10 Historical Facts That Will Seriously Mess With Your Perception of Time


  1. Wasserbienchen

    Wasserbienchen12 horas atrás

    Last one isn't entirely true, 1971 was the year the LAST canton of Switzerland gave women the vote, which iirc was Appenzell.

  2. Leviathan OHD

    Leviathan OHDDia atrás

    Bullfights still exists, and i go to watch them like 6 times at year because of that same reason, its surreal... time is relative.

  3. Anthony Pettit

    Anthony PettitDia atrás

    Sorry but Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico is the oldest continually inhabit community in North America. It's been continually inhabit for over 2000 years, before Spain was Spain. Several other Pueblos throughout New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, have been continually inhabit for 1000+ years. Make them the oldest communities in North America. You seem to forget the native Americans we're here first.

  4. Mystery D

    Mystery D2 dias atrás

    Take a guess when the paint roller was invented. Surprised? So was I.

  5. Player_1

    Player_14 dias atrás

    Sadly women can't drive in some countries circa 2019. Time is relative.

  6. Freddy Burdick

    Freddy Burdick4 dias atrás

    love your videos! this puts a lot of thing in prospective!! love it!

  7. Louisa Capell

    Louisa Capell5 dias atrás

    Some of this is false, because of the fake history narrative pushed today. He glosses over and over simplifies things .

  8. Hunter Scheib

    Hunter Scheib5 dias atrás

    Depending on what you consider functional, the first steam engine was made in ancient Greece. The aeolipile.

  9. agaronek

    agaronek5 dias atrás

    Why are you making these videoes so very USA oriented? I get that the producers probably are american, but the videoes would be a lot more interesting if they would not consider facts based on how american-friendly or not they are.

  10. CrazyBear65

    CrazyBear655 dias atrás

    Pyramids, as well as most ancient structures, are a lot older than they are willing to admit. Geologists have proven that the sphinx is 30,000+ Think about _that_ while you sip your Starbux Latte...

  11. BJGvideos

    BJGvideos2 dias atrás

    No it really isn't.

  12. 7thDesertRat

    7thDesertRat5 dias atrás

    toptenz has turned into an american view point channel, what a shame...

  13. R C

    R C6 dias atrás

    You might think the USA is "Young" but its actually technically older than France and Italy. France is on its Fifth Republic, which only came into place in 1962. Italy's Republic was formed in 1946. *the more you know*

  14. Pills _

    Pills _7 dias atrás

    My great-grandmother was born in a covered wagon and lived to see people walk on the moon.

  15. Sean L

    Sean L7 dias atrás

    none of these are surprising, still interesting though.

  16. AJ Lynch

    AJ Lynch8 dias atrás

    Here’s another: I am around before the 51 star flag.

  17. chris geroge

    chris geroge8 dias atrás

    Samsung was founded in 1938

  18. Helios Sky

    Helios Sky8 dias atrás

    The invention of the bicycle is a very interesting topic to think about because if you consider the technology that is required to produce the simplest bicycle, that tech has been around since the Roman era (minus the rubber for tires, however they could have just used solid wood wheels). So there is really no reason why humans couldn't have been pedaling themselves around 2000 years ago. It's incredible that nobody thought of that until the mid 19th century!

  19. Nate Bueche

    Nate Bueche10 dias atrás

    The invention of the battery is older then the Bible.

  20. J D

    J D10 dias atrás

    14:44 Woolly mammoths would be "ancestors" not "descendants" of elephants.

  21. J D

    J D8 dias atrás

    @Helios Sky Nice! My vast knowledge is improved. Thank you!

  22. Helios Sky

    Helios Sky8 dias atrás

    Also they aren't ancestors, they are separate lineages.

  23. Riko Saikawa

    Riko Saikawa11 dias atrás

    lol they only count settlements of whites on american soil

  24. Rodger Hodgson

    Rodger Hodgson11 dias atrás

    My oldest brother is two years younger than me.

  25. Sean -Chesthole- Osman

    Sean -Chesthole- Osman11 dias atrás

    I can't believe we landed on the moon before someone invented compound bows. Don't get me started on pockets and hallways neither.

  26. Felix Keenan

    Felix Keenan12 dias atrás

    Train needed rails though, not hard to understand why iron wheel cycles wouldn't catch on... Pneumatic tires where made for bikes.

  27. Evan Galyen

    Evan Galyen12 dias atrás

    Harvard was founded in 1636

  28. Quirko Germont

    Quirko Germont12 dias atrás

    Longest in northamerican continent? Mexico have some older... And still north america

  29. Alessandro Marcolin

    Alessandro Marcolin13 dias atrás

    Here is another one: in the span of time since I was born - 51 years ago - the world population has more than doubled. Human population that is, as the population of most other living forms decreased, in some cases to the brink of exintion.

  30. AJ Lynch

    AJ Lynch8 dias atrás

    Bugs are thriving too

  31. David Beppler

    David Beppler10 dias atrás

    It will double again in 25 years. Unless something catastrophic happens.

  32. Richard Hopkins

    Richard Hopkins14 dias atrás

    Try this one.. How long ago did they quit making pencils with lead, and start making them with graphite? 100 years ago? 200 years ago?? The answer is... Pencils were NEVER made with lead to write with. They have been made with graphite since they were first invented.

  33. Ian Ireland

    Ian Ireland14 dias atrás

    Orville Wright was NOT the first he was the second. Richard William Pearse beat the Wright brothers by 6 months.

  34. LaQuinn Rap God with the Rah-Rah

    LaQuinn Rap God with the Rah-Rah14 dias atrás

    I think the world thinks the US is dumb

  35. Mr Raptor

    Mr Raptor14 dias atrás

    Those wholly mammoth you showed, wasn't the species that lived when the pyramids were build, instead it was a much smaller, dwarf like species that lived secluded on an isle north of Siberia.

  36. jessyg17

    jessyg1715 dias atrás

    He butchers some random word in almost every video- this time it's guillotine. It drives me crazy and takes me out of the narrative.

  37. Steven Glowacki

    Steven Glowacki2 dias atrás

    That's the typical British hyper-anglicized pronunciation. Americans tend to use more French-based pronunciations of French words, where the British are more likely to read them as though they were English words.

  38. One oftheabove

    One oftheabove16 dias atrás

    What world do the they actually pronounce the "LL's" in guillotine? PMSL.

  39. Richard Hopkins

    Richard Hopkins13 dias atrás

    Yep, some people pronounce it how it would be if it were an English word

  40. Richard Hopkins

    Richard Hopkins13 dias atrás

    A world that doesn't speak French


    YOWHAZGOOD16 dias atrás

    ...you just say Jewbox? ... sounds like it...

  42. Carolynne Walters

    Carolynne Walters16 dias atrás

    You mean "ascendant"? A descendant is a grandchild, great grandchild, etc.

  43. TolkienOtaku

    TolkienOtaku17 dias atrás

    You forgot my favorite: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank were both born in 1929 (King on January 15th, Frank on June 12th).

  44. Kate M.

    Kate M.18 dias atrás

    The last execution by guillotine was in 1977, but the last _public_ execution by guillotine was on June 17, 1939, of Eugen Weidmann. It was filmed from an apartment window (you can find the film on BRreporter) and was witnessed by a 17-year-old Christopher Lee.

  45. jliller

    jliller19 dias atrás

    St. Augustine was 1565, not 1576.

  46. Nicholas Ennos

    Nicholas Ennos19 dias atrás

    All manned space travel is fake.

  47. Nicholas Ennos

    Nicholas Ennos19 dias atrás

    Ciabatta was only invented in 1982

  48. John Barber

    John Barber19 dias atrás

    My brother in law's uncle got shot by baby-face Nelson.

  49. Jamie Acree

    Jamie Acree19 dias atrás

    There is a tree somewhere in California that was around before the pyramids as well - and it is still living today. Appropriately named Methuselah, the tree - a bristlecone pine is estimated to be over 4,850 years old. It is in a protected location. The oldest pyramid by comparison is about 4,600 years old.

  50. Oddman1980

    Oddman198021 dia atrás

    Another company that's older than you'd think: Husqvarna. You've seen their mowers and weed-eaters, but they made motorcycles before Harley-Davidson did. But they're even older than that. Husqvarna originally started out making muskets in 1689. The logo for Husqvarna is supposed to to be the end of a gun barrel.

  51. KJ k

    KJ k22 dias atrás

    Ann Englishman invented the pilotless, automatic airplane 80yrs before The Wright Brothers flew.

  52. kxnqhype musiq

    kxnqhype musiq22 dias atrás

    How can something be founded that was already there (occupied by people)

  53. Micah Philson

    Micah Philson22 dias atrás

    This is exactly why I have always wanted to create a comprehensive timeline of every fact I've heard, so you can start to see who was whose contemporary, and what was happening in one area of the world as another invented something we now consider fundamental.

  54. Dildis Mc_swaggins

    Dildis Mc_swaggins22 dias atrás

    I believe that Tenochtitlan is actually the oldest city in the north American city that still is occupied.. as Mexico city was built on it. As the original city is believe to have been built in 1325.

  55. Warrior Star

    Warrior Star23 dias atrás

    My state will be having it's bicentennial next year and I couldn't be more amazed that I live in an age where I can draw a vast comparison of 1820s Maine and Maine of the present day.

  56. KJ k

    KJ k22 dias atrás

    Warrior Star It amazes me that I worked with a guy who grew up in the '20s (& teens).😮 I will see the 2020s next year.📅

  57. pedro jimenez

    pedro jimenez23 dias atrás

    Boring your voice is boring you made me go to sleep

  58. Fat Yoshi

    Fat Yoshi23 dias atrás

    The guillotine was still in use when the first Star Wars Movie was released.

  59. Elsa B

    Elsa B23 dias atrás

    😲😲😲great video

  60. Lisa T

    Lisa T23 dias atrás

    Oh Simon, Simon, Simon, it's messo america, not meeso!, and it'sco/ kees/ta/doors, not whatever it was you were saying usually I let these things slide, but these were hurting my ears! regardless, this was an amazing video, ans I hope you do more of these, please

  61. Rodrigo Noriega

    Rodrigo Noriega24 dias atrás

    Ummm theres way older continuously ihabited cities in México and cuba such as Habana and Veracruz. Both 50 years older than anything in florida, and theyre in north América.

  62. Sonja Morrison

    Sonja Morrison24 dias atrás

    Really want to mess with perceived times lines? Examine human slavery, "then" and now.

  63. Sonja Morrison

    Sonja Morrison24 dias atrás

    Tiffany is about to be purchased by Louis Vuitton.

  64. Jenderson Mohammed

    Jenderson Mohammed24 dias atrás

    Very interesting!

  65. So Confused

    So Confused24 dias atrás

    Swear all this channel talks about is US history, if you can call a few hundred years history lol!

  66. Magic Pete

    Magic Pete24 dias atrás

    England an island nation? I think not, it's found on an island.

  67. Magic Pete

    Magic Pete21 dia atrás

    @Fat Yoshi Japan is an island nation as is Australia, there is a difference

  68. Fat Yoshi

    Fat Yoshi23 dias atrás

    By that logic, Haiti and the Dominican Republic are not island countries.

  69. Mikhail Moosa

    Mikhail Moosa25 dias atrás

    University of Kaureein predates Oxford but this is only European history right?

  70. shoved to the right?

    shoved to the right?25 dias atrás

    @11:32 the picture of the soldier looks like Paul McCartney...

  71. Robert Sides

    Robert Sides25 dias atrás

    The electric chair sounds like a way worse way to go than the guillotine.