10 Dark Things About The Original Aladdin The Remake Covers Up


  1. MagicMax_Tv

    MagicMax_Tv8 minutos atrás

    Schoolgirls?! That's even worse xD

  2. FlexX Vodka!

    FlexX Vodka!4 horas atrás

    Wtf they censored out the real culture...now it's just americans whit weord clothes...and it isn't fitted to the culture that they depicted...

  3. pixie

    pixie23 horas atrás

    These changes are actually good.

  4. Sumayyah Salahuddin

    Sumayyah SalahuddinDia atrás

    for brush up your sunday salaam when i heard in the movie Will Smith sing “brush off your friday salaam” i freaked out lol! i was like omg they got it right!! so shoutout to disney for fixing it and making it correct

  5. Criminology M.A.

    Criminology M.A.Dia atrás

    The original was a mixture of pre Islamic Arabia, Islamic Persia, and India during mughal occupation. The new movie was very similar except more Indian (oddly Hindu) elements and totally surprising Bollywood dances/influences. While it's correct that the main characters were very American/White (not physically) and that it was built on cultural stereotypes it's not accurate to call it racist (ignoring the exaggerated facial characteristics) though certainly disrespectful. Also the original scene with Jaffar and Jasmine isn't actually alien to Islamic customs, as it's occurred from Spain to India. The Ottomans would have harems of captured "White" women, typically Ukrainian. The Muslims who ruled India did the same, famous example of Deval Devi (Hindu Rajput princess) who was a captured and married off numerous men. So what Jasmine went through wasn't just a racist projection. I like to think that the original is a crude collections of stereotypes while the new one is just a collection of stereotypes with feminism and Bollywood. Love both movies and don't think there's any reason to play the shame game about the producers of the movies or of any culture, we're all humans and have our imperfections, let's learn to appreciate progress rather then remembering the bad.

  6. Amy Cheesman

    Amy CheesmanDia atrás

    None of it needed to be changed...its a movie that pro traded the cultural differences as they are in REAL life ...and again its a movie!!

  7. Christine Bey AllRightsReserved

    Christine Bey AllRightsReserved3 dias atrás

    "Too violent" "Too provocative" Have they seen what's going on in 2019 TODAY!? #MissChristineChronicles #MamaGladysWitThaLongName

  8. Lucero Perez

    Lucero Perez3 dias atrás

    There's nothing wrong but the point of the cartoon Live action is to see the handsome and not handsome characters !!! What happen here😨😢

  9. Lucero Perez

    Lucero Perez3 dias atrás

    I'm 25 years old ,and I'm so upset that who ever took a lot of Aladdin action I wish they didn't ...were is the cool Aladdin action ! Ha! ha! ha!!!

  10. Mihail Doych

    Mihail Doych4 dias atrás

    “Too provocative for 2019”...sigh if it was fine in the 90s, it should be fine now. Some people have just become way too sensitive and get offended by everything

  11. Rasfa

    Rasfa4 dias atrás

    ALL fkn nonsense

  12. acxa108

    acxa1084 dias atrás

    I personally *loved* the stronger character development from Jasmine.

  13. The Music Girl

    The Music Girl4 dias atrás

    So, people are probably going to hate me after this, but, I realized that most kids movies now are all, GIRL POWER!!! And I get it, but, shouldn’t they’re be an equal amount of girl AND boy power? Also, FYI, I’m a girl, not a boy. Anyway, I feel like we’re focusing on girls too much now. It used to be boys are better. Now, girls are about to take that place, if you get what I mean. Why can’t people just say, “we have equal value, let’s move on with our lives now.” But females, in general, are pushing it further and are STILL trying to prove their worth for pretty much no reason at all! It was already proved. End of story. Sorry if this sounded offensive in anyway, being offensive was not my intention. I just wanted to make people aware. Thanks if you read this far, I guess. Have a great rest of your life!

  14. Fidel Magdaleno

    Fidel Magdaleno4 dias atrás

    Jafar was creepy in the original? No. He's was a great villain, because he wasn't a creep to begin with. In the original, Iago and Jafar planned to marry Jasmine and make a accidental incident to kill her and he'll remain in power as Sultan. Even after he became Sultan he still didn't love Jasmine. Jafar just wanted her to submit to his rule as Sultan, but she continued to rebel. He was going to beat make her to submit to him. He WAS going to do that, but came up with a more darker plan to make her obey. That is to have the Genie grant Jafar's wish to have Jasmine fall in love with him so she no longer rebel against him. He doesn't care if she falls in loves him; he just wants her to submit to his rule as Sultan. That's what makes him a great villain. He has no love in him that he'll use love as a tool to get what he wants!

  15. Fidel Magdaleno

    Fidel Magdaleno4 dias atrás

    Also does anyone misses the old Cave of Wonders? How it emerged from the sands after Jafar and his hired thief trying keep up with the magical beetle to follow its trail to find the Cave of Wonders? How the weather changed dramatically to give off an intimidating and magical feeling? (Inhale) Hearing Jafar saying how he kept searching the Cave of Wonders that seemed to be just a myth, but found it was real along and left us in questions about the Cave of Wonders existence? (Inhale) Seeing how the head moved and looked at you when it didn't really have eyes, but still felt it staring at you? (Inhale) Still also see and hear the head is still moving and breathing? Right when the thief felt safe taking a step inside the head you immediately was scared by the roar of the Tiger; seeing its jaws opened wide and chomped down before the thief can escape dragging itself and thief with the treasures of the Cave of Wonders? (………………..Inhale...…………….) Later seeing how Jafar tricks Aladdin to get the Lamp and tries to kill him to make sure there's no loose ends? I really miss that..... How does one find the New Cave of Wonders? Just look for a mountain in the middle of nowhere and see if there's a cave on the side of the mountain there with a shape of tiger's head...….yup...….

  16. Latoya Webb

    Latoya Webb5 dias atrás

    They should have just kept it original. It is what made us who we are today, why sugarcoat things? The original was far greater than the makeover. Although I really enjoyed the movie!

  17. Madison Farr

    Madison Farr5 dias atrás

    I quote Peter Griffin "OMG, Who the hell cares?" if someone gets "offended". It's a cartoon for crying out loud. And kids need to learn the penalty for stealing (That was a little joke). Stop making the world out to be a nice place! The real world is barbaric!

  18. Banana kid

    Banana kid6 dias atrás

    the change in lyrics in both arabian nights and prince ali were needed; needed so nobody would be offended, therefore, disney gets more revenue in the box office.

  19. WickedBinge

    WickedBinge6 dias atrás

    The big Mouse wants his money.

  20. budsmoke bunny

    budsmoke bunny7 dias atrás

    How many remakes can they make?

  21. Batmanisawesomesoami

    Batmanisawesomesoami7 dias atrás

    I ❤️ the Animated movie way more than the live action one because for me the live action one was meh. Also Disney WTF stop with the live action adaptation already and make some new animated movies.

  22. Larry Einstein

    Larry Einstein7 dias atrás

    what's really nice is ... the Disney Pedophile Mafia Producers are having a ssssssssssuper bad year :) "never mess with children." ~God

  23. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez7 dias atrás

    Everything would have been cool. Now Lion King on point. Shoot make Aladdin on point as well. Oh well Disney movies lame now. Due to. No real artist. With talent. Illustration. Be real. Please dont make Robin Hold or top notch Fox and the hound! Id be 😠

  24. Chanel Wilton

    Chanel Wilton7 dias atrás

    The Jasmine singing constantly was WAY too much. Cool. Girl power. I get it, but way too much

  25. Victoria Falzo

    Victoria Falzo7 dias atrás

    Jasmine was in a "harem outfit" the entire original movie Also, it makes more sense for Jafar's first goal to be marrying Jasmine because it's an easy way to get what he wants (power through ruling) and make it less "evil" to the people (if he's the princess' new husband, then obviously he's the new sultan. If he just TAKES the power, then they're less likely to go with it) And a super old dude marrying a 15 year old is (I think) still common in Middle Eastern cultures, and it was even more common back in the day this movie would have taken place. AND it's not the creepiest thing in Disney (Think Frollo in Hunchback)

  26. Pakou Clark

    Pakou Clark7 dias atrás

    People are easily offended and sensitive now a days

  27. MrAnthonyIII

    MrAnthonyIII7 dias atrás

    I don't get Jasmine's character change. Not only is it inaccurate for the time and place, but the film is supposed to be about "Aladdin". Pretty much every other Disney movie focuses, often exclusively, on the female characters. Is it so difficult for them to have one film where the focus is on a male character?

  28. Nour Hamdan

    Nour Hamdan8 dias atrás


  29. the cheese of truth

    the cheese of truth8 dias atrás

    Look I think it's just extremely difficult to please everyone. Of course the cartoon version was political more accurate to that time and still is, but disney isn't something only for kids or only for adults. It's for both and some here seem to forget that. I personally think awareness is important but if I had a young daughter I wouldn't want her to be confronted with those issues at such a young age. Again, that's an opinion but I think Disney just considered that. I also think it was less risky to cover things up and get criticism for it than make it just like the original and get criticism for being "irresponsible". I hope you understood what I mean

  30. Franky Flowers

    Franky Flowers8 dias atrás

    the cartoon Aladdin didn't have slaves or any of the things he was singing about. it was a lie to get some tail.

  31. MrVinniy

    MrVinniy8 dias atrás

    Jaffar of the animation is far better than the 2019 Aladdin

  32. Patrick Woods

    Patrick Woods8 dias atrás

    I love the movie. Both versions are dope but I see why they changed some things in the live version.

  33. I'm Her

    I'm Her8 dias atrás

    In short, Disney is just playing safe because even if they try to explain some scenes that raise eyebrows from sensitive viewers, others will still not believe it and say what they want to say.

  34. I'm Her

    I'm Her8 dias atrás

    I don't think that the original alladin movie is being racist nor sexist in any way. They are portraying or showing such actions because it has the purpose to make the viewers see the discrimination and the violence people do and don't even realize it.

  35. Cody Wallace

    Cody Wallace8 dias atrás

    From what I've just seen ... the remake sucked ... the original is STILL better. #Aladdin #NotJasmine


    LEONA BUNDY8 dias atrás


  37. R E : F L E C T I O N

    R E : F L E C T I O N8 dias atrás

    Yikes. The movie became so annoying.

  38. Tiane Reid

    Tiane Reid9 dias atrás

    I've always preferred stories where the villain isn't obvious. No black hat or red-eyed horse; maybe even deceptively sweet, like Saruman.

  39. Sana G

    Sana G9 dias atrás

    So basically this video is about how Disney used to be ignorant and offensive (facts all wrong, proving they did not bother to do a brief research regarding the middle east culture ) to a more stupid and racist version of themselves...Oh boy and they think they are doing good and improving...HOW SAD...

  40. Spicy Noodz

    Spicy Noodz9 dias atrás

    They did Jafar dirty.

  41. Taylor Penpek

    Taylor Penpek9 dias atrás

    I think all the changes were perfectly appropriate. Some of them were especially needed. Speaking as a girl who’s part Middle Eastern, I’m very happy that they were able to portray the people much more positively than the original had. Jasmine was also given a lot more in terms of power and character, and it made me feel better. Also, the “harem girls” were pretty inaccurate in the original. A harem is actually another name for the sultan’s/man’s family. This includes the servants, concubines and children. And no, they didn’t dress scantily clad or anything. They were just regular wives.

  42. Richard Callahan

    Richard Callahan9 dias atrás

    They should have just made a different movie same cast new names in different songs

  43. Richard Callahan

    Richard Callahan9 dias atrás

    I like the original better

  44. High Apple Pie In The Sky

    High Apple Pie In The Sky9 dias atrás

    This whole video was a headache because they're so worried about offending people its ridiculous. Jasmine and aladdin were NOT drawn to look white!

  45. High Apple Pie In The Sky

    High Apple Pie In The Sky9 dias atrás

    They DO cut off peoples hands in the middle east! Its not negative portrayl, its telling the truth. And i am so sick of hearing about how they dont want to offend anybody! The animated version was fucking accurate! Period

  46. Naomi Williams

    Naomi Williams9 dias atrás

    I thought the whole point of Aladdin was a Disney princess movie that appealed to boys as well. I felt it lost that in the new version when they shifted the focus more to Jasmine.

  47. Kayla Wilson

    Kayla Wilson9 dias atrás

    I’m still mad Jafar didn’t call Prince Ali prince Abubu🥺😂

  48. Pandarama -

    Pandarama -9 dias atrás

    The "harem girls" are dressed exactly like Jasmine😂😂 And even as a little kid i remember being a little uncomfortable with the whole Jasmine trying to seduce Jafar scene. I remember thinking something like, "This.....kinda seems like those movies im not allowed to watch" 😂😂😂

  49. Clairissa DiGiovanni

    Clairissa DiGiovanni10 dias atrás

    None of those changes were needed even the ones on the darker side portray historical accuracies. I find forcing Aladdin to actually be jasmine's story offensive.

  50. Valeria Beauty

    Valeria Beauty10 dias atrás

    He did an ok job okay job

  51. Bri A

    Bri A10 dias atrás

    Funny thing, I didnt think Jafar in the cartoon version was ugly. So choosing if the bad guy should be ugly or not is up to the story. I usually never think the bad guy is ugly until the person who presents the story does.

  52. Salina Libohovana

    Salina Libohovana10 dias atrás

    The animated movie showed how the Middle East used to be. My mom named me after jasmine because she wanted me to be Curios about the world and explore it. The genie is actually in Arabic mythology but Islam tried to make it as something bad. Jasmine and Aladdin looked persian while the rest looked Arabic. So i don’t think they look white I just think they looked more persian then Arabic. To be honest the animated version was better.