10 DIY Fortnite School Supplies vs Minecraft School Supplies Challenge!


  1. blas navies

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    Jessica gives Ben a first aid kit Me:yaeh because he gets hit so many times

  2. Adriana Alvarez

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    You are going to get in trouble if you try these hacks

  3. Sunshine 7

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  4. Freddy YT

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    I HATE TROOM TROOM. Make better vids you dimwits >={. I can't watch these cause they are so dumb and stupid. Make better vids NOW! YOU WOULD UF YOU'RE NOT A DIMWIT!

  5. Calaya Reign

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  6. beast roblox

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    this is how many dont do this 👇

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  10. lordex fitness

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    Boy looks like slogo

  11. Taikutsu INK

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    Uuh i mean if you have time to waste why not

  12. Zap 0909Y

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    Likes : Minecraft Dislikes : Fortnite Comments : DIY

  13. Megan Shultz

    Megan Shultz12 horas atrás

    You are the worst channel I have ever seen

  14. Ahsan Choudhry

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    Banana pencil

  15. Suma Nithin

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  16. Noooscap 101

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    Why do you guys like this?

  17. Afeef 007

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    legends only play minecraft

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  19. ItsGravelYt 697

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    Minecraft like Fortnite comment Not forced 😉

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  21. Dayma Doll

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    Q the only yyyyyuuuujkkkkkk p

  22. George Rivas

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    I like miercraft is better

  23. George Rivas

    George Rivas22 horas atrás

    Miercraft is pretty Cool 😎

  24. L Alfaro Lopez

    L Alfaro Lopez22 horas atrás

    Troom troom : girls name always has a fortnite banana Me: uuuuhhh you mean peely

  25. George Rivas

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    I like your music

  26. pinguin guin

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    This is how many like minecraft and know marshmello isn't from fortnite (or not because no one will see this) V

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    DANG GANGDia atrás

    I love your vids

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    9999999999999999,99999999999999999 likes=0 say for ur mom say buying robux

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    BOOGIEHOODIE87Dia atrás

    Me: mmmm which one Fortnite : pick me I’m de the best Minecraft: pick me Me: I pick fortnite


    BOOGIEHOODIE87Dia atrás

    Fortnite is the best game ever you should get it and play it

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    So annoying

  35. JT Staszak

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  36. xblarble

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    10:07 that’s a boogie bomb not a block of tnt....

  37. Noah Jensen

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    This Chanel is so garbage

  38. Zombie2sniper YT

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    It’s so annoying and cringing when she says fortnite

  39. Banana Boksh

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    No one has time for this

  40. Briana Garcia

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  41. Briana Garcia

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    This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool :D

  42. 「Dark Link777」

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    4:29 what is this song

  43. Pamela P

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    I'm glad fortnite is gone because it's stupid

  44. Maddie-Mania RBLX

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    Poor enderman.. why was he not put together in the first place.. ;-;

  45. Christian Dollowski

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  46. Annette Dalmac

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    0:17 Google be like Google:*Didnt you mean Peely?*

  47. Annette Dalmac

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    Umm the stars didn’t work

  48. Itz_Miha_ BTW

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    This video should be titled:How to get bullied at school.

  49. Andy A

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  50. Dark Legend

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    Bruh this is so nerdy who would honestly actually make these for school that's not in Elementary and half of this video is horrible bruh this is so annoying includeing her voice like of you agree

  51. TheDev Harminh

    TheDev HarminhDia atrás

    This is how many noticed the invisibility potion was night vision 👇

  52. SanøSadPlayz

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    Whats a “minecraft colors?”

  53. Isfaq Khan

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    MC valo video bana

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  56. buyingthread 461

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    Kill the G A M E R

  57. Shakar Jeyakanthan

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    I can’t do these my parents will hunt me down

  58. buyingthread 461

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    I swear if I see anyone act like this in my school there's gonna be another sandy hook

  59. Камен Правов

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    Only minecraft fortnite is stupid

  60. Sean Buchanan

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    Gotta love that fortnite enderman

  61. Juega con Yessica Villa

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    Fortnite😝😝😷😷 Mincraft😝😝😷😷