10 Products that Got Extreme Upgrades!


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    are u gonna buy the 700$ thing?

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    Matthias has got to keep screaming add to cart

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    this video got me SHOOK

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    Of you go to 3:45

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    No one wanted Michael to lose his hair

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    The tootpaste tablets are useful when you go backpacking because a tube can open/explode inside and make a hot mess

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    "I'll give that 60% for rotten tomatoes" Matthias~2019

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    Ummm tanner said he was fasting but he drank water ?????

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    Omg near 300k already uummmummmm lets do it guys 700k! 😂

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    SCHOOK ❤️

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    Matt: I’m getting SCHOOK

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    I spilled My drink laughing

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    someone did a kick on my flowboard and it snapped instantly.

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    The toothpaste chew tablets are for zero waste lifestyles, to prevent less waste and damage to our planet.

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    Tanner next to Michael and liss

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    2.1 million views and only 200k likes what’s wrong with yall

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    Get shcooked on

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    Loved the microphone use in this video 🙃 #SHCOOK

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    It’s kind of funny my grandma gave me a kiss on a cheek like a second before this vid started

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    Shcook !!!!

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    Shcook... what am I doing with my life

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    cc is the size of the motor for a smaller motor and cubic inch in for a car motor

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    My name is actually Chloe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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    Hey I’m chloe yeah my name is in the video yeah

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    Why can’t Mathias eat ???

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    Karam Hawatmeh he was fasting

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    wait is matt muslim

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    5:28 #FATALITY lol

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    Cc stands for cubic centemeters

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    Love you guys! Hope you see this comment and reply!

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    Hey I just met you and this is crazy and here's my comment so like it maybe?

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    I love the wii sports resort wakebordig sounds during the skate board I wonder how many people know what I'm talking about


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    Shcook Shcook Shcookity shcook shcook

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    Lmao we used plastic cups put it in the wheels of the bike. Then ride that bad boy. It's easier😂😂 and also free for us

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    Shcook for life

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    Why almost all your video is 24minuets

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    Im Very Shcooked

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    its at 275k

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    12:30 this is just a reference to European cricket

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    watches the solar oven, gets hungry, goes to 'shcook' some food

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    I was eating meat sticks and i clicked on this.... now i feel special

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    I have one of those bikes! Also I live ur vids, u guys r so funny!

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    Bye the mini bike

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    2:03 *headless matt*

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    buy it buy it buy it buy it please please

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    I can’t stop watching the part were Matt gets hit in the face by the ping pong ball! Every time I replay it I laugh as hard as the first time I did!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Wait you would put card board on your bike, I put empty water bottles

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    Like the fricking video

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    So, what do they do with the products after the show? ....asking for a friend.

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    Can yall do more spy gear from Amazon reviews lol

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    Like to buy is 750$ but a pencil for 900$ is not?

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    16:49 they are trying to save the turtles

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    Thankyou tanner for knowing baseball!!

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