10 Most Age Defying Fighters in MMA History


  1. Spada Brillante

    Spada Brillante20 horas atrás

    Sometimes age tells you what you should look like, but the body they have is younger than their actual age like a baby face and still strong that is why they can still compete like a youngblood..

  2. GoatMF

    GoatMF3 dias atrás

    Urijah Faber? Gotta be crazy not putting him on here

  3. Screamn’ Eagle

    Screamn’ Eagle5 dias atrás

    Honorable mention: Hershel Walker

  4. SameSoup

    SameSoup5 dias atrás

    Alexi olinik (probably spelled wrong) could be added to the list.

  5. FrankieTKO1 Boxing

    FrankieTKO1 Boxing15 dias atrás

    Nice video 💪💪💪💪💪

  6. whoopsie321

    whoopsie32116 dias atrás

    man imagine young dan henderson/dan cromier if they grew up in this era of mma

  7. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith16 dias atrás

    Are you intoxicated or something?

  8. Sharp Emu

    Sharp Emu17 dias atrás

    Should've shown Dan and Bispeng's first fight after being TUF coaches

  9. 新川貴洋

    新川貴洋18 dias atrás

    Many about 31 years old champions defeat.

  10. Dr P

    Dr P20 dias atrás

    The only thing dc defys is the dunkin donuts line

  11. Kamel

    Kamel20 dias atrás

    Silva loves McDonald’s but advertises for Burger King ? He’s a stupid douche!

  12. Arnell Long

    Arnell Long21 dia atrás

    Herschel Walker is an honorable mention.

  13. James Scott

    James Scott22 dias atrás

    Mark hunt is and always will be the baddest man on the planet

  14. Inconnou .Inconnu

    Inconnou .Inconnu22 dias atrás

    this fuckin channel is such a piece of shit; I never learned anything from it, the narrators are boring as fuck, they're ridiculous when they say "i'm nathan from mmaonpoint" like we care fucker

  15. Mental Divergence

    Mental Divergence23 dias atrás

    Lol! MMA a young man's game, and they say a 28 yo guy is very young in the sport.

  16. IVI AHA

    IVI AHA24 dias atrás

    You're a UFC propagandist. Fuck you and your channel.

  17. Rafael Sevag Karmir

    Rafael Sevag Karmir24 dias atrás

    I am not wasting my time. I watch MMA On Point!

  18. Yoel's Lemonade

    Yoel's Lemonade25 dias atrás

    Gotta stay hydrated...

  19. Ramiro Spinelli

    Ramiro Spinelli26 dias atrás

    D. Maia?

  20. Mark Richards

    Mark Richards26 dias atrás

    Who wants Yoel Romero vs Anderson Silva

  21. Fony Terguson

    Fony Terguson26 dias atrás

    Completely jinxed DC and Yoel 🤣😭

  22. I'm So Meta Even This Acronym

    I'm So Meta Even This Acronym26 dias atrás

    That thumbnail sure backfired

  23. gabriel Esposto

    gabriel Esposto26 dias atrás

    BJ Penn

  24. Elok Tampaty

    Elok Tampaty26 dias atrás


  25. Alex Johnson

    Alex Johnson26 dias atrás

    Top 10 Controversial Decision Victories?

  26. bryan rodriguez

    bryan rodriguez27 dias atrás

    You forgot to add Stipe he we started his career late I think around 28 he’s 37 years old somewhere around there but yeah stipe old and kicking ass

  27. broo gul

    broo gul27 dias atrás

    how could they have defied age? hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  28. broo gul

    broo gul27 dias atrás

    imagine putting gearheads all over your list

  29. Xx

    Xx27 dias atrás

    Can you plz do a video called Top 10 best comebacks And make sure to include Nate diaz

  30. Cluckery Duckery

    Cluckery Duckery27 dias atrás

    Damn, black dudes age so much better than us white folk.

  31. 4jay8

    4jay827 dias atrás

    8:03 Its "Georges" not "George" 😉

  32. That Bearded Guy

    That Bearded Guy27 dias atrás

    i feel like cro cop deserved to be on this list. from 39 to 44, he amased 10-0 score, and got revenge on roy nelson and gabriel gonzaga in probably one of the bloodiest fashions of his career. he's a guy who never used elbows. and he elbowed the shit out of gonzaga's face at age of 40...... if it wasn't for that stroke he suffered....well, he admited himself he was looking for some more rematches because ....well, he never lost one. and not just ''oh he got defeated and then won'' . he literally never lost 2nd fight with whomever he fought for the second time. he has 2 victories against fujita lost and won against randleman 2 victories over ishii lost and win against gonzaga. lost and victory over nelson 3 (!!) victories against barnett (yes, Josh Barnett) draw and victory over wanderlei silva (yes, the axe murderer silva) (i emphasized the last two because of their alleged doping scandals) so it really didn't matter how the first fight went, if you're rematched against crocop, you're gonna loose. and defeated . and he defeated gonzaga when he was 40, nelson when he was 44, and is the only fighter who defeated Amir Aliakbari, who apparently just now signed for UFC. i think i made my point.

  33. Dennis Pedersen

    Dennis Pedersen27 dias atrás

    Where is diego sanchez?

  34. Arthur Ackerman

    Arthur Ackerman27 dias atrás

    Does anyone know the name to the intro music at the start of the vid?

  35. IhateU43

    IhateU4327 dias atrás

    I swear if Randy Couture is not #1 I'm unsubbing Edit: Good

  36. mike honcho

    mike honcho27 dias atrás

    The thumbnail looks like a before and after for popeye's

  37. Car Car

    Car Car28 dias atrás

    So was it your jinx to thumbnail the 'old' guys who were going to lose this past weekend. lol jk

  38. Ben Lamptey

    Ben Lamptey28 dias atrás

    I was expecting to hear Brock's name once I heard Belfort's. Also, Cosmo Alexandre is close to 40 right?

  39. wes dryden

    wes dryden28 dias atrás

    Where is 👴 ☘️ 🥃

  40. ThePaleoConservative ForTruth

    ThePaleoConservative ForTruth28 dias atrás

    Tito Ortiz should be in the list especially if Coleman made it. Tito has stayed relevant well into his 40's and started @ufc 13 I believe. He has also beaten names on this video list....

  41. helshemer draken

    helshemer draken28 dias atrás

    the first person that came to my mind was george foreman but then i realized that this channel is about MMA

  42. horrormasters

    horrormasters28 dias atrás

    This video cursed DC and Romero in 241

  43. David F.

    David F.26 dias atrás

    Their performances were incredible despite their losses though.

  44. †oR-o

    †oR-o28 dias atrás

    Thumbnail did not age well

  45. Black Reaper Mu

    Black Reaper Mu28 dias atrás

    why is that?

  46. Ahmed H

    Ahmed H28 dias atrás

    & both lost lately....wonder why?

  47. J Chaney

    J Chaney28 dias atrás

    Just looking at the thumbnail you cause both of my picks too lose 😠

  48. jawa 2

    jawa 228 dias atrás

    Hershel walker???

  49. callmewisdom

    callmewisdom28 dias atrás

    I'm baffled that Romero is only 5th.

  50. CroSS Ray

    CroSS Ray28 dias atrás

    Whats about Dana White? He looks the oldest!

  51. Rampage

    Rampage28 dias atrás

    This didnt age well 😉

  52. Sweet Jones III

    Sweet Jones III28 dias atrás

    Randy Cotoure better be #1 u assholes.

  53. Wiill11

    Wiill1128 dias atrás

    three words... Testosterone Replacement Therapy

  54. liquid801HLM _

    liquid801HLM _28 dias atrás

    Well the thumbnail aged poorly after the card last night.

  55. Kagemusha08

    Kagemusha0828 dias atrás

    Frankie Edgar should have been on there. Sure, at 37 he's a few years younger than most of those guys when they had their late career success. But he just challenged for the title at FEATHERWEIGHT. Being an elite fighter at the lightning fast lower weight classes is a hell of a lot harder than it is when you're fighting heavyweights that move like zombies in molasses.

  56. Apexways 47

    Apexways 4728 dias atrás

    The thumbnail didn’t age well...

  57. Dar Ko

    Dar Ko28 dias atrás

    Mirco Cro Cop...44 years old.

  58. Dar Ko

    Dar Ko29 dias atrás

    Yoel Romero....wow

  59. ThisGuyfj

    ThisGuyfj29 dias atrás

    :( DC and Yoel both got beat

  60. Gerard Bennett

    Gerard Bennett29 dias atrás

    This video didn’t age well

  61. Masta Lee

    Masta Lee29 dias atrás

    Joe Rogan is that you bro?🤯

  62. Deez Dunkin

    Deez Dunkin29 dias atrás

    Daniel Cormier just lost