“This is my sister, this is my brother” Tik Tok compilation


  1. Claudy Focan

    Claudy Focan6 horas atrás

    Some real Sweet home alabama shit right here

  2. Phia Ync

    Phia Ync12 horas atrás

    my brother david won't do this with me he said its gay ;,[

  3. Ari Ortiz

    Ari Ortiz19 horas atrás

    0:16 is me and my older brother😂😂😂(that’s the way we act)

  4. Xxxmidnight _gvxxX

    Xxxmidnight _gvxxXDia atrás

    So the second one the dude like hit her but

  5. aryam alanzy

    aryam alanzyDia atrás


  6. lerannt

    leranntDia atrás


  7. Izzy M

    Izzy MDia atrás

    2:19 is so sweet! i wish i had a sister like that..... *stares at the other empty bedroom :(*

  8. Izzy M

    Izzy MHora atrás

    @Umar Mohamed ahhh I was worried someone might think that. No someone didn't die. I'm an only child. Don't worry :)

  9. Umar Mohamed

    Umar Mohamed3 horas atrás

    Did someone die?? I'm SO Sorry for that..😢 You have all my love though!!❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Melina Sanders

    Melina Sanders2 dias atrás

    My cousin redid this hope you like it! Sisters sisters we are sisters.everything we own we never share. I wish we didn’t have the same hair.

  11. CMCY1016

    CMCY10162 dias atrás

    The Klaussen on is from a band called On The Out Side and tbh they are my fav band

  12. JustBecauseYes -

    JustBecauseYes -2 dias atrás

    2:35 MXMTOON OMG!!! (And her brother lol)

  13. SaSuKe

    SaSuKe3 dias atrás

    This cat one is cute

  14. Roxyloves Mcchicken

    Roxyloves Mcchicken5 dias atrás

    0:13-0:28 what?

  15. Lumizu

    Lumizu6 dias atrás

    Sweet home alabama

  16. Arya Rogers

    Arya Rogers6 dias atrás

    5 hours of hearing this song and throwing my brother in a fire ^w^ we care for each other :>

  17. Desiree Riggs

    Desiree Riggs8 dias atrás

    Check the app and get

  18. them YouTube brothers

    them YouTube brothers11 dias atrás

    I whould make this tic tic but I don't have sis 2bro

  19. Kaduki Tamara

    Kaduki Tamara13 dias atrás

    When the voice says this is my brother it sounds like siri

  20. Mikołaj Papież

    Mikołaj Papież13 dias atrás

    annoying song

  21. gli

    gli14 dias atrás

    everyone whos watching this without being aware of the bdg original version are all fools. the void of space is a vast expanse


    CABRALFAN278 dias atrás

    *thigh slapping intensifies* COME ON, LET'S DO THE SIBLING DANCE!

  23. Easydrive !!!

    Easydrive !!!16 dias atrás

    Блядь у меня встал

  24. Hayley beristain

    Hayley beristain17 dias atrás

    Me: *Listenting to the song 1million times Me: *at school* siblINGS SIBLINGS SIBLINGS SIBLINGS

  25. Marie Legagneur

    Marie Legagneur17 dias atrás

    In 0:42 it’s so cute

  26. Nika Antia

    Nika Antia18 dias atrás

    This Shit Looks Like Dank Memes

  27. Daniel Siemens

    Daniel Siemens19 dias atrás

    Fuck why did I watch the entire video? I was listening to Metallica last album and I cannot remember how did I open the BRreporter and opened this video

  28. Daniel Siemens

    Daniel Siemens19 dias atrás

    I would rather name this video "sibling ULTIMATE INSANE COMPILATION"

  29. Marie Legagneur

    Marie Legagneur19 dias atrás

    What the song to this?

  30. T Y

    T Y17 dias atrás

    Marie Legagneur amazing by the way

  31. Ryan Vlogs

    Ryan Vlogs19 dias atrás

    I can feel the embarrassement in the sister 5:05

  32. stop

    stop20 dias atrás


  33. Richard

    Richard20 dias atrás


  34. Dndnbd Enebbrb

    Dndnbd Enebbrb21 dia atrás

    5:40 you probably thought it was a joke

  35. Melanie A.

    Melanie A.21 dia atrás

    it is a bit weird in the second one when he pushed her bum, because they’re siblings. but people sexualize asses and that’s why majority of us find it weird

  36. WinstonKing

    WinstonKing23 dias atrás

    Can’t believe I watched the whole thing with a smile on my face... cute!

  37. Sweet Sugar candy

    Sweet Sugar candy23 dias atrás

    2:20 is it just me is dose the baby likes scared or confused

  38. Evan Parry

    Evan Parry24 dias atrás

    They acc edit them well

  39. June Jang

    June Jang25 dias atrás

    I love how the siblings always seem to have similar personalities

  40. james james

    james james26 dias atrás

    Imagine actually doing this gay shit

  41. TheBulliedOne 1

    TheBulliedOne 126 dias atrás

    Kill Them all at once

  42. DARK BOY

    DARK BOY27 dias atrás

    Амира нету

  43. s u n i

    s u n i28 dias atrás

    we just gonna ignore mxmtoons tik tok aight

  44. Camila Maidana

    Camila Maidana29 dias atrás

    It's sooo cute !! But makes me cringe 😲

  45. Furkan Olmez

    Furkan OlmezMês atrás

    Dis may siktir dis may badir her yu keyr

  46. __.dorian__

    __.dorian__Mês atrás

    I think 0:00 and 2:46 are the best ones

  47. True_ Ghost

    True_ GhostMês atrás

    I'm going to take a break from my family... maybe like a week or month away.

  48. Delta X

    Delta XMês atrás

    My brain just died.

  49. Катя Урванцева

    Катя УрванцеваMês atrás

    Перевод на русский есть?

  50. W K

    W K22 dias atrás

    Better dead than red 👊😡

  51. Аида Аймагамбетов

    Аида Аймагамбетов24 dias atrás

    Ну наконецто хоть русский нашолся

  52. Wafa Basbous

    Wafa BasbousMês atrás

    I liked the hijabi girl

  53. lpscorgispace the rat

    lpscorgispace the ratMês atrás

    I wish I could do this with my sister even tho we’re sisters but she hates me so we have bracelets mine says “I hate you” and hers says “I hate you more” she hates me so much TwT

  54. Tanzina Haque

    Tanzina HaqueMês atrás

    Why I am only child 😑

  55. oopeth-

    oopeth-Mês atrás

    2:22 *she looks so shooked like "wth is he doin?!"*

  56. psycliche 19

    psycliche 19Mês atrás

    that baby tho

  57. Ana Pacheco

    Ana PachecoMês atrás

    Alguien podría darme la traducción al español de la canción, porfa. :(

  58. Liseth Delopez

    Liseth DelopezMês atrás

    Hermanos, hermanos, hermanos, hermanos esta es mi hermana este es mi hermano, somos hermanos y nos preocupamos por nostros todos lo que tenemos lo compartimos por que somos hermanos y tenemos el mismo cabello De nada 😊

  59. Fun time with Melissa

    Fun time with MelissaMês atrás

    At 6:53 why was the girl touch her privit part pg 13 ahahaha

  60. Alexis Casson

    Alexis CassonMês atrás

    3:10 as an only child I highly relate to this...Jesus

  61. You’re Not A Hacker 273 - Shan Banan

    You’re Not A Hacker 273 - Shan Banan13 dias atrás

    I have two brothers and one sister (they are cats aswell ❤️)

  62. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ14 dias atrás

    You just called me?

  63. Beanos Beanos

    Beanos Beanos29 dias atrás


  64. edward richtofan

    edward richtofanMês atrás

    fucking cringe

  65. CraZyGaintsFan 26

    CraZyGaintsFan 26Mês atrás

    I don't have any siblings I guess my parents thought I deserve to be alone for the rest of my life so am I still allowed to be then lol

  66. MHA_Texting_ Stories

    MHA_Texting_ StoriesMês atrás

    What's the sound????

  67. joop foop

    joop foopMês atrás

    i would like Mr Brian David Gilbert to know that his art is being tainted like this

  68. T Y

    T Y17 dias atrás

    joop foop yep

  69. Itz_JessCookie ÙwÚ

    Itz_JessCookie ÙwÚMês atrás

    0:16 EXCUSE ME!?!!!?!!!! Thats a no no >:\ HOW DARE HE TOUCH HIS SISTER IN THAT WAY

  70. W K

    W K22 dias atrás

    That's cute

  71. Itz_JessCookie ÙwÚ

    Itz_JessCookie ÙwÚMês atrás

    @Fun time with Melissa dame? I've only heard Of Damn And my comment is just a joke :P

  72. Fun time with Melissa

    Fun time with MelissaMês atrás

    Chill it is just a joke dame

  73. vanillacreamplayz

    vanillacreamplayzMês atrás

    XxItz_Lia_ &_Ashley_booxX the video is a joke

  74. Itz_JessCookie ÙwÚ

    Itz_JessCookie ÙwÚMês atrás

    @oreo ....Me or? Dude if ur talking about me Ew that's gross...

  75. Mariyam Alkindi

    Mariyam AlkindiMês atrás

    What the heck

  76. Conn Toons

    Conn ToonsMês atrás

    Fuck no. I’m not doing this 💀