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    Navek Ydeer55 minutos atrás


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    Braappy McBraapface55 minutos atrás

    People complain about the dumbest things. If Pelaton put a fat girl in the ad then they would've played the "fat shaming" card.

  3. author

    Diamano55 minutos atrás

    I agree, it’s definitely witchcraft. 🤨

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    Dione Spears55 minutos atrás

    Trevor you are smart so intelligent you made me laugh when I don't feel like laughing Thank you so much you're amazing young may God continue to Bless you keep telling the truth and making people laugh ❤❤❤❤

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    Leopold56 minutos atrás

    I dont understand the insensitivity Americans have about being healthy and they love promoting obesity. Just because somebody wants to be healthy and active doesn't mean they are fat shaming or want to be unhealthily underweight.

  6. author

    Brian Rosado56 minutos atrás

    F the world. Beef is my favorite.

  7. author

    Mother May I56 minutos atrás

    I ❤️ Roy Wood Jr!

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    160p2GHz56 minutos atrás

    oh wow. he's totally right. it never even occurred to me people would be bothered by that ad. i don't exercise to lose weight. i do it to be healthy. goes to show the poor relationship americans have with health.

  9. author

    EL CRITISISOR57 minutos atrás

    Roy should get his own show funny as hell

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    joanne jones58 minutos atrás

    Mark Zuckerberg didnt say shit. Hahahaha

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    tofu farmer58 minutos atrás

    4:04 I know it sounds stupid, but it's a Willie Nelson reference. So a very Texas thing to say. ...seriously though, these arguments from Republicans are limp at best and authoritarian at worst.

  12. author

    Mathijs59 minutos atrás

    What a cutie

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    beverridge59 minutos atrás

    US should try a 4-year period of time without any POTUS : what could go worse ?

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    Selma Reyna59 minutos atrás

    I would LOVE to be gifted a Peloton and I do need to exercise and to lose weight. I would not be mad whatsoever. As a matter of fact, I would love for someone else to pay for me to have a gym membership as well, LOL.

  15. author

    ryan pugliaHora atrás

    Your daily reminder that mark zuccerberg puts tape his camera and microphone

  16. author

    beverridgeHora atrás

    This Trump guy won't miss US people...

  17. author

    Janis hallHora atrás

    Wow... well done Jordan! I laughed so hard seeing that hypocritical pastor presented with actual logic :D

  18. author

    Frankie MATH WebsterHora atrás

    Quorn nuggets are good as hell! $4 for a 13-piece, not too bad!!

  19. author

    Jess O.Hora atrás

    Lesson of the day: Get educated. Question everything. Be critical. This applies to everyone. Polticians thrive on the uneducated, disinterested, and uninformed. No one elses opinion should influence yours. Make up your own mind. You really have to question why someone doesn't want your children to become more educated. Perhaps it is because those who are are not so easily manipulated.

  20. author

    Oreos&MilkHora atrás

    REALLY disappointed Trevor ACTUALLY took the Republican side on this Baron "issue". She literally wasn't mocking him, she was making an ACCURATE point about the powers the President does/doesn't have. Christ. It's not hard. You're literally just validating bullshit fake outrage. Trump mocked a disabled person.........AND STILL BECAME PRESIDENT Republicans can honestly fuck off with the fake outrage. FOCUS ON THE IMPEACHMENT. Oh.....they'll literally lose if they do that. Hence the 24/7 deflection instead of actually presenting FACTS THAT SUPPORT THEM.

  21. author

    LaShonda JacksonHora atrás

    Obama is the one person everyone interviews and you watch it in attention like you know nothing about him when already know almost everything about him!

  22. author

    Anna D.Hora atrás

    Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be Republicans.

  23. author

    Verum illicHora atrás

    GJ Roy, clever and funny bit, as always. Now, back down to reality: Plant-based burgers are ultra-processed, worse for you than the real thing, and DO NOT cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Think how much energy is required to make fake veggie "meat". Where does that energy come from? This idea that plant-based/lab-grown "meat" is 'environmentally conscious' is clever marketing, but it is BS. Yes, we need to modify diet, but for health, both ours and the environment, we need to change how we think about agriculture, food distribution, consumption and waste, and eat real, whole foods. This goes back to the old-saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trouble is, people want an easy button; sometimes there isn't one.

  24. author

    Venomous HarridanHora atrás

    I think "Your reaction to this ad has a lot to do with how you feel about exercise" is correct. Exercise makes me feel awesome so I didn't have a problem with it. Some changes you experience from regular exercise are mental, not just physical. And I wouldn't consider her "rail thin", but since 2/3 of the US is overweight or obese people who appear to be a healthy weight I guess are considered rail thin.

  25. author

    Harry ZHora atrás

    I bet Kellyanne and Trump are having an affair...

  26. author

    Jude TarkohHora atrás

    "I don't know what it means but I haven't turned my head since" Just love Roy

  27. author

    Tia's TipsHora atrás

    When caught lying 🤥 stuttering and can’t speak 🤣😱😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  28. author

    L LHora atrás

    Nerd Superman!!

  29. author

    Code _V_83Hora atrás

    He probably would've gotten more respect if he had tried to talk OVER the fart...

  30. author

    Landon’s ChanelHora atrás

    I love this guy.. love him. If these guys would joke back I think this would have been golden

  31. author

    Ave BHora atrás

    "It's the devil!" Haha. <3 It's gonna be great to see where all these end up five, ten years from now, especially with the price.

  32. author

    KeKKAI SeNNHora atrás

    Everyone was really great sports about all the great joke's in the video

  33. author

    The RandomHora atrás

    Trevor = Genius

  34. author

    Sapphire RiddlesHora atrás

    British trump laughing at trump

  35. author

    Mike taerteHora atrás

    Okay so I have to find a friend first

  36. author

    RogueHora atrás

    Get the zuck outta here🤣🤣🤣 trevor is crazy

  37. author

    Oreos&MilkHora atrás


  38. author

    Tori OsendorfHora atrás

    When you invoke his son's name? Lmao is he a Sumerian demon??

  39. author

    Marx EHora atrás

    "Do I jump for everybody?" pubg mobile or apex much?lol. He tries hard to not let us know he is a real gamer but real will always reconize real

  40. author

    R PainterHora atrás

    Zuckerberg sucks. He "tries" to use free speech but only when and because it happens to suit his agenda and so he doesn't get bullied by the GOP. I completely deleted my fb account and have never looked back and have never regretted it. I have more time on my hands to do useful things in life, like watch YT.....

  41. author

    steppenwolfHora atrás

    This mother fucker is selling our democracy to the best liar.. glad I didn't go to Facebook

  42. author

    AtrumDeloroxHora atrás

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Trevor's hilarious. People who exercise for fun, good one 😂

  43. author

    Shelbi L.Hora atrás

    Its only shitty if it's something she hasn't asked for...

  44. author

    CatoHora atrás

    Good message, bad humour.

  45. author

    EricaHora atrás

    guess it wasn't a very secret meeting

  46. author

    Frosty LosHora atrás

    The only normal people in Trump's family is Baron and Tiffany.

  47. author

    Jay Palmer AhmedHora atrás

    Roy’s been killing the sketches lately

  48. author

    Sandra RHora atrás

    I saw the ad. And all I can say is a hit dog hollers. All I saw was a man buying a machine that apparently his wife wanted because she wanted to improve her health and possibly have some alone time to do so. The only people upset about this are ones who seem to have a problem with exercise and fitness. Peloton's track record speaks for itself. They have always shown all kinds of people using their equipment to get in shape. The fact that some people are so upset that a man purchased fitness equipment for his wife is more disconcerting than the commercial. I guess people should also get upset when a woman purchases/cooks a healthy meal for her husband. Because how dare she suggest that he needs to eat healthier.

  49. author

    Pat TannerHora atrás

    People seriously buying this BS???? I remember school trips to the museum where they talked about the VAST herds of buffalo that practically covered entire states. Guess they didn't burp back then??? Not a attempt to pull people's attention away from the REAL PROBLEM, fossil fuels? Not at all.

  50. author

    ffeffHora atrás

    Mark Fuckimberg is the spawn of the devil and should be burnt alive.

  51. author

    HyoushinKitsuneHora atrás

    Ohh a "brick" killed your uncle, says the guy who loved playing with bricks all the time as a kid!

  52. author

    Anton LebdevHora atrás

    Facebook is an evil company that should've died yesterday.

  53. author

    PeytonJo16Hora atrás

    I really hope this was scripted. They can’t be this stupid.

  54. author

    Sights and SoundsHora atrás

    If they had used a bigger model they would have been accused of fat shaming right?

  55. author

    JC KornHora atrás

    Dammit he really is going to be the first impeached President to be re-elected....

  56. author

    Talor Lee-StilesHora atrás

    I must admit I had to google malarkey after watching the last show.

  57. author

    Rasierer RamonHora atrás

    Looks like Zucky needs a firmware update #does_not_compute

  58. author

    Nitay HarariHora atrás

    Zuckerberg needs to die!

  59. author

    JACK ROMOHora atrás

    You pointing this out shows your patriotism. They can laugh when the Epstein tapes come out.

  60. author

    Oscar EsquivelHora atrás

    I would clown back But if you President orange It’s hard😅🤣🤣🥃 Good shot world leader 😃🤣🤣🤣🤣 And President orange is eating At the loser table 😂🤣😂😂🤣 President 💩 u sucks!!! 😂🤣😁🤣🤣

  61. author

    Temaghn O MurchadaHora atrás

    "it makes you look mean." Says those who have been nothing but mean?

  62. author

    TheKayleeannaHora atrás

    "You know you're rich when the Amazon guy orders something from YOU!" Hahaha! Trevor is a MASTER comedian!

  63. author

    Lorie LoveHora atrás

    Only gift worse than exercise equipment is cleaning supplies/ tools.

  64. author

    Khalid HabibHora atrás

    I see nothing wrong with that Ad. It's weird how some people get offended easily!

  65. author

    Mitko VaradinovHora atrás

    Hey Trev that was a funny one , really liked the begging of it though I have had hard time watching the show since Jon left . Could have done a better job with Trumps last ISis commentary. I think you misunderstood it, but so this the rest of the MSNBC/CNN. You see the jab/stab at Macron was, "There are a lot of ISIS fighters that are educated , housed, and find haven in Europe, especially in France . We cought them , want them Back?". He is trolling Macron, but also doing what his supporters love and elected him for , if you explore and dig deeper into that you can explore a betterment of your comedic potential ;)

  66. author

    John LyonsHora atrás

    Shows how far down this fool has dragged America, once the leader of the free world and respected, now laughed at

  67. author

    Christiane MontazerHora atrás

    Yess Nancy you go👍👍👍🇩🇪

  68. author

    Spider.Monkey.Ninja.AssassinHora atrás

    Can't wait to start hearing of people's terrible health issues caused by fake meats in a few years and being like "HA! I told you so!"

  69. author

    Oscar EsquivelHora atrás


  70. author

    aircityryanHora atrás

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the industrial farming practices used to make the impossible burger are more harmful to the planet and kill more wildlife than even factory farming does. Wanna save the planet? Eat grass fed beef and organic vegetables. Industrial soy and corn does more damage than industrial meat hands down.

  71. author

    British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple AgentHora atrás

    We need to throw more trillions of money to Al Gore, start more wars, open new nuclear plants and pay me more money. Then the fake climate change scam will be ok, but then we will milk it forever to distract from the crimes of politicians, police and the the military industrial complex. Perfect long sentences of lies and psychological warfare. Hurray for the UN CIA Agenda 21 fairy tail of murder and deception DEPOPULATION PROGRAM, PREPARE TO DIE. Don’t forget British Tea time is at 3:00 PM SHARP!

  72. author

    Diane WilkinsHora atrás

    See I’m a fat ass and would slap fire 🔥 out my husband if you got me a exercise dam bike I want a deep fryer.. give her the bike she is happy. I’m deep frying I’m happy 😃..

  73. author

    Cooraline XavierHora atrás

    Trevor's accents are amazing

  74. author

    Jakob K.Hora atrás

    I am all for replacing beef for more responsible alternatives. At the same time I have to be honest and say that the impossible burger ist still quite far away from a beef based burger, but i hope they get there soon.

  75. author

    Jan KuchelHora atrás

    Re Peloton ad: I love it when my fit husband buys his fit wife fitness stuff. We love these pieces of more costly equipment... that are fun and make us happier humans. I think the gal in the ad speaks to all those of us who've been better at working out, and we get lazy or busy and out of sync with regular workouts. I don't want to gain 5#, much less 20 or 50!! Fitness is very effective for stress management, which I need big time. (type A much?) LOL I didn't see one single thing that would be objectionable. Honestly, she was sweet and she's not rail thin; she's healthy and wants to be stronger, I'll bet.

  76. author

    famousstar796Hora atrás

    It doesn't matter how many burgers you eat a week or a day, because there are still millions of cows being prepped and ready to eat. ENJOY YOUR LIFE AND DON'T GIVE A...

  77. author

    Spider.Monkey.Ninja.AssassinHora atrás

    Cows would have gone extinct a looooong time ago, if humans haven't been breeding them as a food source. They have no defense mechanisms in the wild.

  78. author

    Tyrant-DenHora atrás

    That's not Pollan, he didn't mention corn once.

  79. author

    Gablesman888Hora atrás

    Why blame this on Swalwell? Chris Matthews is the old fart most likely to produce the seismic sounds of his insides confronting that raw vegetable from lunch.

  80. author

    imawhaleHora atrás

    For a split second, I remembered Stanley

  81. author

    Jude TarkohHora atrás

    "I'm I've been told" I love Roy

  82. author

    BikHora atrás

    Trevor, I respect you but honestly you not even making jokes at this point. No hate but that zuckerberg bit was a bit forced lmao

  83. author

    morganne d'arcourtHora atrás

    I am OK to answer, I m proud to say that I had not voted for that man !! I mean his orange !! He accused Obama to come from an other country; I accuse him to come from an other planet. Maybe he is a cousin of Jabba The Hutt !! So, no I didn t vote for him and I will never do. Only one pb: I m french so I m not sure that is really usefull but … well maybe he doesn t know that France is not a part of US …

  84. author

    CancelBasketballWives cancelHora atrás

    Is this really going on in the United States government!? OMG I can't believe this.

  85. author

    ana RHora atrás

    This why the candidates have to campaign in every state !

  86. author

    Bl00dyBlue559Hora atrás

    Haha my 9 yr old can lie better than Zuckerberg

  87. author

    Alberto MadonnaHora atrás

    Trump and zuckerberg its like see a conversation between kirk and data.. SOOO FUNNY

  88. author

    Dejah WhitedHora atrás

    I can see where people are coming from on the ad, but I took it in the way of "she looks like the kind of person who likes to exercise and would be super stoked about a fancy stationary bike where she can spin at home". The vlogging of how thankful she was for this life changing gift was more upsetting to me because of how fake it seemed, but whatever, it's an ad. I'd be more bothered by it if the person getting the gift was my size because that would clearly be a "hey sweetheart, you're fat so I got you exercise equipment you didn't ask for!" narrative.

  89. author

    urdujansHora atrás

    the ISIS gifting is actually a Turkish Erdogan mindsetting absorbed by Trumps brain subconsciously....Trump do not understand the significance of allies and world history.

  90. author

    Joshua NaylorHora atrás

    Seriously how and why do people even use Facebook anymore

  91. author

    Alexander RiveraHora atrás

    I see he still goes to his mom for a haircut

  92. author

    Ashley StasheHora atrás

    My boyfriend is thinner right now because he hasn't been able to ride his bike in our small snowy town. I would love to be able to afford and gift him a Peloton.

  93. author

    Mr Sosha Da baad ManHora atrás

    What they could do is do an experiment where families pre order the cattle for the year. Then that way they will know exactly how much they are consuming and they will know what their eating more than ever

  94. author

    Voltr BaldrHora atrás

    When’s the last time Zuckerberg visited Russia. And can we see before after footage 😈

  95. author

    yovanny verasHora atrás

    My man stuttering more than someone who has a stuttering problem.

  96. author

    Michael BrownHora atrás

    I agree with Trevor, there are all kinds of reasons people exercise! My reason to exercise is to gain weight! I have been trying to gain weight for a while now but for some strange reason ( metabolism ) I cant!

  97. author

    Shawmik SapkotaHora atrás

    interviewer is shit ...turn him in to water

  98. author

    Jess GrmaHora atrás

    I thought peloton was a Mexican candy company, anyone?

  99. author

    Jenna ToadHora atrás

    "gossipy bitches like the rest of us" 😂

  100. author

    JohnnyHora atrás

    She does not see color. She also has black friends. Therefore she is not a racist.