12 Amazing Watermelon Ideas And Pranks


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    Porque esa vos estanha


    MON CARRDia atrás


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    Make a straw out of straws

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    i subscribed

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    I want to try yellow watermelon now! 🍉🍉💛💛💛 Like if you want to try yellow watermelon! Comment if you have tried it! You probably won’t because no one listens to me 🤣😂. How does it work for people🤣🤣😆😅

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    The ants😡🦟

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    Face reveal of narrator Cute voice

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    Water melon fried? 🤢🤮

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    Uhhh why do you always need new actors always?

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    نزلي على قنات Troom troom بل عربي

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    3:45 * bump two watermelons into each other * watermelons: *make glass sound*

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    P👏U👏T👏A👏S👏T👏R👏A👏W👏M👏A👏D👏E👏O👏U👏T👏O👏F👏S👏T👏R👏A👏W👏S *Troom Troom 101*

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    The green and red lipstick need to switch

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    I li

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    Is an idea or statement

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    Please make watermelon ideas part 2

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    no thanks i already have 2 braincells left i dont wanna lose more

  23. scientific zone

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    Watermelon makeup

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    Is this for summer or winter? If for summer, I can not get lemons or lemonade.

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    Why is the watermelon yellow 🍉🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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    Why is the watermelon yellow for the pizza I’m dying

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    " put a small straw made out of straws " 1: 10 l felt that

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    *starts randomly eating her headband*

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    Nice movie troom troom prank is hahahahaga

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    Nice movie very nice pizza fruits

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    vegetarians I swear

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    1:34 CRINGE Like if you think so too

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    Waste of time

  39. • S o f i a T o r r e s •

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    *R.I.P.* Watermelon 2019-2019

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    I Myvhh hi uhhb b m

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    We love your'e vids 🤗🤗

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    The fried watermelon

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    Save the turtles >:(

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    Hôooio ya

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    So stupid

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    the fried watermelon looked delitios!

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    I still remember the quote "Oh heck"

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    just came by from Poke stream to leave a WeirdChamp

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    Troom troom dont Lisen to the haters

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    people don't hate troom troom we just point out extremely weird and dumb stuff they do

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    I LOVE TROOM TROOM like this comment I you love troomtroom too

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    Pizza is vegetarian if you don't add any meat toppings

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    2:53 no give me my large meat lovers plz THANK YOU 😁🍖🍗

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    "Watermelon pizza is just as good as the real thing" Apart from the fact that there is not crust and it's not hot.

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    Zx Siri can you can you please turn ondifjvkyogiyhjhigkkbklblohionkjkhmhkkjudjbknjkgfggiemmvn

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    How do they clean that thing😰😰