10 Best Places to Visit in New Zealand


  1. dinushika niranji

    dinushika niranji18 horas atrás

    Very beautiful country in newzealand

  2. eduard gevorgyan

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    Новая Зеландия, состоящая из двух главных островов - Северного и Южного, - невероятное место для знакомства. Насыщенный незабываемыми пейзажами, захватывающими дух пейзажами и беспрецедентной комбинацией озер, гор и пышной зелени, островная нация должна быть действительно понята. Путешествуя по Новой Зеландии, не забудьте уделить равное время ее оживленным городам и более потрясающим природным достопримечательностям. Вот посмотрите на лучшие места для посещения в Новой Зеландии.

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    invite me here

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    Very nice place

  6. Abid Ali

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    Well done video

  7. Marc

    Marc9 dias atrás

    South Island is where it’s at don’t bother visiting the North island it’s just a rat race! Wanaka shoud have definitely been on the list as Mt Aspiring is truely amazing.

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  9. Lam Thịnh

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    How about Wellington?

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    Very nice cuntrry i love new zeland I'm from Pakistan

  11. Donald Or Ronald?

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    I’m new zealend And Rotorua is great fun too

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    Napakaganda nga Di ka naman makaligo sya sobrang lamig

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    I livied in whitianga amazying town

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    Coral Stirling hi .. How r u?? It's me abd elhamid from algeria i need a invitation to visit NZ .. Can u help me .. Thnx

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  17. scrubby boi scrub

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    Aye tongariro national park i did the 8 hour last year with my scout group and my dad but it is amazing but u would want to be able to walk 4 hours up hill then 4 hours down hill but definitely try it

  18. Richard Hague

    Richard Hague18 dias atrás

    "while on the Coromandel Peninsula visit Thames" shows footage of Whanagmata. How about just telling people to visit Whangamata, it's a great place. One of NZ's best beaches and a great drive in from either direction.

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    you are the great God of mountain Sinai the loving God the caring God you are the great God of mountain Sinai you walk on mountain Sinai many years ago now your angels are flying above some mountains in this universe thank you heavenly Father for your love and kindness towards your wonderful loving children you created in your loving and caring image may they bless your name for ever

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    awesome God of this bless full extraordinary beautiful and magnificent universe you are in heaven sitting on your throne watching over this amazing universe you created how strange your angels are flying above some of the beautiful snowing mountain in this video you are the glorious one the mighty God of mountain Sinai I love you heavenly Father may your name be glorify and adore by your lovely children whom you create this beautiful universe with wonderful sight for their pleasure I love you all the angles in heaven and those that fly on the mountain in some places in this beautiful universe according to the purpose of the supreme loving God of this great universe

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    After watching this video I’m happy I live in nz and always was

  22. dinushika niranji

    dinushika niranji18 horas atrás

    Beautiful country and nice video of nz

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    So beautiful country ❤️❤️ love from Pakistan

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    Nweziland very nice like coremadal penzula Auckland & bay of island it like dream

  25. Nutriție Sportivă

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    Wonderful. New Zealand is a gorgeous country. I would like to live there! 😘😘😘

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    Nutriție Sportivă all a long java cross to bali so nice

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    @Syaf Rudin sure. I would love to. 😘

  28. Syaf Rudin

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    Nutriție Sportivă hi do you want to visit indonesia? I am from indonesia

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    you should visit Pakistan


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    Congratulations for this breath taking video. I have to visit Newzealand

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    Great new channel starting out now, drop them a sub and see what it’s all about... brreporter.com/v/video-6hv-i9UX_P8.html

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    show the real nz ... it's a little wannabe America ... where all the Maori are obsessed with American black culture and think they are a actually black.... Haha they even.have gone to.the extreme of cribs and bloods bahahaha bunch of try hards

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    Wat a shitty comment from a bloody Yank

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    It's my dream travel... but i'm from exactly the other side of the world :( ... Portugal!

  35. Elvira De Souza

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    Faltou a inesquecível vila dos hobbits. 😁

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    Beautiful locations thanque...

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    If i like it i will live here

  39. Evian Mason

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    Wow it is beautiful on my travel list

  40. B P

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    If i were to go for 8days is north island or south better??

  41. Claire Bluecloud

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    South Island :) there are a few different options for jet boat rides. Look up Shot over jets inQueenstown

  42. B P

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    and where is that speed boat tour at 9:26-9:34 looks cool

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    Adoro la Nuova Zelanda

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    اتمني نعيش فيها.

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    South is best :)

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    Got some good music and shots from kaikoura, too bad it got hit with a masive earthquake in 2016 ;-;

  48. Paul TheGamer777

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    Im from Philippines and My FATHET working in NEW ZEALAND..and Now.he Pick it up all of the Family!! And im so Happy! To gon In NEW ZEALAND

  49. Paul TheGamer777

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    Omg..The 10th place..i knew it!! And i see it in the Picture with my FATHER! AND THAT SO NICE! AND BEAUTIFUL

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    i love new zealand iam from sudan (tena koei)😅😅😅🙊

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    You have not lived until you have a Hakka performed live..!

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    I think there is lot more than what is captured here. In terms of places, beauty and lot more..

  53. charlie down

    charlie downMês atrás

    Should have put Wanaka, Or Marlborough Sounds I reckon but other than that good video

  54. January 1975

    January 1975Mês atrás

    I hope to visit and live in this country. One day I'll make that come true and I'll update this comment. 😊

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    Господи, это рай😍

  56. Ancient Alien

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    Bit mixed up with locations and footage and a map showing where these magnificent places are would be great. 👍 kiwis are the best ❤

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    I'm so glad I live in New Zealand

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    I like New Zealand....I am from Sri lanka.....

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    The Catlins is one of the best areas in NZ