14 Moves That MUST Happen This NBA Offseason


  1. al buba

    al buba18 minutos atrás

    Oh my goddd!!! Why is tryon lue dang spending us cedi osdim

  2. al buba

    al buba21 minuto atrás

    Pacer might get beal

  3. al buba

    al buba44 minutos atrás

    You forget kuzma and rondo are staying in L.A.

  4. Kevin Peyton Jr.

    Kevin Peyton Jr.49 minutos atrás

    Unless they dominate and win a championship...☑️

  5. Tim moschello

    Tim moschello15 horas atrás

    Well the raptors dominated the playoffs

  6. Rokas Vaitkevičius

    Rokas VaitkevičiusDia atrás

    Whos watching after Raptors won NBA championship?

  7. Wafflenator

    WafflenatorDia atrás

    Knikes: ok we get Zion New Orleans:cHold my beer

  8. flick my bick

    flick my bick4 dias atrás

    Every ones going to the lakers

  9. Strangerthings 30

    Strangerthings 305 dias atrás

    There’s a problem in KD going to the Knicks, he will most likely have to go to the hospital from game 5 against the raptors last night (Mon Jun 10 2019)

  10. Alex D

    Alex D5 dias atrás

    Tatum to Pels not happening. AD to Lakers

  11. Shafi Ansari

    Shafi Ansari6 dias atrás

    4:44 exactly what happened

  12. treno guerrero

    treno guerrero6 dias atrás

    4:42 lol he called it 😅

  13. da real hype wall

    da real hype wall7 dias atrás

    Kd is staying

  14. Landon Cormier

    Landon Cormier10 dias atrás

    Who watching this after pelicans got the first pic 😂

  15. Cheap Shot

    Cheap Shot10 dias atrás

    It would be sad if Kemba did not go to a better team:( I NEED to see play-off Kemba



    Kevin Durant, Kyrie maybe, Dennis Smith And Maybe Rj Barret pretty Decent team.

  17. Jennifer Calbert

    Jennifer Calbert12 dias atrás

    I believe I see an Indiana-Charlotte trade coming on.

  18. graeme gray

    graeme gray12 dias atrás

    derrick rose to the pacers no thanks

  19. P0PP0PPER

    P0PP0PPER12 dias atrás

    I think this list is all ruined because of New Orleans getting the number 1 pick lol

  20. waffleman

    waffleman12 dias atrás

    Kyrie better resign with the Celtics and not just go to the Knicks because, you know, they’re the Knicks.

  21. Bracus Aurillius

    Bracus Aurillius12 dias atrás

    lonzo is lakers period!

  22. Lakers Will Rise

    Lakers Will Rise13 dias atrás

    The Pelicans will be back if they acquire Zo. I would like to see Zo and Zion. Zo can finally run the show and relax. I know the Knicks wish they could see a Zion and Zo combination in NYC. It would set the league on fire. Alvin Gentry likes Zo and Jrue backcourt but I like Zo and Zion highlight reels. They will bring back the NBA to showtime. Add Kuz in there and the league will be sleeping on the Pelicans. Zo will make Zion rookie of the year. One thing people don't realize is AD had his best season with Rondo. Rondo got him easy shots and made the Pelicans a winner. Although Bron is a good passer, he's a 1/2 court passer not a run and gun passer. That's Zo. The Lakers trade Zo, the Lakers will be a slow 1/2 court team with AD. Bron is a great player but at his age, I noticed he doesn't like to run and he slowed down the Lakers offense. Last year, Zo had so many full court spot-on passes to BI or Kuz I didn't see one of those passes this year to them and that's because Lebron ran the point or Rondo. Bad move.

  23. Elomino Pee

    Elomino Pee13 dias atrás

    KD to the knicks came from N Y media like always.

  24. Catries Johnson

    Catries Johnson13 dias atrás

    If Clippers can get Kawhi & Cousins they'll have a chance at GS. That would be nice for Mavs.

  25. Donny Dogg

    Donny Dogg13 dias atrás

    damn no moves for OKC? 💀💀💀

  26. Ant Bizzy

    Ant Bizzy13 dias atrás

    I want rozier on spurs

  27. Angel Varela

    Angel Varela14 dias atrás

    How do mavs have openings at both forward positions🤣🤣

  28. B-ball Fanatic

    B-ball Fanatic13 dias atrás

    Angel Varela the Mavericks should put Justin Jackson as the second most important player on the team

  29. Michael Svoboda

    Michael Svoboda14 dias atrás

    Love D-Rose but he will not last as a starter. You can have him start and play reduced minutes, maybe 28 minutes at most, anything more will be a mistake.

  30. Javi SexyEyebrows

    Javi SexyEyebrows14 dias atrás

    Knicks won't get Zion OOoooof

  31. Devon Halford

    Devon Halford14 dias atrás

    I will be extremely upset if the suns get Lonzo I hate him

  32. Devon Halford

    Devon Halford13 dias atrás

    Elomino Pee I would prefer drafting a good point

  33. Elomino Pee

    Elomino Pee13 dias atrás

    Nahhhh. Lonzo is just what yaull need

  34. Musab Abdi

    Musab Abdi15 dias atrás

    butler going to dallace

  35. Mathew Hartwell

    Mathew Hartwell16 dias atrás

    I think Terry is going to the Bulls

  36. Me'bret Belay

    Me'bret Belay16 dias atrás

    Dude Indianapolis is not a small market. You do not research data do you. Indianapolis isnt a small city of 600,000 its much larger than that. Fact is the actual population is 1.4 million. There are 17 cities right in the heart of indy that's not added to indy example speedway 10 minutes from downtown. Beech grove the same. Other cities add cities within a few minutes from downtown. Atlanta for example has 550,000 people but you dummies call it a large market because of the surrounding towns. The actual city of craplanta only ha 142 sq Miles and 550,thousand indy has without the 17 towns inside of indy nearly 400 sq. Miles and nearly 900 thousand people . If indy add the 17 towns we become the 7th largest city in America . As I said speedway (indy 500 speedway) is in the city. It's like not including your living room as part of your house.thats how inside the city it is. 16 other towns in the city are the same. Giving indy 1.4 or 5 million and 580 sq miles. Stop the small market crap. Lastly of the top ten richest cities there's only 3 with more than 200,000 new York, Los angeles, and Indianapolis. Stop going by what you here. Research again do your research .

  37. Woose Malone

    Woose Malone18 dias atrás

    If Brogdon and Vucevic go to Mavs it's a WRAP!

  38. james lachs

    james lachs19 dias atrás

    IMO, Leonard proved Butler is not a max. salary player for a winning team. Of course, Butler will disagree and likely take max. money for any team willing to pay it. I hope I. Thomas gets a decent deal. His last year in Boston, and playing through his hip injury, created on of the most sad contract situations I've ever seen.

  39. Horace Spencer

    Horace Spencer19 dias atrás

    Zion not going to NY, the Pelicans got #1 pick and I see Lenard and another super star going to the Lakers

  40. Jacob Wittman

    Jacob Wittman19 dias atrás

    “Unless the raptors dominate the playoffs and manage to win a championship” lol oh no

  41. Lance Scallon

    Lance Scallon20 dias atrás

    Isiah Thomas will never start for an nba franchise again

  42. AnthonyKingJames

    AnthonyKingJames20 dias atrás

    Boston should definitely get IT back. No way D Rose is going to Utah, I see him going to Milwaukee. Lonzo is a perfect fit for PHX

  43. hugi sartena

    hugi sartena20 dias atrás

    funny how he said unless the Raptors win a championship...... well they did

  44. Hoodie Wes

    Hoodie Wes23 dias atrás

    I like Indiana for Derrick Rose but not Utah. They had him and they cut him. He would've really helped them in the playoffs when their scoring got stagnant against the Rockets. If GSW losses so depth this summer and they can offer him a spot like they did with Cousins then he should go there. And IT back to Boston. That fan base loves him and he will be a great starter or 6th man

  45. William Knudsen

    William Knudsen23 dias atrás

    Vooh To Mavs sounds solid but I could see Leonard and Butler in a clippers uniform, I’d like to see rose in a bulls jersey same VC in a raptor jersey

  46. Jerry Phillips

    Jerry Phillips24 dias atrás

    Rose needs to sign a 4 year deal with the Blazers as Stotts would definitely use him about 25-30 mins a night. We'd be back in the Finals with one more tall guard or just a baller!

  47. Oscar Cruz

    Oscar Cruz24 dias atrás

    DeAndre Jordan and Jimmy Butler coming Home to pair with Harden and Cp3

  48. David Prevost

    David Prevost24 dias atrás

    Why would you say they would most likely have zion when they had a 14% chance so 86% they wouldn't get him and well he's going to pelicans. Durant is going to nyc and team up with kyrie. And i think the knicks get ad. So they'll have a super team of ball hogs and none of them will sacrifice. Durant doesn't want to after doing it w warriors and Davis maybe but he's been the go to guy with pelicans and kyrie well we see how much he likes sharing the ball. Just another team thrown together. And even though i think the warriors run will be over after this year as a warriors fan i think 6 finals in a row would be tough. I like the Mavs if they get either butler or vucevic. And still like philly and bucks if they keep their core tigether although i would like to see bucks trade bledsoe and make brogdan full time pg.

  49. Demond Barkley

    Demond Barkley24 dias atrás

    Kd to lakers

  50. John Dominic Ramos

    John Dominic Ramos25 dias atrás

    KD will sign with clippers....

  51. Kenny Begeske

    Kenny Begeske25 dias atrás

    Kd ok city 35

  52. Kenny Begeske

    Kenny Begeske25 dias atrás

    D rose back home 1

  53. Wodz30

    Wodz3025 dias atrás

    Mirotic makes senses for the Jazz because he is not black. Enjoy that one.

  54. delionio wilson

    delionio wilson25 dias atrás

    Bird rights they can go over the cap to sign him right?

  55. Lincoln Hupp

    Lincoln Hupp26 dias atrás

    Portland trades away et mo harkless and Meyers while not resigning any free agents clears up 45 mil they should be aggressive

  56. Yasheem Mckoy

    Yasheem Mckoy26 dias atrás

    Y yall b listening 2 him he dont know ball for a fact he b sounding dum I listen to laugh

  57. BIG JAG 100

    BIG JAG 10027 dias atrás

    Bitch D Rose is going to Detroit Pistons 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  58. TaJon Allen

    TaJon Allen28 dias atrás

    Butler to Brooklyn

  59. Poetic Frost

    Poetic Frost28 dias atrás

    Every free agent is signing with the lakers

  60. Victor Ruiz

    Victor Ruiz28 dias atrás

    Lakers sign DeAndre Jordan and Bradley Beal

  61. Me 2

    Me 228 dias atrás

    Lakers are too dysfunctional for players to want to go there way too much drama I don’t see them lending any major reagent regardless of LeBron James recruiting clippers would be the way to go if you want to go to LA

  62. Me 2

    Me 228 dias atrás

    Sixers can offer Jimmy Butler 30 to 40,000,000 more than any other team has a great championship possibility he’s going to re-sign with the Sixers

  63. Barrett McFarland

    Barrett McFarland28 dias atrás

    Zion not on knicks

  64. Almighty Bwade Gaming

    Almighty Bwade Gaming28 dias atrás

    The pistons need to trade reggie Jackson

  65. Vernon Schaal

    Vernon Schaal29 dias atrás

    Why isn't Kemba Walker on this list hes a free agent in this upcoming off season.

  66. Ronwaldo Dionisio

    Ronwaldo Dionisio29 dias atrás

    Funny part is that 76ers don't want to give up Fultz Saric Covingston and 1ST PICK to Leonard but all is gone for Butler Harris J.Simmons and Boban. Imagine if the trade went thru and Leonard and Green went to Sixers instead. Embiid B. Simmons Leonard Green Riddick far better than they have now

  67. Phone Home

    Phone Home29 dias atrás

    K D leaves after winning rings.Know that's stupid

  68. Spaghet Freak

    Spaghet Freak29 dias atrás

    Okay can still go to Los Angeles.

  69. David Martinez

    David Martinez29 dias atrás

    Okc should aim for Blake and Deandre if possible lol I know are salary Is high af right now

  70. Khalib Brodie

    Khalib Brodie29 dias atrás

    Kyrie wants kd to the Knicks so he can go roll the west with lebron

  71. Arda AVŞAR

    Arda AVŞARMês atrás

    Who s here after the pelicans getting the 1st pick

  72. Matty Dilks

    Matty DilksMês atrás

    The pelicans have the number1pick

  73. Camden Harris

    Camden HarrisMês atrás

    New orleans got zion

  74. Londell Coleman

    Londell ColemanMês atrás

    Rozier reminds me of d wade...would fit ass a bull

  75. Londell Coleman

    Londell ColemanMês atrás

    ROSE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. procopio TV

    procopio TVMês atrás

    Dude don't sleep on Brooklyn. They have cap space right?

  77. Yt Vic

    Yt VicMês atrás

    Butler could go with the kings

  78. Mr Orange

    Mr OrangeMês atrás

    D Rose gotta get a ring

  79. Xx [Lynx] xX

    Xx [Lynx] xXMês atrás

    I disagree when you said knicks are going to get Zion because I come from the future and the knicks don’t get number one pick

  80. Ant 3028

    Ant 302813 dias atrás

    Yes big ooof

  81. Gregory Everson

    Gregory Everson16 dias atrás

    @NBA 2k Highlight guy who is gonna pass on baby shaq?

  82. SP FromNY914

    SP FromNY91417 dias atrás


  83. Brady Ball

    Brady Ball20 dias atrás

    Luke Goodwin lmfao

  84. NBA 2k Highlight guy

    NBA 2k Highlight guy20 dias atrás

    Maybe the pelicans and grizzlies will pass on him😂

  85. Daniel Hawkins

    Daniel HawkinsMês atrás

    If D. Rose is wearing No. 4 where is Victor going?

  86. Mud_Kip

    Mud_KipMês atrás

    I want to see OKC make some big moves this off season

  87. Anthony reed

    Anthony reedMês atrás

    Bled is already singed till 2023 bro

  88. A M

    A MMês atrás

    so everyone to the Clippers or Lakers??idiot

  89. Daniël Schouten

    Daniël SchoutenMês atrás

    I think no star would want to go to the lakers now

  90. mccraejoey82

    mccraejoey82Mês atrás

    rose back to the bulls we need a pg anyway

  91. Chris B

    Chris BMês atrás

    Bruh 3 of the guys on this list are guys the Bulls up and traded for no reason

  92. Rakshith Bellam

    Rakshith BellamMês atrás

    What about Mitchell Robinson

  93. Baz Raidz

    Baz RaidzMês atrás

    Rozier is so bad. I’m a Celtic fan but if watch one of our games then u would see why Celtic fans hate him

  94. TheRealN8

    TheRealN8Mês atrás

    Yeah somehow the pelicans got zion

  95. Roxy Cotton

    Roxy CottonMês atrás

    So what’s AD do now that ZION is coming to town? What y’all think

  96. Londell Coleman

    Londell ColemanMês atrás

    Zion would be guarding Lebron.👈🏿🤔

  97. Londell Coleman

    Londell ColemanMês atrás

    He should stay ...Zion small forward...

  98. Jim G

    Jim GMês atrás

    The Warriors do realistically have the money to sign Kevin Durant . Kinda dumb to say that. If he wants to stay they’ll figure out how to sign him straight up. Even if that means Joe Lacob gots to pull money out of his pocket

  99. KingRuxGoddy DymynCity Records

    KingRuxGoddy DymynCity RecordsMês atrás

    Butler and lebron sprinkle in Leonard and D Jordan. Hummmmm

  100. al d

    al dMês atrás

    Leonard naWWWW

  101. Jon Costello

    Jon CostelloMês atrás

    Pelicans got 1st pick feels bad

  102. Quake C

    Quake C29 dias atrás

    Feels great here

  103. Jacob Gronewold

    Jacob GronewoldMês atrás

    Jimmy Butler to the kings

  104. James Badillo

    James BadilloMês atrás

    Kwahi doesn’t want to play second Fidel to bron then he won’t go to the clippers either because even if he were to go to the clippers he would still be behind Lebron in La

  105. SourTomato

    SourTomatoMês atrás

    KD's goin' to the Pelicans cuz they got Zion

  106. SourTomato

    SourTomatoMês atrás

    They got #1 in the lottery pick

  107. Kinghavs

    KinghavsMês atrás


  108. D Wolff

    D WolffMês atrás

    Kawhi going to the Clippers. Butler had the clippers on his list of 3 teams when he left the T wolves. Kawhi and Butler play together on the Clippers. There is a bromance between Kawhi and Jimmy. Somehow manage to squeeze AD in at center...and instant best defensive team in the league. Lou Williams off the bench...

  109. Ryan Ward

    Ryan WardMês atrás

    This shit is terrible



    I think Jimmy is going to New York

  111. al d

    al dMês atrás

    I don't know if that will be good fit...I think jimmy shold stay in phili

  112. Brian Estrella

    Brian EstrellaMês atrás

    I'm a Spurs fan and Vucevic should land here in San Antonio . The Mavs should get Kemba.

  113. O.G. Francis

    O.G. FrancisMês atrás

    D-Rose ain't goin to the Jazz, especially since the Jazz waived him right when they got him

  114. kevin couture

    kevin coutureMês atrás

    imagine kd and kawhi in ny damn thats scary