's all

  15. author

    Dwight YawgMinuto atrás

    Ya’ll said it WAS severe literally 3 hours ago

  16. author

    xyzMinuto atrás

    Go watch "brian sutterer md" latest video. Basically zion has bad walking mechanics and bad body shape. So he believes even if he loses weight he will still always be injured unless he fixes all of those problems

  17. author

    Carlos Gutierrez2 minutos atrás

    They literally have to beat the miners Seahawks and the Cards twice the cards are looking better every week and they just got Pat Pete back

  18. author

    Dayquan Watson2 minutos atrás

    Hate when they do takes like this not only bc you comparing a future hofer to a second year player but just about every qb is equally valuable to their team success every team needs a qb

  19. author

    Bobby Tarantino92 minutos atrás

    And here’s why

  20. author

    Jiggy Bah2 minutos atrás

    Stephen a is right. AB would eat on the cowboys.

  21. author

    Primetime 2102 minutos atrás

    When Max said you know who this reminds me of. I said dont say Derrick Rose? Then he said Derick Rose. NOP here what you do. You load managemenf Zion till he comes back and you dont put him on the floor until his legs get 100% and he sheds 20 to 40 pounds.

  22. author

    OTKP2 minutos atrás

    WOW! That Sucks! Get Healthy Zion!

  23. author

    Joshizzle23232 minutos atrás

    Bengals first win, Dolphins upset Bills, Mitchell Trubisky lead.... Forget it

  24. author

    Jay Stiles2 minutos atrás

    Clippers and Iggy make sense especially when PG will be M.I.A. in the beginning of the season

  25. author

    Darth Vader Bih2 minutos atrás

    This argument is stupid like where did this even come from?

  26. author

    Tim Michael2 minutos atrás

    I'd be tired of answering some of these dumb questions that repeat themselves. They ask the same question 20 different ways.

  27. author

    Chris Morris2 minutos atrás

    42 Year old Tom Brady did two sneaks for TDs. It's a safe play, very effective and done by many QBs all the time. It was a freak accident, nothing else. The question is should Mahomes have been playing at all. The answer is not for at least 3 weeks now.

  28. author

    Baye Sylla2 minutos atrás

    God of War vibes, anybody ?

  29. author

    Paulafan53 minutos atrás

    A blow? A rookie isn't going to play. Who cares, outside of NOLA? No guarantee he'll be a superstar. He should be good, but let's pump the brakes on someone that hasn't played real NBA basketball games.

  30. author

    Courtney Green3 minutos atrás

    Stephen A. is extra excited today...

  31. author

    Richard A.3 minutos atrás


  32. author

    11thWoods3 minutos atrás

    “Max back was killin’ him!! IT WAS KILLIN’ HIM!!!!” 🤣🤣🤣

  33. author

    What Fling Man3 minutos atrás

    This rookie class reminds me of 03 Zion is LeBron and Tyler is wade

  34. author

    Tim D3 minutos atrás


  35. author

    Yeti3 minutos atrás

    Stephen A's hatred of the cowboys and their fans have created bad joojoo for the Knicks.

  36. author

    William Fout4 minutos atrás

    Nineteen other teams are going to miss the playoffs as well. The Rams will be in good company.

  37. author

    TRAP MUSIC4 minutos atrás

    And here's the reason why stpen a is back

  38. author

    Kerry Rayner4 minutos atrás

    Zion will be the biggest what if ever

  39. author

    Cameron Legree4 minutos atrás

    Now this is a REAL sport

  40. author

    4 24 minutos atrás

    4:40 no outrage??😂😂

  41. author

    Wilson Sy4 minutos atrás

    The GM's will be correct, the Clippers will win it with the best defense in the league and the best player. When healthy it's really not even close

  42. author

    Cj de G4 minutos atrás

    Need Joakim Noah!

  43. author

    Michael Murphy4 minutos atrás


  44. author

    G's pumpkins and more4 minutos atrás

    Clappers a gonner

  45. author

    Justin Siviero4 minutos atrás

    Honestly, JJ coming in for Zion is kind of a step up

  46. author

    Dirk Nowitzki5 minutos atrás

    What 9 teams are Title Contenders ? 🤔

  47. author

    H DLT5 minutos atrás

    70% layups not shooting 😂

  48. author

    TheMrMantequilla5 minutos atrás

    His body has so much weight and explosive power that his body can’t even handle it.

  49. author

    ThePokerbrat6265 minutos atrás

    And today he says lebron is the best player in the world

  50. author

    jasyn zangari5 minutos atrás

    Sorry but these kids play for numerous AAU coaches, high school, college and make the nba off that...but now it’s the teams fault when the players don’t succeed? If ur good, ur good, if ur not, ur not, simple fact of all sports is that the worst teams get the best young players, it’s up to the player to adapt to the situation. Been happening for years but now it’s an issue?

  51. author

    EJOne5 minutos atrás

    Greg Oden 2.0 anyone?

  52. author

    Ryan Edwards5 minutos atrás

    Keep Antonio Brown out of the league. He's a mess.

  53. author

    Robert Weekes5 minutos atrás

    Stephen A said the way Zion lands is a knee injury waiting to happen. He called it, this is a warning to Zion - hang off the rim more, _and be careful how you land_ . Also Zion should try to lose 10 pounds, even if it’s muscle. (Blake Griffin stopped getting hurt when he lost weight)

  54. author

    its JV5 minutos atrás

    Jacoby such a LeBron stan

  55. author

    naji terry6 minutos atrás

    Get down to bout 250 Zion

  56. author

    Nnamdi6 minutos atrás

    Kawhi might win one Championship max for the Clippers and it's probably not going to be this year..... GM's need to stop cappin

  57. author

    Elizabeth Mabry6 minutos atrás

    He looks good in that cowboy hat, but he's still annoying lol

  58. author

    Gregory Cole Jr.6 minutos atrás

    Ros Gold is so fine 😍😍😍😍😍

  59. author

    Jay Stiles6 minutos atrás

    The mvp candidates this season are 1. Kawhi 2. Steph 3. Lebron & AD 4. Giannis 5. Russ & Harden

  60. author

    trevon4446 minutos atrás

    I’d say there are 5 legit title contenders. Not 9

  61. author

    Michael Corleone6 minutos atrás

    Didnt some BRreporter guy start a fighting career and was somewhat successful?

  62. author

    iPhone Email6 minutos atrás

    Clippers need a traditional big like Gasol or Adams (not saying they sold get their contract. Just a big body in the paint is actual defense. They don’t even have to be a good defender. It’s not easy to do a easy layup if a 7 foot bag of of rice is in the way of the hoop

  63. author

    Cartie King6 minutos atrás

    That cross over was deadly, players don’t really use that type of crossover anymore.

  64. author

    mayhemlolz6 minutos atrás

    If y’all watched deestroying’s video wit Antonio brown, dude looks depressed asf.

  65. author

    Bryce French7 minutos atrás

    Either Wilson or cmc deserves to be mvp idc who cause they are both great. LJ is a great QB also idc what people say 4-2 so far looks good to me

  66. author

    Mateus Sousa7 minutos atrás

    HE CANT LAND LIKE THAT dunk after dunk its suicidal... learn how to fall 1 and lose weight

  67. author

    Bacon Le Skiiwalker7 minutos atrás

    He should be playing defensive end in football not basketball

  68. author

    Johnny Danger7 minutos atrás

    Nevermind signing antonio brown, ESPN sign this girl and fire Molly!

  69. author

    Julio Concepcion7 minutos atrás

    Ab wants to be patriot because he want a super bowl..

  70. author

    Man Child7 minutos atrás

    I thought the chiefs said MAHOMES wasn't allowed to play basketball during the off season.

  71. author

    Ace Mania7 minutos atrás

    Last year, they were doubting Kawhi. This year, they're overrating him. The league is the most balanced it has ever been in years, it could be anyone's. If I was a betting man, my money'll be on Dallas.

  72. author

    Roman Abdel7 minutos atrás

    Lets Hope they don't find anything serious

  73. author

    eli redenius7 minutos atrás

    This stuff makes me alittle mad. The only reason the packers beat the lions was the refs we all have to admit that. There's no way you can look at the nfc north and just say pack done. The only reason they are the favorites is because there the refs favorites. Y'all just throw away a top 5 defense in Minnesota away that has a sus "offense" the only sus part is that tbe coordinator didn't know how to play with cousins. He didn't know how to balance an offense. Well now he does. We have a top 5 running back, 2 top 15 wide receivers, a pretty good O-line, with a decent qb and don't forget our top 5 defense. Case served

  74. author

    swaggershivers7 minutos atrás

    they building another stadium wit all them bricks in the backround..

  75. author

    Caleb Wong7 minutos atrás

    Remember when Jalen was 99% dead on about Leonard staying with the Raptors

  76. author

    Tony R7 minutos atrás

    Say what you want, but Kersh was on the mound in that situation BECAUSE Dave Roberts put him there KNOWING his track record in the post season AND knowing he had more appropriate situational weapons in the bullpen to handle the Nat's lineup at that moment in the game, and THAT is not the first time he's done it either. Fire him or not, whatever, but do not overlook the fact that the manager's personnel calls in-game have cost games at critical moments for the Dodgers multiple times, particularly in post-season contests.

  77. author

    smith lovy7 minutos atrás

    Anthony Davis stay injured too. He need to lose weight?

  78. author

    Cory Longville7 minutos atrás

    Browns fans saying this is about one game is funny 😂. Nah it’s us watching baker play like garbage for 6 weeks

  79. author

    Silver Soul8 minutos atrás

    Buddy sit down you aint worth more then 20m how many times youve been a allstar look at your stats the only people giving you 30m prob charlotte new york

  80. author

    jasyn zangari8 minutos atrás

    Rookie is gonna miss a few weeks...panic mode! China is ready to abandon the nba, tell us y Lebron needs to speak up! ESPN has zero priorities in place

  81. author

    michael salem8 minutos atrás

    Dolphins vs bengals week 16 who y’all got?

  82. author

    Bobby Tsunami8 minutos atrás

    i will definitely enjoy wAtching the San Diego Clippers fall SHORT tHiS season

  83. author

    Qarcon8 minutos atrás

    dude already hurt season hasn't even started.

  84. author

    00bob0008 minutos atrás

    Incase y’all don’t know.. the humidity in New Orleans Louisiana is atrocious. Injuries like this is bound to hapn

  85. author

    bromar30008 minutos atrás

    Lamar should take a few pages out of Russel’s book. He’d be a beast if he does

  86. author

    md vann8 minutos atrás

    jeez, all these patriots fans and hanger ons make me laugh-all it shows is that the pats are SCARED of the chiefs- so get it in now people 'cause the pat attack (as in patrick mahomes) will be back!

  87. author

    Jay Stiles8 minutos atrás

    LAC got this season on lock as a top three seed in the west and I can't wait for the NBA season to start and see Kawhi and co vs lebron and co go at it

  88. author

    Sensei8 minutos atrás

    Okay so they complain about Dez Bryant because he had a “toxic attitude” but now they want the Cowboys to sign Antonio Clown?

  89. author

    Cool Breeze8 minutos atrás

    Elway is the problem.

  90. author

    XYZ Ratz8 minutos atrás

    The elusive squared circle

  91. author

    Ty Shakur8 minutos atrás

    Can’t believe this idiot said his legacy would be tarnished after all he’s accomplished

  92. author

    Mass8 minutos atrás

    All those missed buckets behind him... Poor Pelicans..

  93. author

    SquadAF8 minutos atrás

    He’s too dam heavy we all knew it. Joints can only handle so much weight . Just ask big men .

  94. author

    zeek8 minutos atrás

    Any team should sign him. Sign him to the same type of contract Richard Sherman got

  95. author

    bentley Jordan8 minutos atrás

    They bull shitting melo definitely deserves to be on a team. He always gets way too much hate

  96. author

    SuperRobertoClemente9 minutos atrás

    This is a big part of the New York Knicks' tragedy the last 20 years. smh

  97. author

    Yousuf Omar9 minutos atrás

    Clippers have more depth that's why...

  98. author

    T Paulzz9 minutos atrás

    Stop it Bucks over Lakers in the percentage is ridiculous

  99. author

    GreatestManAlive9 minutos atrás

    Like all other businesses, franchises should be allowed to fail and a new owner should come in. This revenue sharing allows terrible owners to stick around and ruin the game.

  100. author

    Means9 minutos atrás

    Zion needs to hit up LeBron asap about getting in shape. Hes too heavy and strong to be going full speed and dunking every game. I want to see him succeed.