2012 OSUMB Alumni Band Cadences, on-field Ramp and Pregame


  1. Veldkamp Motorsports.

    Veldkamp Motorsports.4 meses atrás

    Did they slow down the bpm more than usual. I’m guessing around 170

  2. Veldkamp Motorsports.

    Veldkamp Motorsports.4 meses atrás

    Scott Axel keep up the good work my friend. Best band ever.

  3. Scott Axel

    Scott Axel4 meses atrás

    We are kind of old.. '180' ends up being more of a suggestion than a guide at times. At least we didn't try to speed it up!

  4. underwaterbubbles

    underwaterbubbles9 meses atrás

    Their drums should be worn a little lower down.

  5. underwaterbubbles

    underwaterbubbles7 meses atrás

    @Karl Marx Just a personal observation.

  6. Karl Marx

    Karl Marx7 meses atrás

    @underwaterbubbles why

  7. underwaterbubbles

    underwaterbubbles9 meses atrás

    @Scott Axel YEP ! They should be lower down.

  8. Scott Axel

    Scott Axel9 meses atrás

    Nope but thanks for the comment!

  9. Dominic O'Korn

    Dominic O'Korn2 anos atrás

    I loooooove the grove that starts at around 1:27! What years were you in the band?

  10. That Real Musician

    That Real Musician3 anos atrás

    Go bucks

  11. JJ Utter

    JJ Utter4 anos atrás

    Wow! Chills! I love going to the games but this is just the same!

  12. J.D.Esco

    J.D.Esco6 anos atrás

    Tbdbitl for the best damn school!

  13. Webical

    Webical2 anos atrás


  14. kimmiedearie

    kimmiedearie6 anos atrás

    Goose bumps!

  15. Jason Stewart

    Jason Stewart6 anos atrás

    Same here.

  16. Steve Hering

    Steve Hering7 anos atrás

    Awesome!!!! Thank you so much for both recording this and putting it up for us all to see! Go Band!!

  17. debi dame

    debi dame7 anos atrás

    Thank you for this so much! Living in Florida, I don't have the chance to see the best band that ever existed! I miss this so much....

  18. Classic GBody Garage

    Classic GBody Garage7 anos atrás

    Still gives me chills!!!! Wish I would have made it....SUTER

  19. Sarah Duffy

    Sarah Duffy7 anos atrás

    I like it and shared it on the Young Buckeyes of Central Ohio and Franklin County Alumni Club pages on Facebook. Several other pages have been sharing it as well. Hope it goes viral!

  20. Scott Axel

    Scott Axel7 anos atrás

    Glad you liked it!

  21. Sarah Duffy

    Sarah Duffy7 anos atrás

    By the time you played Carmen Ohio I was misty eyed. Thank you so much for sharing! Go Bucks!!

  22. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller7 anos atrás

    WB Pass it back!

  23. RevWarDrummer

    RevWarDrummer7 anos atrás

    All the old folks still got it!