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    foundation is bomb!!!

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    This video 🙌🏻

  3. Naomi Corveau

    Naomi Corveau4 meses atrás

    You look like miley.

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  5. Lacey Sheehan

    Lacey Sheehan5 meses atrás

    Great tutorial, Matt. Love it!

  6. vladana

    vladana7 meses atrás

    shit... this is guy.....awfull, in't it?


    ELLIE EXODESS7 meses atrás

    You are cute AF and you look like scarlet Johansson 😍🔥

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    shelly alvhina9 meses atrás

    Loba bacot,, akh haro ninqali na qe

  9. Kristeel epsy

    Kristeel epsyAnos atrás

    You make it look so easy 😭

  10. abselby

    abselbyAnos atrás

    You have pretty curvy lips, even tho they are thin. Mine loop like an odd oval.

  11. Patrícia Belianská

    Patrícia BelianskáAnos atrás

    I do not have the upper lip too nah my lips are like😐

  12. Irma Hernández

    Irma HernándezAnos atrás

    Wow! 😉

  13. Cindy Dinh

    Cindy DinhAnos atrás

    Wow that made a big difference ! Thank you!

  14. Eva Diva Fit

    Eva Diva FitAnos atrás

    Hey girl, fantastic job on those lips! Was looking for a quick video and yours popped up. Yaaas!!! So thankful that now I have fuller looking...plumper lips throughout the day! Thanks girl!💗💪🏼

  15. Ash

    AshAnos atrás

    Maybe even a sugar daddy😂😂

  16. Liv Preston

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    "let me know in the comments which kardashian is your favorite" so basically "before you stop watching this please give me comments"

  17. Summer 1999

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    Where have I seen this kid before?? He looks familiar af 🤔

  18. Orion 40

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    Owwww! Ficou excelente!

  19. Dark Alessa

    Dark Alessa2 anos atrás

    why are white people want to have big lips and try to be black lol

  20. Slime Lovers

    Slime Lovers2 anos atrás

    I had no idea this was a boy until I read the comments. at first I was like dang she cute af, now I'm like DANG slay boy slay.

  21. Kaya Francel

    Kaya Francel2 anos atrás

    when a man can do better makeup than you and you literally went to school for makeup😂😂

  22. Cheryl Young

    Cheryl Young2 anos atrás

    You don't have a top lip cuz you are a dude.

  23. Kimberly R.

    Kimberly R.2 anos atrás

    You did an awesome job:)!

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    Love it!

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    You are so cute!

  27. Patricia Macmullin

    Patricia Macmullin2 anos atrás

    Why does it say Kylie Jenner's lips, She didn't invent big lips lol 😒

  28. Matt Sarafa

    Matt Sarafa2 anos atrás

    I was inspired by her use of lipliner to overdraw her lips.

  29. mira dk

    mira dk2 anos atrás

    Kylie Jenner

  30. smlygrl321

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    You look a bit like Mily Cyrus

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    Matt Sarafa2 anos atrás

    I love Mily

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    i love you

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    The song name ? please

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    يا خرا شنو هذا!

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    Julciaaa aaa2 anos atrás

    This is not nice. This mouth is so ugly omg.

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    YS brother2 anos atrás

    bibir kepat burit

  38. YS brother

    YS brother2 anos atrás

    bibir kepat burit

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    Keren kamu nak

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    KYLIE JENNER!!!!!!!!!

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    "Go get yourself a man, or even a sugar daddy" hahaha had me dead. ❤❤

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    You look like miley cyrus 😄

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    Мужик который красит губы? Дожили....

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    Buen maquillaje! 😘

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  47. Martina Ingrassia

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    sei veramente bellissimo! !!

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    Follooow me on: Snapchat: fxckitschaha Instagram: okaysavagee Thanks😏🌞

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    I was all dancing to the music making little sounds and shit then I got so confused when I saw it was a boy 😂

  50. Zez Moral

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    If he suddenly sings Wrecking Ball. I'll be dead af

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    OMG..this is really great to be honest...:D I'm surprised:D Good job

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    what's is the name of first song??

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    U remind me of ricky dillon

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    you so cute.

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    this is acually rlly good

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    Hey u look like Miley!

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    Great video! You are my new favorite make-up guru!

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    omg if he had only hair..😍😍

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    aku sedih liat anak ini..

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    i honestly have natural kylie jenner lips lmao

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    Is he a boy

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    Me gustan más tus verdaderos labios.

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    Kylie and Kim is my favorites ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    oml this is amazing its works so well on you

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    "maybe even a sugar daddy" lmao dude that had me

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    So cute, you are amazing

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    actually you're pouting your lips, thats why they look bigger

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    danai-helen Nikolarea

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    Es una chica o un chico si sii es una chica

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    Vanesa Rodriguez Es un chico

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    hhhh your not in right sex

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    zizi beauty oh... really?

  75. farah ahmed

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    Hey! After you use the MAC lip primer do you wipe it off or just put the liquid lipstick over afterwards? thanks!

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    New subbie! 😘😘

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    None even though I'm getting a bunch of Kylie Jenner lip "something" on IG. I guess if I had to pick any it would be the 2 younger girls but I've got nothing for the Kardashian family other than having some of their butt and hips sucked out bc damn it's over the top like my chest & these babes are getting reduced asap

  78. Brandoncye

    Brandoncye2 anos atrás

    Khloe and Kendall are my two favorites! :) But omg. I love how u did ur lips! come paint me to filth! :)

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    you looks like a miley cyrus

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    This video was so helpful tysm 💜💜💜

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    he so cute but not being as agirl be normal 👍

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    Oh my gosh I love you, you're amazing xx. You totally stole my heart by saying that you can even get a Sugar Daddy

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    Wow, you're very androgynous!! Lovely

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    omg' your skin is so beautiful and perfect i cant!!😑😍

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    Did i just watch Miley cyrus?

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    Why is a boy putting on makeup ... Awkward ... 😳😳

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    Which planet are you from .men have been wearing makeup from the early 17th century for different reasons. and you my friend I will crown dumbest of all!

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    Slay slay slaaayed!! 🏆💖🌹

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    Y does he have to be gay 🙄

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    love this video ❤️👌🏼

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    sugar daddy 😂😂😂 btw, just found ya and already love ya 😻

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    Intro song?

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    I needed this in my life

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    you looks like miley cyrus😍😍😂😂

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    this tutorial was so helpful, thank you ! and, you are so gorgeous !

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    I like Kim Kardashian , & really awesome video!!

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    yu remind me of Miley Cyrus not to be mean or anythang

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    Oml what song is that. Lips.

  101. kathy peralta

    kathy peralta2 anos atrás

    I was like i know this guy but from where and then i remembered...project rubway junior 😂😂youre awesome

  102. kathy peralta

    kathy peralta2 anos atrás

    I was like i know this guy but from where and then i remembered...project rubway junior 😂😂youre awesome

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    Love this!

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    the kylie jenner lips were more like before

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    "reptilian lips" Lmao

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    You are so cute and funny!!

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    you are awesome at makeup