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Vök - HidingVök - Hiding

Vök - Hiding

2 anos atrás

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    Domi !2 minutos atrás


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    Ivan Rio3 minutos atrás

    Indonesia 2019

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    Pramod Saini17 minutos atrás


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    vapor23 minutos atrás


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    carol cara47 minutos atrás

    I wanted this to play in the trailer for the netflix series "Sandman"

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    Renato Leal55 minutos atrás

    This song is amazing! Malec 💞💞

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    蔣玦穎2 horas atrás


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    Eugene Arbues3 horas atrás

    Cold bones Yeah, that's my love She hides away, like a ghost Oooh, does she know that we bleed the same? Oooh, don't wanna cry, but I break that way Cold sheets But where's my love I am searching high I'm searching low in the night Oooh, does she know that we bleed the same? Oooh, don't wanna cry, but I break that way Did she run away? Did she run away? I don't know If she ran away, If she ran away, come back home Just come home I got a fear Oh, in my blood She was carried up Into the clouds, high above Oooh, If you're bled, I bleed the same Oooh, If you're scared, I'm on my way Did you run away? Did you run away? I don't need to know If you ran away, if you ran away, come back home Just come home

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    halil yıldız3 horas atrás

    I love it 😍 from Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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    Jimin Park3 horas atrás

    Yo vengo por el malec♡♡♡♡

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    raphahell666 x6 horas atrás

    Amazing i love Ladytron ❤

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    Tookkata Snow Queen6 horas atrás


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    Javid Osanlu8 horas atrás

    It should be obvious to anyone that listens to this...he is saying he has had a lonely loveless life even though he has done everything humanly possible to find it. It is a pain many of us deal with our entire lives never knowing love until you finally get to an age where you realize this lifetime it is just NOT in the cards!! That is the most painful realization anyone can ever have in life!! It hurts more than all the hurt in the word combined in your spirit!!!

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    Des Marie8 horas atrás

    Really? like I cant even listen to the one remix of this song ... Grrrr like cause you producers and what not are not already making more money on this song ... I want the one I like !!! Thanks deadmou5e !!! Thank👌👌👌👍👍👌🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 Pisses me off really .When I try to play on BRreporter it says "Video blocked in this country " Oh yeah , really? Well then fuck you frfr 👌👍💋💋💋

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    VLAD MAXIMOV9 horas atrás

    Это просто шедевр

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    _ mymuseJK10 horas atrás

    I came from "addicted" 😊❤

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    Robert Holley11 horas atrás

    Have this amazing lady's music for years...first time saw her videos....simply Amazing artist!

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    王WSC11 horas atrás

    Every cents she spent carries blood from those chinese. this is a good song, and this should have nothing to do with politics, someone may say like this. say this to those people who lost their job, say to those who suicides, those children dropping out of school, those husband who rode a bike to send their wives to be whores to make a living, those frozen to death because they have no money to buy coal. and she often says she loves her mother, but when she can give back her money to those people, she never do that. she always talks, but do nothing. her mother is dying, those people--ok, some already dead, some still suffering, and she is still enjoying her life in USA. Disgusting.

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    jleoncito612 horas atrás

    Kiiinda disappointed the official music video isn't just a bunch of sad puppies in shelters.

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    Israfael D.12 horas atrás

    Beautiful! God bless you 🙏

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    Conspiracy51513 horas atrás

    I miss the old days...

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    Mark Wood13 horas atrás

    Impulse season 2 episode 5 this song finishes it. Perfect match.

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    song happy13 horas atrás


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    Dewayne jr14 horas atrás

    ✊ wow

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    enrique brun14 horas atrás

    Este tipo de música, lo de ahora y lo de antes, casi nada de publicidad y sólo música en radio BUENA MUSICA FM

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    Kellys Alvzz14 horas atrás

    Sigo aquí perras. Y lo sé TODO. -A

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    makella moore16 horas atrás

    Magic. Angel on earth to bless us with such a precious gift.

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    Katie MAIHI16 horas atrás

    2019 anyoneee

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    Tyler Day17 horas atrás

    Grayson Three, are you Dr. Frankenstein or Little Red Riding Hood? Help us fight Charlie in Canton, Milton, and Braintree, MA.

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    Tonyted Williams18 horas atrás

    This brings back painful memories from Afghan. Losing two friends getting shot trying to save them. Not wanting to live for the first 18 months of being reborn from the wreckage of that day. God bless 1 Mercian B Coy, Herrick 12. I now have two daughters and a life I am proud to embrace. This song is tears for me everytime.

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    BenArchy Uk18 horas atrás

    To all the all those people from the Wii; I will one up you. The Crysis 2 limited edition trailer.

  32. author

    CapnChapster18 horas atrás

    Check out 7 Teen by the Regents, 1979. I reckon they inspired the Trons look, and musical minimalism

  33. author

    Alfie Jewell19 horas atrás

    thanks, boyhood

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    naaj a.y21 hora atrás

    Best sung for blue

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    blai kynrad ia rap ianga blai kynrad ia rap ianga21 hora atrás

    D s

  36. author

    Liyam Levi22 horas atrás

    Is it Albert who plays the violin?

  37. author

    Denil Silva22 horas atrás

    beautiful voice

  38. author

    Rob Myers23 horas atrás

    The greatest industrial band of all time flexing on Smothered Hope.

  39. author

    JD23 horas atrás

    Picking up Super Tramps Logical Song in this for some reason?

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    nattoDia atrás

    i love how theyre talking about war we-

  41. author

    Denil SilvaDia atrás

    how to do stop listen?

  42. author

    Sara BauerDia atrás


  43. author

    Irian Ebri JuradoDia atrás

    satanic song

  44. author

    ImBooBooTheFoolDia atrás

    this song is so beautiful but it makes me :(

  45. author

    LIKE FerrariDia atrás

    Are you kidding me you are talking about war and you aren't wearing any thing

  46. author

    Palcanog NedosolDia atrás

    Труба просто наповал бьёт. Молодцы девки.

  47. author

    Mr.YouTube #Dia atrás

    Who is here in October ?

  48. author

    Louise MspDia atrás

    Wait is the lead singer AJ's voice actor?

  49. author

    Chrome_Nova YTDia atrás

    Everytime I see Sandman, I think MW3 Sandman.

  50. author

    Oberoncista OficialDia atrás

    💚☹😭 Its Beautiful 😣🙃💙

  51. author

    SATAN RUBKY HerreraDia atrás

    R.i.p Uncle Noah . 🤘🖤

  52. author

    Shubham SarkateDia atrás

    And if YOU are not made for me Then why did I fall in love 😭😭😭😭

  53. author

    Shubham SarkateDia atrás

    1.2k aliens spotted

  54. author

    jenniferDia atrás

    could listen to this song forever!

  55. author

    HAMMERDia atrás

    A donde van...?

  56. author

    Trish BDia atrás

    How similar to level 16 film? Maybe it's really happening and these are just clues...

  57. author

    莊筱潔Dia atrás

    三年了,你就像這首歌一樣,一直在我腦海裡........ 你現在好嗎?

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    Enrico FranchiDia atrás

    I love this song

  59. author

    Ryo AsukaDia atrás

    comming here from an amazing berserk edit on YT. I wasn't disappointed.

  60. author

    LuckmusDia atrás

    2019. Still one of my favorite songs

  61. author

    LufkaDia atrás


  62. author

    Ares PeverellDia atrás

    Me on Valentine’s Day: *Siting in corner of room with arms over knees rocking side to side while this song is playing*

  63. author

    Julio AlcantaraDia atrás

    Nin took this music for down in it.

  64. author

    Dhia BenchahedDia atrás

    That can be a good music for Lucifer S6 @netflix

  65. author

    plikcheDia atrás

    still love it!!!!

  66. author

    Jordon LeBlanc2 dias atrás

    This brings me back go my childhood

  67. author

    Wendell Costa2 dias atrás

    Nokia 5200, desde então me apaixonei por essa música

  68. author

    Andievo4U22 dias atrás

    Peter, you are my favorite of all time! Your music kept me alive during my darkest hours.

  69. author

    Shubham Sarkate2 dias atrás

    Found best side of youtube

  70. author

    Jessy Life activities2 dias atrás

    Still missing this song till 2019

  71. author

    Rachael Hoye2 dias atrás

    Carmilla ❤️

  72. author

    roscoe jones2 dias atrás

    Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings cameo as the ticket takers, that made me me laugh. Too bad they didn't play, but they must be Friends Of The Band. (-:

  73. author

    Cole Knowles2 dias atrás

    "street rat"

  74. author

    JR JR2 dias atrás

    I knowww there's another song with the same melody. Can I know what the song? Ive been searching for it

  75. author

    Shubham Sarkate2 dias atrás

    And if you were not meant for me Then why did we fall in love

  76. author

    Shubham Sarkate2 dias atrás

    And if you were not meant for me Then why did *I* fall in love

  77. author

    Khuku Chakraborty2 dias atrás

    I band this type of songs

  78. author

    Mr PancakeZ2 dias atrás

    Impulse got me here

  79. author

    keith20922 dias atrás

    17 Octobre 2019 and 11k dislikes and why? This is art. Mahalo nui.

  80. author

    frick.2 dias atrás

    if you pitch it down it sounds like coldplay

  81. author

    Coucou Mya2 dias atrás

    Magnifique reprise , je suis transporté

  82. author

    GAMING IS LIFE. SO GAME ON!!2 dias atrás

    Sims 3 Little Big Planet 2 Need For Speed - Undercover NBA 09

  83. author

    Jean G. Turgeon2 dias atrás

    Bientôt 10 ans :-(

  84. author

    KazzArie2 dias atrás

    This has been good since asot 384 or earlier. That was the first I heard it.

  85. author

    Jeri le2 dias atrás

    This song reminds me of a place I miss but I'm not sure exist...❤️💔

  86. author

    Aidoneus -2 dias atrás

    Excuse me but where can I find this beautiful background?

  87. author

    G Bolt2 dias atrás

    This was a song on my myspace profile back in like 2006. Awesome times. 👍🏻

  88. author

    GunPowder Sucker2 dias atrás

    apa yg akan terjadi sama psikologi si pria ya ?

  89. author

    High Priest Levi2 dias atrás


  90. author

    Kyle Mosby2 dias atrás

    So thats the next Rick and Morty outro music huh?

  91. author

    Charlie Chirimoya2 dias atrás

    Quién escribió la descripción necesita clases de ortografía urgentemente, jaja.

  92. author

    GuiltyUntillProvenSober2 dias atrás

    My childhood song from 2009

  93. author

    Carissa RK2 dias atrás

    who hurt him I want a name and an address

  94. author

    Heidy Malacara2 dias atrás

    I feel so special now hahaha

  95. author

    DeLtaXxGun2 dias atrás

    This song makes me depressed af and happy at the same time... its weird, and I like it.

  96. author

    Keith Shelton2 dias atrás

    2019 baby!

  97. author

    Gabrielle Albert2 dias atrás

    2019...editing this in 2o20

  98. author

    Allan Madelar3 dias atrás

    Anyone here after hearing it from "I'm Addicted" ??? 😁

  99. author

    Yam Saj3 dias atrás

    Love to listen this beautiful song ♥♥♥

  100. author

    angelica rose3 dias atrás

    This what i call music i mean honestly