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    Cried a lot at the beginning 😢

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    What is the recipe ?

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    Lance Matthew Tang2 horas atrás

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    DoubleDowner3 horas atrás

    How long does it take to let the yeast activate ?

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    Billdogjersey3 horas atrás

    Should wait for the loaf to cool completely before cutting.

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    Vania Whitfield3 horas atrás

    Awesome, thankyou

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    Can you add the http part to the URLs in the video description so they can be clicked?

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    Bona's Kitchen5 horas atrás

    Cool video! Will try those soon xx

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    Hope Paper Creations by Britney Vanderlaan11 horas atrás

    So what drinks would you serve for this struggle meal to complete the package party deal? This makes me want to have a taco party!

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    Foodie Lah!12 horas atrás

    So creative and impressive dishes. 👏

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    logan kerr12 horas atrás

    all I can see is that tiny cake, and Craig

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    Erica X14 horas atrás

    These cookies turned out great! Now I understand why they are so expensive when you get these from the restaurants! Also the chill time was off a lot in my case in TX. I had to leave them overnight to firm up. They were way too soft to roll out according to the recipe.

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    Rene Salcido16 horas atrás

    Don't forget to visit skid row in downtown L.A

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    Next 10 videos: take random vegetable or meat. Add eggs. Add several liters of oil. Add cheese. Add salt and garlic. Fry. Done.

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    You forgot to put cheese on your cheese

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    We mexicans already knew this

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    Thank very much for adding ingredient on the bottom. And, the sweet rice recipe. Awesome !

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    butteredbuns22 horas atrás

    Like, don't get me wrong, they look like great recipes, but I think it's a huge stretch to say they are all pizza. Some of them are more like dishes with pizza-esc flavors.

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    Maybe I'm crazy. Or, are those layers super thin for lasagna?

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    That lasagna really is a pizza cake! 😜

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    that looks so dry and heavy

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    Cook with ShaDia atrás

    What about chicken lasagna ? Next upload chicken lasagna ❤️

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    LisaDia atrás

    I feel like many of these would leave a sticky residue behind?

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    Rona BaillieDia atrás

    I liked your reaction when you tried the rice, it makes me laugh cause I see myself to you. Anyway it's a good video 😉

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    Tried this recipe and the oat cookie as the pie base was pretty good

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    What was that 12th recipe? I know if im having a rough morning i want carbs, not keto and salad

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    if i don't have oregano?

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    really magical, and years and years of trial and error. Not many would have that much stick with it I am sure. Kudos to you and your wife and your team.

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    Cherry AngelDia atrás

    Question... Which fish is best for this? I know some people use cod, and was also wondering if it was the standard?

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    FishStick 101Dia atrás

    2:36 R.I.P burger 2020 - 2020. Btw I cried the entire time because it was so cute and the fries looked delicious. Thanks.

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    What a wonderful recipe with a simple and clear explanation. I love your teaching!

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    We got the 12" pan for Christmas. Last night I cooked pizza in it. Zero sticking! Perfect crust! I started it on the stove for a couple of minutes, then popped it in a 500℉ oven for about 10 minutes...My 1st reaction was I may never get take out pizza again!

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    They all look delicious from each other. Health to your hand.

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