10 Things Not To Do In The Movies Theater Part 2


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    4:05 lol XD

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    Can I be ni the video 🙁?

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    This is what "political correctness" comedy looks like...

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    Wasn’t the suitcase heavy

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    I cried one time in the end game cause iron man died

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    Like how u put a endo and. Said don't forget to breathe 😆lol😄😲

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    I need ideas for my BRreporter channel I just stared my BRreporter channel

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    When he touches the skeletons arm and his arm comes off its funny

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    But i allready know not to rec

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    You all should stop hating on how this video wasn’t funny he tried his best and if you didn’t like it don’t leave rude comments here. Ok, yah maybe it wasn’t as funny as the other videos but he tried his best on trying to entertain us. I found this video a bit entertaining and it was just another comedic video that made my nose exhale air.

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    You are so beautiful and funny 😄

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    10k likes if you saw a night guard on the title

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    10 things do not do in a haunted hause

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    That is so funny I was laughing so hard

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    lorena vargas I cant believe people actually find this funny. It really is a shame.

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    next time i want to see the comments disabled. a sign of your mediocrity

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    Sometimes when I'm at the movie theatre and when I chew gum sometimes it's loud but sometimes it is not so is that happens to you guys leave a like

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    I actually thought he was a chair

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    guava juice,that TV was broken before that man use the racking bomb !!

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    3:54 that's so me with bubble gum

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    Wow this youtuber is the best

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    It takes a lot of effort to make clean comedy esp on youtube nowadays. Maybe he didn't have a lot of time however he consistently does content that any age can watch-no swearing, no innuendos nothing, nothing about drugs. Also he IS funny. Humour is relative

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    This is not 10 things

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    5:08 this is how I scream

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    What shhhh 2:35

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    How can you Change the, movie or pause the movie 🎥?

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    Guys dont do this at home or in the movie theater

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    I am nice to guava juice cause this makes me laugh so be nice

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    THE SLOTHDia atrás


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    nroi are you one of the hacker

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    I’ve token off my shoes

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    Got it I won't not bring my laptop😉

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    He peed his pants 5:52

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    hey what’s your address

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    cool views i like i wish i was like you

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    The only thing entertaing is the comment section

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    FUNNY 1.when you run with the sucurity,funny 2.when you scream with the

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    THAT WAS 23 Ways

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    HAHAHAHA i liked it when u had a loud speaker

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    don’t record

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    you broke my TV

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    how do you look by the ETA

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    Funny 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆

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    4:06 a duck going crAzy for food

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    2:35 R.I.P. Headphone/AirPod Users

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    I cry in the movie

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    it’s so funny

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    6:11 when you watched avengers endgame ten times in the past week

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    3:59 my sister when she eats

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    Guava juice your amazing BRreporter

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    aed so Roy Eitng a gam hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!😃

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    The funny one is you broke my tv 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    2:29 what is the security doing? Watching the movie? XD

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    When your leg came of why did you sound like you were happy when it fell

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    Wow i dieed of laugther

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    This isn’t the script! Hey Thanos stop SNAPPING!!! 🤣😂🤣🤣

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    Mikaela Md did you actually find this video funny? This video is actually garbage. I want someone who liked this to explain to me how they enjoyed this.

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    I have Described to guava juice

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    Guava juice puts him in the suitcase 🙎🏻‍♂️👜💼 So funny 😂

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    0:51 look on the tv its broken already😊

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    I cried at infinity war and endgame i cried endgame a little bit and the infinity war i cried so hard no one heard me

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    5:58 Oh that's what I forgot 7:06 Too late

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    On three the TV was broken when he the guy hit the TV with the baseball bat

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    Throws phone carelessly Gently sets camera on the seat

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    On 4:16 to 4:27 you can tell he is not slurpling

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    You can cry

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    I cryed when i watched beauty and the beast

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    I went in a theater and someone took off their shoes.

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    It was already it was already broke the TV

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    You guys saying that how's this funny, HIS VIDEOS ARE FOR KIDS

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    Sad to see what leaving Wasabi Productions has done to him

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    I did that so

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    Haha 6:35 you try to put him in the suit case but you cant

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    Say “Oh Oh” REALLY Fast Its Sound Like “OwO”

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    I like guava juice he's the best

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    I feel hungover after watching this. This is awful.

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    0:47 I brought my tv to the theater

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    Try this is how many times,he said surf up bro ⬇️

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    It’s was endgame they were talking about

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