100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut


  1. Andy Lee

    Andy Lee16 minutos atrás


  2. Raihanah Rai

    Raihanah Rai21 minuto atrás

    It was december 2015. My ex got a scholarship to study his Masters in UK, so...flew to UK for him. Singapore to Qatar, Qatar to UK. Yeah! Loooooong ass flight . He came to the airport to pick me up with his classmate a.k.a "sister". 12 hours later I went back to Singapore. Luckily! With my return ticket. I tried so hard no to cry the whole trip back home.

  3. Crescent Thea Palagud

    Crescent Thea Palagud26 minutos atrás

    "Long distance"

  4. Britney Jackson

    Britney JacksonHora atrás

    I need to know more about their relationship. I feel so bad and sad for her @ 5:29

  5. gage start

    gage start3 horas atrás

    1:04 you look like your name could be buttfacemaximus LMAO!!

  6. World Stop

    World Stop4 horas atrás

    1:05 tf is wrong with him

  7. Elizabeth Short

    Elizabeth Short4 horas atrás


  8. Deep SuPremaCy

    Deep SuPremaCy4 horas atrás

    I actually feel bad LOL I walked away from 2 girls while they cried my name to come back 😬 my bad for being an asshole

  9. chaniecekinglife14

    chaniecekinglife146 horas atrás

    Zac Warner is a N.O. Thanks for sharing girl👍

  10. Mao Lor

    Mao Lor6 horas atrás

    My last ex, gets mad about the silliest things! Always yelling! Even i front of my kids. He had no basic/common respect so I let him go

  11. Ιφι Ιφι

    Ιφι Ιφι6 horas atrás

    He broke up with me on the Phone and Just after 2 weeks i saw him with his exgirlfriend... To be exact he cheated on me and i am so happy that we are not together anymore... I was sad , mad, dissapointed but i realized that i diserve better

  12. Jordy Ellira

    Jordy Ellira7 horas atrás

    On Christmas Day, over text, after crashing my car 😂 I need to be on this hahaha

  13. teenage wasteland

    teenage wasteland7 horas atrás

    Who’s speaking at 6:05? 💀

  14. Ariana S.

    Ariana S.7 horas atrás

    waaaaait is this the guy who draws with kids? 4:16

  15. neva marie

    neva marie7 horas atrás

    i just had my first heartbreak. it’s been really hard

  16. Amy M

    Amy M27 minutos atrás

    Me too. Less than 2 days ago.

  17. angel palmer

    angel palmer8 horas atrás

    “he’s just a wack nigga” 😂

  18. ninaa__iii __

    ninaa__iii __8 horas atrás

    4:03 yikes i can relate 😶💀

  19. Arik Lavi

    Arik Lavi9 horas atrás

    The best for love isbit.ly/2kLVmu9loveme

  20. jossyj1

    jossyj113 horas atrás


  21. J and j T_T

    J and j T_T17 horas atrás

    😁😁 I don't know why I was hurt.. Because I was the one who decided to cheat 😂😂😂😂..

  22. Joshua Hardy

    Joshua Hardy21 hora atrás

    Pee! The fuck?

  23. Mark Ahsac

    Mark Ahsac21 hora atrás

    Lollllllll “I mean what breakup? 😏”

  24. Pearl Ivy

    Pearl Ivy22 horas atrás

    3:20 is A YESSS!

  25. Rere Jackson

    Rere JacksonDia atrás

    Producer: How you get over it??? “Smoke some weed”😂😂😂 MOOD

  26. Bee Elle

    Bee ElleDia atrás

    OHMYGOD FUCK YOU DAVE!!! I still love you, but I fucking hate you!!!

  27. Ana

    AnaDia atrás

    HE LEFT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? I'm so sorry sis! 💖you didn't deserve that 1:52 and that racist asshole!! I'm so sorry too! People are trash!!!

  28. Ella Oosthuizen

    Ella OosthuizenDia atrás

    My ex lied about being harrassed and said his brakes of his car was cut and he was threatened to stay away from me while I was really scared of his safety it was all a lie . He got caught cheating and even tho i forgave him . He wanted a fast way out and lied about being harrassed to be like " im sorry im really scared for my safety so i cant be with you"

  29. freshoffthebang

    freshoffthebangDia atrás

    5:12 okay but who is he 😍

  30. Yoongi’s thicc ass

    Yoongi’s thicc ass9 horas atrás


  31. Maria Salas

    Maria SalasDia atrás

    The guy at 6:05 is gorgeous

  32. eviiiee xx

    eviiiee xxDia atrás

    “How’d you get over it? “ “Smoked some weed “🤷🏼‍♀️😂

  33. Danielle Rounds

    Danielle RoundsDia atrás

    “She was bat shit bananas”😂😂😂

  34. Hoo. Monbebe

    Hoo. MonbebeDia atrás

    "How could you leave these tiddies?" 😂😂😂

  35. Luna

    LunaDia atrás

    "how could you leave this titties?" lmao

  36. welangai redb

    welangai redbDia atrás

    2.56 hehehehe

  37. Mooney//Magic

    Mooney//MagicDia atrás

    "Bottles of pee all around the apartment..." sHaNe?!?!?!?!!! 👀

  38. UsandEveryoneWeKnow

    UsandEveryoneWeKnowDia atrás

    This makes me feel better about my horrific break up.

  39. rae

    raeDia atrás

    now all i can think of is “how could you leave these tittiesss”

  40. LivingWithLanss

    LivingWithLanssDia atrás

    Shorty who said he would pee in the bed and piss in bottles wins hands down.

  41. Lenya

    Lenya2 dias atrás

    i love how the cuts happen so fast so you can really see the diversity of people and i find each of them so beautiful in their own way 💞

  42. geeklette99

    geeklette992 dias atrás

    People's best relationships would be interesting

  43. QueenMacaron

    QueenMacaron2 dias atrás


  44. Rob G

    Rob G2 dias atrás

    1:05 what the fuck happened right there?!

  45. Astra Misha

    Astra Misha2 dias atrás

    Feeling so hard for the girl at 5:24.

  46. Niels Rossipaul

    Niels Rossipaul2 dias atrás

    Kinda more interested in seeing all the questions answered by comment favourites than the other way around

  47. Niels Rossipaul

    Niels Rossipaul2 dias atrás

    You know you have a bad taste when you still consider someone cheating on you perfect ...2:45

  48. Abdellah Salehi

    Abdellah Salehi2 dias atrás

    The worst is when both love eatch other but she will die due to an illness and she will not give you what you want in life i had this and it's fucking brutal been a month and i am still in the dark

  49. Rebel 101

    Rebel 1012 dias atrás

    Why couldn't I stop laughing when that guy said "i threw a burrito"

  50. Jessica D

    Jessica D2 dias atrás

    “How can you leave these titties” 💯😂

  51. Baby G

    Baby G3 dias atrás

    I’m trying to know who the guy at 00:25 is thoughhh

  52. Ella Mun-lai

    Ella Mun-lai3 dias atrás

    if the last girl is in her first relationship how did she cheat on someone in the cheating video???

  53. Mykenzie Meredith

    Mykenzie Meredith3 dias atrás

    Buttface Maximus guy is playin you know that ain’t real

  54. Semora Council

    Semora Council3 dias atrás

    I felt the Asian chick with the purple hair. 😞

  55. Justin P

    Justin P3 dias atrás

    3:10 is most definitely me

  56. Louise Mainson

    Louise Mainson3 dias atrás

    at first i felt bad for 2:05 ... then remembered they said they cheated in all their relationship on the video about cheating so . can't pretend to really care abt them now

  57. Ositias

    Ositias3 dias atrás

    4:40 😂

  58. Michelle Navarro

    Michelle Navarro3 dias atrás

    “How could you leave these titties” 😂

  59. Oliviaaa624

    Oliviaaa6243 dias atrás

    Genuine question-please help me understand how someone can be hurt when they are the one who has dumped the other person

  60. Andrea Alcaíno Piña

    Andrea Alcaíno Piña3 dias atrás

    Oliviaaa624 maybe the other person cheated and they were really in love. Like, obviously they're gonna be mad, but they'll suffer too.

  61. magda ramirez

    magda ramirez3 dias atrás

    The last girl 🤣🤣🤣

  62. exo bliss

    exo bliss3 dias atrás

    The intro one got me fucked up 😂

  63. Dipper Mabel

    Dipper Mabel3 dias atrás

    Mine stole my ferret.