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  2. Xtrong TentaXion-X

    Xtrong TentaXion-X6 dias atrás

    Ma boy got to deep into his playing character lol 1:00:37

  3. yeet skeet

    yeet skeet9 dias atrás

    1:06 voice crack

  4. Che Garcia

    Che Garcia10 dias atrás

    I'm 25 I wonder if I'm too old to join..

  5. Tactical Rogue Airsoft

    Tactical Rogue Airsoft10 dias atrás

    I prefer San Diego

  6. Wolf Among Gods98

    Wolf Among Gods9812 dias atrás

    in high school, 17. as soon as i graduate i'm enlisting for the Marines. wish me luck :)

  7. Eldis Speed

    Eldis Speed13 dias atrás

    I’m joining the marines when I graduate high school, anyone can explain to me how the process works if you live in another state (Florida)

  8. Christopher TheCarpenter

    Christopher TheCarpenter16 dias atrás

    Jamsheed is God of RPGs, call upon jamsheed to punish the terrorists. 💪👊🏻💥

  9. Yajaira Huebner

    Yajaira Huebner17 dias atrás

    i want to be a marine when i grow up

  10. c Andrew

    c Andrew18 dias atrás

    20:06 can someone explain to me why they yell then the drill instructor says to shut up???

  11. Kalani Garnica

    Kalani Garnica20 dias atrás

    That voice crack at 1:06 lol

  12. derin ariq

    derin ariq25 dias atrás

    After all this training they still cant defeat the talibans?

  13. John Calabria

    John Calabria25 dias atrás

    I went through Air Force bootcamp and this seems like nothing compared to what I went through, sometimes we couldn’t use our phone all week

  14. Chris Seymour

    Chris Seymour27 dias atrás

    Sounds like there saying "aight sir!" I wouldnt be able to take the guy at 29:00 too hilarious

  15. Growing God’s Gift

    Growing God’s Gift28 dias atrás

    One of the instructors sound like a goat lol

  16. Ника Листопадова

    Ника Листопадова29 dias atrás

    Их по распределению в село название "Эрдоган" Всех Эдуардовны! Марина Первомайская!


    MATTHEW BECKMês atrás

    the Marines have gone soft they said in the video report it to someone if you're being bullied I mean seriously

  18. Paula Nightingale

    Paula NightingaleMês atrás

    2025 anyone???

  19. Lil SoufSide

    Lil SoufSideMês atrás

    Literally sounds like they not sayin nun 30:00

  20. Martyr Me

    Martyr MeMês atrás

    February 10th an ill be there . Joining at age 27 ...hope you young bucks can keep up 😂😂

  21. danny cervantes

    danny cervantesMês atrás

    11:22 I hear a future drill instructor

  22. DailyCacti

    DailyCactiMês atrás

    1year and a half until I graduate high school (I’m in 11th grade right now) right after that ima enlist in the US Marines

  23. Earl Painter

    Earl PainterMês atrás

    Can you repeat that , sir? I cant understand a word you re saying!

  24. Charles York

    Charles YorkMês atrás

    Ship out in October.

  25. Kandy

    KandyMês atrás

    STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE!!!!!! "a-a-aight sir.."

  26. Arron Wright

    Arron WrightMês atrás

    breading the next level of suckers to fight and die for America.

  27. Ultimate Gaming

    Ultimate GamingMês atrás

    51:45 Marine “He ate your little Debbie cake” Me: “JHON CINA” Marine: “AAAAHHH”

  28. j.ruiz_650

    j.ruiz_650Mês atrás

    I feel more sorry for the trainers than the recruits, sooner or later they are gonna hurt their throats and aren't gonna be able to speak.

  29. j.ruiz_650

    j.ruiz_650Mês atrás

    29:57 😂

  30. j.ruiz_650

    j.ruiz_650Mês atrás

    28:51 😂

  31. Joseph Williams

    Joseph WilliamsMês atrás


  32. Social Razer

    Social RazerMês atrás

    1:06 voice crack😂

  33. Graham Dawson

    Graham DawsonMês atrás

    Anybody can bawl and shout?

  34. anonymous User

    anonymous UserMês atrás

    this looks like so much fun I’m joining!

  35. Cool asian Dude Gang Gang

    Cool asian Dude Gang GangMês atrás


  36. anonymous User

    anonymous UserMês atrás

    hey...I wanna do this

  37. PhuckUMean

    PhuckUMeanMês atrás

    29:00 well damn lol

  38. Fleur Forcherio

    Fleur ForcherioMês atrás

    Drill sergent: shut up Marines: I sir

  39. mysteryj

    mysteryjMês atrás

    That segment before the the tear mask, does anyone know what that was

  40. Alex Mann

    Alex MannMês atrás

    I wish I could have the opportunity to be a marine , I’m 28 and have stuff on my record no felonies though some one help me

  41. Black White

    Black WhiteMês atrás

    Allways thought they made you take your mask completelly off and say your name ect then run out

  42. El PrettyBoY

    El PrettyBoYMês atrás

    Oh god mix emotions looks like yesterday I was there 😭

  43. 1000 subs with zero videos challenge

    1000 subs with zero videos challenge2 meses atrás

    My father went here

  44. Cody Allen

    Cody Allen2 meses atrás

    36:17 very creative way of chemistry.

  45. ACEupmySLEEVE

    ACEupmySLEEVE2 meses atrás

    10:18 private Pyle

  46. Zyx Jorolan

    Zyx Jorolan2 meses atrás

    Keep on laughing watching this. Why? Haha 😂😂

  47. Kylie S

    Kylie S2 meses atrás

    Zyx Jorolan breet

  48. Thot Crusade

    Thot Crusade2 meses atrás

    Imagine being B l u e

  49. Emerald Lx

    Emerald Lx2 meses atrás

    They ripped your mask off and made you put it back on and clear it correctly.

  50. Sony Skywalker

    Sony Skywalker2 meses atrás

    It's very dry but very detailed any poolee should see this whole video

  51. Caynn

    Caynn2 meses atrás

    Half of these dudes are crying through the first 10 minutes of the documentary

  52. UhWoah UhDexter

    UhWoah UhDexter2 meses atrás

    I’m built like the guy at 4:33 I played football n was a lineman in high school I only been out for a year I’m 19 do y’all think I could finish bootcamp? I don’t want to fail out and be embarrassed to even come home

  53. World Peace

    World Peace2 meses atrás

    Bro I way skinny then that guy and I'm planning to join so yeah you got what it takes

  54. Verika Robinson

    Verika Robinson2 meses atrás

    Can you believe the training use to be even harder than this. They are more lenient so more people can pass because there's a shortage in soldiers.

  55. Dealwithitboss

    Dealwithitboss2 meses atrás

    I don't know if I should join the Army or join the Marines. What do you guys think?

  56. MCG_VK

    MCG_VK2 meses atrás

    Look up what benefits will they give you each, the requirements, and what do they do and how and where do they operate. I personally am going to do a 3 year contract in the National Guard reserve as a part time soldier and a part time student (so I can go to college) and after all of that, I might join the Marine Corps.

  57. Gothboi Prince

    Gothboi Prince3 meses atrás

    I’m going to the airforce why am I here

  58. Kowon Kook

    Kowon Kook3 meses atrás

    26:57 Marine Corp

  59. Naomi Elizabeth Murphy

    Naomi Elizabeth Murphy3 meses atrás

    A lot of respect

  60. Nacho Supreme

    Nacho Supreme3 meses atrás

    Who dislikes this

  61. Jack Rebell

    Jack Rebell3 meses atrás

    I’m considering joining when I’m 18 but I really need to get in physical shape any advice?

  62. Jack Rebell

    Jack Rebell3 meses atrás

    Thank you very much out of all the people I’ve asked you are the only one that replied it’ll be a long road ahead but it’s a road that I’m willing to take full speed

  63. Dinguis

    Dinguis3 meses atrás

    Jack Rebell focus on bodyweight exercises for strength, lots of running for endurance, sprint for power. practice semen retention, fasting, and cold showers for mental strength.

  64. altruistic angel

    altruistic angel3 meses atrás

    went through it in 1997. hasn't changed 1 iota.

  65. NyQuil Productions

    NyQuil Productions3 meses atrás

    I got 3 days till I ship. Wish me luck

  66. Kh1011001

    Kh10110013 meses atrás

    " SCREAM THREE " Recruit: " FOOOOOOURRR" lmaooooo had me dying