20 Best NEW Games of E3 2019


  1. The Otaku Duo

    The Otaku Duo4 dias atrás

    12 minutes got snuffed

  2. Miguel S

    Miguel S5 dias atrás

    Daaaamn Travis Touchdown is back ! 😎😎😎

  3. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer6 dias atrás

    Number one and I bet it’ll win game of da year again

  4. Ultimate Bro

    Ultimate Bro6 dias atrás

    Well I haven't watched this channel for a while now so I was surprised by seeing a fourth platform in the games platform list which is Google Stadia. Yup here we go boy

  5. Dr Albert and Gaming Al

    Dr Albert and Gaming Al8 dias atrás

    Where's oddworld solestorm?

  6. simon gentry

    simon gentry9 dias atrás

    LONDON !!! i’m there !!!

  7. Tague Relyea

    Tague Relyea14 dias atrás

    Wow so nothing there’s literally nothing a bunch of trash yay

  8. Furomzu LakzanDo

    Furomzu LakzanDo15 dias atrás


  9. The First Hunter

    The First Hunter17 dias atrás

    That just means that we have to do the pod racing level in lego star wars again

  10. William Mickelson

    William Mickelson18 dias atrás

    no flight simulator. you managed to miss the game with the most ground breaking graphics. what are you guys doing when you make these videos?

  11. Penguin DT

    Penguin DT19 dias atrás

    Outriders is a completely new IP - not Marvel related. Either that, or People Can Fly are working on multiple project, as they've mentioned they're working on a brand new IP. Plus, knowing Marvel, if it WAS tied to their universe, their logo would be plastered EVERYWHERE. Seriously, if you watch, say, Daredevil on Bluray, you'll see their logo five-to-six times before you get to an episode proper.

  12. Xander Werdon

    Xander Werdon21 dia atrás

    ok who noticed the flower from tokyo ghoul in the ghostwire game

  13. Brian Brewster

    Brian Brewster24 dias atrás

    I don't think I'd play a single one of these games. WTF happened to Cyperpunk 2077? Oh ... they pushed the release date out to April 16, 2020. Figures.

  14. HawtChili

    HawtChili26 dias atrás

    This guy literally thinks every game is interesting

  15. Dylan Wright

    Dylan Wright27 dias atrás

    the only game I really care about is cyberpunk 2077 but some of these look pretty good btw watchdogs Legion was announced before e3 well at least I knew about it before e3 anyone else ?

  16. OPI Soldier

    OPI Soldier27 dias atrás

    Dying Light 2?

  17. Brock Strongo

    Brock Strongo28 dias atrás

    I don't believe that it was inspired by Zelda BOTW in particular, the game was probably in development before we even seen any Zelda BOTW, art concepts at the very least.

  18. Harley Schenck

    Harley Schenck28 dias atrás

    Watch dogs my number 1 for sure then baulders gate three then out riders

  19. Tino Helkamäki

    Tino Helkamäki29 dias atrás

    Watch Dogs was wayyy better than Watch Dogs 2

  20. Roscoe Scott

    Roscoe Scott29 dias atrás

    Breath of the wild 2

  21. Mau Lopez

    Mau LopezMês atrás


  22. Scara McNamara

    Scara McNamaraMês atrás

    they should make lego exorcist

  23. beetlejuice

    beetlejuiceMês atrás

    90% of this games are useless. we need no more shooter or hooror games.. look his world its enough

  24. Godspeed

    GodspeedMês atrás

    "Dont fear the unknown, attack it!" Me: *_Tears all pages of Math book_*

  25. MGstaR17

    MGstaR17Mês atrás

    A new era has begun for games. Ultrarealistic games, like movies.

  26. MGstaR17

    MGstaR17Mês atrás

    And I spent the money on Division 2. :( I regretted it.

  27. Z Zike

    Z ZikeMês atrás

    why? My friends and I are planning to buy it.

  28. jamey hilf

    jamey hilfMês atrás

    I so want to play The Last of Us 2 really badly I hope it's as good as the first

  29. Kian walmartish

    Kian walmartishMês atrás

    Wheres dying light 2?

  30. Awoken Genius

    Awoken GeniusMês atrás

    Being the monster. So the Alien or Predator campaign from Aliens Vs Predator

  31. moth man

    moth manMês atrás

    Grammar I do

  32. Felipe Mora

    Felipe MoraMês atrás

    Ghostwire tokyo and carrion are the best by far

  33. GintarasPlayZ

    GintarasPlayZMês atrás

    I'm Intrested Of All Of Them (except that kinda cartoonish graphic games)

  34. Gus Gray

    Gus GrayMês atrás

    Remember Anarchy Reigns? That’s what Bleeding Edge reminds me of.

  35. Alex Conner

    Alex ConnerMês atrás

    Wow no borderlands huh

  36. Alexander Jellinek

    Alexander JellinekMês atrás

    How is that Track behind that show called? Greetings Alexander

  37. C C

    C CMês atrás

    Stop fucking kidding yourself bud.

  38. Expedeliciously

    ExpedeliciouslyMês atrás

    Why is it taking so long for hood/street video games to come out like True Crime, Saints Row or maybe even GTA? White privilege at it’s finest.

  39. 심심한_페퍼_게임 채널

    심심한_페퍼_게임 채널Mês atrás

    #0 DooM Eternal 13:45 13:45

  40. Cake

    CakeMês atrás

    Where is Minecraft Dungeon?

  41. Rugoax RL

    Rugoax RLMês atrás

    I thought they weren’t going to show LOZ BOTS 2 and I was going to flip

  42. Gacha Gal

    Gacha GalMês atrás

    I was expecting ori and will of wisps😭

  43. New_Beginnings Xxx

    New_Beginnings XxxMês atrás

    No ahh Ghost recon?? 😭😭

  44. Cato Sicarius

    Cato SicariusMês atrás

    So they choose a fucking Lego game over Dying Light II

  45. Turin Horse

    Turin HorseMês atrás

    Spiritfarer looks really interesting. Bleeding Edge too.

  46. Franco Solomon

    Franco SolomonMês atrás


  47. Xerdt

    XerdtMês atrás

    Why does everyone forgets fricking breakpoint

  48. IRIS Corporation

    IRIS CorporationMês atrás

    I am so excited for carrion! It is such a interesting concept, and a different sort of monster.

  49. B Pietsch

    B PietschMês atrás

    Why are these games aucually so trash

  50. Cyz kumar

    Cyz kumarMês atrás

    Wr is the cyber punk 2077 ?

  51. yanos Vereecke

    yanos VereeckeMês atrás

    The legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 i hope he comes on nintendo switch

  52. Bill Cipher

    Bill CipherMês atrás

    Why does the assassin from deathloop look like the gunslinger from the dark tower?

  53. Dominick Tidd

    Dominick TiddMês atrás

    How is cyberpunk 2077 not on here

  54. Rihann

    RihannMês atrás

    These videos from you guys would be much better if you would stop saying all the games that will come out look cool, or look promising or whatever positive comment you can think of. I literally counted all 20 upcoming items and you gave a net positive preview on each account, I really dislike liars and you my friend, fail to give your true opinion. Won't be playing 80% of this content, could not care less.

  55. John Smith

    John SmithMês atrás

    Literally all shit

  56. Why ?

    Why ?Mês atrás

    Am I the only one hyped for Ori and the Will of the Wisps?

  57. Damian Fortnite gaming

    Damian Fortnite gamingMês atrás

    I’m sooo excited for watch dogs legion

  58. peter minneci

    peter minneciMês atrás

    I'd like to see a game similar to the original destiny but instead of trying to focus on a story and missions I just want a butt load of well constructed complex raids. I'd also like it to be not as grindy and have more unique classes and loot.

  59. Suaso Second

    Suaso SecondMês atrás

    10:07 my hero academia

  60. Majdi

    MajdiMês atrás

    I can't believe the Ghostwire Tokyo cinematic isn't real or am I that high right now?

  61. Aaron Campbell

    Aaron CampbellMês atrás

    So your rating games based off trailers lol?

  62. timothy collins

    timothy collins2 meses atrás

    They should've made a venom game