1. Evo C

    Evo CDia atrás

    Well trained SF

  2. Evo C

    Evo CDia atrás

    Love this shit

  3. tyler moody

    tyler moodyDia atrás

    Howed u beat them "I have alot of beautiful tattoos plus im Puerto Rican

  4. Marco Leimone

    Marco Leimone2 dias atrás

    Rip Marcus

  5. Dillwill Playsgames

    Dillwill Playsgames2 dias atrás

    Lazerbeam tried to say that he's a pro

  6. Benjamin Gillette

    Benjamin Gillette2 dias atrás

    You guys are idiots

  7. Gwada Chou

    Gwada Chou2 dias atrás

    Being a military does not give you much regarding competitive paintball (like NXL, not the mil sim paintball). In fact, my experience working in a paintball field shows that much of the time soldiers will get mowed because most of the move are counter intuitive to them. I had a couple military in my teams over the years and the only upside is that they are used to listen and follow what they are being told. On the other hand we did make some field for milsim paintball where actual intervention force (RAID, GIGN, ...) come to train.

  8. Cali Livin

    Cali Livin2 dias atrás

    When dude yelled "HE'S COMING" at 3:01 I cried. You would think Godzilla was coming with the amount of fear in his voice.

  9. fot ppd

    fot ppd3 dias atrás

    imagine if the match was 5v5.

  10. Rodolfo Lopez

    Rodolfo Lopez3 dias atrás

    And they fucking say naruto running wrong mfs

  11. Hyper Theory_YT

    Hyper Theory_YT3 dias atrás

    At 4:58 Lannan tho the guy kills me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. I丂乇Ҝ卂I 丂乇爪卩卂I

    I丂乇Ҝ卂I 丂乇爪卩卂I3 dias atrás

    The Muselk curse always loose

  13. Cacao Lamosa

    Cacao Lamosa3 dias atrás

    Sees an incoming enemy: * i cant shoot him! I have asthma!

  14. Cacao Lamosa

    Cacao Lamosa3 dias atrás

    Guy on gamers team: *Ive been playing rainbow six siege, so ill be team captain.* Litteraly me in any videogame with my friends

  15. Master gamer707

    Master gamer7074 dias atrás

    Ey he’s Puerto Rican me to

  16. Mhao Yeager

    Mhao Yeager4 dias atrás

    "it's our stupidity that will defeat him" Bruh sound effect*

  17. Jacob Richardson

    Jacob Richardson4 dias atrás

    Every thing lazerbeam says I start laughing my ass off

  18. Droning And Going

    Droning And Going4 dias atrás

    2:17 When Lazarbeam said he was trying to hit the drone I got so sad 😭

  19. Fast forward to the future

    Fast forward to the future4 dias atrás

    Is no one concerned that shes wearing a ski mask to a paintball match?!

  20. Robert Villalobos

    Robert Villalobos4 dias atrás

    You can be a seal and still catch this L!

  21. Jonatan Guzmán

    Jonatan Guzmán4 dias atrás

    Por favor que hace esa reportera sin la protección correspondiente, media máscara no sirve, si le pegan en la boca..?

  22. Daniel A Reese

    Daniel A Reese5 dias atrás

    Does his balls hurt

  23. Arden Dosy

    Arden Dosy5 dias atrás

    Click : aiming for the pro Lannan : "im also aiming for the drones"

  24. Sammytokyo and Destiny girls

    Sammytokyo and Destiny girls5 dias atrás

    rip marcus

  25. a snowman that talks

    a snowman that talks5 dias atrás

    "we weren't expecting special forces"

  26. Sam Pemberton

    Sam Pemberton6 dias atrás

    Lazarbeam is so short ha ha ha

  27. IliadNetFear

    IliadNetFear6 dias atrás

    "I can't get the flag! I have asthma!"

  28. Fire Vids

    Fire Vids6 dias atrás

    Got to love that BRreporter strat Like if u clicked read more

  29. Fire Vids

    Fire Vids6 dias atrás

    Lannan the best no lie

  30. Brandon Martinez

    Brandon Martinez6 dias atrás

    “I mean let’s be real...I’m a Green beret”

  31. Lucky Bros

    Lucky Bros7 dias atrás

    I really want to be apart of this vid because I did paintball for about 5 years

  32. Ganbala

    Ganbala7 dias atrás

    Brother Donal hate us ... But we defend this 💪 country.

  33. Joe Pottinger

    Joe Pottinger7 dias atrás

    He’s not an actual pro btw. His form isn’t great. He’s got a decent trigger finger but he might be ex forces of sort but not pro paintballer.

  34. Gwada Chou

    Gwada Chou2 dias atrás

    He is actually pretty bad. I'm sute he is top notch regarding special forces stuff but as a paintball player he is on a beginner level

  35. Miguel Qc

    Miguel Qc8 dias atrás

    9:31 AJAAJAJAJAJJAAJA That never happened

  36. Cristian Meneses

    Cristian Meneses8 dias atrás

    The last time we ever see Marcus

  37. Darkshadow 469

    Darkshadow 4698 dias atrás

    HA for a sec I though it was fortnite I was like here we go again more fort fort annoying cause people use those colorful red white and green and I LIKE RAMEN

  38. V L

    V L8 dias atrás

    Can you do an episode with real guns? It would be much more exciting!

  39. Selene Marie

    Selene Marie8 dias atrás


  40. Gamer jd

    Gamer jd8 dias atrás

    He has aimbot

  41. Angry Capsicum

    Angry Capsicum9 dias atrás

    Isn't GRB pretty shit?