10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand


  1. Abdul Rasheed

    Abdul Rasheed17 horas atrás

    Beautiful country New Zealand beautiful people together

  2. Julien M

    Julien M2 dias atrás

    Please, where is Tekapo? The most stunning place in all new zealand?

  3. DiscussTopTen

    DiscussTopTen6 dias atrás

    i will go after this trip brreporter.com/v/video-3ReXWiZRZF4.html

  4. Ayush Abhishek

    Ayush Abhishek7 dias atrás

    New Zealand is a beautiful place

  5. Ismail Mat

    Ismail Mat10 dias atrás

    I love new zealand♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. فلسطيني في نيوزيلندا

    فلسطيني في نيوزيلندا13 dias atrás

    Poor up north beautiful place to visit

  7. Come si viaggia

    Come si viaggia13 dias atrás

    Top 10 things to do in New Zealand brreporter.com/v/video-l-Qli1K4vm8.html

  8. Steve Brown

    Steve Brown16 dias atrás

    Bestest little country in the whole wide world

  9. zog zog

    zog zog19 dias atrás

    I live in Napier but love Auckland and Tauranga as well. If you want city life and health - then head for Auckland. It is surrounded by water and clean air. Better even than Zurich. But if just visiting then Auckland, Tuaranga, Rotorua and Napier are the places to go in the North Island. But to get back to Auckland - It has all the sophistication of a major European or Asian city - all the cafes, volcanic cones, wonderful waterfront. Stupidly expensive though. In Napier you can, as mentioned, soak in the Art Deco atmosphere. This is not some afterthought. Napier was literally flattened in the 1931 earthquake. The prevailing fashion at the time was Art Deco. So when the city was rebuilt, it was in that style. Only Miami and New York have this level of Art Deco. It took me a while to get it (I have been here 30 years) but now I love it. Napier also has many world class vineyards. The better wines have caught up with France, Australia, and California. Not cheap but - you know - you get what you pay for.

  10. Terahi Hill

    Terahi Hill20 dias atrás

    I'm a new Zealander and tbh I don't really get why other people like this country so much I've only really seen the hori side but I'm proud to be a Māoti🔥😇

  11. Carlo Cutamora

    Carlo Cutamora10 dias atrás

    Maybe you don't prefer nature but me from Philippines love to be there NZ

  12. Dean

    Dean22 dias atrás

    Abel Tasman should be on this list.

  13. Jaka Pramana

    Jaka Pramana25 dias atrás

    Kia ora....

  14. Jaka Pramana

    Jaka Pramana14 dias atrás

    Have you had your coffe?Today is international coffe day!New Zealanders like to drink the "Flat White" it's smaller than a latte and the perpect ratio of milk to espresso 2:1.The coffe founded in wellington in 1989..👍👍👍

  15. sean power

    sean power25 dias atrás

    Heading to New Zealand next week for 6 months! Im from Ireland. Staying on the north island. anyone who lives there feel free to drop me an email seanpower2012@gmail.com

  16. LUCID YT

    LUCID YT26 dias atrás

    what about Christchurch?

  17. Michael Zwiener

    Michael Zwiener26 dias atrás

    oehm. what? No Nelson, No Karamea, No Tasman, Farewell Spit... What'S with the top of the south? No Hokitika... I love all of my country but this is a pretty incomplete list and IMHO the best spots are spared.

  18. Michael Zwiener

    Michael Zwiener26 dias atrás


  19. icee cass

    icee cass27 dias atrás

    Beautiful country and beautiful people. Im a filipino living in New Zealand. 😘😍

  20. jason dutton

    jason dutton28 dias atrás

    To all you potential visitors to this beautiful country of which I live in this marvelous BRreporter video of New Zealand they have only scratched the surface. I'm from the region of Taranaki in the North island just such a lovely place to live we have a stunning mountain and many parks and walkways to enjoy you are always welcome see you soon 🇳🇿

  21. jason dutton

    jason dutton10 dias atrás

    @Carlo Cutamora Thankyou yes I'm very lucky I do hope you get a chance come to New Zealand to experience our beautiful country

  22. Carlo Cutamora

    Carlo Cutamora10 dias atrás

    You're lucky to born in very gorgeous country I wanna be their i love NZ so much from🇵🇭

  23. Dany Ramírez

    Dany Ramírez28 dias atrás

    Feel Good all it.

  24. Phil Watson

    Phil Watson29 dias atrás

    10 Auckland (You fly into it) 9 Lake Taupo 8 Waitomo Caves 7 Gisborne 6 Wellington 5 Franz Josef Glacier 4 Coromandel 3 Milford Sounds 2 Queenstown 1 Abel Tasman National Park

  25. Alak Karmakar

    Alak Karmakar29 dias atrás

    The bestest 🤩

  26. Ravinder Dass

    Ravinder Dass29 dias atrás

    So lucky ,I am living in this country

  27. Ann Ann

    Ann AnnMês atrás

    Beautiful country, how I wish to live and work in NZ 😊😍

  28. Shine Zonio

    Shine ZonioMês atrás

    Hopefully i become rich soon to visit this paradise..💜

  29. D D

    D D29 dias atrás

    Yup, youll need to be rich for that.

  30. chow lyp

    chow lypMês atrás


  31. V Sidhu

    V SidhuMês atrás

    My favourite place is South Island ashburton centerbury

  32. Cam

    Cam27 dias atrás

    Do u live in New Zealand coz I live in Canterbury west egerton if u no where that is

  33. V Sidhu

    V SidhuMês atrás

    I spend 7 years of mah life in New Zealand and I still miss those wonderful days love New Zealand, love for kiwi people they r amazing

  34. Dashcam Oz

    Dashcam OzMês atrás

    There are no best places in NZ as there are so many best places to goto, just stay away from the cities, there are only worst places to stay away from but i will not post

  35. Marny Turner

    Marny TurnerMês atrás

    Coromandel fucking oats tanned for life

  36. manan shah

    manan shahMês atrás

    where is Mount Maunganui?

  37. CLP Johnston

    CLP JohnstonMês atrás

    Beautiful NZ, I been to different places already road trip and boat trip. They should include Wellington and Akaroa. Explore the whole country!!! It’s more than 10 to see,,,,

  38. sakulya das

    sakulya dasMês atrás

    I love new zealand ❤❤❤

  39. The ProAgent Team - Gaston Coma Raywhite

    The ProAgent Team - Gaston Coma RaywhiteMês atrás

    NOTE: it does rain A LOT in New Zealand. Better time is when is summer in NZ.

  40. Stelly Alessandra Currie

    Stelly Alessandra CurrieMês atrás

    Wow amazing place.. will be there nexts week for holiday

  41. Sudha Madhuri

    Sudha MadhuriMês atrás

    Lake tekapo

  42. ellen teviotdale

    ellen teviotdaleMês atrás

    I use to live in Queenstown it is amazing there is lots of ski places and amazing staff for kids like me I also recommend going on the gondla

  43. ellen teviotdale

    ellen teviotdaleMês atrás

    I live in New Zealand my self one of the places they didn’t show is Milford sond it is amazing there is ship to ride a scuber diving and a fish place where you can go under the sea and see fish and you can see dolphins

  44. ellen teviotdale

    ellen teviotdaleMês atrás

    Don’t call me because google changed it to call and I’m just a kid

  45. ellen teviotdale

    ellen teviotdaleMês atrás

    South Island by the way just call me Morgan also if the at is not enough just look on google maps

  46. Ismail Pandor

    Ismail PandorMês atrás

    ellen u lucky.m coming early visit newzeland

  47. Jack Wern

    Jack WernMês atrás

    See the last area, Fiordland, No.10 where it is covered!

  48. Cookie Newell

    Cookie NewellMês atrás

    I live at new zerland and by the beach in riversdale

  49. Ismail Pandor

    Ismail PandorMês atrás

    Soon coming early visit newzeland

  50. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and MoreMês atrás

    Come and enjoy NZ and all it has to offer. You're all welcome here. I'm lucky enough to live by Lake Taupo in the North Island. The South Island is magnificent if you like mountains and incredible scenery.

  51. Perry Anderson

    Perry AndersonMês atrás

    hello all tourists...go to napier, auckland or queenstown everywhere else is shit

  52. The Flying Hamster

    The Flying HamsterMês atrás

    What about old Matuara paper mill Nr Gore? Visit all the tons pf toxic waste from the smelting plant at Bluff stored there right next to the Mataura river.

  53. declan finn

    declan finnMês atrás

    The biggest rip off on the planet.

  54. Dan Willemse

    Dan WillemseMês atrás

    You forgot the entire South Island....bypass the north

  55. Craig Fraser

    Craig FraserMês atrás

    All very beautiful places !!! But then I live here...Top tip..Don't go swimming at the beaches in Napier,Extremely dangerous!!!

  56. Kitten/cat Lover

    Kitten/cat LoverMês atrás

    ABEL TASMAN!! the best by far



    Love the video! I wish I could travel there. Check out some of my travel videos to New Zealand and Thailand and more when you have a chance.

  58. des render

    des renderMês atrás

    They forgot NELSON and ABEL TASMAN NATIONAL PARK. which includes Harewoods hole and SHAG HARBOUR, The most beautiful spot I have ever been to.

  59. Juliette Thévenard

    Juliette ThévenardMês atrás

    I've traveled a whole year in NZ it's magnificent. Missing from this list is definitely Wanaka (climb the peeks if your fit), the West coast, Abel Tasman, Wellington, Glenorchy, Nelson lake district, and tramping. Tramping is the best way to visit NZ, tramping is doing big hikes,especially multi day hikes, in the rugged wild pure nature. All the parks have amazing marked tramping trails with hutts to spend the night at in the middle of nowhere. The trails are often really rough and should not be done if you are not fit, have experience in multi day hiking, basic survival gear and skills, and orientation skills. get info at the Department of conservation i sites. The wild nature in NZ is extremely beautiful, you can drink straight out of the rivers and there are no dangerous animals whatsoever.

  60. harvey blackton

    harvey blacktonMês atrás

    adern the horse faced MARXIST bitch has ruined a once great country

  61. Ressel Montecalvo

    Ressel MontecalvoMês atrás

    Wow really nice place love it 😊😊😊😊

  62. Ayse Tufekci

    Ayse TufekciMês atrás

    Tatile gitmek istiyorum

  63. Hoan nguyen

    Hoan nguyenMês atrás

    The joy of the good

  64. Sonia Blackmore

    Sonia BlackmoreMês atrás

    Half of the footage you showed for queenstown was from taupo

  65. Sebastian Jäger

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  66. Vicky Nayak

    Vicky NayakMês atrás

    God blessed country 😇. Lucky me I live here ☺️

  67. NZ Aviation

    NZ AviationMês atrás

    Wanaka is basically Queenstown

  68. Ginny Cowsill

    Ginny CowsillMês atrás

    Very good to show visitors before they come to NZ to see the sights

  69. Ginny Cowsill

    Ginny CowsillMês atrás

    Very good to show visitors before they come to NZ to see the sights

  70. Ginny Cowsill

    Ginny CowsillMês atrás

    Very good to show visitors before they come to NZ

  71. Salman Khan

    Salman KhanMês atrás

    Clean and green country...love from Pakistan

  72. Simeon Alcorn

    Simeon AlcornMês atrás

    0:18 Just a 'heads up' for potential tourists, we call them 'the' North island, and 'the' South island, not North island and South island.