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Influencers Are BadInfluencers Are Bad

Influencers Are Bad

3 dias atrás

Atlantic RimAtlantic Rim

Atlantic Rim

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Motel Fight

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Your Worst Enemy

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Onision Is BadOnision Is Bad

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Most Badass PolicemanMost Badass Policeman

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Science Is Dead

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Extreme Animal Police

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Survival ExpertsSurvival Experts

Survival Experts

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Forged In DangerForged In Danger

Forged In Danger

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Tiny HusbandTiny Husband

Tiny Husband

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Billy Is BackBilly Is Back

Billy Is Back

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  1. author

    Dr.Sloth Sapper45 minutos atrás

    It is time to Rustle the Jimmy's

  2. author

    YaBoiiiHarry45 minutos atrás

    On the interview with MatPat, Susan said youtube is definitely a place for creators and that they don't favor the Jimmys. Guess that was a lie

  3. author

    Bill D45 minutos atrás

    The ministry of thought has spoken! Obey or your entire video catalog is forfeit!

  4. author

    Cloud45 minutos atrás

    Can we just point out that the cat killer's BRreporter channel (Peluchin Entertainment) is still up. You would think after he murdered his kittens on BRreporter his channel would be completely taken down...

  5. author

    DeathDevil 95645 minutos atrás

    BRreporter in 2019: Okay were doing the right thing right? BRreporter in 2020: Well we fucked up we lost everything

  6. author

    a 145 minutos atrás

    BRreporterrs need to go on strike until the suits listen

  7. author

    Will Ferrel46 minutos atrás

    Here charlie i brot you a gift make some content featuring this

  8. author

    Lennie Umaña46 minutos atrás

    “Give me a fuckin high five.”

  9. author

    ReKapDanun46 minutos atrás

    I feel like BRreporterr is the one company where the people who run it should just take a fucking lifetime long vacation and let the creators and the community control it and BRreporter would THRIVE. @BRreporter , youre dogshit nigga

  10. author

    IV46 minutos atrás

    I shotgunned a pint of super male vitality watching this.

  11. author

    villa jah47 minutos atrás

    1:35 when she wants to hold hands before marriage

  12. author

    Snuzly47 minutos atrás

    We're moving to PornHub

  13. author

    greenman47 minutos atrás

    fuck afton

  14. author

    tom hanks47 minutos atrás

    Make a vid on vasily getting knocked the f*ck out

  15. author

    Kash48 minutos atrás

    Since Google bought BRreporter, literally every change they've made has been for the worse

  16. author

    Butcher EDC Channel48 minutos atrás

    Now I am become porn, destroyer of anus

  17. author

    Sovereign Cigar Co.48 minutos atrás

    Go to. Brighteon

  18. author

    JessHendrix48 minutos atrás

    Fuck this Charlie, let's secede to Pornhub. I will shamelessly watch you on the daily via Pornhub. Or even better, let's make our own platform because I think it's clear that BRreporter is about to die off by going this route.

  19. author

    C-had The single dad48 minutos atrás

    I need a safe space after this.

  20. author

    Grungey Chris49 minutos atrás

    I hope the next content cop is about Susan and youtube...

  21. author

    Dayton Kinas49 minutos atrás


  22. author

    David Wolanski49 minutos atrás

    How much you wanna bet that this doesn't make trending no matter how many times it's viewed?

  23. author

    connor unterreiner49 minutos atrás

    All we need now is a way to pay for free speech.

  24. author

    Boomer49 minutos atrás

    Merry Christmas! -BRreporter

  25. author

    E11749 minutos atrás

    What can we do as viewers to fix this trash? This corprate mentality shown by the platform needs to stop.

  26. author

    Datt49 minutos atrás

    god damn charlie your arm getting swole

  27. author

    Ian Beach50 minutos atrás

    BRreporter is turning into a communist society.

  28. author

    Poison Mechy50 minutos atrás

    i have a cold too ps: love duh vids

  29. author

    Quinn Miller50 minutos atrás

    Theres too sides to every story is the most bs cheating excuse

  30. author

    Wade Oxborrow50 minutos atrás

    You can thank Carlos Maza for this one.

  31. author

    toxic revolution51 minuto atrás

    This dude is the less critical leafy and I love it

  32. author

    LickDiz51 minuto atrás

    *sadness noise*

  33. author

    ryan51 minuto atrás

    wheezing the ju-uice is one of the things i say on a near weekly basis. i am glad you brought it up Charles.

  34. author

    chasebh8951 minuto atrás

    youtubers : EVERYTHING HAS GOTTEN WORSE everyon else : ugh again? this is like the 5th time this week and its only thursday

  35. author

    Ketsuan Vin51 minuto atrás

    Peluchin Entertainment is not in jail unfortunately he actually came back and its uploading videos again. Before his account got taken down he uploaded several videos where he do these "pranks" to his cats, some of this pranks includes: taking the cat food from them when they are eating, Electrify them with a mosquito raket, punching them and slaming them into the floor with force (which eventually lead to the dead of the cat), grabing a piece of poop and smear it in the cats face, making the cats eat lemon (i think) which made them try to vomit it, attempting to drown his cat on a toilet, and every time he killed a cat he would anounce that he got a new one to replace it. Big latino youtubers would make videos about him saying the big piece of shit he was, and he loved it, he thinks that any attention to him is good attention, the authoritys never got involved with him he never went to court for his actions (although i think he got a restriction on owning any pets but that never got 100% proven) He was never ashamed for what he did, he in fact is proud for everything that he has done to these poor cats, and would do again for the sake of views and attention. (Sorry for my bad english i tried my best to explain it)

  36. author

    Real Najmollah51 minuto atrás

    I wonder... If you bully yourself in a video... Will that get taken down? And why do Charlie's arm look inflated?

  37. author

    Danger Brah52 minutos atrás

    Charlie is killing it. Hahaahahah

  38. author

    Intelligent Grawlix52 minutos atrás

    You forgot that BRreporter has no fucking integrity.

  39. author

    OregonAndy52 minutos atrás

    That flute, tho

  40. author

    Blue Dynamite52 minutos atrás


  41. author

    Onfroi52 minutos atrás

    *Influencer:* Influencers Are Bad

  42. author

    MRios112852 minutos atrás

    Is that how he really talks?

  43. author

    RichmanXx52 minutos atrás

    Beautiful! What a masterpiece! I applaud you, Sir. Brendan Fraser is a beautiful human being and I appreciate the chronicling of his works in media form. Bless you!

  44. author

    gaby galvante52 minutos atrás

    Come on Susan. If you want people at your tea party, it comes with spilling the tea.

  45. author

    artawesome3052 minutos atrás

    He was my first major celebrity crush lmao

  46. author

    2007 Honda Odyssey52 minutos atrás

    BRreporter is an American made site. America has the bill of rights. 1st amendment grants free speech and petition. BRreporter is literally violating American citizens rights.

  47. author

    Stando pawah53 minutos atrás

    you know shits real when charlie actually sounded emotional in this video

  48. author

    MRios112853 minutos atrás

    Is that his real voice?

  49. author

    James Nicol53 minutos atrás

    Nice, could you do Vinland Saga too? It really does slap too

  50. author

    dead memz53 minutos atrás

    I really can relate

  51. author

    wusader53 minutos atrás

    Lets just mass flag the late show host vids that include “bullying” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  52. author

    Patrick Decelles53 minutos atrás

    Susan owned the garage Google started in and they put her in charge of marketing that should explain everything. She does not give a s*** about the platform except for how much money they can get from it

  53. author

    Video Critic54 minutos atrás

    Please report this video for bullying. I wrote up the timestamps for each offense below, feel free to copy/paste: This video contains multiple instances of bullying BRreporter’s CEO, Susan Wojcicki. At 1:11 he says Susan’s “The worst fucking wino alcoholic mom of all time.” At 5:15 he says “Wow, I really feel like I can say what I want to say without fear of getting fucked in the ass by Susan with a strap-on.” At 6:30 he pretends to be Susan and says “You can go ahead and suckle on my teats now.” At 8:14 he says “And Susan I know your panties are getting sodden at the very idea…”

  54. author

    Mike Bark54 minutos atrás

    lele pons is what I hate about youtube in general.

  55. author

    Max Otto54 minutos atrás

    “Live vicariously through this content” We get it, you listen to Tool

  56. author

    Daisy54 minutos atrás

    I love Charlie’s regular videos but I hate the podcast. What is wrong with me? I think I just hate his friends. They’re all exceptionally annoying and unfunny.

  57. author

    DARK WEB PRO54 minutos atrás

    2:35 didn't this guy beat up his gf or wife ?

  58. author

    Andrew Art54 minutos atrás

    Shane Dawson kissing his dog with his this

  59. author

    whyistomatoafruit54 minutos atrás

    Which would you rather eradicate: The Wild Douche-Tuber OR Mosquitos. Food for thought.

  60. author

    Kappa55 minutos atrás

    guys this is extremely important for me to know, has daddy charlie always had an earring

  61. author

    Jon M55 minutos atrás

    "It's like hydra, you cut off one Jimmy's head two more Jimmy's take its place. And they're all just as boring" Fucking hilarious and tru

  62. author

    SpruceMoose55 minutos atrás

    Is no one going to point the weird, tumorous growth protruding from charlie's t-shirt sleeve? THAT IS NO ARM!

  63. author

    Sam Moerbitz55 minutos atrás

    Okay are there any alternate platforms we can go on? Like seriously let's rally and switch. Fuck BRreporter

  64. author

    2007 Honda Odyssey55 minutos atrás

    So there’s a video with 400k views uploaded a day ago and it’s trending. This has 770k uploaded 8 hours ago and it’s not trending. BRreporter is trying to say something about you dude.

  65. author

    fliplul56 minutos atrás

    I watch BRreporter more than cable TV to get away from Jimmy Kimmel. And now he's creeping in my safe place....

  66. author

    Cooper Hance56 minutos atrás

    Your bulling youtube

  67. author

    Xnastyxnickx56 minutos atrás

    Ive been on BRreporter since I was like 6 or something watching my first viral youtube video "Charlie bit my finger". I remember showing it to my parents then some time later we all saw it again on TV and I thought that was so amazing.

  68. author

    yeet yeet56 minutos atrás

    Really mad charlie didn't notice that guy wearing a snake as a bandana at 3:30

  69. author

    Video Critic56 minutos atrás

    It's like the mods of r/atheism took over BRreporter.

  70. author

    XxTheJimsterxX56 minutos atrás

    You were doing so well until you said that there were AT-ATs in A New Hope 😏

  71. author

    Snek56 minutos atrás

    Unfortunately you're incorrect. The majority of the revenue is children, rip old BRreporter.

  72. author

    Cream56 minutos atrás

    It's more like grown adults playing fortnite

  73. author

    Nicholas Lightyear56 minutos atrás

    BRreporter is turning into a socialist website.

  74. author

    SueSheDraws56 minutos atrás

    awww they're scawed that people awe gonna huwt eachothews feewings!! :(((

  75. author

    Godiris57 minutos atrás

    removed for bullying the jimmy concil

  76. author

    Yrodi Wild57 minutos atrás

    Yo this new policy sounds like they are breaking the first amendment lul

  77. author

    brandon ziegler57 minutos atrás

    Someone needs to start another media platform like BRreporter but without the bullshit semantics

  78. author

    SueSheDraws57 minutos atrás

    No kid's content? No adult content? No being a meanie weenie head? I say we all move to like Vimeo or something. These amateurs clearly have no idea what theyre doing.

  79. author

    BrandonSzn57 minutos atrás

    Don’t worry about your videos, you’re only a “little” problem

  80. author

    Winder57 minutos atrás

    BRreporter is a tyrant you can trust.

  81. author

    jack Damon58 minutos atrás

    That peluchin entertainment shit is so god damn disturbing and the fact that his account is still up is so fucked, that kid needs to be in jail

  82. author

    Olflapjack58 minutos atrás

    All these new changes and they still let fucking onision keep his channel it's a fucking joke. To add they'll never remove things with Late night hosts or enforce it fairly because if it fits their agenda (like with all the trump shit)

  83. author

    Jason_games58 minutos atrás

    someone should visit chile and go to 249 AV Costanera Río las Minas with a knife to torture someone B)

  84. author

    Giorgi Ustiashvili58 minutos atrás

    Btw here is an objectively better youtube rewind 2019

  85. author

    Nboss13758 minutos atrás

    I just watched the cat video you mentioned... 0_0

  86. author

    DakGuy0558 minutos atrás

    Now put the lightning mcqueen body on it

  87. author

    Kill Everyone58 minutos atrás

    Brendan is my fucking BOY. Airheads, Encino Man, Mummy. You got a problem with Bren, you've got a problem with KE.

  88. author

    BaconSausage124359 minutos atrás

    BRreporter is as bad as Twitch

  89. author

    Dr Drop59 minutos atrás

    Boys watch Fortnite Men watch NFL Legends watch Minecraft let's plays *Gods watch Slap contests*

  90. author

    Elizabeth Schrader59 minutos atrás

    Literally my first thought when clicking on this video was "wow he looks like Keanu Reeves" lololol

  91. author

    AbsoluteAI59 minutos atrás

    Can we also take a moment to think about how Mr. Beast built his brand by shamelessly bullying kids on youtube.

  92. author

    IsaiahHora atrás

    BRreporter un faschisto? Lol

  93. author

    GliphidHora atrás

    I would love to see your content on bitchute. It has a feature to parallel upload vids (any vid you put on youtube auto uploads to bitchute)

  94. author

    Caleb DrakeHora atrás

    There needs to be a competer to BRreporter.

  95. author

    Giorgi UstiashviliHora atrás

    Who complained about bullying in youtube videos? When was this such a big problem? People were complaining about the scumbags profiting of their kids, and scumming kids with a free giveaway, bullying was an issue in the comments, not in videos, and this new policies censores freedom of speech, the reason why people enjoyed youtube so much was because of the fact that they could say whatever they want and their channel wouldn't be taken down, but not now

  96. author

    Wall ChickenHora atrás

    Kimmel and fallon are comedy shows by nature and they've already stated that comedy is exempt from this rule. I also think idubbz leafy vid was comedy, and it's a slippery slope when you try to define what's comedy and what's not, I'm just pointing out that the first thing you said about Kimmel and fallon isnt really applicable. Everyone knows those are jokes

  97. author

    whyistomatoafruitHora atrás

    Legit, the first time that I showed my mom a picture of this cum stain, a couple years ago when this whole shitshow was front and center, the first thing she said was “He’s going to be bald in a couple of years. You can just tell.” No joke. However, Pretty sure Logan got some Tom Brady hair plugs bc his thinning hair has magically thickened as of late.

  98. author

    danevgHora atrás

    I honestly like this youtube update, iddubz is a terrible youtuber and he's a man child. Any youtubers that create content that you gave an example of should be striked. Only because, people need to grow up. I like your channel because its not bad. I don't agree with this video though. It's really not that bad, if you dont like the rules move to a new platform ill still watch. Best wishes bro!

  99. author

    Roy RileyHora atrás

    Fucking love it. BRreporter is training AN ENTIRE GENERATION to mistrust authority. The 2020s are going to be like 1960s part two!!

  100. author

    Greg MyersHora atrás

    Who edits ya videos bro?