“I’m Tired Of People Talking SH*T.” Julian Newman Plays His BIGGEST Game Of The Year! Jaden's FED UP


  1. Nick Beltrani

    Nick BeltraniDia atrás

    Why is everyone hating

  2. Danial Shafiq

    Danial ShafiqDia atrás

    Atleast lavars kids are elite man

  3. lapi0040

    lapi00404 dias atrás

    How is this dude the Athlete director of their school. If I was a parent of one of these kids, I'd be ripping this guy a new one. He's the very definition of parent who probably under achieved in life and is now trying to live vicariously through his son but setting all kinds of unrealistic expectations in the process. Completely unfit to parent let alone coach other young men and women.

  4. Nicholas Baldrick

    Nicholas Baldrick5 dias atrás

    Idk how many episodes iv watched but I haven't seen either kid win a single game lol

  5. marina seidler

    marina seidler7 dias atrás

    hey Julian it's LaMelo Ball I just wanted to tell you that your a good basketball player and you played really good when you played me when I was on spire but one thing that I can not take back is that your dad I yelling at you while your playing I saw the emotion that was in your face and I talked to my old spire coach and he said that you can come play with them, do you take the invite to play with spire or do you want to keep playing with your dad AAU team......Sincerely LaMelo Ball

  6. J D

    J D10 dias atrás

    That dude is on CRACK!

  7. NBAGOAT360

    NBAGOAT36011 dias atrás

    0:10 this kid is a meme

  8. post peel

    post peel19 dias atrás

    Dad: pst gotta teach this guy everything Julian: you should you're my Dad right 😂😂😂

  9. post peel

    post peel19 dias atrás

    You have Jaden running practices and have the nerve to be pissed when they play horrible 🤦🏽‍♂️ He has no business being a coach. He doesn't teach his kids the fundamentals of basketball how the hell you going to coach an entire team smh

  10. ItsMello

    ItsMello19 dias atrás

    Even tho I'm Julian's same age I could beat his dad

  11. ItsMello

    ItsMello19 dias atrás

    Their dads is fucking annoying

  12. John Tomaso1488

    John Tomaso148820 dias atrás

    Kids dads crazy

  13. unknown GAMING

    unknown GAMING22 dias atrás

    Ow look at this pourrr newmans.

  14. Datboidh D

    Datboidh D25 dias atrás

    The be running out of Mike Secret Stuff by the half

  15. Deaken Ibarra

    Deaken Ibarra27 dias atrás

    Did anybody here jaden say it’s though to end the season without a lost

  16. Ellsworth Johnson

    Ellsworth Johnson27 dias atrás

    wow what kind of coach walkes out on practice and you wonder why both your teams suck. they need to replace you .,pitifull

  17. Amir517 Carrillo

    Amir517 Carrillo29 dias atrás

    How the fuck u let him shot that was ur fault ur supposed to put ur hands up getting in his face somethings

  18. Amir517 Carrillo

    Amir517 Carrillo29 dias atrás

    Pass the ball Newman Julian u are a point guard basically create plays for others just because u going off dosent mean u can't pass

  19. Amir517 Carrillo

    Amir517 Carrillo29 dias atrás

    Jaden Newman never passes the floater u took and missed u had somebody right in the corne shaking my head #ballhog

  20. Scrappy Papi

    Scrappy PapiMês atrás

    Cringe 😬🥴😬🤢🤮

  21. christian jule beatrisola

    christian jule beatrisolaMês atrás

    Wow He Said stay Focus He Isn't Even Focusing In Practice With The Girls.

  22. Jacob Sears

    Jacob SearsMês atrás

    They can’t focus if you freaking yell at them

  23. Laila Aldridge

    Laila AldridgeMês atrás

    This show is so trash that at 6:19 the editors couldn’t even bother to blur out the number plates 😂

  24. Krystion Bailey

    Krystion BaileyMês atrás

    Julian just needs a better team

  25. Tin Tin

    Tin TinMês atrás

    The Dad is the Real Pinocchio

  26. lewis troughton

    lewis troughtonMês atrás

    I swear all the games they play they lose

  27. Rj Sumayan

    Rj SumayanMês atrás


  28. ralik jones

    ralik jonesMês atrás

    Every episode is seems like they always losing

  29. Ween Fain

    Ween FainMês atrás

    If he passed the ball they’d probably win at least one game a season lol

  30. Ween Fain

    Ween FainMês atrás

    That poor girl looks just like her dad... Lawd I feel bad.. fr.. That wide open layup brick almost made me dieeeee 😆🤦🏼‍♀️

  31. Kubarian

    KubarianMês atrás

    Whats the music starts in 0:18

  32. Stone Harper

    Stone HarperMês atrás

    They’re like the Ball family without any of the talent

  33. Stone Harper

    Stone HarperMês atrás

    It’s crazy, I think everyone knew how big of a knob Julian was, but this show proves that the whole Newman family is douchey

  34. Lj FOSTER

    Lj FOSTER2 meses atrás

    Mikey Williams and Julian Newman should play each other

  35. Cooper Lehman

    Cooper Lehman2 meses atrás

    In this show they always do good at the beginning of the game and then do bad.

  36. CwissinDaKidd

    CwissinDaKidd2 meses atrás

    Wait theyve been losing almost every game...this series is just to give them exposure..if dads not careful hes guna take the kids with him when he implodesss

  37. JavierRodriguez

    JavierRodriguez2 meses atrás

    Size don’t matter

  38. sanara arie

    sanara arie2 meses atrás

    jaden : you want some help ? julian : please . jaden : *takes rag , dabs dry car* i’m literally dying bro 😭 .


    P BAYLOCK2 meses atrás

    The team is losing because the smallest guy on the court in taking 90% of the shots. 42 pts out of 97? Really? That would've been a blowout win for them if he would pass the ball to his teammates

  40. J p

    J p2 meses atrás

    Julians dad looks like BEETLEJUICE from Howard Stern!

  41. eastern2western

    eastern2western2 meses atrás

    Their problem is letting a.person who never paid b ball to coach b ball.

  42. SneakGangWatHappend? 412

    SneakGangWatHappend? 4122 meses atrás

    There dad don't coach at all all he do is scream and say what's wrong w you? Worst coach ever

  43. Auto Gweenz

    Auto Gweenz2 meses atrás

    Lol jadens team went 0-12 the whole season

  44. 24hr Hal

    24hr Hal2 meses atrás

    Spire Academy were big winners against Downey Christian High School by a score of 117-80

  45. Diego Medina

    Diego Medina2 meses atrás

    Julian might be good but I want to see him try to dunk lol

  46. Curtis & Cameron

    Curtis & Cameron2 meses atrás

    0:03 Dad needs to back off. Shut up man😂🤣

  47. Pabs Alanya

    Pabs Alanya2 meses atrás

    There's no" I " in team...unless you a Newman. 9:28 I get a bucket, they get a bucket

  48. Josh Gray

    Josh Gray2 meses atrás

    Y’all just wasting y’all time talking about them cause they don’t care y’all just haters and jealous PERIODT

  49. Braeden Ragusin

    Braeden Ragusin2 meses atrás

    If guys are talking shit it makes no sense and if girls are she can ball all them up so she shouldn’t let it get to her she’s a good ball player

  50. JT17 JT17

    JT17 JT172 meses atrás

    We had em in the first half not gonna lie

  51. Zacktili

    Zacktili2 meses atrás

    not trying to be mean but do Julian and Jaden talk like there sick

  52. Dotun Adedokun

    Dotun Adedokun2 meses atrás

    4:40 Jaden gets blocked 😬😬

  53. Karina Prihodiko

    Karina Prihodiko2 meses atrás

    They got no manners

  54. Karl Renzo

    Karl Renzo2 meses atrás

    They all Been draft How bout you new man? WHEN? Hahahahah

  55. Shay wae

    Shay wae2 meses atrás

    rather watch rj world

  56. eduardo hidalgo

    eduardo hidalgo3 meses atrás

    put subtitles in Spanish

  57. vj crawford

    vj crawford3 meses atrás


  58. Antonio Aguilar

    Antonio Aguilar3 meses atrás

    Jaden just do what you do because people can't do what you do and you are amazing

  59. Victor Ortega

    Victor Ortega3 meses atrás

    God damn y’all can’t play a game of ball🤣

  60. Kristina Fabela

    Kristina Fabela3 meses atrás

    I hate there fucking dad what an idiot