15 Motorcycle Records of All Time


  1. Maxie Pattie

    Maxie Pattie19 horas atrás

    dame 13 million views and only a couple good riders out there

  2. Wall Cutter

    Wall CutterDia atrás

    What is the big deal about riding a motorcycle off a ramp into the air.....no matter how high or low you are???? What? It's a parachute jump off a bike. Some people parachute off buildings...some out of a plane. Whatever

  3. marcdinatale_

    marcdinatale_2 dias atrás

    “A Detroit diesel INLINE V6” 😆

  4. Kyle Pirko

    Kyle Pirko2 dias atrás

    That should not qualify as a motorcycle. It's a platform built onto a motorcycle. All someone has to do is build one a tiny bit bigger and then bigger and where does it end? It's stupid. They should have to use a regular motorcycle.

  5. Kyle Pirko

    Kyle Pirko2 dias atrás

    That first one, standing on the seat is exactly how Indian Larry died. R.I.P

  6. Kamil Miotke

    Kamil Miotke4 dias atrás

    Over 50 people on one motorcycle in india? No suprise for me :D

  7. Jeffrey Adams

    Jeffrey Adams6 dias atrás

    Why they lie about the H2??? I see them on the street....

  8. Erik Laird

    Erik Laird4 dias atrás

    Theres two models the h2 which is street legal and 200hp and h2r thats not street legal and 300hp. The one they showed was a track version not available to the public.

  9. Pavel Andrlík

    Pavel Andrlík7 dias atrás

    I missed records of Josef Šiler. :(

  10. Seth G

    Seth G7 dias atrás

    Dodge tomahawk is the fastest production if was considered production

  11. TheHortond

    TheHortond8 dias atrás

    What is those measurements you used? I heard miles used but that was the last of the freedom units. I guess anyone sounds fast when you use milometers?

  12. Puppygirl

    Puppygirl10 dias atrás

    People say wheelies are hard there not 1st step go fast 2cd step pull back My dad can’t do it and I can and I’m 8 and my dads 47

  13. Blade

    Blade11 dias atrás

    2:08 what movie is this from?

  14. Erik Laird

    Erik Laird4 dias atrás



    MECHACE12 dias atrás

    Team green

  16. Simeon Niyokwizerwa

    Simeon Niyokwizerwa13 dias atrás

    wow cool

  17. S Lit

    S Lit14 dias atrás

    My bike cost 12 million

  18. S Lit

    S Lit14 dias atrás

    I Drug a Guy at 151 mph on my motorcycle

  19. S Lit

    S Lit14 dias atrás

    I jumped 21 meters on my bike

  20. S Lit

    S Lit14 dias atrás

    My Bike Does 312 mph...

  21. karthickroyalride

    karthickroyalride15 dias atrás


  22. Spark Plugged

    Spark Plugged16 dias atrás

    Detroit diesel inline v6. Huh. Never heard of it

  23. Darrell Damon

    Darrell Damon16 dias atrás

    Ten years traveling on a motorcycle around the world! That's something else!

  24. Ricky and Joel's Universe

    Ricky and Joel's Universe10 dias atrás

    I know 10 YEARS

  25. Ashok Brahmne

    Ashok Brahmne17 dias atrás


  26. Darin Tonchew

    Darin Tonchew17 dias atrás

    10:18 what is a inline v 6

  27. Leslie Tincher

    Leslie Tincher10 dias atrás

    The pistons are in a line like this: 000000 Instead of a normal bike or car engine who's pistons are side by side like this: 000 000

  28. muhammad aaraf

    muhammad aaraf17 dias atrás

    so funny

  29. Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy

    Waynewilbz420NorthernBoy18 dias atrás

    click bait

  30. Monsieurturmoil

    Monsieurturmoil18 dias atrás

    As long as you have some way to set the bike to around 35/40 mph, you can stand on the seat as long as your legs can hack it.

  31. Doug M

    Doug M18 dias atrás

    "Inline V6"

  32. Carter Crabbe

    Carter Crabbe18 dias atrás

    3:09 its a dirt bike not a motorcycle

  33. Curve Ahead

    Curve Ahead17 dias atrás

    A dirt bike is an off road motorcycle...

  34. Subbiah S

    Subbiah S19 dias atrás

    ASC stands for Army Service crop. This is an army regiment with in Indian Army " Sena Seva Core"

  35. Garrye123

    Garrye12319 dias atrás

    Hey Guys whats the name of the movie 0:06 - 0:07

  36. Nilam Luthof

    Nilam Luthof19 dias atrás

    If you come to srilanka you can get a motorcycle for a cheap amount a good one

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    ExtremeKids Brody N Elvis Toy Reviews20 dias atrás

    Yes we get it !!!! Awesome !!! We have subscribed !!!

  38. The Boss93

    The Boss9320 dias atrás

    Seems like some of things cant be that hard

  39. The chris Nels

    The chris Nels20 dias atrás

    Inline v6?? Thought it was funny

  40. Jay Carl

    Jay Carl20 dias atrás


  41. Walking Bhutan!.

    Walking Bhutan!.20 dias atrás

    The one thing you need to understand that we and my bunch of friends have been riding above 4200 meters above sea leave. So sad that no one recognize my country Bhutan. And i am pretty sure that lot of dirt biker biker have ride acorss 4200 msal acoss my country rough mountains with no road

  42. Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh21 dia atrás

    fastest wheelie bike was not looking anything close to turbo busa

  43. MrBakerskate1

    MrBakerskate121 dia atrás

    Modified Detroit diesel inline v6????? Don’t think that’s how it works

  44. Contessa Adella

    Contessa Adella23 dias atrás

    8:05 Where is “Lyechester” in England? I think you mean Leicester...pronounced “Lester”.😂

  45. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith21 dia atrás

    how you know this gopnitsa ?

  46. kaoi ken

    kaoi ken24 dias atrás

    whats the name of the movie at 2:08 ?

  47. James House

    James House24 dias atrás

    My dad did 220 doing a weelie on is stock huyabusa

  48. Jack Thibeault

    Jack Thibeault22 dias atrás


  49. Ed Override

    Ed Override24 dias atrás

    15 grammars of all time

  50. Esketot

    Esketot24 dias atrás

    Wow he went through 279 countries that’s unbelieveable!!

  51. Crimy Blues

    Crimy Blues25 dias atrás

    Click bate. 🤦‍♂️

  52. Toby Howat

    Toby Howat25 dias atrás

    Can't believe fell for this click bait

  53. pieces of8t

    pieces of8t26 dias atrás

    Fucken clickbate!

  54. TrizzM8

    TrizzM826 dias atrás

    Trials Evolution my ass.

  55. jose stalin

    jose stalin26 dias atrás

    The fastest production motorcycle in the world is actually the dodge tomahawk it’s got the Viper SRT-10

  56. Power Evolution RC

    Power Evolution RC27 dias atrás

    Inline V-6. Seriously. Do some research and don't make yourself sound like and idiot. It's either an inline or a V. That engine is a V

  57. Richard Nygaard

    Richard Nygaard28 dias atrás

    “Flew over 20 meters in the air....” Yeah, also over 2 meters, over 5, over 40, over.... you get the picture.

  58. marcdinatale_

    marcdinatale_2 dias atrás

    Richard Nygaard he means 20 meteres in hight

  59. Tom

    Tom16 dias atrás

    Richard Nygaard yeh that was weird what he said😂 “over 20 metres” “jumped 107 metres”

  60. SeriousHerd

    SeriousHerd28 dias atrás

    inline v6??? ummm is it s inline or a v6

  61. Thought Challenger

    Thought Challenger29 dias atrás


  62. crazy boy

    crazy boyMês atrás

    theres no such thing as an inline v6 wtf

  63. ACTippets

    ACTippets28 dias atrás

    Yes there is, its the VW VR6 engine.

  64. Benjamin Brewer

    Benjamin BrewerMês atrás

    One of the only vids in thousands I’ve ever down thumbed. No bike going down a hole from the click bait picture. Yawn.

  65. emlix1

    emlix1Mês atrás

    Wow, I'd love an inline V6 @11.55

  66. Scott Horton

    Scott HortonMês atrás

    8:19 looks like Phil swift

  67. Call Me Kyle

    Call Me KyleMês atrás

    I’ve sat on a h2r

  68. serge glazunov

    serge glazunovMês atrás

    H2r is not supercharged it's turbo guy. Thanks for wasting my time. I came to bike going down hole. Click bait

  69. Karen B

    Karen BMês atrás

    Ryan capes 394 feet longest motorcycle jump ever

  70. Gurudev kamble

    Gurudev kambleMês atrás