10 Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake Covers Up


  1. Neko Hybrid

    Neko Hybrid13 horas atrás

    Idiots. There's an old saying, "if it's not broken, DON'T FIX IT!"

  2. Richard Burke

    Richard BurkeDia atrás

    Will Smith did a good job as the genie but Jim Carey would have been better. Also i think jafar looked too young and had a bit of a baby face. Then again i was brought up with the origanal cartoon

  3. yig Swen

    yig SwenDia atrás

    Nothing should have been changed the world needs to stop being so sensitive. All the new movies suck.

  4. Jackie T

    Jackie T2 dias atrás

    i always attributed the opening song lyric 'its barbaric, but hey, it's home' to the song talking about the weather stated in the previous line of the song.

  5. Natasha Herrera

    Natasha Herrera3 dias atrás

    I'll just say at this point if people keep complaining about a fictional movie, then nobody will act because they will be hated by people. Nobody will sing because for sensitive people that is offensive. People need to understand how history was back then. Women had no power nor voice. I want to see facts instead of white lies just to keep the audience happy.

  6. Husband and Wife Travels

    Husband and Wife Travels8 dias atrás

    I just think you should have stuck with the original movie. No changes! But hey, I haven't watched the newest Aladdin because, Aladdin is my favourite disney movie and I cannot have them butcher it. And I'll stick by my decision NEVER to watching it. Sorry -- not a big fan of remaking ALL the disney movies. It's better to stick with the original. 😊

  7. Joann Reyes

    Joann Reyes9 dias atrás

    His name wasnt "in" the title , his name IS the title. The movies ARE about Aladdin not Jasmine.

  8. Zebadiah Priest

    Zebadiah Priest10 dias atrás

    I am beyond sick of political correctness. You cannot change history and their saying things are barbaric and risque'? Have they seen movies, television and most music videos these days? Everyone's been trained to be too sensitive and offended - get over it and seriously, get some thick skin and grow a pair!! People cannot handle reality one bit anymore and they cover it up with lies and bullshit.

  9. gozen47

    gozen4713 dias atrás

    It's a good thing I didn't watch it~

  10. Rhea Jackson

    Rhea Jackson13 dias atrás


  11. Rhea Jackson

    Rhea Jackson13 dias atrás

    I prefer the animated version of alladin it was funny

  12. BitJump Gaming

    BitJump Gaming15 dias atrás


  13. Nusrat Jahan

    Nusrat Jahan15 dias atrás

    After watching full movie Every one noticed that

  14. Liza Azahari

    Liza Azahari17 dias atrás

    Obviously Disney has not done enough research or homework to know that not only is it politically impossible for a woman to become a Sultan in an Islamic state, it is against the teachings of Islam. The original version (cartoon) has been able to adapt more to be more realistic in terms of depicting Arabic culture in its real sense. Although they try to adapt Aladdin to 2019, they haven't looked enough into it leaving us Muslims scratching our heads at some of the contradicting yet amusing decisions made. My suggestions are get your facts straight before making changes.

  15. Liza Azahari

    Liza Azahari17 dias atrás

    If jasmine were to be ambitious, she would become queen assisting Aladdin as her husband. Women in Islam do have a role in assisting in political decision making making, but not as a 'Sultan' which is an Arabic term for male leader

  16. jay dibattiste

    jay dibattiste17 dias atrás

    worst change: the climax. Iago turned large and chasing them...and lack of Iago

  17. Unicorn Gaming101

    Unicorn Gaming10118 dias atrás

    I won't be silenced that's all I have to say

  18. jetnut89

    jetnut8919 dias atrás

    This guy is obviously one those super liberals, lets be politically correct I'm afraid of offending anyone type of people.

  19. Mariam Beheiri

    Mariam Beheiri19 dias atrás

    Honesty is honesty and here it goes I LOVE THE LIVE ACTION MORE 🤭😬🙄

  20. Sigrid van Osch

    Sigrid van Osch20 dias atrás

    Scantilly clad women... actually Jasmin dresses the same. But Jasmine is a princess, so it's ok? I lol'd at this one.

  21. Cama Wangtob

    Cama Wangtob20 dias atrás


  22. Sanaa Atik Vlogs

    Sanaa Atik Vlogs21 dia atrás

    jafar aint ugly but u can say he hotter than mena

  23. OhPlease a

    OhPlease a21 dia atrás

    Sight when so called poltical correctness goes overboard. Instead of casting the right people .. for example. Scarlet johansen a beautiful and maybe good actress but why in godsname let her portray an asian in ghost in a shell, why not cast an ... say an asian actress ?

  24. stealthscottsa

    stealthscottsa22 dias atrás

    Sooo every change they made was essentially for the sake of not offending anyone and we got a watered down villian......😧

  25. Derek Sanchez

    Derek Sanchez24 dias atrás

    The remake of Alladin was much funnier than the original

  26. Mythical

    Mythical27 dias atrás

    5:33 “Jasmines lack os goals” The grammar Nazis would be disappointed.

  27. Crazy Gamer

    Crazy Gamer27 dias atrás

    Guy Ritchie could have selected a bit more glamourous Aladdin and an evil Jaffar 😑

  28. Yonca Yoluc

    Yonca Yoluc28 dias atrás

    Why Indian dances in movie , just why

  29. Miss Carly Pore

    Miss Carly Pore28 dias atrás

    CENSORSHIP. She wasen't 15 or 16, and when she is talking with her father he said she will be 18.

  30. mariam sadeek

    mariam sadeek29 dias atrás

    they needed to change the part where jasmine seduces Jafar. that's.............messed up

  31. Hayama89

    Hayama8929 dias atrás

    There was a lot about the live action I hated. This movie was hard for me to get through.

  32. Ðraconas

    ÐraconasMês atrás

    Ah yes. More story/plot changes to empower women. Welcome to modern society

  33. Shearper2

    Shearper2Mês atrás

    censoring things that actual happened in movies/games that take place in certain times to fit current ideals is to me wrong. better way would be to have either the main or some side characters state how those things are wrong and try to convince to the protagonist or others why those things are wrong. that way you can remain faithful to what took place in the past and still remain PC. it is why movies like Blazing Saddles and Django Unchained get good quality points from me when I think about movies over other movies that take place at around the same time but don't use certain terminologies.

  34. amanda roberts

    amanda robertsMês atrás

    The Sunday salaam thing always bothered me. Idk I’m just happy they changed it to the right day.

  35. Beatriz Jardim

    Beatriz JardimMês atrás

    I liked the movie, but the kids movies nowadays totally... clean. Everything is a taboo, so much so, that they almost don't have a conflict. This is anything but real. I get it protect the inocence of children, but they will not be children forever. One day they are gonna bump into the real world, and they are not gonna Know how to deal with it.

  36. Martinez Family

    Martinez FamilyMês atrás

    Ya. Aliddin

  37. John Mirle Scearcy

    John Mirle ScearcyMês atrás

    Y'know, even without historical and political inaccuracy, it's still wierd that Jasmine would wear an outfit just like the "harem girls." Also, when he said they were replaced by school girls, I thought "...what kind of school girls, though [ like students who are girls, or brittney spears/weird porn typeschool girls?]

  38. Arty hajor

    Arty hajorMês atrás

    So no one is going to talk about the Indian outfits in the movie 😂?

  39. fpp

    fppMês atrás

    Let me just get this out of the way: I loved the 2019 live action movie. ...BUT this effort to make everything perfect and politicaly correct, EVEN when the original wasn't necessarily incorrect (like the harem girls and Jafar being ugly) is really annoying. Also.. i always felt though original Jasmine was over 18 and she was one of my favorite Disney princess because of her strong personality

  40. Miss Carly Pore

    Miss Carly Pore28 dias atrás

    She is 18 actually, this guy messed up, when she is talking to the Sultan he told us ;) in the original movie, watch it again in Italian is said.

  41. oooh19

    oooh19Mês atrás

    It's pretty cool to have a hot villain but then it could be a trope or stereotype too like bc they're hot they think they'd get away with it

  42. CaptConrad

    CaptConradMês atrás

    My friend: Hey dude. There's something I've been meaning to tell you. Me: Ok. What is it? My friend: I play Fortnite. Me: 8:03

  43. Manuel Santiago Renken

    Manuel Santiago RenkenMês atrás

    I concidered it odd, that Jafar was so young(!). In the original he was a man in the mid fourties (at least) or the mid fifties, not the early thirties. He was the sultans counselor and trusted advisor for... lets be honest more than just 5 years. In the original he was the true ruler of Agrabah, while the sultan was playing with his toys. @MooWooMoo I thought it was great that the sultan was more of a real king, and that Jasmin learned her political skills from him. They could have gotten more into the "If only you where born a man, what a sultan you would have made" kind of thing. It is paraphrased from the movie "gladiator" where Cesar Marcus Aurelius says something like it to his daughter... That would have been a serious thing. I would have considered the syrian Actor Ghassan Massoud (Saladin from kingdom of heaven) a much better casting for the role of Jafar - but hey, that is just my opinion. ;) Marwan Kenzari did a good job non the less.

  44. BDSandM

    BDSandMMês atrás

    I actually think the live action Jasmine looks more white than the cartoon Jasmine. Naomi Scott kinda just looks like a white girl with a tan. After all, she is partially white. Jasmine in the animated movie has an Arabian nose that is only present in Aladdin compared to the other animated Disney films. She's also brown and her eyes are more almond shaped and slanted, which isn't the standard shape for white people in animated Disney films. Even her face shape looks slightly different compared to her white Princess counterparts. However, many Arabian people in general look very similar to white people but with tans. Some more, others less. It's not like we're different species.

  45. Kermit_is_real _try_me

    Kermit_is_real _try_meMês atrás

    5:16 Me: DRACO MALFOY?!?!??!?!

  46. Jenna Fox

    Jenna FoxMês atrás

    Jafar is not a creepy old man. Back then, people were smarter. They understood that when a person reaches puberty, they are NOT a child anymore since they can have children of their own. So, keep your crazy politics to yourself. Besides, you are one to judge. You people think homosexuality, which couldn't be more unnatural, is normal. 👎

  47. we stan imalexx's hair line

    we stan imalexx's hair lineMês atrás

    I'm much happier with the movie

  48. Mikayla Gibson

    Mikayla GibsonMês atrás

    5:14 Mena Massoud is hot as hell what r u talking about???

  49. Non-Descript Being

    Non-Descript BeingMês atrás

    I don't understand the whole 'pandering to kids' thing...to me, it's just when you're younger, you enjoy it but don't understand the entirety or the breadth of it all necessarily; then when you get older, you do genuinely understand the concept(s) fully or in more depth and may still enjoy it.

  50. Jillian Schildknecht

    Jillian SchildknechtMês atrás

    Another added lyric to prince Ali at one point the genie refers to Aladdin as yummy boy.

  51. Mez

    MezMês atrás

    Initially, after seeing the promotional videos and pictures, i thought Jaafar might've been hotter. But after seeing the movie, Aladdin is really way more handsome. The images did not do him justice

  52. Captain Barbossa

    Captain BarbossaMês atrás

    I don't care about the controversial things that haunt the original Aladdin. It's a masterpiece of animation film. A+ movie for me.

  53. Blue Jayz

    Blue JayzMês atrás

    live action alladin pretty boy while live action jafar hot sexy man!

  54. 0megacron

    0megacronMês atrás

    Can't go referencing things like slavery, cutting off thieves' hands, or harem girls - not in a film set roughly around 1000 A.D. in the Middle East. That would just be insensitive.

  55. Bye Bye Belly

    Bye Bye BellyMês atrás

    Will Smith was terrible as the genie. Emotionless, flat speaking and singing.

  56. Ravanofdarkness

    RavanofdarknessMês atrás

    Jasmine new Song was trash and served no purpose and don't get me started with Jafar being the weakest Character in the Movie. Disney needs to stop trying being politically correct. So sick with oh this is Sexist or Offensive, tough fucking luck and stop being such a snowflake. Stick with the Original Material and create something brand new to spread your SjW bullshit, oh that's right, if Disney had to rely on spreading their shit message onto a new original create franchise it wouldn't even break even at the Box Office.

  57. Call me Riddick

    Call me RiddickMês atrás

    Gotta point this out, but most of the changes they made were completely unnecessary. Insensitive as the previous movie was, it was culturally accurate to Arabia at the timeframe the story takes place. I understand changing the physical stereotypes and such, but female sultans, slaves, and cutting off hands for stealing were the norm for the time. Alot of it still is today

  58. Isaiah Adams

    Isaiah AdamsMês atrás

    I don’t give a fuck what mindless idiots have to say, the remakes of Aladdin and The Lion King are great 💯💯

  59. Παναγιώτης Παντελίδης

    Παναγιώτης ΠαντελίδηςMês atrás

    Trying so hard being not racists actually makes us racists lately

  60. A S

    A SMês atrás

    I'm not a fan of the changes. They're made to make things more politically correct.. which, just spare me please. That said, I think the 2019 movie stands fine on it's own if you don't compare it to the original. The biggest thing that's missing in it, though, is the greatly reduced role of Iago. Gilbert Gottfried was brilliant in the role.

  61. Heldermaior

    Heldermaior2 meses atrás

    A lot of the things they changed had to do with the depiction of a 3rd century Arab culture. The line about slaves is interesting since owning slaves was a sign of wealth and very desirable for any royal. And not just in Arab culture.

  62. Linc R.

    Linc R.2 meses atrás

    I think all of this changes were unnecessary, ridiculous and extremely dumb :D