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    Zaxea GK7Dia atrás

    Imaging being in the line and then finally going in to the see the trailer, but instead you see people leaving and the trailer overXD

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    Lucas RochaDia atrás


  3. author

    C JDia atrás

    "Young Fools"

  4. author

    Jeff Kane2 dias atrás

    Minnie mouse is super hot

  5. author

    Chr0 N0s2 dias atrás

    I can only hear the "OOOOOOO" sounds... Cause I'm allergic to every word except "OOOOOOO". (That's just a joke)

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    ELITE GAMING&etc2 dias atrás

    Nothing about the trailer But when Hand died in the movie I really Cried

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    MiJoOc76 - Mike2 dias atrás

    I wish I was there too instead of watching the Oscars 😄 but, seeing the crowds with you, there really is NO “low crowd” time at Disney anymore 😅

  8. author

    Trash Clan3 dias atrás

    Back then when disney wasnt taken over by all these reylo zombies

  9. author

    GoofyTall3 dias atrás

    Hyperspace is favorite. + Eve & Walle flying around to find and leave dust trails.

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    GoofyTall3 dias atrás


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    Aiden Koloz3 dias atrás

    I perform with the candlelight professional in epcot and it’s so interesting seeing the same story being told with almost totally different sounding songs

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    ColonelRaff4203 dias atrás

    Admit it. You thought Finn was a Jedi until Rey used the force

  13. author

    Brayden Monasmith3 dias atrás

    Those are sousaphones not tubers

  14. author

    caden_M_gaming3 dias atrás

    Though the new ones sucked just watching the trailer gave chills and I don’t know why.

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    Patti Brooks3 dias atrás

    Went on this ride at Disney World in 1985 and 1986 in the winter time .Enjoyed it . I was 29 and 30 yrs old . I ll be 64 April 22nd this year .

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    quote i4 dias atrás

    That's not all. They need to fix turn tables in the finale room

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    Marty Vener4 dias atrás

    There will never be a band as tight as The Tower of Power. Gotta give these kids a lot of credit. 2 thumbs up y'all.

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    Cousin4 dias atrás

    LOL! As a performer & musician, a Bay Area native, who grew up listening to TOP, and was in the LSJUMB, I have to say I'm impressed!! LOL Good job!

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    Fred Cline4 dias atrás

    Charlie Brown: "Does anyone know what Christmas is all about?" Chris Pratt: "Lights please..."

  20. author

    Gabriele Ferrero5 dias atrás

    Yay, awesome!! Chapeau!

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    Ugo Lam5 dias atrás

    Disneyland Pearly Band plays Valentine's Day Songs (2020 Valentine's Day Special) 1. Beauty and the Beast 2. Two Silhouettes 3. You'll Be in My Heart 4. Ma Belle Evangeline 5. Love is an Open Door 6. True Love's Kiss 7. You Belong to My Heart 8. Bella Notte 9. Valentine Candy 10. A Whole New World 11. Love is a Song 12. I See the Light 13. Once Upon a Dream 14. Johnny Fedora & Alice Blue Bonnet 15. Too Good to Be True

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    Anakin Skywalker5 dias atrás

    The only good sequel trilogy movie.

  23. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike5 dias atrás


  24. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike5 dias atrás

    This is so awesome, Cameron!! 🎧🎼🎶🎵

  25. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike5 dias atrás

    This will be on my mind for a long time! 😫😄✌🏽

  26. author

    Bruh Moment5 dias atrás

    Remember when this sequel had potential, yeah me too

  27. author

    Tactical_blasters 1395 dias atrás

    I’m a bassoonist/ alto sax player. This is fucking awesome

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    Monitory Report5 dias atrás

    Remember when everyone thought that this movie was going to be epic ? And then REY happened.

  29. author

    Deacon Gandy5 dias atrás

    The Rey saga was the worst of them all😂

  30. author

    XxJaimeSGxX6 dias atrás

    Shitty movie, shitty trilogy : )

  31. author

    Max Leijen Heeneman6 dias atrás

    Expectation vs reality

  32. author

    Raeodor6 dias atrás

    I was there that day with my family

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    Anitanne Rupe6 dias atrás


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    Thomas Vinsen6 dias atrás

    I hate those horrible 30 year old American jolly singing voices

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    фамилия Александр7 dias atrás

    At the end they should have had the silhouette of snoke on a throne with lightning jettisoning out of his hands...that would be pure chills there

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    Jim D'Ville7 dias atrás

    Took me back to '76 when I was a young man...

  37. author

    Bobmarley YeastInfection7 dias atrás

    Lmfao the crowd is dry asf

  38. author

    XimerTracks - Sub To Me7 dias atrás


  39. author

    Kathy C8 dias atrás

    Mitch is such a badass 😜 love this number 😊

  40. author

    Alex Tabara8 dias atrás

    It was a great movie, but sadly they have stolen to much from ep IV

  41. author

    Johnny Nguyen8 dias atrás

    So CUTE! Polar bear is my favorite Animal!

  42. author

    ray baller9 dias atrás

    It’s crazy to know this was already almost 5 years ago..

  43. author

    Team Manos family9 dias atrás

    Thats great

  44. author

    BLOS BLOS JR IN THE HOUSE9 dias atrás

    Little did the disfortunate observers know, what they got displeased every soul in this galaxy, and the day after the release of said film, starwars collapsed. F

  45. author

    Glenn Pugh9 dias atrás

    Disney had a chance. They really did. And they blew it.

  46. author

    Horst9 dias atrás

    I remember when I thought „The Last Jedi“ was going to be a good movie.

  47. author

    あかさたな.9 dias atrás

    私は日本人です! 私はこの動画が大好きです🥰

  48. author

    Laura Megginson9 dias atrás

    @ConnorsPlace, in case Drew didn’t see this already.

  49. author

    Lily Beyond Borders9 dias atrás

    Great vlog👌🏼✌🏼

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    Jay douglas9 dias atrás

    Too bad the movie sucked

  51. author

    Jeff Holz10 dias atrás

    I see Caitie got in trouble with the First Order again.

  52. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike10 dias atrás

    Harmoniously fantastic! 🎼🎶🎵

  53. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike10 dias atrás

    No ESPN Zone, however, the Disney Performing Arts Studios which went up in its place is AMAZING! Overall, a wonderful day at the parks 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽✌🏽

  54. author

    XimerTracks - Sub To Me10 dias atrás


  55. author

    Trap Country10 dias atrás

    so good <3

  56. author

    Zhainzzy10 dias atrás

    Anyone here after the rise of Skywalker?

  57. author

    Zhainzzy10 dias atrás

    I’ve watched the rise of Skywalker and this trailer gives me the chills

  58. author

    itsmartinside10 dias atrás

    And here we are, 5 years later, with a shitty triology

  59. author

    Noice Toits10 dias atrás

    The trailer for this movie was amazing. You can’t even deny that

  60. author

    EDDIE WILSON II11 dias atrás

    I duck this stupid video video

  61. author

    BigSmoke HD11 dias atrás

    I get those goosebumps *everytime*

  62. author

    Lee C11 dias atrás

    Is this before lucky chops take cocaine

  63. author

    Janete Alves Rodrigues11 dias atrás

    Oh what a beautiful top congratulations!

  64. author

    CANALBIS 42012 dias atrás

    Mano. Isso foi do caralho. Muito Top. Amo D+

  65. author

    REBL GHOST12 dias atrás


  66. author

    bias car driver12 dias atrás

    Where is that mate?

  67. author

    Jonathon Tofts12 dias atrás

    All the men are quite trying to listen to the trailer because they are real fans but all they hear is girls screaming lmao

  68. author

    AJ Obeidallah12 dias atrás

    I love that show it's so cute and I love Mulan and Mushu and Mickey and Minnie Look so Cute in their festive Chinese new year Attire.

  69. author

    Fabian Aragon Martinez12 dias atrás

    hey! why wasn't the projection scrim for the Pixar (Mickey) Fun Wheel used on the first night of World Of Color: Season Of Light?

  70. author

    Synix.13 dias atrás

    I was expecting more of a reaction from the Vader mask reveal.

  71. author

    j maake13 dias atrás


  72. author

    Spacemountaineer9213 dias atrás

    I wonder why they moved the venue over to DCA? I guess to attract more people to DCA

  73. author

    jnik_13 dias atrás

    Lol 600. Comment

  74. author

    PrincessPeachFan10013 dias atrás

    It was very sweet how that guy was dancing with that down-syndrome girl at 3:47! ^^ I loved this performance too! ^^

  75. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike13 dias atrás

    State of the Corner + The DAPsies 🙏🏽😁

  76. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike13 dias atrás

    1) I’m looking forward to Mulan as well 😄 2) ‘State of the Corner’.... YES! 😄 3) The upcoming offerings for Disney+ looks amazing! See ya round the corner DAPs crew ✌🏽

  77. author

    Dark Glass13 dias atrás

    This trailer showed so much potential. What a waste.

  78. author

    Tarry2114 dias atrás

    Damn that trailer was great.. to bad the movie sucked :(

  79. author

    Rxnys14 dias atrás

    The trailer was a masterpiece One of the best trailers ever But then came the movie

  80. author

    Patti Brooks14 dias atrás

    Love The Tiki Tiki Room.

  81. author

    Greenleaf201014 dias atrás

    Better head directly to 𝐆𝐄𝐓𝐏𝐋𝐔𝐒.𝐏𝐑𝐎 📌 should you know you really need it!

  82. author

    Skittles but with chocolate inside15 dias atrás

    If they only knew what was about to happen

  83. author

    Tekstar15 dias atrás

    When you realise this was 5 years ago. Time, flies time.

  84. author

    MiJoOc76 - Mike15 dias atrás

    Looking forward to this one 👍🏽

  85. author

    MASTER2006 GAMERS INDO15 dias atrás

    A New Hope : You Broke my Throne Room

  86. author

    Kevztorm15 dias atrás

    Leo Pellegrino brought me here.

  87. author

    Sam DeLong16 dias atrás

    This has got to be the best year he played with them hands down...

  88. author

    J P16 dias atrás

    I first saw a video of minnie in this outfit dancing on Instagram, the user described her as a "Valley Girl". When I see her in that outfit, she reminds me of Jojo Siwa!!!

  89. author

    RageFueled17 dias atrás

    I wish my band had this much energy!!

  90. author

    Simply Skeletor17 dias atrás

    Unreal dynamics

  91. author

    Super Woody Woodpecker Show18 dias atrás


  92. author

    Aaron Halnan19 dias atrás

    The thing is This trailer was exactly the movie And everyone was like “the trailers lied to us” Shut up

  93. author

    Chris Neidecker19 dias atrás

    Still love watching this months later. Awesome, everyone!

  94. author

    Jeff Kane19 dias atrás

    Mickey mouse is so cute

  95. author

    Jeff Kane19 dias atrás

    Minnie mouse is so cute

  96. author

    Jackson Willis19 dias atrás

    There should be a Dasani water droid

  97. author

    Wolf Moon19 dias atrás

    Do they always come out with Belle and Beast dancing in their song?

  98. author

    •BytheDarkJosué•19 dias atrás

    *I actually would cry*

  99. author

    Cristina Mariotta19 dias atrás

    Minnie Mouse 1986

  100. author

    Cristina Mariotta20 dias atrás

    Mickey mouse 1980s