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  1. author

    Steven Coffman2 minutos atrás

    Another victim another win

  2. author

    Keepyourjob Keepyourjob2 minutos atrás

    Give him at oscar great acting.

  3. author

    Beast Mode TV2 minutos atrás

    Who's that pretty young thang

  4. author

    Localz IT3 minutos atrás

    Jalen disrespected Miami 😒

  5. author

    Snub Pilots3 minutos atrás

    LeBron gave AD theme music !!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. author

    Claire Hanson3 minutos atrás

    I can't stand lebron,he's still got his end of season mental melt down to deal with

  7. author

    Andrew Magwaro3 minutos atrás

    Should I call Giannis?

  8. author

    Cheri Hill4 minutos atrás

    How do you like him now??

  9. author

    Christopher Williams4 minutos atrás

    Rachel down for the bbc🤔

  10. author

    Snub Pilots4 minutos atrás

    LeBron taking subliminal shots at somebody ....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. author

    Dražen Obradović5 minutos atrás

    Classic Luka

  12. author

    John Caparulo6 minutos atrás

    The Hall Of Fame really needs to institute a "god" limit on these speeches. 5 MAX and you're cut off.

  13. author

    Michael Jefferson8 minutos atrás

    A patriots fan actually said to me, "Troy has a SB ring?!" I miss tbose Ravens v Steelers battles with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, James Harrison and Troy Polamalu. Classic!!!

  14. author

    Jeremy Kyle9 minutos atrás

    The only reason the LeBron travel is funny is cause of how serious the dude was with his arms.

  15. author

    rob lenn9 minutos atrás

    Mark was winning when he went out he was winning 50 game years with some talent like Curry getting randle for that much was a bullet in the face he playing worse then last year he still trying to that show he might not half playing half as bad as last year lol

  16. author

    john tate9 minutos atrás

    Overwhelmingly what? An MVP who can't even shoot mid range? Just because he can dunk? Nba sucks

  17. author

    OLCtv10 minutos atrás

    😆 go there....also(hand gesture)

  18. author

    Reginald Jeanmarie10 minutos atrás

    Why don’t you guys just forgive him and say he did nothing at all. That’s what your going to do in due course. Calling what was said “stupid” reminds me that they say it’s “unfortunate” when we are shot dead unarmed in the streets.

  19. author

    Hoops Historian12 minutos atrás

    Effortless 50 points.

  20. author

    STATS DONT LIE13 minutos atrás

    STAT PADDER played 40 minutes when the team was winning by almost 20 PTS....LUKA played 26 minutes GIANNIS plays 28 minutes JOKIC plays 20 minutes..

  21. author

    Rebecca Johnson14 minutos atrás

    "Justify the investment" is the sunk cost fallacy.

  22. author

    rob lenn15 minutos atrás

    It will never be the coaches fault with that roster and over paid players .

  23. author

    Just Sayin15 minutos atrás

    Lebron really feeling himself bc he has another Allstar to make him successful

  24. author

    Gunner 000715 minutos atrás

    Luka has one secret - His height and weight body ratio is near perfect! Add that to the fact that he physically can afford to add muscle weight, makes him unbeatable! Combine that with his natural touch and basketball IQ, one is only born with, the kid is here to make his name known. Mark my words

  25. author

    Denver Jr Mines17 minutos atrás

    Im a lakers fan. I dont know why but the LA CHAMPIONSHIP SWAG ended with Kobe. Ive always rooted against Lebron. I have kobe,kawhi>.......lebron

  26. author

    Bojan Angjeleski18 minutos atrás

    This was his worst performance this season

  27. author

    Denver Jr Mines21 minuto atrás

    Yeah the bucks dumped them. I get it. Everyone does. Every team experiences a drubbing once in a while. I GIVE CREDIT TO THE BUCKS (objective clipper fan here). Clips just couldnt make shots. Kawhi actually played well. NOT GREAT. But on several occasions he was able to block,steal or deflect the ball from giannis. The FREAK REALLY HAS A HARD TIME WHEN ITS KAWHI GUARDING HIM. Honestly im glad they lost. Now everyone will count them out and finally we can stay lowkey and just continue hustling. Let other teams fight over the regular season. Playoffs gonna be fun

  28. author

    Joshua Bloomfield22 minutos atrás

    Everyone talking about AD and lebron dropping more than this. What I'm saying is..... AD and Caruso dropped 66 😂😂😂 clippers can leave the chat now

  29. author

    Noel Smith22 minutos atrás

    Lamar Jackson looks lyk a thumb there i said it

  30. author

    Graham Allen23 minutos atrás

    Fly like an Eagle....

  31. author

    Martin Sean24 minutos atrás

    I bet rachel have a secret fantasy on scottie going barry white whispering to her ears.

  32. author

    michael lee25 minutos atrás

    Fantasy) IF >>Luka was in MKE the Bucks win the NBA Finals.

  33. author

    うん26 minutos atrás

    giannis MVP

  34. author

    OLCtv27 minutos atrás

    😐😐😐Molly. We know what then not bring his guys mean

  35. author

    Kenny Twiztid30 minutos atrás

    Max is just horrible.

  36. author

    Terren Ogle32 minutos atrás

    What was Rob Cov thinking 🤦🏾‍♂️

  37. author

    Mtdmpls34 minutos atrás

    Best that ever did it. 💯🔥🏀

  38. author

    Ricky Fontaine34 minutos atrás

    Man that dude so cool.. It aint even funny.. I loved watchin troy play he was a wild man all over the field and never shyed away from a tackle he was the first one to go in... He's the definition of a HOF player.. Wasn't a loud talker the guy came to work everyday and brought his own lumber !!!

  39. author

    Koasizm World34 minutos atrás

    aaaand by looking at the comments its easy to see whos is the goat, this is becoming a stupid question even in 2018

  40. author

    Tron70437 minutos atrás

    Trump has committed TREASON and Nazis walk throughout the streets of America. No out cry! Colin kneeled in a silent protest to protect other Americans and bring attention to police brutality & racial injustice. What are you really mad about white America?

  41. author

    harrison jananto39 minutos atrás

    Ive stopped watching nba now...its just alot of rapper bling bling bullshit. When MJ was around nba was awesome!! Filled with passion and energy. No bullshit politics. Just pure passion for d game

  42. author

    Hal Jordan39 minutos atrás

    Thumbs up for T Mac

  43. author

    Elite Scout39 minutos atrás

    Please FIRE MOLLY

  44. author

    Taylor Weeze40 minutos atrás

    They need to drug test this milk dud head mf ASAP!! 😂😂😂

  45. author

    howard jones40 minutos atrás

    I'm from San Antonio 😁 that's all I'm going to say lol

  46. author

    Esra Yiğit41 minuto atrás


  47. author

    Elite Scout42 minutos atrás


  48. author

    Harlem World43 minutos atrás

    'AD is on the way...'

  49. author

    Yung ReezY44 minutos atrás

    I’m not offended having dark skin has its perks 🤷‍♀️

  50. author

    dnoflintstoner13dn Steeler44 minutos atrás

    FOUR TREY!!!!!

  51. author

    Jhan Freeman44 minutos atrás

    Let him talk. 😂😂 then the opposite of what he said will happen..

  52. author

    Liam Goff45 minutos atrás

    Kawhi and Paul best duo... Yeah Aiight Show time is back in full effect

  53. author

    Angie Chagani46 minutos atrás

    Paul didn’t say anything wrong it’s true, he needs to demand the ball

  54. author

    Gieslly48 minutos atrás

    Is he as good as RJ is on TV though?

  55. author

    Christopher McCarty48 minutos atrás

    I hate Max!

  56. author

    rubberbandman rubberbandman50 minutos atrás

    All I know is kawai is still the defending NBA champion.

  57. author

    trebledc53 minutos atrás

    this is stupid its just the Wizzards the worst defensive team in the NBA. It doesn't change anything that kawhi and Doc River 2 person who has championship rings has been thrashed by the bucks ! I don't trust Rivers can handle coaching the Clippers.

  58. author

    c laboard53 minutos atrás

    That sister is fine 💥👍🏿

  59. author

    DREVM53 minutos atrás

    This playoff would’ve been really amazing with Alabama in it. I feel for Tua.

  60. author

    THEDnARACER54 minutos atrás

    I always love how far over the top they go, they could just bring him to a game, quickly introduce him to some players, and send them on their way. All the extra stuff is awesome!

  61. author

    saigonbond54 minutos atrás

    Bomani is correct. Rodgers has regressed (with age) faster than Stephen A's hairline.

  62. author

    DREVM56 minutos atrás

    Ohio’s coach, bro... Can you say dye job? His hair is unnaturally dark lol.

  63. author

    Veer Chasm58 minutos atrás

    Luka lives on the 2nd floor

  64. author

    Richard Torres59 minutos atrás

    Meanwhile, with the real LA team, they dropped 82 together 🤫🤫🤫

  65. author

    Ryan W.59 minutos atrás

    Would you rather take 2 top 10s all time or 1? I'm not great at maths but pretty sure 2>1

  66. author

    Carsam59 minutos atrás

    did the commentator just confuse dwyane wade with carmelo anthony at 1:24?

  67. author

    Equitable Apple59 minutos atrás

    Jackson is closer in color to Brees than skill

  68. author

    Mark ThomasHora atrás

    How can you dislike this video? Smh

  69. author

    ZahirHora atrás

    Move at 1:59 he picked up from KD, he did to him I think it was last season or the one before? same side of the court and everything

  70. author

    Harold YoungHora atrás

    Kd 7 feet. Come on. Harden is better

  71. author

    Harold YoungHora atrás

    Max a hater

  72. author

    Jacob SavageHora atrás

    Until their is some sort of ownership change or Dolan has an epiphany the Knicks are doomed to stay in this position.

  73. author

    Sorrells ClaiborneHora atrás

    I fux wit Max now.

  74. author

    Dzim NutonHora atrás

    That chick is hot 🤤

  75. author

    Harold YoungHora atrás

    James harden is king

  76. author

    Nora PeaceHora atrás

    I love Blake but he seemed like a hater 🤦🏽‍♀️

  77. author

    Zetsu TsuletsuHora atrás

    dang. bronny just like his dad i guess. Was waaaay more excited for his alley oop pass than his own dunk. 😂

  78. author

    youngBrysHora atrás

    Crazy seeing Bron son play can’t wait for baby Steph

  79. author

    This GuyHora atrás

    In the great words of Terrell Owens, Max is still blacker than Stephan A

  80. author

    Lucas GilHora atrás

    FYI Boshs rebound to allen didn't help win them their first title. That was their second title after beating okc 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  81. author

    Xavier VlogsHora atrás

    Max Keller man has a crush on kawhi and it’s so fucking annoying

  82. author

    Football& HoopsHora atrás

    Young goat

  83. author

    -NN-Hora atrás

    The international players have I N F I L T R A T E D the NBA.

  84. author

    Roberto Dela CruzHora atrás

    what a stacked team! hopefully no more choking in the finals @king james

  85. author

    POWER ATLASHora atrás

    Please keep perk on the show 😂🤣

  86. author

    Harlem WorldHora atrás

    Those legs tho...

  87. author

    Travis MarionHora atrás

    Since when did "logic" become offensive? I'm waiting until someone tells me 2+2=4 is offensive to them because they suck at math and can't add. 🤦

  88. author

    d mHora atrás

    Luka the mvp

  89. author

    This GuyHora atrás

    There's a local team that is primarily brown colours and the entire backfield wears brown sleeves to hide the ball

  90. author

    Oliver & NasiHora atrás

    Embiid lost to the Wizards.

  91. author

    qhamarii0Hora atrás

    Russ problem is shot selection & playing under control it’s not really he skill at shooting

  92. author

    Optimus PrimeHora atrás

    Proof AD makes Lebron better. AD is playing the way he always has. But suddenly Lebron is leading the NBA in assists. Lebron was on the Lakers last year and they didn't make the playoffs. Add AD and best record in the league right now. So sick of sports media saying Lebron makes his teammates better. It's complete bullshit. He certainly didn't make anyone on the Lakers better last year.

  93. author

    Optimus PrimeHora atrás

    Proof AD makes Lebron better. AD is playing the way he always has. But suddenly Lebron is leading the NBA in assists. Lebron was on the Lakers last year and they didn't make the playoffs. Add AD and best record in the league right now. So sick of sports media saying Lebron makes his teammates better. It's complete bullshit. He certainly didn't make anyone on the Lakers better last year.

  94. author

    GoProTrikesHora atrás

    I play men’s league with this man, if only he could hoop like he does his ink hahha

  95. author

    Kenny VelasquezHora atrás

    He said zaire wade is carmelo's son 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. author

    KTHREE31Hora atrás


  97. author

    JamesHora atrás

    Boomer MJ fans: ThIS reCOrd WAs EAsy TO BReak, ANyONe CoULd HAve dOne It!!!!!! Me: Ok then, well why didn’t they? How come it took a 20 year old kid in his second season to do it?

  98. author

    mocoastHora atrás

    somehow, his dribbling looks so easy to defend..

  99. author

    Gee Gnome ProjectHora atrás

    bronsexuals are so full-a sh*t davis has been awesome forever ---now they're all acting like "suddenly" he's this great player lol fact is he (along with kawhi, k durant and probably giannis) is a better player than lebron now though

  100. author

    clarenceboominHora atrás